MyNordstrom Portal – Steps of My nordstrom Employee Portal Login

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Being the new staff in a company can be stressful. In the beginning, we have to learn everything new about our jobs and the working system. In addition, we should be able to adapt to the new working environment as well as the new co-workers. You may feel this situation when you are hired by Nordstrom Company. But, in this situation, you should not be panic. It is because this company has MyNordstrom portal. This employee portal will be so helpful. As an example, you can handle your job. Besides, you will be able to find any information related to your company and your job. But, if you want to access this website, you have to create an account at My Nordstrom employee portal login page first.

Since you are the new employee of Nordstrom, perhaps, you are still unfamiliar with this portal. But, you should not worry since you will be able to find any information you need about MyNordstrom login page. For instance, you can check the way to perform My Nordstrom employee login. If you still do not have any Nordstrom account, here you will be able to find out the way to sign up this employee portal. If you lose your password, we have presented the tips to recover your password at Mynordstrom employee portal login page. So, every detail you need about Nordstrom is well presented on this page. Happy reading.

mynordstrom portal login page
mynordstrom portal login page

Nordstrom Company Profile

I’m sure any of you is familiar with Nordstrom. Nordstrom is one of the luxury retail chains or department stores in the US. This company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The founders of this company were John, W Nordstrom, and Carl F Wallin. No wonder, the name of this company is taken from the name of the founder. In the beginning, Nordstrom Company was a shoe store. But, year by year, their business developed well. They could add other items to their stores. Nowadays, Nordstrom becomes a large department store with a wide range of branded products. At present, Nordstrom operates for about 380 chains. With this large number of stores, Nordstrom employs more than 72000 employees. Luckily, you not only can find this department store in the United States. But, you also can find this store in Puerto Rico and Canada. As mentioned before, this store sells various items. For instance, you can shop the clothing, footwear, jewelry, home furnishing, beauty product, home design, and many more.

About Mynordstrom Portal Login

Mynordstrom is the employee website owned by Nordstrom Company. Managing thousands of employees is not a simple task. That is why Nordstrom creates this employee portal. With the help of My Nordstrom employee sig in, managing a large number of the company can be easy. On the other words, Nordstrom employee website can be the best solution for Nordstrom Human Resource Department. The HR officer can supervise the employees through Mynordstrom website. No doubt, all of the employees of Nordstrom must have a registered account in order to access this portal. It is because they can view all information related to their work on this website. Just by exploring My Nordstrom portal login, you do not need to see the HR officer in person every time you have a problem related to the employment.

The employee website of Nordstrom employees is accessible at If you want to access this portal, it is recommended to use your personal computer. It is because this website is well displayed in a desktop version. But, in case of emergency, you are still able to access it through your smartphone. Unfortunately, Nordstrom has not launched My Nordstrom App for the employees. This platform is designed for many purposes. As the example, you can access Nordstrom employee benefits login and My Nordstrom Mypay.

mynordstrom portal login steps
mynordstrom portal login steps

What are the Features of Mynordstrom Portal?

As the new user of My Nordstrom employee portal login, you may not familiar with the features of the website. But, before accessing My Nordstrom employee website, make sure that you have registered your account. This way, you will have the full access to view and use all features in this platform. Now, you can find out the brief explanation about Nordstrom employee website.

  1. News.

Accessing My Nordstrom website is the best decision if you want to keep updated about the news of Nordstrom Company. Nordstrom uses the real-time setting for posting the news and announcement. It means all users of My Nordstrom can read the news once it is posted. Do not forget to check the news whenever you sign into your Nordstrom account.

  1. Working schedule.

Another purpose of accessing My Nordstrom employee portal is to view the daily work schedule. This feature is really helpful for the part-time employee of Nordstrom. They may have a different schedule in a certain period. That’s why they have to check the date as well as the time they supposed to go working. Besides, accessing this Nordstrom schedule feature is also useful in order to check your day off.

  1. Training section.

Nordstrom gives all the employees the opportunities to upgrade their skills and capabilities. No doubt, Nordstrom provides the training for their employees. If you want to upgrade your abilities, you should check this feature. You will be able to find the information about the training program held by Nordstrom.

  1. My Nordstrom MyPay.

As like other employee portals, Mynordstrom employee portal offers the feature to check the paystubs. You can view the details of your salary through the feature called MyPay. As the Nordstrom employees, you will not receive the paper pay statement. So, if you want to check the salary details, you should access the Mynordstrom Mypay feature.

  1. Promotions.

No one wants to be stuck in their career. Every employee wants improvement in their career. When you work at Nordstrom, you should not worry about your career path. It is because Nordstrom offers promotions for the employees who have good skills and ability. You just need to access My Nordstrom career to check the better job position at Nordstrom.

