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Starting your career in an international company may bring you certain pressures on your first days. Such things may also happen to employees of PepsiCo company. If you are a new member of this big family, you may feel a bit confused with the system used in the company. But, you do not have to worry as you can use the PepsiCo employee portal to help you adapt with your new environment. PepsiCo company does not want you to waste your time only for your adaption period. This is why; you can rely on this portal as it has several features that will make your working days easier than ever. To use this portal, you should register an account. Then, you may enter your PepsiCo employee account through Mypepsico login portal.  If you have entered your account, you will be able to explore the features provided by the PepsiCo employee portal.

You may need to dig more information related to this MyPepsiCo employee portal. it can be about the registration process, the login steps, the password recovery procedure, and many more interesting things about PepsiCo employee portal. Hence, reading this article will be a great option to get all of such information. So, happy reading!

mypepsico login

mypepsico login

About PepsiCo

PepsiCo is an international company of food and beverages industries. in 1898, Caleb Bradham started Pepsi-Cola Company in New Bern, North Carolina. Then, Frito-Lay Company merged with this Pepsi-Cola Company in 1965. Frito-Lay was a merger company of Frito Company and H. W. Lay Company. Today, PepsiCo has been a famous company producing global brands, such as Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Quaker Oats, Lay’s, Tropicana, 7up, and many other brands. This company has branches in more than 200 countries with its headquarters in Purchase, New York. No wonder, it has 274.000 employees to be a part of this company.

What is Mypepsico login Portal?

My PepsiCo login portal is an online platform made for PepsiCo employees. if you are one of the employees at PepsiCo company, you should use this portal to maximize your capabilities at work. It is because this portal has some features that will enhance the qualities of your working performance. This employee login portal is available at PepsiCo company has created this portal to manage all of its employees. So, it will lease the job duties of the Human Resource department of PepsiCo company in handling a vast number of employees. it means this employee portal is helpful for either PepsiCo company or PepsiCo employees.

When you are eager to use this portal, you need to create an employee account here. Then, you should log in to your new account using some simple steps. if your login attempts are successful, you can use the features inside your account. For example, you will be able to view your schedule, check your paystub, have communications with other  PepsiCo employees, and some more benefits. You do not need to be worried about the information that you have in your account because this employee portal is safe for any data storage. You can read the Privacy Policy provided on this PepsiCo employee portal if you want to convince yourself about the usage of your account information.

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Advantages of Using My Pepsico Employee Login Portal

You may wonder what PepsiCo employees can do with this employee portal. Well, just like other employee portals, there are some advantages that an employee can get when he/she has created an account on this portal. to give you more understanding about my Pepsico benefits, you may check the following list.

  1. Working schedule

PepsiCo employee account can help you check your working schedule. If you log in to your account, you will be able to see your shifting time easily. it will save your time as you do not need to look at your paper schedule every time you want to find what time you should attend your work.

  1. Easy communications

This employee portal has a way to let you communicate with other PepsiCo employees. You may share any problems with your job duties to them. Besides, you do not need to see your manager directly if you are eager to talk about the progress of your works at the company.

  1. Online meeting

It is also possible to hold an online meeting through this app. It is very helpful when the meeting should be done out of the plans.

  1. Employee groups

If you join employee groups on PepsiCo employee account, you will be able to discuss certain topics about your works. You may find any other feedback from other group members without difficulties.

  1. Paystub checks

You do not need any paper paystub when you need to check your paystub. PepsiCo has integrated your account to the company main information where you can always access your digital my IDM PepsiCo payroll whenever and wherever you are.

mypepsico login

mypepsico login steps

How to Create an Account on the mypepsico portal

Before you are able to use your account on PepsiCo employee portal, you must make sure that you have prepared all the things needed for your employee account registration. You can start preparing your devices, such as a laptop or a personal computer. Of course, you cannot skip the internet connection. You will really need the internet as a PepsiCo employee portal can only be accessed online. and the last thing that you can have is GPID. It stands for Global Personnel ID. You will receive GIP once you have completed all of the PepsiCo recruitment processes. You just need to see a staff of Human Resource department of PepsiCo company. it means GPID is only for PepsiCo employees only. Then, you will be able to create an employee account by yourself using this GPID.

If you are ready for the process of PepsiCo employee account registration, you may take a look at this procedure. You will learn how to create an employee account on PepsiCo employee portal here.

  1. Go to
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Firstly, you must visit the PepsiCo employee portal at When you have reached this employee portal, you may spare some minutes of your time to read some informative explanations. For instance, you can read the privacy statement and the term of use of PepsiCo employee portal. This way, you will understand more about your obligations and your rights as a user of PepsiCo employee portal.

