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Have you just dined in at Hungry Jack’s? If you notice the purchase receipt, you will find an invitation to take MyHJExperience survey. Make sure you do not miss your opportunity to get a Jack Hungry coupon for free as the reward. This is how it works. You only need to visit the website of Hungry Jack’s Survey. Then, you may answer some questions there. After that, you will receive a validation code when the survey is over. You can use the code as your coupon to redeem the survey reward.

Besides, you may participate in Hungry jack experience survey to help this restaurant improve its qualities. If you want more information about Hungry Jack’s Survey, just keep on reading the explanations below.

hungry jacks survey
hungry jacks survey can be accessed at

About Hungry Jack’s

Hungry Jack’s is a version of Burger King in Australia. This restaurant chain could not get Burger King Brand because there had been another business name as Burger King in Australia before the American Burger King came to build its Australian branches. So, Burger King decided to let Jack Cowin, an Australia franchisee, to select the brand name. Then, he had the first location in Perth as Hungry Jack in 1971. But, the brand name changed into Hungry Jack’s not long after the business began.

Today, there are 390 Hungry Jack’s stores in Australia. The headquarters is in Sydney, New South Wales. Customers can order typical fast foods of Burger King here, such as Whopper, TenderGirl sandwiches, and TenderCrisp.

MyHJexperience survey steps

Things to Prepare for Hungry Jack’s Survey

You must have some prerequisites of Hungry Jack’s Survey. to make the survey runs without any technical difficulties, you can make these things ready before you start the survey..

  1. Hungry Jack’s purchase receipt

You should prepare a purchase receipt with a survey invitation from Hungry jack store before you take Hungry jack experience survey. You will need this receipt because it has survey information that you can use to open the pages of Hungry Jack’s survey questions.

  1. A device

The device that you can use to take this experience survey can be various. You may use a laptop, a tablet, a personal computer, or a smartphone. You can select one that is the most affordable for you. Then, you should prepare a browser in your device to visit the survey website.

  1. The internet connection

You will need the internet connection to access the website. Be sure that the connection is stable and fast enough to take the survey.

  1. Basic English ability

Hungry Jack’s only provides English on its Hungry Jack’s Survey website. But, you do not need to worry about the language used here. The website will only use vocabularies for daily usage.

  1. A Pen

You will need a pen to write down the validation code on Hungry Jack’s receipt. If you do not have a pen, you can use a pencil or a marker to do the task.

Steps to Take part in MyHJExperience Survey

You only need to spare 5 to 10 minutes to participate in this survey. All the steps that you can take Hungry jack survey are:

  1. Go to Hungry Jack’s Survey website

First, you should go to the official website of Hungry Jack’s Experience Survey. You will be able to visit it at When you have reached the survey website, you will see some information about the survey. Also, it is also permission to take some data collected by the website provider of Hungry Jack’s survey. If you agree, you can click the Continue button. The button will direct you to the home page of Hungry Jack’s survey website.

  1. Enter the Survey Code

Second, you can enter the survey information when another page has shown up. There are some blank fields there. You can enter the survey invitation code in the upper field. You can do this task with the help of your Hungry Jack’s purchase receipt. You will find the survey code in the survey invitation section.

  1. Specify Visit time

Third, you can go to the lower blank field on the same survey page. You may specify your visit time in the drop-down fields. The visit time information is also available on your Hungry Jack’s purchase receipt. You will need to specify the month, date, and year of your visit to Hungry Jack’s restaurant. If you have done this step, you may click the Start button. This button will unlock the pages of the survey questions.

  1. Answer the Survey Questions

Fourth, you may start doing the survey now. You will get some questions from this Survey. All of the survey questions are about your previous visit to Hungry Jack’s restaurant. Make sure you tell your honest answers based on your true visit experience. You can rate your satisfaction level about your visit to Hungry Jack’s. Besides, you may share your feedback in the provided field. This way, the management team of Hungry Jack’s can make some follow-ups regarding your feedbacks.

  1. Write the validation Code

Finally, you will get a validation code once you submit your survey answers. You will see it appear on the last page when you have completed all of the questions from MyHJExperience Survey. Then, you can take your purchase receipt and a pen. Write down the validation code in the provided space on your Hungry Jack’s purchase receipt. After that, you can bring this receipt with the validation code to Hungry Jack’s store location where you get this survey invitation to redeem the survey reward. This will be your coupon to get the offer printed on the receipt for free.

How to Save at Hungry Jack’s Restaurant

We are sure you do not want to spend too much when you dine in at Hungry Jack’s. Thus, we have provided some tips to save your dollars while enjoying your meals at the restaurant.

  1. Take Part in MyHJExperience Survey

You can participate in MyHJExperience Survey after you get a survey invitation printed on the receipt. After the survey completion, you will receive a validation code that you can redeem for a survey reward. Hungry Jack coupons from MyHJExperience Survey will grant you offer printed on Hungry Jack’s receipt for free. If the redemption is successful, you may receive a free cheeseburger on your next visit to Hungry Jack’s restaurant. Besides, the offers can be different in other periods. Perhaps, you can get a free BBQ cheeseburger or a Free Small Chips & Small Soft Drink with your next burger purchases.

  1. Download Hungry Jack Voucher

Hungry Jack’s still gives you a chance to download Hungry Jack’s old school vouchers from its official website. You can visit the website at You may cut your preferred vouchers and take them to Hungry Jack’s restaurant. However, the vouchers are valid until certain periods only. So, make sure the vouchers that you have downloaded do not get expired yet.