  1. The employee’s data.

As mentioned earlier, Mynordstrom portal is like an online HR system. So, the employer or the manager can get the details about the employee’s data. As the employees, you have the right to update your data or profile through this portal.

How to Sign Up My Nordstrom Employee Account?

All new employees of Nordstrom no matter what their positions are must sign up Mynordstrom account. This way, you will have a valid Nordstrom account. Registering yourself at Nordstrom employee portal is very simple. But, you should note that you need some preparation before signing up at Mynordstrom employee website. First of all, you need the Nordstrom Employee ID number. Every employee will get an ID number once they are hired by this company. If you do not memorize this number, simply check this ID number on Nordstrom Identity card.

Have you prepared your ID number? If so, it means you are ready to register yourself to My Nordstrom employee portal. Just make sure that you do the brief steps below.

  • Step 1. Visit Mynordstrom portal.

First of all, you have to access the Nordstrom employee portal. The website address is at Make sure that you access the correct website.

  • Step 2. Request Password.

Once you successfully land on Mynordstrom, you should focus on the link located under the login field. This link is used to ask for the temporary password in order to access Mynordstrom. For your information, for the first time users, they cannot create the password by themselves. But, if they have got the first password, they can change it whenever they want.

  • Step 3. Enter your Nordstrom employee number.

You can request the password when you enter the valid Nordstrom employee ID number. Make sure that you write down the employee number correctly. Once you have entered your employee number, you can click on Request password button. There will be a series of instruction from Nordstrom in order to get the password. Just do the instruction provided.

How to Log into Mynordstrom Portal?

If you have got your password, you can use it to log into Mynordstrom employee website. The login process is very simple to do. You can even complete this process in less than one minute. Just make sure that your internet connection is stable. So, you will not find any error to access your account. In order to accomplish Mynordstrom login process, you need two login credentials. First, you need a Nordstrom employee ID number. Then, you need a Mynordstrom password. When these credentials are ready, you can start doing the guideline below.

  • Step 1. Access Mynordstrom employee website.

The only way to access your account is by visiting You just need to use your browser to access Once you access the correct website, you will find Mynordstrom employee login page there.

  • Step 2. Enter your Nordstrom employee number.

Then, you should enter your employee number. You can get this number on your identity card. But, what if you lost your ID card? In this case, you can go to the HR Dept to ask for your ID number.

  • Step 3. Enter Mynordstrom password.

Do you still remember the password you request during the registration process? Now, you can use it to log into Mynordstrom account. If you do not remember your password, you can recover your password by doing the guideline under this subheading.

  • Step 4. Click on Login button.

After making sure that Mynordstrom login details you enter are correct, you should press Log In button. This button lets you access every feature on Mynordstrom.

The Steps to Reset My Nordstrom password.

Mynordstrom allows you to reset your password. So, you can change your password in order to keep it secret and secured. Here is the simple way to reset your password at Mynordstrom.

  • Visit Mynordstrom portal.

Whenever you want to log in or reset your password, you should access the Mynordstrom employee website. Just reach this portal at

  • Press the Reset Password button.

Under the Nordstrom login field, you will find the button to reset the password. This link is not only useful to request the new password. But, you also can use it to change or reset the old password. Once you click it, you will land on the new page to start the resetting process.

  • Enter Nordstrom employee number.

In order to verify your employment status, Mynordstrom asks you to enter the employee number. Make sure that you write down the valid employee ID number.

  • Press Request Password button.

Since you lost your password, you should ask for the new password. So, you should click on request Password button to get the new one.

  • Check your email.

Then, you need to check the Inbox on your email. Nordstrom will send you the series of instruction to reset the password. You should do this instruction correctly.

  • Reset your Password.

If you lose your password, Nordstrom will ask you to create the new one. But, if you want to change your old password, you can also enter the new password. Make sure the Nordstrom password you create must be strong and secured. You can use the combination of number, letter, or symbol. After you set up the new password, you can use it to sig into Mynordtsrom account.

How to Reach MyNordstrom Help Desk?

When you access My Nordstrom employee login portal, you may find any problem related to your account. In this case, do not hesitate to contact Mynordstrom Support System. Here are some ways to get in touch with Mynordstrom help desk.

  • By phone.

Making a call to Nordstrom help desk is the instant way to get help. You can directly speak up your problems to Nordstrom help desk. Here are some phone numbers you can call. First, you can dial 888 282 6060 to contact Nordstrom customer service. But, if you want to connect to Nordstrom Corporate Office, you can call 206 628 2111.

  • By Fax.

If you still use the fax machine, you can reach the Nordstrom help desk at 206 628 1795.

  • By mail.

You are allowed to send the inquiry about the login experience on Mynordstrom. Here is the address of Nordstrom Corporate Office.

1617 6th Ave., Seattle, WA, 98101


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