MyHR CVS Login – CVS MyLife, CVS Learnet, and CVS Health Login Steps


The new working environment can be frustrating at times. You are supposed to give your best performance at work while building good relationships with your new colleagues. But, CVS Health Corporation will not let these happen to its employees as the company has a MyHR CVS portal. Employees can use the portal to dig information about the company, job descriptions, duties, and employment. Hence, it is necessary for you to create an employee account on the portal. Then, you can sign in through MyHR CVS login portal and enjoy the features and benefits of the portal there. If you wonder more about the employee portal of CVS Health Corporation, you can learn about it here. There is much beneficial information about the employee portal that you will help you understand more about the portal. so, happy reading!

About CVS

CVS is a company which focuses its business in a chain of pharmacy retail in the United States. The journey of this company started in 1963 when Stanley Goldstein, Sidney Goldstein, and Ralph Hoagland worked together to grow Consumer Value Stores which was later known as CVS. This new company got helps in managing its beauty and health products from its parent company, Mark Steven, Inc. many years later, CVS became a part of The Melville Corporation. However, this partnership ended in 1996 as CVS wanted to be an independent company. As there was a merger process with Caremark Rx company in 2007, CVS turned the company name into CVS Caremark Corporation. Then, this health care company has been running as CVS Health Corporation since 2014 because it stops selling tobacco products at its stores. Today, the headquarters of this company is located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Further, there are several subsidiaries managed by CVS Health Corporation. For example, CVS Health Corporation now has CVS Pharmacy, CVS Caremark, MinuteClinic, CVS Specialty, Aetna, Accordant, Drogaria Onofre, Omnicare, Navarro Discount Pharmacies, Wellpartner, Coram. With a lot of brands handled walked together at the same time under the same flag, it is not surprising that CVS Health Corporation has hired approximately 246.000 employees for this company.

MyHR CVS login

MyHR CVS login page

What is myHR CVS Login Portal?

As a new employee, you should have enough knowledge about the MyHR CVS login portal. CVS Health Corporation has created this portal in handling its huge numbers of employees to work at this health care company. We can say that this portal is a product of the Human Resources department of CVS Health Corporation to let all employees about company information and employment. SO, it is a must for you to have an account on My HR CVS employee portal, a website that some employees refer to Cvs Workbrain as the portal can store various files on clouds. To register yourself on My HR CVS employee portal, you just need to see a Human Resources staff to create an account for you. The staff may require some information for you, such as contact information, birth date, Social Security Number, and some more things to complete the account registration process.

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If you have got an account on My HR CVS employee portal as an active employee of CVS Health Corporation, it will be easy for you to access the benefits of the employee portal. For instance, you will be able to:

  • view digital paystubs,
  • get information about the tax you should pay based on the paystubs you receive,
  • check working schedules
  • receive updates about CVS Health Corporation employee benefits, such as 401k plans, health plans, life insurance, education assistance, employee discounts, etc.

In case you do not know, this My HR CVS employee portal is also linked to a few portals run by CVS Health Corporation. For example, you will be able to access the Cvs Learnet portal at this portal will give you access to Health Learning Management Systems of CVS Health Corporation. Employees can take advantage of the portal to improve their knowledge about training and skills at work. Besides, you can visit Cvs Mylife at Employees of CVS Health Corporation subsidiaries may have access to this portal as well. in addition, both of the portals mentioned only requires you to sign in using the account credentials of My HR CVS employee account. it means you can reach multiple portals only using the same account.

Besides, CVS Health Corporation also allows its former employees to use the portal. The former employees can simply their own account there. This way, they do not need to see a Human Resource staff to register themselves. The aim of letting former employees have an account here is to make them updated about important information shared by CVS Health Corporation to the former employees.

myHR CVS login

myHR CVS login steps

Steps to Access MyHR CVS Login Page

If you have got your new employee account credentials from CVS Health Corporation Human Resources staff, you can use them to log in. but, you should remember that there are some more requirements that you need to prepare if you want to experience a smooth login process. Things you need here are a device with a browser in it and the internet connection. If you have prepared all those things, you can try to log in to your account. The process will not take too much time as long as you have good preparation. Well, here are the steps to log in to My HR CVS Employee account.

  1. Go to

First, you must go to My HR CVS Employee portal. you can visit it at When you have been on this portal, you will see a home page divided into 2 parts. The left side is for former employees and the right one is for current employees of CVS Health Corporation.

  1. Click Log On
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Second, you have to click Log On button provided in the Current CVS Employee section. The button will let you view a login page.

