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Are you a new employee of PepsiCo Company? Then, you must get informed about Mypepsico Employment Portal. As a PepsiCo employee, you should be a user of this employment portal. After that, you can enjoy the benefits of Mypepsico employment portal. If this seems so brand new for you, you can get all the information you need about Mypepsico employment portal in this article. We have prepared short review about Mypepsico benefits, Mypepsico registration process, Mypepsico Login steps, and ways to reset the password on Mypepsico portal. Just keep on reading the explanations below.

About PepsiCo

PepsiCo is a food and beverages company. The story of this company began when Caleb Bradham built Pepsi-Cola Company in New Bern, North Carolina. It happened on August 28, 1898. Then, this company merged with Frito-Lay in 1965. Frito-Lay itself was the result of the merging process between Frito Company and H. W. Lay Company. The owner of Frito Company was Elmer Doolin and Herman W. Lay owned H. W. Lay Company. After a few years, Pepsi-Cola Company could prove that it can be a giant company in the world. The products of this company have been a successful global brand on earth, such as Pepsi, Lay’s, Mountain Dew, Tropicana, 7up, Quaker Oats, and many more.  Today, this company has representatives in over 200 countries worldwide. There are 274.000 people are working for this company. The current location of Pepsi-Cola Company is in Purchase, New York.


mypepsico login field is accessible at

What is Mypepsico Employment Portal?

My PepsiCo is a portal created for all employees in PepsiCo Company. This employment portal is only available for online access. You can visit it at Mypepsico Employment Portal will help you to do your job easily because this portal will give you several benefits. If you want to get the benefits of Mypepsico Employment Portal, you should register your account first. Then, you can log in to your account when your registration process is successful. You will need a password account if you want to login to your Mypepsico account. Next, you can keep your data in this account. You do not need to worry about the safety because this portal is not for public users. Only PepsiCo employees will have access to this portal.

When you have reached Mypepsico Employment Portal, you will be able to use several features. There is a Login field if you need to use your account. Besides, you can use some links provided on this employment portal as well. For instance, you may use the link of Forgot Your Password when you cannot remember your password. Then, you can use Login Help if you have problems during the login process on Mypepsico Employment Portal. After that, you are able to use First Time User if you are eager to create a Mypepsico account. Next, Mypepsico has provided some rules about Terms of Use, Privacy Statement, and Legal Terms and Conditions.

mypepsico registration steps

mypepsico registration steps

Prerequisites of Mypepsico Account Registration Process

You should create an account on Mypepsico Employment Portal if you are eager to get the benefits of it. Thus, you should be ready to provide the things needed for the registration process on the employment portal. If you can prepare all prerequisites, it will be easier for you to start your account registration. These are the thing you need for creating Mypepsico account.

  1. GPID
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GPID is the abbreviation of Global Personnel ID. All PepsiCo employees will get this GPID once they are successful to pass the recruitment process in this company. You can use this GPID to create an account on Mypepsico Employment Portal. Your HR manager will hand in this GPID to you for free. So, you can make account registration by yourself.

  1. a device

You should prepare a device if you need to access Mypepsico Employment Portal. You may use a laptop, a personal computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. You can choose the most convenient one for you. Then, you should have already installed a browser in it. This browser will help you view the portal.

  1. the internet connection

Because Mypepsico is an online portal, the internet connection is a must for you. Make sure you can provide a stable connection. So, your registration process will be very smooth.

How to Sign Up on Mypepsico Employment Portal

When you have prepared all of the prerequisites for account registration on Mypepsico Employment Portal, you can do the steps to Sign Up. This process will not take too much time because all the steps are simple. If you want to learn about the Sign Up process on Mypepsico Employment Portal, you can pay attention to the following instructions:

  1. Go to

First, you can launch your browser and go to When you have reached this portal, you will able to some initial things before you before your registration process. You can spare a few minutes to read some basic things about Mypepsico Employment Portal. This portal has provided some links for users to check the term of use and the privacy statement of Mypepsico Employment Portal. It is necessary to know what your obligation and your rights as a user of Mypepsico Employment Portal.

  1. Select a language

Second, you can select your preferred language on this employment portal. You will see this portal uses English once you have successfully reached Mypepsico Portal. But, you will be able to select another language if you want to. You can choose Spain, Portuguese, French, Russian, Chinese, or Arabic.

  1. Click First Time User

Third, you may click the First Time User link. On the Sign-Up field, you will see 3 options. You can choose the link of Forgot your Password, Login Help, or First Time User. Because you are a new employee, you need to create the account first. Thus, the First Time User link will help you to register your account on Mypepsico Employment Portal. After you have clicked it, another page will show up for you.

