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Are you an employee of Lowe’s? Well, you must know about the use of MyLowesLife Login Employee Portal. It is because this portal will help you to manage your duties as a Lowe’s employee. To know more about Myloweslife Employee Portal, you can read the following explanation. We have prepared important information and everything related to MyLowesLife Employee Portal. Enjoy!

About Lowe’s

Lowe’s Companies, Inc. is a company which owns Lowe’s retail chain in the United States. the products at Lowe’s are home appliances and home improvements. Currently, Lowe’s has more than 2390 stores in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. No wonder, this company should hire around 310 thousand employees to work at Lowe’s.

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lowes employee login page can be accessed at

What is MyLowesLife Login Employee Portal?

MyLowesLife Employee Portal is a platform for employees of Lowe’s. the website address of this Lowe’s employee portal is available at As a big company, it is not surprising that Lowe’s has a thousand employees to manage. This is why; Lowe’s has created a Lowes Employee Login Portal to handle everything needed by Lowe’s employees. Next, Lowe’s company will get help from MyLowesLife Employee Portal because the HRD staffs do not have to keep an eye to Lowe’s employees minute by minute. All of the information related to Lowe’s employees will get integrated into the only one employee portal of this company. Hence, the HRD staff can focus on more important duties because MyLowesLife Employee Portal can handle some parts of their jobs.


myloweslife login steps

Besides, MyLowesLife Employee Portal is an advantage for Lowe’s employees as well. Employees can just go to the employee portal to find the solution of problems found at work. This way, Lowe’s employees will not have to see the HRD manager directly when they have inquiries or problems related to their job duties at Lowe’s. They can just use MyLowesLife Employee Portal to get the problems solved. Besides, the access of this employee portal is not so difficult. Hence all of Lowe’s employees will able to enjoy the advantages of MyLowesLife  employment portal from their devices.

The Benefits of MyLowesLife Employee Portal

As we have mentioned in the previous section, MyLowesLife Employee Portal has great benefits for Lowe’s employees. Not only Lowe’s current employee can get benefits from this employee portal. But, Lowe’s former employees can enjoy the advantages of MyLowesLife Employee Portal as well.

  1. Lowe’s news updates

Lowe’s employees can get the newest information from the company. The information can be in various forms. For example, the announcement about some new job duties, invitation for company events, and many more. With this information, employees will not need to worry if they miss the news because all of the updated information is ready to access on MyLowesLife Employee Portal.

  1. Work schedule
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Employees will be able to find out about their work schedules when they visit MyLowesLife Employee Portal. It will be helpful if you can have a work schedule that you can access whenever and wherever you are, right? Besides, employees can view the information if any changes in their work schedules. So, this MyLowesLife Employee Portal is really necessary for Lowe’s employees.

  1. Emails

With all of the hectic schedules at Lowe’s, employees can still check their emails through MyLowesLife Employee Portal. This is a feature which will let the employees to have their work duties done by using the email service. Then, employees will not find difficulties to send and receive emails to handle their jobs at Lowe’s.

  1. Payment

One of the important things at Lowe’s is the payment. Lowe’s knows that it is important to let its employees know about their payment record. This is why MyLowesLife Employee Portal provides a way for Lowe’s employees to view their online pay stubs. They do not need to receive any paper stubs every time they get the payment because they can just save the digital version of their stubs in MyLowesLife Employee Portal.

  1. Job Position

Every employee must want to get the better career after they show their dedication to the company with some years of working experience. Thus, if any employees at Lowe’s are eager to get new job positions, they can simply visit MyLowesLife Employee Portal to find information about Lowe’s new job positions. Using this employee portal will help them to search for the better career at Lowe’s.

  1. Insurance

Lowe’s knows how to treat its employees with some job benefits. One of the benefits that employees can access from MyLowesLife Employee Portal is the insurance. Lowe’s employees will be able to get information about the insurance they can take if they go to MyLowesLife Employee Portal. Besides, they may get more details about the insurance here.

  1. Compensation

Employees can check the compensation they get from Lowe’s via MyLowesLife Employee Portal by themselves. This way, they will not need to find their HRD manager to talk about the compensation they can get from Lowe’s.

  1. Vacation

At Lowe’s, employees can get rights to enjoy some days off for vacations. All of the information about vacations payment and its details are available on MyLowesLife Employee Portal. Employees can just log in to their account to find the information about this.

What to Prepare for Signing In Account on MyLowesLife Employee Portal

If you have understood the importance of MyLowesLife Employee Portal for your daily schedule at Lowe’s, you can now think about how to sign in. so, you can use your account on My Lowes Life Portal. For your information, Lowe’s employees will get their account details once they have officially joined at Lowe’s. So, you can just log in to your account without any obligations to create the account on Lowes Employee Portal.