  1. Enter User Name

Third, you can enter your username in the top blank field. You will find this field under a point stated Cvs Health Login.

  1. Provide Password

Fourth, you may provide the password of your CVS Employee account. Be certain you typed it right.

  1. Click Login

Finally, you are able to click the Login button. If you have input correct user name and password, you will not find any difficulties to log in. now, you may explore MyHR CVS Employee portal using your account.

How to Reset Password for MyHR CVS Login

However, some people may be unlucky because they lose their password. Or, they cannot remember what their password is. It means you will not be able to use it for work. If this bad thing happens to you, you can reset your password using the following instructions.

  1. Go to

Firstly, you must go to to reach My HR CVS Employee portal. this is the portal for you to log in as well.

  1. Click Log On

Secondly, you should click the Log On button. It is because the page for current employees of CVS Health Corporation is available here.

  1. Click Reset Password

Thirdly, you may click a link of Reset Password. the link will direct you to the page of reset password at

  1. Enter Employee ID

Fourthly, you must enter your Employee ID in the provided field. You can type in 7 digits of the ID on the page of Self-Service Cross-Platform Password Reset and Synchronization.

  1. Click I Agree

Lastly, you have to click I Agree button if you want to continue the steps to reset the password. This way, the portal system may send you a link to make a new password through your email account registered on the portal.

If you are Windows ID Users, you do not need to do the steps above if you want to reset your password on My HR CVS Employee portal. You can simply dial 1-855-280-ITSC (4872) to call CVS IT Service Center.

What are Cvs Employee Benefits?

CVS Health Corporation really appreciates the dedication given by its employees in the process of building a top company together. That is why; CVS Health Corporation does not hesitate to grant benefits for employees. The purpose of these benefits is to make employees more comfortable to spend their days working at this company. Besides, the employees can focus more on the job duties of the company has handled parts of their needs as an employee. Now, these explanations will give you a broader knowledge about CVS Health Corporation employee benefits.

  1. Professional Health

If employees have a balanced life, they will be able to give their best performance at work. Besides, a working environment that supports them will make them feel more appreciated. Of course, the factors will lead to a better career in the future. To bring a good atmosphere at the working place, CVS Health Corporation has provided programs to let you be healthy professionally. So, it will be difficult for you to find any reasons to leave your job at CVS Health Corporation.

  1. Physical Health
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To give protection to your physical health, CVS Health Corporation will cover your basic health needs, such as for medical care, dental care, vision care. Besides, your immediate family members can be a part of the health programs offered by CVS Health Corporation too. This way, the health and wellness of you and your family may improve properly.

  1. Financial Health

Who does not want to have financial health? CVS Health Corporation really understands this matter. This is why this company offers programs and benefits that you can use to protect your financial conditions in the future.

With those complete health benefits, employees will not need to get distracted from their duties at CVS Health Corporation. It is because CVS Health Corporation has committed to giving a lot of contributions to its employees’ career and life. You can check the list below to make it clear what benefits you can receive from CVS Health Corporation. Here are the points that must be available for you when you work at this company.

  • vision coverage,
  • dental coverage,
  • medical,
  • prescription,
  • health savings account (HSA),
  • stock purchase plan,
  • adoption plans,
  • life insurance,
  • accident insurance,
  • disability insurance,
  • tuition reimbursement,
  • paid time off,
  • employee discount at CVS stores,
  • and many more benefits.
How Do I Contact Cvs Human Resources?

Have you got problems when you tried to sign in to your account? Or is there any issues related to your account setting? You do not need to worry because MyHR CVS portal has facilitated a Service Center that you can contact anytime you need helps. You may use the following ways to reach the service center of MyHR CVS portal.

  1. Website

In case you have issues with the website, you can share your feedbacks through My HR CVS portal. you may find a button that will help you view a feedback page. You can rate how much you satisfy with the portal. Besides, you may type in your feedback or inquiries if there are problems that you cannot solve by yourself.

  1. Phone

The fastest way to get help from My HR CVS team is by talking to the representative through the phone. This way, you may explain the problems clearly and it will give an opportunity to the representative to understand the problems easily. So, you may solve the problems in a quick way. If you prefer this method, you need to dial Myhr Cvs Number to communicate with the representative. So, what is the Cvs Hr Phone number? You can contact these phone numbers whenever you need some helps from CVS Human Resources.

  • Local myHR Service Center: 888-694-7287
  • International myHR Service Center : +1 312-291-5999

Make sure you contact the numbers during the working hours. it is because both of the phone numbers are available from Monday to Friday from 08.00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. E.T.


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