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Have you visited a KFC store recently? Wanna share your experience and get a free gift? Well, now you can do those things for free. Every experience you tell to KFC is worth a pleasant gift. You can get the gift at your next purchase. KFC holds Mykfcexperience survey as a platform to measure customers’ satisfaction. Customers are free to voice out their Kfc experience. KFC seeks a feedback from its customers. KFC wants to make its quality improvement. Don’t worry. Kfc listens to every customer’s experience for sure. Customers can say they are happy and excited during their visit to KFC stores. Or even if it is an awful experience, KFC will not reject it. KFC will take it as constructive criticism. So, if KFC finds problems with products or services, KFC will fix it soon. After customers take the survey, KFC will give a reward.

About KFC

Anyway, KFC is a popular chain of fast-food restaurants. This business was from the United States. But you can see KFC stores in 125 different countries. We can say that KFC popularity level has nearly ruled the world. Fried chicken is the iconic product from KFC. So, let us give thanks to Colonel Harland Sanders. He founded this delicious recipe 88 years ago, on March 20th, 1930. Then, he built Sanders Court & Café. The first location took place in North Corbin, Kentucky. People used to refer KFC as Kentucky Fried Chicken a long time ago. On September 24th, 1952, he developed his business and made his first franchise in Utah. Now, KFC has a headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. KFC has run almost 21 thousand outlets worldwide. Its famous slogan is Finger-Lickin’ Good.

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As we have stated before, KFC is popular with its remarkable fried chicken. Some portions will let you enjoy the fried chickens in huge buckets. Apart from its famous fried chicken, KFC serves unforgettable menus every day. You can enjoy the delicious menus in some ways. Such as, dine in, carry out, drive-thru, or catering. The menus are various. Such as sandwiches, combo meals, meals worth 5$, side foods, classic foods, desserts, cold drinks, and sauces. KFC is one of the international brands with frequent products releases. It can update its promotions on its social media accounts. The marketing strategy will satisfy KFC loyal customers. It can make them come back anytime.

The Requirements of my kfc experience survey

Every survey needs some requisites. The requisites are necessary to complete. Customers should pay attention to these necessary things. Besides, they should go online to do KFC feedback survey. This means there are certain requisites that should be ready before they take part in KFC guest experience survey. Don’t worry. Everyone can prepare these things. It requisites are easy to get. So, prepare it well. Then, customers can start participating in it. For further information about the requisites, please read below:

  1. A device

The device which respondents use here is various. They are able to use a personal computer or a laptop. The survey page will use the desktop version. Thus, laptops or personal computers will show the page in a satisfying display. You can use a tablet or a smartphone, though. the survey has the mobile version as well. It will be easier for everyone to take part in the survey. Respondents are able to access the mobile version of the survey page anywhere. This device will need a browser to access the page. Install the browser before starting the survey.

  1. The internet

KFC survey makes the respondents come online. There is no other way. Respondents do not have other choices other than going online. By this means, they should prepare the internet. Then, connect the internet to their device. We recommend respondents to use stable internet connection. The connection stability will save much time. Actually, the survey will only take less than 5 minutes. Besides, the questions are not difficult. Every respondent can do the survey easily. Stable internet connection will make everything run smoothly.

  1. A valid receipt

The survey needs KFC valid receipt. If you have visited a KFC store recently, you can use the receipt to join this survey. Remember, you can use a recent receipt with a survey invitation. There are two kinds of KFC survey invitation. The survey invitation can be in the form of KFC survey code. Furthermore, a ticket number will be useful as well. Both survey invitation forms are valid as long as your receipt is not expired. So, do not wait until your receipt gets expired. Take the survey as fast as you can.

  1. Basic ability of English or Spanish

Your language ability plays a significant role here. As an international brand, of course, KFC will use English on the survey page.  That is the default language on the survey page. Yet, you do not have to master a deep understanding of English. What you need here is Basic English with simple vocabularies. So, if you can understand English daily conversation, it will be enough. You can take part in the survey without problems. Another language that you can use here is Spanish. On the survey page, you will see Español link. Click that Español link to change the language setting into Spain. Make sure you really understand Spain. Otherwise, you’d better not change the language setting. If you insist to change the language you do not understand, it will not be a great idea. As a result, it will make you difficult to do the survey.