  1. Choose a language

Secondly, you have a chance to choose which language you are going to use on this PepsiCo employee portal. You can click a drop-down filed on the top right corner of PepsiCo employee portal home page. if you click this field, a list of some available languages will appear for you. The languages are French, Spain, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, and Russian. You may click only one language that you have been familiar the most.

  1. Click First Time User

Thirdly, you can focus on the login section on the PepsiCo employee portal.  You will find 3 useful links, such as First Time User, Login Help, and Forgot your Password. As you are going to register an employee account, you should click First Time User. If you click this link, you will get directed to the page of Myidm PepsiCo employee portal.

  1. Provide GPID

Fourthly, you should provide your GPID in the upper blank field. You should be certain that you provide a correct GPID in it. If you have done this step, you may click the OK button.

  1. Complete account details

Fifthly, you need to complete account details. You can inform your SSN and birth date. hence you must enter all of the details really well.

  1. Create a password

Sixthly, you have to create a password for your PepsiCo employee account. This will be a temporary password. It means you may change the password whenever you want. You should know that a strong password will help your employee account safe.

  1. Respond to security questions

Lastly, you can respond to the security questions. If you do not want to regret later, you must pick an answer based on your true experience. These security questions will help you remember your password in case you lost it. This password will be your PepsiCo temporary password.

Steps to Sign In to Mypepsico Employee Account

In case you have successfully created an employee account, you may need to learn how to sign in to your account as well. You will not need to too much time as this login process will only take 1 or 2 minutes. As long as you have a good internet connection, you will not find any problems during the login process. now, you can follow the following steps to log in to your employee account.

  1. Go to

First, you should go to mypepsico login portal. The website address to reach this portal is at

  1. Provide User ID

Second, you can just focus on your login sections. You can provide your User ID. You may use your GPID as your username. When you have to enter your username on Pepsico email login, someone will tell you

  1. Enter Password

Third, you should enter the password of your employee account. only the right password will allow you to communicate directly to his friend.

  1. Click Log In
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Finally, you only have to Click Log In as the last step of this login process. if you enter the right password, you will get directed to your employee account.

The Procedure to Reset Password on Mypepsico Employee Portal

Are you not able to log in to your account? Maybe it is the time to reset your password and get a new one. You may follow this procedure for your password recovery.

  1. Go to

Firstly, you can go to the PepsiCo employee portal at Then, you can just focus on the links provided on the mypepsico home page.

  1. Click Login Help

Secondly, you may just click Login Help. You will find this ink under the loin section on the portal home page. it will take you to the page of Pepsico identity management.

  1. Enter Account Credentials

Thirdly, you must enter your account credentials, such as your GPID with your password on Myidm Pepsico login portal.

  1. Click Login

Fourthly, you must click login when you are still on Myidm Pepsico page.

  1. Click Change My Password

Fifthly, you will find a link in your PepsiCo employee account. You can click this link to direct you to the password reset page. You may create your new password on this page. If you have done made a new one, you should confirm the new password.

  1. Change Password

Lastly, you can click a button to Change Password. This button will be the last way to end the process of your password recovery.

How to Contact Pepsico Help Desk

Have you ever found any issues with your login experience to your PepsiCo employee account? Then, you should need to find help from PepsiCo Help Desk. You can contact the Help Desk service by phone. The phone numbers of PepsiCo phone numbers are listed below

  1. PepsiCo Support Center: 1 888 PEPSICO
  2. PepsiCo Customer Service: 1-800-433-2652
  3. Human Resource Department :
  • Domestic area: 1 888 737 7426
  • International area: 972-334-7674

Make sure you call all of the phone numbers, including Pepsico hr phone number, during the operation hours. The schedule is from Monday to Friday from 09.00 a.m. until 05.00 p.m. EST

Things to Know about Pepsico employee benefits

You may wonder what PepsiCo employees can receive if they show their dedication to this company. Well, this explanation may give you broader knowledge about the benefits of being a PepsiCo employee.

  1. Development

PepsiCo wants its employees to have proper skills at work. Thus, it has a program where employees can develop their skills to support their working performance. Employees can take part in training programs provided by PepsiCo.

  1. Life Benefits

Physical health is important for employees. This is why, PepsiCo provides life benefits for its employees, such as health plans and financial plans. This program also includes education assistance, employee assistance, employee discount, car discount, and home insurance.

  1. Healthcare

With healthcare program, employees may get better qualities in life with their family members. This program covers medical plans, vision plans, dental plans, life insurance, and disability insurance.

  1. Retirement

Employees can prepare this retirement plan long before the started to get retired. This program will include monthly saving for the retirement plan.


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