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If you are working for Nordstrom company, Mynordstrom is not a strange thing. It is because My Nordstrom is the employment website for this company. It is undeniable that Nordstrom is one of the largest department stores chain in the US. In fact, Nordstrom began the business retailer by selling the shoes. Year by year, Nordstrom expands its business. Nowadays, Nordstrom also provides jewelry, clothing, cosmetics, and accessories. The customers even can buy the home decor as well as wedding needs in this store.

As the big department store, Nordstrom operates more than 400 chains in 40 states in the US. When you visit some Nordstrom store, you will realize that this store has several types. As the example, Nordstrom has the full line chain, Trunk Club, Nordstrom Rack, and Jeffrey Boutique. Besides, if you want to find the low price products, you can visit Nordstrom Clearance store. To provide the shopping ease for the customers, Nordstrom also has online shopping website. So, you do not need to go to the Nordstrom store. Just click and buy the product you want at

my nordstrom

my nordstrom login page can be accessed at

About MyNordstrom Employee Portal

Since Nordstrom runs many stores, this company employs a large number of workers. Without a doubt, managing thousands of employees is not an easy task. Therefore, this department store creates Mynordstrom as the HR portal. This way, all employees of Nordstrom can use the online service by accessing Nordstrom login page. All of the employees of Nordstrom must have My Nordstrom account. So, once you are hired by this company, you have to create an online account at Mynordstrom soon. After signing up at Mynordstrom website, you can access your account whenever and wherever you need. By log into your Nordstrom employee account, you can explore the company’s information. Also, you can search for any important details about your employment.


mynordstrom login step by step

Knowing the importance of Mynordstrom for your career, you have to sign it up soon. It is no matter what your career status at Nordstrom. Both part-time and full-time employees have to set up Nordstrom account. When you have this employee account, you can check out your employment details. For example, you can view your work schedule whenever you want. This activity is necessary to do especially by the part-time workers. Their schedule will be different since they work in shift time. Furthermore, you can view the online pay statement. To sum up, you should keep reading on this page. It is because this page informs you more about My Nordstrom registration and login guideline.

The Brief Steps to Access MyNordstrom Login Page

Mynordstrom is the employee website which has the role as the online HRD/. No doubt, My Nordstrom provides much information related to your job and employment. Once you are hired by Nordstrom, you have to set up Nordstrom account as soon as possible. By setting up the new account, you will get a secret password to access Nordstrom login page. after that, you can do step by step below to reach your Nordstrom account.

  • Step 1: Access Mynordstrom login page.
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First of all, you have to access Once you open this web address, you will see My Nordstrom login fields at the center of the homepage. Then, there are some links to help you to reset or request the new password. If you are the new employee, there is a link for the Nordstrom new hires as well.

  • Step 2: Input Nordstrom Employee ID.

All employees of Nordstrom will have the employee ID number. This ID number proves that you work legally at Nordstrom. Just enter the correct employee ID in the available space. But, if you still do not know what your employee ID is, you should contact Nordstrom HR staff soon.

  • Step 3: Enter Mynordstrom password.

Nordstrom password is a confidential item. So, make sure that no one knows your password. Otherwise, other people can access your Nordstrom account. In order to log into your account, you should write down the password correctly.

  • Step 4: Click on the Login button.

After double check the employee ID and password, you can press the Nordstrom login button. After that, you can start exploring Mynordstrom. As the example, you can try to check your schedule or pay stub.

Those are the simple guides to log into Mynordstrom. They are very simple to do, right? If you are failed to access Nordstrom account, there may be some possibility. First, you may enter the wrong employee ID. Besides, you may not provide the correct password. If these cases happen, Nordstrom website will notify you. But, if you have provided the correct password but you still cannot access your account, the problem may be on your internet connection.

The Steps to Request the New Password

What if you still do not have Nordstrom password? In case you are the new employees, you have to request Nordstrom password first. You have to notice that you cannot create your own password. You only can request it from Mynordstrom. Before asking for the password, make sure that you have Nordstrom ID number. The next, you can do the steps below to get Nordstrom password.

  • Access Mynprdstrom official website at
  • Select the link entitled Request, Reset, or Forgot password.
  • Write down Nordstrom employee ID number.
  • Click on Request password option.

After completing the instructions above, you will receive Nordstrom password via email. The steps above are also useful to use when you want to change your password. Nordstrom will send you the instruction to reset the password by email too. In case you find any trouble in requesting or resetting Nordstrom password, you should contact Nordstrom Help Desk soon. Just dial 855 667 3947 to get help. You have to contact this number at Nordstrom hours. This way, you can get the quick response.

