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It is the good news for those who like to go shopping at Shoprite. This supermarket offers a reward worth $500 for the MyShoprite Experience Survey participant. It is very attractive prize, isn’t? The prize of Myshopriteexperience survey is in the form of Shoprite gift card. So, if you win this program, you can use it to shop your daily needs at Shoprite. So, whenever you visit Shoprite, you should keep Shoprite receipt. It is because this receipt can help you to enter Shoprite Customer Experience Survey.

When you have a valid receipt from Shoprite, it means you have one chance to take Shoprite Customer Satisfaction Survey. This receipt will contain several details you need to unlock Myshopriteexperience survey portal. As the example, you need to write down Shoprite store number, transaction number, as well as the register number. After completing the Shoprite gift card survey, you will get an offer to enter Shoprite sweepstakes. Just join this lucky draw program if you want to win $500 Shoprite gift card.

Myshoprite experience
Myshoprite experience survey page

The Profile of Shoprite Company

Before talking about Shoprite Customer Satisfaction Survey, let’s discuss Shoprite company profile at glance. For your information, Shoprite is the popular retail chain in several states in the US. It means this state is not available in all states in the United States. Shoprite is located in six states. You can find this store in Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York. As like other retail store, you can purchase your daily needs in this store. As the example, you can buy groceries, food, beverage, and pharmacy. You can even find the household products at Shoprite. This retail store started its business in 1946 under the management of Wakefern Food Corporation. At present, Shoprite runs for about 270 chains in the US. Besides, this store has a shopping program called Shoprite from home. So, you can shop for the products you need from your home.

myshopriteexperience survey steps

The Steps of MyShoprite Experience Survey

There is no difficult thing to complete the online survey at Myshopriteexperience. As long as you have good preparation, you will be able to take this Shoprite survey easily. Then, what you need to participate in Shoprite Customer Satisfaction Survey? First of all, you need a valid Shoprite receipt. Without this receipt, it is impossible to take part in the Shoprite Customer Survey. It is because you need to enter some details printed on your receipt to Myshopriteexperience survey page. Besides, you also need to prepare a device, compatible browser as well as the internet connection. When all these things are available, it means you are ready to start this survey. Here is the brief guideline to take part in the Shoprite Survey Sweepstakes.

  • Step 1. Visit Shoprite Survey portal.

When you check your receipt, you will see a survey invitation to enter myShoprite Experience survey. The official survey website of Shoprite is available at Or, you just simply type on your browser’s web address bar. When your internet connection is stable, you will be able to reach this survey portal in a second.

  • Step 2. Enter the Date of your visit.

Once you reach the Shoprite survey page, you will see several blank fields. You have to fill it out with your receipt details. The first detail you have to provide is the date when you visit Shoprite. Do you still remember it? If you forget what day you went to Shoprite, you can check it on your receipt.

  • Step 3. Specify the time of the visit.

The next, you need to indicate the time when you make a transaction at Shoprite. To make sure that you enter the correct hour and minute, you should see the time detail on Shoprite receipt.

  • Step 4. Enter the Shoprite Store number.

Do you still remember that there are for about 270 Shoprite stores in the US? Every Shoprite store has a number. So, min this section, you need to mention the Shoprite store number. This way, the Shoprite survey website can identify which store you have just visited. This store number consists of three digits in length.

  • Step 5. Enter the register number.

The next, you need to write down the Shoprite register number. This detail is also available on Shoprite receipt. Usually, the Shoprite register number consists of two digits.

  • Step 6. Enter Shoprite Transaction number.

The last detail you have to input is Shoprite transaction number. This transaction number only has one digit. Check your receipt to find out this transaction number. If you are confused to determine the transaction number, you can check the receipt sample on Shoprite survey portal.

  • Step 7. Complete Myshoprite Experience Survey.

Now, itis the time to answer all Shoprite survey questions. Do you still remember your recent shopping experience at Shoprite? You can recall your experience to respond all of the survey questions. You will be asked to rate Shoprite products and service. You are also allowed to provide your shopping feedback through this survey. So, you can express your complaints, comment, or suggestion to this store. Make sure that you provide the honest responses.

  • Step 8. Enter Shoprite Sweepstakes.

After answering all questions at Shoprite Customer Survey, you will get an offer to join a sweepstake. You should not skip this offer. It is because this program is your chance to win $500 from Shoprite. If you agree with this sweepstakes invitation, you have to provide your personal info. there will be a sweepstakes form you have to complete. This form is asking for your name, complete address, age, phone number, and email address. Make sure that the contact information you provide is valid. So, the Shoprite sweepstakes team can contact you easily if you win this lucky draw.

The Rules of MyShoprite Experience Survey Sweepstakes

Have you understood the steps of My Shoprite Experience Survey? If so, you need to notice some regulations before participating in Myshoprite Customer Satisfaction Survey. the explanation below is not only about Myshopriteexperience survey rules. You also can find any details related to this survey sweepstakes program. As the example, you can find out your eligibility to join this program. Besides, you can check the prize as well as the winner selection as well. Here are some rules of Shoprite Survey Sweepstakes.

