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If you want to buy a car, you can do it easily. Well, you can choose a car online. Here we will help you get to know the CarMax business. If you join as a customer, then you can read the CarMax profile. If you are a staff member at this company, then you can read through the final stages of this guide. What can you do with our article? So, we have login instructions on MyKMXHR Portal. So this portal is only open to CarMax employees. They have a CarMax Self-Service feature that will not disappoint you.

CarMax Employee Login is a website that can help the work of CarMax staff. They have access to this portal using the CarMax login Credentials. If you want to complete the login phase, you need our help. Here they offer various benefits for staff. Then you can save time to complete some office work. You can access the schedule and salary schedule on this portal. Companies cannot manage large numbers of staff. So, this portal can help them through various programs. This offer is valid while you work at CarMax. So, don’t hesitate to bring our instructions in your login process. We not only discuss the CarMax Portal Login. you can find out the way to change Mykmxhr password. Also, you can find the way to unlock your account.

mykmxhr carmax login
mykmxhr carmax login page can be accessed at

CarMax Company Profile.

After reading our article, display your entry in the profile section. We will help you get to know your workplace. CarMax is a used car seller in the United States. They entered as the biggest used car retailer according to the Fortune 500. You need to know that CarMax is under the supervision of Circuit City Stores. This car shop has been serving consumers since 1993. where is the car retailer’s business location? Yes Right, Richmond Virginia is the first location for CarMax. Here you can search for cars through their official portal. You can visit Next, visit the store menu to find your dream car. So you can search for cars with several filters.

  • You can search for the type of car you want.
  • Then you can search for dream cars through the brand.
  • Finally, you can look for used cars with price filters.

CarMax Employee Benefits and Perks.

Before you realize the importance of this portal, we invite you to know the benefits. If you are new staff, this knowledge will help your life in the future. Because they offer this program for you, it’s a shame if you don’t use it. If you want to do work easily, this portal is the right solution for you. You can do this in a few steps. So, you can access this portal 24 hours and wherever you are. Below are some programs that you can follow as CarMax staff.

  1. Dental and Eye Health Care.

In this section we will discuss medical treatment programs with you. They have programs in the health department for staff. You can do treatments for free teeth or eyes from the office. Then you can enjoy other programs.

  • Get an assistance program for employees.
  • They can help you quit smoking.
  • You can join the weight watchers program.
  • Then your office has a health exhibition program.
  • Care for pregnant women.
  • Get nutrition information online.
  1. Pension savings.

Next, you can plan for the future now. Because comfortable old age is everyone’s dream. If you need help from the office, they are present with the Retirement Savings Plan program.

  1. Life Insurance.

Here they offer 2 insurance programs. First, life insurance. Second, insurance business accident insurance. You can plan insurance before you have a problem. Workplace accidents can cause short or long term disabilities. Here they have insurance to cover your medical expenses.

  1. Get CarMax prizes and employee discounts.

In this section, they have rewards for staff. If you are productive, you can get a prize from CarMax. Then you can shop more efficiently at some CarMax partner stores.

  1. Holidays and Leave.

The staff has a schedule for annual leave. Here staff can apply for leave online through the login portal. Then, staff can exchange their schedules with teammates. If you want to change the schedule, you can do it from home. Then the staff has the right to have paid leave for sickness, vacation and personal time.

If you want to get complete information, you can visit the portal benefits of CarMax. You only need to go to with your device.

mykmxhr login steps

CarMax Employee Login Steps.

After the login preparation is complete, the next clue is to take the login process. In this section, we will give you some easy steps to complete the login. If you have social media, you will be familiar with the login process. Because this process requires you to have valid account login credentials. If you forget this part, then don’t dream of entering your personal account. Well, don’t waste time. Let’s try entering this MyKMXHR portal. Then you can take several benefit programs as staff.

  1. Visit the MyKMXHR official portal.

Remember this portal can only be opened through the browser and login device. Both can help you reach the portal if you have internet support. Then you can write the portal address on the MyKMXHR main page. So, on the main page, you can need to fill in two credential columns. They are username and password. Visit this login portal on the website

  1. Enter the Username MyKMXHR Login account.

In this section, the staff needs to prepare their username. You can get a username after visiting the HRD office. As a staff, you have the right to have access to this CarMax Login portal. Well, HRD will help you operate this portal.