The Guidelines of my kfc experience Survey

The requirements are simple, right? Now, it is time for you to begin the survey. the survey steps will not take up much of your time. You can finish all of the steps in a short time. KFC customer feedback survey will ask you to give rating scales. Moreover, you can elaborate your real experience as well. Are you ready? Here we go!

mykfcexperience survey guideline
  1. Go to

When all requirements are ready, you can open your browser. But, make sure you have connected your device to the internet. In the browsing field, search for An official KFC survey page will show up for you. You will see some blank fields there. If you have a ticket number with you, you can start the survey from this page. Furthermore, this page will give you a link to an alternative survey page. The alternative page will require your survey code. So, choose the page that fits your condition the most. Still on the same page, you can see receipt examples. There are 2 examples which you can use as the guidelines. No need to worry if you don’t understand which details you need. These receipt examples will show some numbers according to the survey details.

  1. Choose the language

Perhaps you do not feel comfortable with English as the language instruction. Unfortunately, at the page, you will see English as the default language. But if you understand Spain, it will not matter. Don’t waste too much time on this step. Just click the Español button to change the page into Spain. In a few seconds, the survey page will turn itself into a Spanish survey page.

  1. Fill in the receipt details

Now, let’s do this key step. You have to fill in all of the blank fields on the survey page. There are 2 ways to do this step. The first way is by using a ticket number. The second is by using a survey code. Here is the further information.

  • with ticket number

Once you reach the survey page, a simple page will show up to you. This page has 4 blank fields. Then, you can start filling in the receipt details here. You can find all of the details on your KFC receipt. The details are:

  1. the store number,
  2. date of your visit (arranged in month, date, and year),
  3. time of your visit (complete the hour with the minute and a.m. or p.m.)
  4. KFC ticket number
  5. with survey code

But if you do not have ticket number, it’s OK. It will not be a problem. What you need to do is to click a link of Click Here. That link will direct you to a similar survey page. On this page, you can use a survey code. The code consists of 17 digits. Next, the details for using survey code page are less than using ticket number page. You will only need to fill in:

  • survey code
  • time of your visit

Whatever the page you use to take part in the survey, it does not matter. After you have filled in all of the details, recheck them. Make sure your details are correct and then click Start button.

  1. Complete mykfcexperience questions

The Start button will lead you to a new page. That page will require you to give rating scales. The survey will be about:

  • satisfaction with your entire experience at KFC stores,
  • your visit type,
  • qualities of KFC products, services, and facilities,
  • your eagerness to recommend KFC to others,
  • the availability of your orders,
  • how frequent you are to visit KFC stores,
  • your reasons for giving those rating scales. You can elaborate as specific as possible. There are 1200 characters are available for you. So, do not hesitate to tell them about your whole experience at KFC stores,
  • and so on.
  1. Give classification details

The survey will ask you to complete some more details. The details will be for classification purpose. It will not affect your previous answers for the survey. The questions are about:

  1. gender,
  2. age,
  3. kids under 18 years old,
  4. annual income, and
  5. ethnicity background,

Now click Next button to take the last step.

  1. Write down mykfcexperience validation code

The last page will appear for you. You can see a validation code there. This validation code is to appreciate the survey respondents. Then, write down the validation code on your receipt. This will be your KFC coupon. You can redeem this coupon for your next purchase. Remember to do this at the same store where you get your receipt. Now, you can close My KFC experience survey page.

Oops! I lost my receipt. How can I submit my KFC Feedback?

Everything can happen beyond expectation. For instance, you lost your KFC receipt. Accidentally or on purpose, you do not have KFC receipt now. This means you cannot take part in My KFC experience survey. But, KFC does not hold the survey only. KFC also gives customers an opportunity to share their KFC experience. It is not a problem if you have no KFC receipts. So, you can keep sharing your KFC experiences using this method. You can submit your feedback on its official website. These are the guidelines for you:

  1. Go to is the official page of KFC restaurants. You can do many things here. As the example, you can submit your feedback. Besides, you can find useful information about KFC menus. Then, you can learn more about KFC nutrition here. And last but not least, you can search the nearest KFC stores from you.

  1. Click Navigation button

When you have been on the homepage, click Navigation button. The button is on the left corner of the page. Click that button and you will see some helpful links there.

  1. Click Contact Us

You can see many links there. Such as company information and nutrition facts. Among those links, click Contact Us link. It will direct you to another page. That is where you are going to share your feedback.

  1. Select your feedback topic

There are 2 available topics here. The first is about KFC in general. The second is about a specific KFC restaurant. Select the best topic for your feedback. You can click which topic really fits your feedback.

  1. Provide your personal details

Now fill in your personal details in the available links. The details are your first name, your last name, and your email address. Complete all fields and do not leave it blank.

  1. Type your experience

Now it is the time for you to share your experience. Please be honest and true to do this step. Be as specific as you can. KFC management team will take your feedback seriously. They will use your feedback as the assessment. They can improve KFC qualities based on your feedback. You can finish typing your KFC experience in that field. Now click Send My Feedback button.

Where is KFC near me?