  1. Join My HJ’s Club

My HJ’s Club is a loyalty program from Hungry Jack’s. If you are a Hungry Jack’s lover, you should not miss this opportunity. You can just sign up for this club on Hungry Jack’s website. Then, you will be able to get exclusive Hungry Jack’s vouchers. You may redeem the vouchers at stores or via the mobile app.

  1. Download My HJ’s App

Make sure you have My HJ’s App in your device. If you have downloaded this mobile app, you will be able to receive some perks. For example, you may place a pre-order, shake & win prizes, and Hungry Jack coupons for awesome discounts. Besides, you can get a Whopper for free to celebrate your birthday.

How to Find Hungry Jack near me

Wonder how to reach Hungry Jack’s restaurant location near to your place? Just connect your device to the internet and try the following methods.

  1. Hungry Jack’s Store Locator

You will be able to use Hungry Jack’s Store Locator on the restaurant official website. If you do not know how to use the store locator, you may use the following instructions to help yourself.

  • Go to

First, you should go to Hungry Jack’s website at This website will help you to get information related to Hungry Jack’s.

  • Click Find Us

Second, you can click Find Us button. You will find this button on the menu bar. So, it is available on the upper part of the website home page. After you have clicked the button, there will be a smaller pop-up screen appear.

  • Enter Location Details

Third, you can enter the location details in the available search field. The pop-up screen has a search field that you can use to find Hungry Jack store location. Just enter a city name, a state name, or a ZIP code in it. Besides, you can click Use My Location button to find the nearest Hungry Jack’s store based on your current location.

  • Select Filters

Fourth, you can use some filters in case you are searching for Hungry Jack’s store with certain facilities. There are some options that you can choose to filter your search result. For example, you can select a store with pre-order service, drive-thru service, playground, 24-hour service, and many more.

  • Click Search

Lastly, you can click the Search button to search for Hungry Jack store locations. You will be able to see the search result in a few seconds only.

When you use Hungry Jack’s Store Locator, you may collect some important information about Hungry Jack’s stores. This store locator will inform you about the store address, distance from your current place, store hours, and store features. Besides, you can click Get Directions button to get to your preferred Hungry Jack’s store easily. Also, there is a map in this store locator page that will show the locations of Hungry Jack stores to you.

  1. Hungry Jack’s Mobile App

Hungry Jack’s facilitates its customers with a helpful mobile app named Shake & Win App. The main aim of this mobile app is to grant Hungry Jack’s rewards to its users. But, it does not mean that this mobile app cannot do anything other than to Shake and Win rewards. You can use this mobile app to find the nearest Hungry Jack’s locations and place an order with this app. Moreover, you may browse the menu, customize your meal, pay online, and many more. If you have not downloaded this Hungry Jack mobile app, you can get it from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

  1. Search Engine

You can use your browser to take advantage of its search engine. You may type in some keywords in the search field. This way, you will able to find Hungry Jack’s store based on your preferred locations and facilities. Besides, this search engine can help you gather some information about MyHJExperience survey.

How to Submit Hungry Jack’s Feedbacks at

You can still contribute to the improvement of Hungry Jack’s by sharing your voluntary feedbacks on its website even though you do not get a survey invitation. Follow the instructions below to send your feedbacks to Hungry Jack’s website.

  1. Go to

Firstly, you must go to Hungry Jack’s website before you send the feedback field. The website address is

  1. Click Feedback

Secondly, you may click the Feedback button. This button is available on the lower part of the website home page. If you click this Feedback button, the feedback page will appear.

  1. Fill in Feedback Form

Thirdly, you can fill in the Feedback Form. The form will require you to submit some information. You should complete the feedback form with the following information.

  • Feedback type

The feedback type field has 2 options for you, such as General and Restaurant. if you are going to tell about your visit experience at Hungry Jack’s restaurant.

  • Location Information

You can inform the locations of Hungry Jack’s restaurant that you have visited. There are 3 drop-down fields that you can use to select the location details. You may select the state, city, and the store address.

  • Visit Information

There is some information about your visit experience that you can provide in this form. The information should include the visit date, visit time, and visit type.

  • Contact Details

Do not leave this form anonymous. The management team will take your feedback seriously. Therefore, you should inform your contact details. For example, you may tell your first name, last name, complete home address, email address, and phone number. Moreover, you can decide how you want Hungry Jack’s to contact you back.

  • Comments

There is a comment field that you can use to share your feedbacks as specific as you can. Do not worry about the character limits because this comment field does not show any limits. This way, you may type in your feedback as long as you want. Be certain that you do not miss any important information that you want Hungry Jack’s management team know about. So, they can understand what you are trying to say in the comment field.

  • Category

You can add some category about Hungry Jack’s beverages, sides, desserts, and breakfast.

  • Attachment

This form also allows you to give attachment. Hence, you can send some files that you can use to prove the comments you send to them.

  1. Click Submit

Finally, you may click the Submit button if you have filled in the Feedback form.

How to Contact Hungry Jack’s Customer Service

Contact the customer service of Hungry Jack restaurant in case you have got problems when you visit the restaurants. These are the ways to reach Hungry Jack representatives.

  1. By website

The website has a form that you can use to share your feedback. Just visit the website at

  1. By mailing

In case you need to reach Hungry Jack’s by mailing post, you can send your letters to Hungry Jack’s corporate office. The address is:

Level 6, 100 William Street

Woolloomooloo, New South Wales, 2011


  1. By phone call

Need to get immediate assistance? You can contact the customer service by phone for free. The phone number is 1300 852 326.

  1. By social media

Your account will be helpful to contact Hungry Jack’s social media pages. You may visit them at:

  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • YouTube:

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