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The Advantages of Accessing MyNordstrom Account

All employees of Norstrom will get the benefits of having this employee account. It is so since My Nordstrom gives the easiness to access the employment information. For instance, the users can check the pay statement as well as the schedule. Besides, all the users also can view the work benefits as well. By singing up Mynordstrom, all information can be accessed easily. Are you curious about what benefits you can get by having My Nordstrom account? check out the list below.

  • Checking the online pay stub.

As like other companies, Nordstrom does not give the paper pay stub for the employees. The system of paying the salary is by using direct deposit or payroll. So, what should you do if you want to view the details of your wage? Just access the online payslip at Mynordstrom. This way, you will know the pay history details.

  • Viewing the employee work benefits and employee offer.

Nordstrom gives the benefits to all employees. you can check what benefits you receive from this company. As the example, you can check the extrinsic incentives, Nordstrom 401K, as well as the health insurance. Furthermore, you can check the offer given by Nordstrom for its employees. As the example, you can get the employee discount. You can use this chance to purchase any items at Nordstrom at the affordable price.

  • Checking the schedule.

If you are the part-time staff at Nordstrom, you need to check the schedule regularly. So, accessing Mynordstrom is the best thing you can do, the HR always updates the employee schedule at Mynordstrom.

  • View the news about Nordstrom.

You can get the update news about the company you work for. It is because by accessing Mynordstrom, you can explore any information about Nordstrom. So, you can know the upcoming agenda or events held by Nordstrom.

If you want to get the benefits above, you should not postpone creating Mynordstrom account. As the employee, checking the information above cannot be separated from your daily life. You always want to get the instant access to your employment info, don’t you? it is because visiting HR office will be time-consuming. When you have the Mynordstrom account, you do not need to go to HR Dept anymore. It is because all the information above is accessible anytime and anywhere.

The Steps to Check the Work Schedule at My Nordstrom

One of the reasons for visiting Nordstrom employee website is to check the work schedule. Most of the employees who work at Nordstrom store have the part-time employment status. So, they need to check the work schedule periodically. Usually, their work schedule will be changed. In the certain period, they have to work in the morning. Besides, in other periods, they may have to work on the afternoon shift. Since their working time can be different, they have to check it at Mynordstrom. So, they will know what time they should go to work.

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For your information, Mynordstrom does not just inform you about the schedule. But, it also shows the day off. Nordstrom store operates every day. So, some employees may not be off on Sunday or other holidays. But, Mynordstrom has a feature which you can use to ask for the day off. Maybe, you have the urgent thing to do. So, you just need to access Nordstrom MyScheduler menu. By using this online portal, visiting HR office is not necessary anymore. Since Mynordstrom is ready to access 24/7, you can check and manage the schedule whenever you want. You can do the guidelines below if you want to check the work schedule through Mynordstrom.

  • Step 1: Visit Nordstrom employee portal.

You can view the schedule if you log into your Nordstrom account. So, when you access Mynordstrom, please prepare your Nordstrom employee ID number and password. After signing into your Nordstrom account, you are free to check the daily schedule as well as the day off. You can even ask for the holiday.

  • Step 2: Enter the employee ID.

To access your account at Mynordstrom, you have to input your employee ID number. The website can verify your employment status when you enter this ID number. Simply look at your employee ID card if you do not remember what your employee ID is.

  • Step 3. Type your password correctly.

Have you requested the Nordstrom password? You still remember it, don’t you? if you forget the Nordstrom password, you have to select the link Request, Reset, or Forgot password. To get your password back, you have to do the instructions at Mynordstrom. Nordstrom password is the combination of numbers and letters. Enter this passcode correctly so that you can reach your account.

  • Step 4. Click on Login button.

When you are sure that the employee ID, as well as the password, are correct, you should press the Login button. If your login credentials are correct, you will be able to enter your account successfully. The next, you can try all the features at Mynordstrom. For instance, you can start checking your daily work schedule.

  • Select My Scheduler menu.

Once you sign into Mynordstrom successfully, you should focus on My Scheduler menu. You can select this menu to view your schedule in a month. This way, you can check the time when you have to go to work every day. Besides, checking the working hours is also possible to do. You will know how many hours you work in a week or in a month. Then, you can calculate how much your salary will be. It is because the part-time staff will receive the salary based on the total of the working hours. Then, you can use this Scheduler feature to request the day off. Perhaps, on a certain day, you have the appointment with the dentist. So, you can ask for the time off.

Those are the easy steps to check the schedule by using MyScheduler feature at Mynordstrom. Now, you will not get confused anymore about your working time. It is because the schedule information is accessible anytime.


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