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Gifts are lovely things which people give to be a part of someone’s happiness. Gifts can be things to celebrate certain occasions.  For example, there are wedding gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and other gifts for special days. But, it may be difficult to find the appropriate gifts at times. Perhaps you do not have brilliant ideas about the gifts you should give. Or else, you do not have much time to go and look around for gift shopping. Everyone must have ever been in that kind of situation. But now, you do not have to worry about it, though. Giving special gifts will be an easy task for you. You do not have to go out and think too much about the best gift for your loved ones. It will be more valuable if you give a gift card from Myribbongift. So, they can choose the gifts they want.

You will be able to get a gift card from My ribbon gift portal. The gift card that you will get from the site is not like other conventional gift cards. Most of the conventional gift cards will inform you about the cash value of the gift card. But my ribbon gift card will work in a different way. Recipients of Myribbongift cards will not know the value of the gift card. Of course, the value will be a surprise because that is what a gift means for.

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The recipients will find out about the value of it only when they make the redemption. They can redeem the gift card on the official portal of My ribbon gift. The portal is available at On that portal, the recipient of gift cards just has to enter the code to redeem it. Every card will have a redemption code. Then, they can select which gift they really want.

Ribbon is a program from Amway. This company started this as AMAGIFT Program in 1973. It began with a small program. At the time, this program only consisted of 2 gift collections. But then it grew bigger and bigger because of big waves of demands. In 2007, this program became the Ribbon Gift and Incentive Program. It also has partnerships with several top international brands. Such as Guess®, LG®, Ugg®, Canon®, Motorola® and many more brands. Now, this program has been offering more gift collections. The collections are redeemable using Gift cards. There are two sorts of ribbon gift cards. The first type is physical Ribbon Gift Card. The second one is Ribbon eGift card. If you purchase eGift Card, you can send it directly to recipients’ inbox.

Benefits of My ribbon gift Cards

It is not just the recipients who will get advantages. If you are one of the people who will be the giver, you do not have to worry about it. That is because this portal will provide more benefits for the giver as well. Besides, some people will feel safer if they know more about the things they will do. It is including choosing My ribbon gift to ease their tasks in giving gifts. So, we have summed up about the benefits if you use ribbon gift cards. Here are the benefits:

  1. Gifts are for various occasions.

Ribbon Gifts offers various selections of gifts for its customers. There are item collections for general gift cards and specialty gift cards. General gift card will let recipients choose the gift from some general collections. The general collections will include:

  1. Variety Collections

Recipients can select the gifts, such as personal care, fashion accessories, electronics, and more.

  1. Unique Collections

Recipients can have singular unique items, such as fashion accessories, personal care, home care products, electronics, and more.

  1. Distinctive Collections

Recipients can choose distinctive items which use great innovations, such as jewelry, luggage, cookware, electronics, and more.

  1. Treasure Collections

Recipients are able to get lovely gifts, such as outdoor products, eye-catching jewelry, and more.

  1. Splendid Collections

Recipients can select the gifts for traveling, living, cooking, and more.

  1. Luxury Collections

There will be superb choices for recipients, such as home decorating, cooking products, fashion, entertainment, and more.

  1. Elite Collections

These collections will let recipients choose gifts with high-end qualities, such as for traveling, home products, relaxation purposes, and more.

  1. Premier collections

Recipients can select lux gifts with famous brands for exercising, cooking, cleaning, and more.

  1. Ultimate Collections

Recipients will be able to choose gifts with excellent quality, such as exercise equipment, fashion accessories, electronics, kitchenware, and more.

  1. Lux Royale Collections

There will be premium gifts that will make the recipient feel like a king and queen, such as home décor, electronics, exercise equipment, fashion accessories, kitchenware, and more.

  1. Exquisite Collections

The collections provide the best quality products, such as electronics, kitchenware, home décor, fashion accessories, and more.

Furthermore, this portal provides products for specialty gift cards. Using these cards, recipients will be able to choose special gifts for their special occasions. The collections of specialty gift cards are:

  1. I Do Collections

Recipients can choose the gifts for special occasions, such as wedding, anniversary, and engagement. The products will include electronics and household items.

  1. Just For Baby Collections

These collections are ideal for babies, such as for nursery, feeding, playing, safety, travel, and bath.

  1. Just For Her Collections

There are special collections for ladies, such as home care products, fashion, accessories, electronics, and more.

  1. Just For Him Collections

For men’s collection, there will be great choices as well. The products include travel gear, tools, electronic gadgets, and more.

  1. Living Well Collections

Recipients can choose gifts for living well, such as kitchenware and fun things to feel good.

  1. Values are in wide ranges.

The values of these cards are various. Givers will be able to select the values on the gift card that they will purchase. The values will vary from 30 dollars up to 1000 dollars. Each gift collection will have different amounts of money on the gift card. Such as, there will be 30 dollars for various collections, 50 dollars for unique collections, 100 dollars for treasure collections, 150 dollars for splendid collections, and more.

  1. The shipping is free.

If the customers are eager to make online purchases, they just have to pay for the gift card prices. The prices of the gift card will be various. It will depend on the type and the collections for the gift cards. Besides, My ribbon gift portal will send the gift cards for free. It means they will not pay more for the shipping. Further, they can request these kinds of cards to send the gift cards to the recipients directly. The recipients will receive these gift cards within 3 days up to 7 days. But, there will not be shipping process if they make the purchase for eGift Cards. It is because they will be able to send the eGift Card directly to the recipients to their inbox.