  1. Enter the MyKMXHR Login account password.

Next, you need to fill in the second column. The second column asks you to enter a password. Password is sensitive account credentials. You need to remember all the characters in the password. Then enter this account information without errors. If you write a password incorrectly, the system will stop. So you cannot log in to this account.

  1. Click on the Login button.

Next, you need to find the login button. This button is under the login credentials column. If you have finished filling in the account information column, click on the login button.

  1. Browse your MyKMXHR account.

CarMax Employee Login contains employee information. If you work at CarMax, you can see your profile first. If you want to change information, you can do it through this account. After that, you may look for programs that are suitable for your job.

How to Change Password via CarMax Employee Login Portal.

Next, we will discuss the password change feature in the login portal. Before you enter your personal account, you can see the password change feature. This feature can be found on the main page of the login portal. After you get temporary account information, you can do the login process. However, you need to change your password first. The password is the login credentials that will protect your account. So, make changes to your temporary password. Do this process on the same portal.

  1. Visit the CarMax Employee Login portal.

Do you have a browser and device? Well, both can help you reach this login portal easily. So on the main page they ask you to fill in two enter credential columns. But, you have to visit this login portal on the website first.

  1. Click on the Change Password link.

This link can be found under the log in button. You will immediately land on the password change page.

  1. Complete the password change form.

On this page they want you to fill out the form first. Do this step correctly. Then you can create a password that meets the account security standards. Because they have several conditions for creating an account password. First, use 8-20 characters in your password. Second, you need to use the number in the password. Third, enter the symbol to increase the strength of the password. Finally, you need to pay attention to Upper and Lowercase letters.

  • Enter your account username in the first column.
  • Enter the current password of your office administrator.
  • Enter your account’s new password.
  • You need to rewrite the password to confirm the system.
  1. Click on the submit button.

Finally, you need to send a password change request. Then you can try new passwords via the login portal. Congratulations, you have a new password for the security of your account.

How to Recover Password and Unlock MyKMXHR Account.

Next, you need to be aware of login issues. If you are a new user, you need to unlock your account first. You can use the unlock account feature through the same login portal. If your account is locked, then you cannot enter your personal account. So, you need to go through the unlock account process. Then the user can experience a forgotten password. This problem will interfere with the login process. So, you need to spend a lot of time logging in. Before you get this problem, learn how to repair an account with us. Here we will discuss the password recovery feature and unlock account. Good luck!.

  1. Use the browser and device to open the MyKMXHR official website.

The first stage you need to land on the main page of CarMax Employee Login. Complete the search field with the website address. Then click the search button. And Dalla! You will see the main page display on the login device screen.

  1. Visit page Forgot Password or Unlock Account.

Next, you need to use the password recovery feature and open an account. Find this link under the change password feature.

  1. Follow the stages of account recovery.

In this section, you can see the stages of account recovery. You need to complete 3 stages of recovering your account password.

  • First, you need to go through the request stage. Here you can enter your account username. If you are done with this step, click on the send request button.
  • Second, you need to complete the validate stage. If your username is correct, the system will find your account. Here you only need to do account validation. Follow the instructions from the system.
  • Third, you need to complete the recovery phase. Here you can create or get your account password.
  1. Try your password and username on the login page.

How to Contact CarMax Customer Service.

Customer service is an important part of the business. If they want to listen to consumers, they need to have this service. Here staff and consumers can give opinions to CarMax. They have various media to get your opinion. If you want to submit criticism and suggestions, contact CarMax in several ways below.

  1. CarMax Customer Service Phone Number. First, you can express your opinion directly. Use your smartphone to contact them. You need to make a telephone call during office operating hours. Customer relations staff will serve you Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm. (800) 519-1511.
  2. CarMax Customer Service Mailing Address. In this section you can use letters to express opinions. However, you need to prepare the cost of sending mail at the post office. Then you don’t have to wait for their reply. Because this method is not effective for receiving answers to your problems.

CarMax Home Office

12800 Tuckahoe Creek Parkway Richmond, VA 23238

  1. CarMax Social Media. Furthermore, you can use social media as a communication medium. Here they have Facebook and Twitter that you can contact. If you have one of them, then contact them through direct message. They are active in office operating hours.
    • Facebook :
    • Twitter :
  2. MYKMXHR Service Center. If you are a CarMax staff, then you need to use the CarMax Employee Login Portal. Contact their service center if you have login problems. Here you can only contact them by telephone. (888) 695-6947.

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