To make the sign in the process run well, you should be ready with the prerequisites. If you can prepare all of the things needed to log in to your account, you will be able to sign in there without unnecessary difficulties. These are the things you can prepare before you go to MyLowesLife Employee Portal for login.

  1. MyLowesLife Login credentials
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The credentials for your account on MyLowesLife Employee Portal are important. These are your account details that you use when you are working at Lowe’s. Besides, you do not need to worry about losing your account on MyLowesLife Portal because you will be able to use these credentials when you have not worked at this company anymore. The credentials for your MyLowesLife account are:

  • User ID

You will need this User ID to complete the login field. Without this User ID, the login process will not be possible.

  • Password

Your User ID will work well if you have the correct password. This password will be the key to log in to your account.

  • Security question

You will need the security question in case you forgot your password. These security questions will help you get your passwords back.

The only way to get MyLowesLife login credentials is by visiting the HRD department. You will find a staff that is going to give you the credentials. Remember, the HRD staff will be the one who will register your account on MyLowesLife Portal. So, you can just receive the credentials and login to your MyLowesLife account

  1. A device

You really need a device if you are eager to access MyLowesLife portal. You can use any devices you have. For example, you can use a personal computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone. But, you’d better use your smartphone for your daily use. This way, you can access the employee portal anytime and anywhere you can. Moreover, you will be able to get information from your smartphone as fast as you can.

  1. A browser

Your device will not be able to access MyLowesLife portal if you do not have a browser in your device. Make sure you install a compatible browser for your device. Hence, your browser will show its best performance when it is trying to reach MyLowesLife portal.

  1. The internet

Of course, you will need the internet if you want to visit MyLowesLife portal. This employee portal requires you to provide the internet connection every time you use it. Then, you must be certain that your internet has the stable connection. This way, you will not get technical difficulties in the middle of the login process. Besides, the stable connection will make this employee portal works fast.

How to Log In account for New Lowe’s Employees

If you have prepared all of the things that you will need for login, it means you are ready for the login steps. You will not spend so much time to log in to your Mylowes Login account. moreover, the steps are easy. You will be able to complete all of the login steps in a few minutes only.

  1. Visit

First, you should go to the official site of MyLowesLife portal. you can access the portal at When you have reached this employee portal, you will see a simple website design.

  1. Enter Sales Number
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Second, you can enter your sales number on the available blank field. You can locate the login section on the upper left of the home page. you can fill in your sales number in the top blank field.

  1. Enter Password

Third, you must enter the password. This password will help you to enter your MyLowesLife account. Make sure you enter the correct password. Otherwise, it will fail to login.

  1. Click Login

Finally, you can click the Login button. Now, it is the time for you to explore your MyLowesLife account. You can also enjoy the features provided there.

Procedure to Reset Password on MyLowesLife Employee Portal

It must be an awful feeling when you cannot remember your account password. And it will get worse if you need the account for your work duties. But, you do not need to worry about it. if it happens to you, MyLowesLife portal is ready to help you get your password back. Moreover, you can reset the password to improve the security of your MyLowesLife Login account. This way, you can prevent your account from malicious activities caused by other people.

Well, there are some steps needed to recover your password on MyLowesLife portal. You will be able to do all the recovery steps in a short time because my Lowes Life login portal requires simple steps only. The following instructions will help you to learn how to reset your password on this employee portal.

  1. Go to

First, you should be on the portal of MyLowesLife. You can visit it at

  1. Click Forgot Password

Second, you can click Forgot Password link in the login section. This link will take you to the next page if you click it.

  1. Answer security questions

Third, you can answer the security questions provided by the page. If this step is successful, you can continue to the next step.

  1. Set up a new password

Lastly, you can set up a new password if you cannot remember what your previous password was. After this new password gets validation from the system of MyLowesLife Login portal, you will be able to use it for login. Make sure you have this password well. So, you will not lose it when you need to login to your account next time.

How to get help from MyLowesLife Login Employee Portal

Have you found issues with your login experience on MyLowesLife Login Employee Portal? you do not need t feel confused because you can contact Lowe’s HR Shared Services to get technical support. You can contact the service using the following ways:

  1. By phone

If you need to talk to the representatives, you can call them by phone at 1 888 HRINFO5 or 1 888 474 6365.

  1. Mailing post

In case you want to contact them by mailing post, you can write your letters and send them to the address below:

Lowe’s Group Benefits (NB2CB)

1000 Lowes Boulevard

Mooresville, North Carolina, 28117

The United States

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