  1. Enter your GPID
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Fourth, you should enter your GPID when PepsiCo Identity management have appeared. There will be a blank field provided for you. Be sure that you have entered a correct GPID. If you have done with it, you can click the OK button.

  1. Fill in your details

Fifth, you can fill in your personal details. This portal requires you to provide your SSN and your birth date.

  1. Create Password

Sixth, you are able to set your password for your Mypepsico Employment Account. You can make a random password because this is only a temporary password. If your registration is successful, you may create a new password. Your password should be strong enough. So, it will help your account secure.

  1. Answer Security Questions

The last step is to answer the security questions. if you can complete this step, it means you are helping yourself in case unexpected things happen. For instance, this security questions will help you to remember your password in case you forget it. if you have finished this step, you can try to sign in to your Mypepsico Account. Congrats! You are now a user of Mypepsico Employment Portal.

A guideline to Sign In on Mypepsico Employment Portal

The registration process is over now. So, you can continue it with Pepsico login steps. it is very easy to Sign In to this employment portal. You only need to do the following things.

  1. Visit

First, you should be on the page of Mypepsico Employment Portal. It is available at Then, you may select a language if you want to use another language. You can change the language setting if you click the language field. You may locate this language field on the top right side of the page.

  1. Enter User ID

Second, you can enter your User ID. You will have this ID as long as you work for PepsiCo Company.

  1. Fill in Mypepsico Password

Third, you may fill in the password of your Mypepsico account. This is the temporary password you have created on the PepsiCo Identity Management page. If you have filled in the right password, you can click Log In button. Kudos! You can start Mypepsico activities using this account.

How to Reset Password on Mypepsico Employment Portal

No one wants to get trouble when they are eager to do Mypepsico login. but, anything can happen and be your obstacles to complete the login process. For example, they forget their password. Hence, they cannot log in to their account. Or, they just want to keep their account safe. For such purposes, a user of Mypepsico Employment Portal can reset their account password. There are some steps to reset Mypepsico Account password. You can do the instruction below.

  1. Access

First, you should access the Mypepsico Employment Portal. The website address is You will find the links to reset the password on this page.

  1. Click Login Help

Second, you may click Login Help. This is one of 3 helpful choices which you can use before you log in to your account. after you have clicked it, you will get directed to the next page where you can see a blue link and a set of instructions to change your password. if you click the blue link, it will take you to the MyIDM page at

  1. Enter GPID and Password
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Third, you should enter your GPID and your temporary Mypepsico password on the MyIDM page.

  1. Click Login

Fourth, you may click Login to enter your Mypepsico button.

  1. Click Change My Password

Fifth, you should click Change My Password link available on your account. Once you have logged in to your account, you will see this link there. Next, you can fill in the New Password field with your new account. Then, confirm your password.

  1. Press Change Password

Sixth, you can click Change Password if you have done the previous step. This step will finish the process of resetting the password.

You may do the steps above anytime you want to reset your password on Mypepsico Employment Portal. In case you find the following problems related to resetting the password, you can dial:

  • 1-888-PEPSICO if you want direct help from the PepsiCo Support Center,
  • 1-888-737-7426 if you need another password help from PepsiCo, or
  • 972-334-7674 in case you need help while you are outside of the US.
Benefits of Mypepsico Employment Portal

All users of Mypepsico will get some benefits from this Employment Portal. The benefits will make their jobs easier. One of the benefits is you can access this employment portal online. It means you will have a chance to access this employment portal anytime and anywhere you are. You can just manage everything on Mypepsico Employment Portal using your portable device. Besides, Mypepsico has more benefits for its users. You will get access to do these things when you have signed in to your Mypepsico account:

  1. Users can check the employee’s shift schedule

If you have an account on Mypepsico Employment Portal, you will be able to check your shift schedules in PepsiCo. This will help you to manage your working time.

  1. Mypepsico users are able to have an internal meeting

You can hold a meeting with other PepsiCo employees through this employment portal. This will help you to handle the meeting online.

  1. You can send messages to other PepsiCo employees

Messages your working partner in PepsiCo will be so easy. Mypepsico account has a feature which will allow you to do this activity.

  1. You may join employee groups

Mypepsico employment portal provides a feature which will let you join employee groups. This way, you can discuss or communicate with other PepsiCo employees in the groups.

  1. Mypepsico provides paystubs information

Your paystubs will be accessible online. So, it will be easier for you to check your paystubs information using Mypepsico employment portal.

Apart from the benefits of the online portal above, Mypepsico also allows the company to find out what information used by its employees on the portal. This way, it is not necessary for the company to use conventional methods to get personal information from employees. Moreover, the company can use this employment portal to check the attendance report of its all employees. It is because employees can use this portal to inform their absences from duties.

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