  • Shoprite Sweepstakes participants.

Not all customers of Shoprite can join this sweepstakes program. There are some qualifications you must pass. First, you have to be the legal resident of the United States. Besides, you have to be at least 18 years old. If you are less than 18 years of age, you are still allowed to take the survey but you cannot join the sweepstakes. Furthermore, the employees of Shoprite are forbidden to participate in this sweepstakes.

  • Shoprite Survey Sweepstakes period.

Shoprite offers 12 survey periods from October 2018 until September 2019. In each month, Shoprite will elect one winner. So, totally there will be 12 sweepstakes winner in a year.

  • Sweepstakes entry method.

Two methods are offered for the Shoprite customers. You can join Shoprite sweepstakes through the online survey or mail-in entry. If you prefer joining the online survey, you must have Shoprite receipt. Then, you can complete the online survey at If you prefer submitting the mail-in sweepstakes entry, you can write down your personal information on a piece of paper. Then, you can send it to Shoprite Sweepstakes.

  • Sweepstakes reward.

Shoprite offers the grand prize $500 each month. This prize is in the form of a gift card. So, you only can use this gift card to purchase the products at Shoprite. With $500 Shoprite gift card balance, you can buy any grocery products you want at this store.

  • Winner selection and notification.

Shoprite will select one winner randomly each month. So, totally, there will be 12 winners during the sweepstakes period. In order to announce the winner, Shoprite will contact the winner by phone or email address. Then, the winner have to respond this notification to claim the reward. If there is no respond from the winner, Shoprite deserves to choose another winner. So, make sure that your phone is always active. Besides, you also need to check your inbox. Who knows you can be the winner of Shoprite sweepstakes.

Steps to Get Shoprite Weekly Deals

Who wants to save the shopping budget at Shoprite? All the customers must want to get Shoprite deals. This way, they can purchase the items they want at a lower price. Shoprite always offers the discount of the certain products every week. So, you should check which products are on sale. There are two ways of getting Shoprite deals. Check this out.

  1. Check the Shoprite Website.

You can access Shoprite official website at this website contains any details about Shoprite you may need. As the example, you can search for Shoprite locations, Shoprite weekly ad, Shoprite products review, Shoprite coupons, etc. Besides, you can even shop online through this website. You do not need to get out of your home. Just sit comfortably at your home, and you can order the goods you need.

  1. Download Shoprite App.

The second way to search Shoprite weekly deals is by installing Shoprite mobile app. Having and using this app is more convenient than accessing Shoprite website. There are several benefits of installing Shoprite application. Here are the advantages you will get.

  • You can purchase the products online through this mobile app. Then, you can select to pick it up or use the home delivery service.
  • You can create the shopping list for the future need.
  • The customers can scan the product to find it quickly. Then, they can add these products to their lists easily.
  • You can add some notes to the shopping list.
  • You can access and load Shoprite digital coupons to Price Plus Card.
  • You can manage the prescription then link it to Shoprite pharmacy App.
  • You can view any exclusive offers from Shoprite such as Shoprite weekly deals.
How to Contact Shoprite Customer Service.

You may experience any problem when you are shopping at Shoprite. Then, you can give your feedback or give your complaints to Shoprite Customer Service. So, instead of taking part in the Shoprite Customer Satisfaction Survey, you can get in touch with Shoprite Customer Care to express your problem. Besides, you also can ask any questions related to Shoprite to them. Here are the contact lists of Shoprite you can reach.

  • Shoprite customer service phone number.

The instant way to get the response from Shoprite is by contacting the customer service. To speak up with Shoprite Customer care representative, you can dial 1 800 746 7748. Make sure that you call them during Shoprite business hours. From Monday to Friday, Shoprite Customer Service is available from 8 am up to 6 pm. Besides, on Saturday and Sunday, Shoprite Customer Service is ready to answer you from 9 am up to 5 pm. Besides, you also can call Shoprite Corporate office phone number at 732 906 5271.

  • Shoprite official website.

If you need complete information about Shoprite, you should not hesitate to access Shoprite official website. For instance, you can view the information about Shoprite locations, Shoprite hours, Shoprite from home, and Shoprite pharmacy. Just visit

  • Shoprite Corporate Address.

You are allowed to send your business inquiry to Shoprite. You just need to mail your letter to Shoprite Corporate Office. The address is as the following.

33 Northfield Avenue,

Edison New Jersey 08818

United States

  • Shoprite Fax number.

If you like to contact Shoprite by facsimile, you can send it to 732 906 5275.

  • Shoprite Social media account.

Following Shoprite social media account will be very beneficial to you. You can get in touch with Shoprite administrator. Besides, Shoprite usually posts any exclusive offers through its social media account. So, do not forget to follow these accounts.

Facebook: @ ShopRite.supermarket.

twitter: @ShopRiteStores.

Instagram: @shopritestores.

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