  1. There are not expired dates

These Card does not have expired dates. The recipients can use the Card as long as there is enough value on the gift card. It means the recipients do not need to make redemption very soon. If they do not make any redemption, the value of the gift cards will not get deducted. The values will decrease if the recipients have redeemed it with the gifts from Myribbongift.

  1. Every Gift Card has a guarantee.

To make customers more satisfied, My ribbon gift will give a guarantee after givers have purchased gift cards. After that, this guarantee will work immediately. There will be 180 days for the guarantee to be applicable. The givers will be able to return the gift cards if they have found problems with the cards during the guarantee period. Then, it will replace it with a new one. Further, the guarantee is not for the gift cards only. Each product on this portal will have the guarantee as well.

Things to Prepare for the Ribbon Gift Activities.

Ribbon Gift Activities will allow you to make orders and also redeem gift cards. Before you do those activities, it would be better if you prepare the prerequisites. These prerequisites will help you access the portal. Besides, your preparation will make everything runs in a smooth way. Here are the things to prepare:

  1. A device

It is important to prepare the device. This device will help you to reach the website page. You can use a laptop, a personal computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. You may select the most convenient devices for you.

  1. The internet connection

After your device is ready, you should prepare the internet connection. You will need stable and fast connection. If you can prepare connection with those qualities, you will not take a long time to finish the process.

  1. My ribbon gift Card

This card is only for redemption. You will need this card for entering the redemption code on the portal. But if you are just making orders of gift cards, you will not need this card.

How to Make Orders on Ribbon Gifts Portal

There are some steps that givers should do before making offers on Ribbon Gift Portal. If you are one of the givers, you will be able to do the steps in a short time. If you take a long time on this site, the page will get timed out. It means you should make a new start on that page again. It is going to be such a waste of time, right? Thus, you should pay attention to the quality of the internet connections. And please finish your purchasing process before you leave the page. Now, if everything is ready, you can start to make orders. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to

The first step is to go to the official website of Ribbon Gift. The address of it is If you have reached the page, you will see some helpful information. Besides, you can change the language into Spanish if you want. Then, you will be able to log in to your account on that portal.

  1. Choose gift cards

Now, you can search for the type of the gift card based on your budget. If you have selected the gift card, you may add it to your cart. If you put in your cart, it means you are ready to purchase it. Then, you can inform the number of the card that you have chosen. After that, you will be able to check the numbers of gift cards you have put in it. Besides, you will be able to see how much payment you will have to make for those gift cards.

  1. Fill in shipping details

If the gift card selection has finished, you can do the next step. It is completing the details of your shipping plan. You should inform where Ribbon Gifts should send the gift cards. Here, you can tell your home address. Moreover, you will be able to inform the address of the recipient if it is possible. You would better inform the complete address. This is to avoid mistakes during the shipping process.

  1. Pay gift cards

Now, you can make the transactions. You can pay for the cards you have chosen. You are free to use your credit card or debit card for paying these entire gift cards. This total payment will include the shipping cost if the shipping promotion has expired. But if you buy this during the shipping promotion, you will not have to pay for the shipping cost. If the paying has done, you can wait for the gift cards in several days.

Guidelines on Redeeming My ribbon gift Cards

Your waiting moment for Ribbon Gift Cards will not take too long. Your Ribbon Gift Card will come after 3 days up to 7 days of the purchasing. If you have got the Ribbon Gift Cards, you can make start the redemption. Or if you are the giver, you can inform the recipient to make redemption of the Ribbon Gift Cards. To redeem the gift cards, you can do the following instructions. Let us do it!

  1. Go to

The official page to redeem a gift card is not That is only where you make orders. If you want redemption, you must go to When you have reached the page of My Ribbon Gift, you will see the page is full in English. But, you do not have to worry if you need other languages. There are 3 international languages that are available here. Those are English, French, and Spanish. You are free to choose the language that is the most familiar to you. But if you are comfortable with English, you do not have to change the language.

  1. View Gift Card Collections (optional)

After choosing the language, you will understand more about the website page. Now, you may look at the menu bar. There are some options there. You can select View Gift Collections. This is optional. You can skip this step if you want. By the way, the collections are varying from general up to specialty gift cards.  It is important for you to view these collections. It will make you feel easier to choose the items that you want later.

  1. Redeem Gift Cards

Now, you can redeem your Ribbon Gift Card. There will be an available field for the redemption. To redeem it, you should fill in Ribbon Gift Card redemption code. You can locate the redemption code on the back part of the card. Then, you can click Continue button. After that, you can see another page appear. The page will show you the options that match your Ribbon gift card. Then, you can select one of the options there.

  1. Fill in shipping details

The last step is to inform your complete address. Ribbon Gift will send the gift that you have redeemed to the address that you have informed. Next, you can just wait until the gift arrives.

Ways to Reach Myribbongift Customer Service

If you get troubles with these cards or the gifts that you have redeemed, you can contact the Customer Service. The representatives will help you solve the problems you have. There are some ways you can do to get help from them.

  1. By website

You can contact the website for help from myribbongift com customer service. You just have to visit its official page at the official page. Then, you will have to fill in the blank form. You can tell your personal information and the problems using this form. After that, you can submit it.

  1. By email

If you need to share your problem by email, you can send it to [email protected] The customer services will respond to you by email as well.

  1. By phone

Urgent problems are not avoidable sometimes. Thus, Ribbon Gift provide a phone number for customers. You can dial 1 844 – RIBBON1 to tell your problems. The Customer service representatives will respond during working days. It means you can contact them from Monday up to Friday at working hours. On Saturday, you can contact them at 8.30 am up to 5 pm.

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