If KFC is your favorite fast-food restaurant, you must want to visit this outlet wherever you are. If you are still in your town, you will be easy to locate the nearest KFC. But, when you go abroad or another city, you may not know the closest location of KFC restaurant. in this situation, you should not get confused. It is because you can locate KFC restaurant easily by applying one of the ways below. These are the methods you can try to find KFC near you.

  • Google Maps or Search engine.

Using the online map is the easiest way to find the certain location. You just need to prepare a smartphone and internet data. Then, you can browse the location of KFC store. You only need to write KFC near me as the keyword. The next, the Google maps or the search engine will provide you the result of your search. The maps may show some KFC restaurants near you. Besides, You also can see the direction to KFC nearby. Sometimes, the result of the search engine also displays the restaurant review. This way, you can know what the opinion of the customers is. Also, you can view KFC hours. Every chain of KFC usually has the different operating hours. So, you can know what time the KFC restaurant opens and closes.

  • KFC store locator.

Have you ever visited KFC official site? KFC website is accessible at In this website, you can find KFC store locator feature. In order to use this system, you should enter your location. Then, you need to specify the location by entering the postal code, city, state, as well as the country. KFC store locator not only displays the location and direction. But, it also tells you the phone number, store hours, and the complete address.

  • KFC App.

As the customers of KFC, your life will be easier if you have KFC app. KFC App is not only used to order the menu online. You also can use this application to search the location of KFC outlet. Have you already installed this application on your smartphone? If you have not, you can get KFC application on the Play Store. This application also can give you the updated info about KFC. Sometimes, you can get KFC coupons from this application.

If the city or the town you belong has more than one KFC stores, the searching results also display more than locations. In this situation, you can choose the KFC store which is the closest to your place. Just see the distance detail. Furthermore, you need to consider KFC hours as well. Therefore, you can make sure that KFC outlet is open.

About KFC Hours of Operation

Guys, KFC may have the various information of the opening and closing hours. To know the exact information about it, you are able to check in KFC Main Website at and get KFC “Locations” menu. There, you need to type in KFC Locations where you are curious to know then get the details information about the hours. Indeed, you are able to see the services and offers, contact details, as well as the simple map and directions.

How to contact KFC Customer service

Anytime you find difficulties, contact customer service. Perhaps you find a problem with your drive-thru order. Then, you cannot use facilities at KFC stores. Or else, you have troubles with the Colonel’s Club. You can contact KFC customer service representatives. The next, KFC customer service representatives will help you out. It is their duties to solve customers’ problems as quickly as they can. When customers contact customer service, it is not merely about difficulty. Besides, you are able to give your compliments or suggestions to KFC. When you want to contact KFC customer service, do the following ways:

  1. By website

Inform your KFC problems to KFC official website. The steps to submit are simple. It is the same with how to submit the feedback. Firstly, go to Secondly, choose Contact Us. Then, do next the instruction and submit it. KFC will be glad to receive your feedback. In case you send any question, KFC will answer it. So, make sure that you include your contact information. So, KFC can reply your message.

  1. By email

For faster responses, let KFC know about your difficulties via email. This service will need the internet connection. Please prepare the requisites. Then, make sure your device is ready for the internet connection. When you have them ready, send your email to [email protected]

  1. By mailing

There are some reasons why mailing is useful. It maybe looks outdated. But this is easy actually. You do not have to prepare certain requirements. No need a device. No need the internet connection. Just make a handwritten letter to give your feedback, complaints, suggestion, or compliment to KFC. If you want to make the partnership with KFC, the mailing will be a great idea as well. Then, you can post your business letter to the main office. Send your letters to the following address:

1900 Colonel Sanders Lane

Louisville, KY, 40213,

The United States

  1. By phone

In case your problems are urgent, you can try to Talktokfc customer service representatives. If you call them via phone, they will respond to you quickly. They will help you with your complaints or questions. Furthermore, they can give you information about KFC products and services. To contact them via phone, dial 1 888 624 8140.

  1. By social media

The social media can be a smart way to contact KFC. KFC has created social media accounts for some reasons. Firstly, KFC wants to get closer to customers. For instance, KFC can greet the customers every day on Twitter or Facebook. Secondly, KFC wants customers to get updated about KFC promos. So, you do not need to go to KFC store to check the current promo and KFC special deals. You just need to follow KFC account to check the promo. Customers can get informed with the upcoming events and newest menus by KFC as well.

Thirdly, the social media accounts will be a fast way to respond to customers’ feedback. As the example, you may experience an issue when you visit one of KFC stores. Then, you can report your feedback on Twitter. After that, KFC will respond your feedback quickly. You can follow these official links of KFC social media accounts to get notified: