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Have you just got a purchase receipt from Holland & Barrett? You’d better o and check it now. You may find an invitation to take part in MyHBvisit survey. You can use this survey platform to share your feedbacks about Holland & Barrett products, services, and any other store aspects. Besides, your feedbacks may help this store to improve its qualities. So, if you want to participate, you can visit myhb visit survey website and answer some questions there. At the end of the survey, you will get an opportunity to enter Holland & Barrett Customer Feedback Survey sweepstakes. If you wonder how this survey will work, you can keep on reading this article.

About Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett is a retail chain based in the United Kingdom. This company started in 1870 when Alfred Slapps Barrett and Major William Holland opened a grocery store in Bishop’sStortford. The current headquarters of this company is in Nuneaton, UK. It provides healthy foods for customers in more than 1300 locations. It will be easy for you to find Holland & Barrett stores as this brand is available in 16 countries, such as the United Kingdom, India, China, Hong Kong, and some more. As a health foods provider, you can visit each Holland & Barrett store to get vitamins, beauty enzymes, minerals, herbal medicines, and vegetarian foods.

holland and barret survey at MyHBvisit
holland and barret survey at MyHBvisit

Rules of Holland & Barrett Sweepstakes

There are some points that you should know about Holland & Barrett Sweepstakes. here are the explanations.

  1. Participants

Holland & Barrett will allow participants to enter its customer sweepstakes if they have the following conditions:

  • Holland & Barrett sweepstakes participants are legal residents of the United Kingdom.
  • All participants should have reached 16 years old as the minimum age.
  1. Methods

The methods to enter the sweepstakes are:

  • Online

If customers choose to enter the sweepstakes online, they must visit the Holland & Barrett survey website. Then, they should be able to provide some information printed on the purchase receipt to answer the survey questions.

  • In-store

It is also possible to join the sweepstakes offline. This method will require you to submit your sweepstakes entries in-store. It means you should go to Holland & Barrett store location to do this task.

  1. Winners

There is only 1 sweepstakes winner in every 4 weeks by random drawing.  The sweepstakes administrator will contact the potential winner by email or phone. Thus, participants should submit the correct email address and phone number.

  1. Prizes

Each winner will receive Holland & Barrett voucher with a value of £250.

MyHBvisit survey steps

Steps to Take Part in my Holland and Barrettt Survey

Are you ready to take My HB visit survey? Before you participate in it, you’d better learn the survey steps below. This survey will not take more than 10 minutes of your time.

  1. Go to MyHBvisit Survey portal

First, you should go to the website of Holland & Barrett Customer Feedback Survey. The website address is This website will appear with an interesting layout. Besides, it uses English as its default language setting. Therefore, this survey will not be difficult for you. Besides, there is a receipt example that will be helpful for you to find some information needed to enter Holland & Barrett Customer Feedback Survey.

  1. Provide Store Number

Second, you must provide the store number of Holland & Barrett location that you have visited. You can type it in the first field of Holland & Barrett Survey website. This store number is available on your Holland & Barrett purchase receipt. You can check it out on the upper part of the receipt.

  1. Enter Receipt Number

Third, you have to enter the receipt number in the second blank field. You can find this receipt number in the middle part of Holland & Barrett purchase receipt. This receipt number has 20 digits in length. So, you should make sure you enter each digit correctly. Then, if you have done entering the number, you can click Next button. It will take you to the pages of Holland & Barrett Customer Feedback Survey.

  1. Answer Survey Questions

Fourth, you will be able to answer some survey questions at MyHBvisit. All of the questions that you will read on Holland & Barrett Customer Survey website are about your visit experience at Holland & Barrett store location. You may tell how satisfied you are with Holland & Barrett service, products, store cleanliness, and some more topics. You can rate several statements on the survey website. Moreover, there will be certain pages where you need to elaborate your feedbacks for Holland & Barrett.

  1. Enter Holland & Barrett Sweepstakes

Finally, you will get a chance to enter Holland & Barrett Sweepstakes. You will get this offer after you have done answering all the questions from Holland & Barrett Customer Feedback Survey. to enter this customer sweepstake, you should provide your contact information in the provided fields. The information can be your name, age (birthdate), home address, email address, and phone number. If you are lucky, you may win a Holland & Barrett vouchers worth £250!

Things to Know about Holland & Barrett Customers Ratings & Reviews

In case you don’t know, Holland & Barrett also holds a contest where you can give your honest review. The content should be about Holland & Barrett products that you have tried. These are some points about the rules of Holland and Barrettt review that you need to know.

  1. Participants

Participants of Holland & Barrett Customers Ratings & Reviews should have these conditions.

  • Review participants should be the United Kingdom legal residents.
  • the minimum age to join this Holland & Barrett Ratings & Reviews is 18 years old. If you are younger than this age, you cannot submit your entries for Holland & Barrett.
  1. Methods

The only method to submit Holland & Barrett Customers Ratings & Reviews is online. Participants can submit their Holland and Barrettt product reviews through Holland & Barrett official website. You will reach the website at In case you need to give Holland and Barrett store review, you’d better contact Holland & Barrett customer service.

  1. Winners

Holland & Barrett will select the winner in each four-weekly period. The drawing will use the random method. Then, the winner will get notification by email. This is why you should submit a valid email address when you enter this review contest.

  1. Prizes

Every winner of Holland & Barrett reviews will get a Holland & Barrett voucher worth £100.

What Should We Understand about  Holland and Barrett delivery?

Holland & Barrett has some helpful delivery services. You can use this in case you cannot visit the store to get your purchases directly. These are the explanations about the delivery services that you can use whenever you want.

  1. Standard Delivery

You can use the service of Standard Delivery before 09.00 p.m. It will take 3 working days to deliver your orders. The cost of Standard Delivery is £2.99. If you purchase Holland & Barrett products for £20, Standard Delivery service will be free for you

  1. Next Day Delivery

This Next Day Delivery will be ready for 7 days every week. you can use it by 09.00 p.m. the cost of Next Day Delivery is £3.99. if you make a purchase for £60, this Next Day Delivery service will be free.

  1. Collect from store

The customer can collect their orders after they got notifications from Holland & Barrett via text or email. This order is available by 08.00 p.m. there are 2 kinds of payments if you use Collect from store service, such as:

  • For Next Day Delivery, you should pay £1.95. It will be free if you make purchases for £25.
  • For Standard Delivery, you have to pay 95p. If you spend £10, it will be free.
  1. InPost 24/7 Parcel Lockers

This delivery service will allow you to get your order from parcel lockers in 1200 locations nationwide. It’s available or 24 hours every day. You will get a code to access your order on the collection day. This service will cost you £1.95. if you spend £25 for your Holland & Barrett purchases, this service is free for you.

  1. myHermes Parcel Shop

if you want orders from myHermes ParcelShop, you can use this kind of delivery service. There will be a text that will notify when you can collect your parcel. You can use this service for £1.95. but, it will be free if you buy for £25 at least.

  1. CollectPlus

It is also possible to use CollectPlus delivery service on Monday up to Saturday. You will get a notification by text or email that will inform that your parcel is ready. You should provide the collection code with your ID card when you collect it. This service will be free if you purchase for £25. Otherwise, it will cost you £1.95.

  1. International Delivery

Holland & Barrett international delivery service is ready to deliver your parcel to some European countries, such as Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Netherlands, Malta, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein,  Latvia, Italy,  Ireland, Iceland, Hungary, Greece, Gibraltar, Germany, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Austria. This service will take 21 working days to deliver. The standard delivery service costs £4.95 , while the express service costs £7.95.

Tips to Get Discounts from Holland & Barrett

Discounts are always interesting when you shop at Holland & Barrett stores. There are some tips that will help you get Discounts from Holland & Barrett. You can try the following ways.

  1. Join Rewards for Life

If you join Rewards for Life from Holland and Barrett, this will grant you £5 discount for £40 you spend.

  1. Take Penny Sale Offer

This Holland and Barrett penny sale program allows customers to buy one get one item at all stores with 1 Penny only.

  1. Find Deal Sites

Do not forget to check online deal sites. You may find a new Holland and Barrett discount code on the sites.

How to Locate Holland and Barrett near me

Are you eager to visit Holland & Barrett Store really soon? You can try some easy ways below.

  1. Holland & Barrett Store Locator

The only way to find Holland & Barrett Store Locator is by visiting its website. Then, you can operate this store locator in some simple steps below.

  • Go to

Firstly, you should visit Holland & Barrett official website at

  • Click Store Locator

Secondly, you can click a button of Holland & Barrett Store Locator. this button on the upper part of the website home page. if you click this button, it will take you to the page of Holland &  Barrett store locator.

  • Enter Location Information

Thirdly, you may find a search field that will function as Holland & Barrett store locator. This search field requires you to enter town or postcode of Holland & Barrett locations that you are looking for. Then, you can select the distances that you need.

  • Find Store

Lastly, you need to click a button to Find Store. This button is ready under the store locator. If you press it, you will get directed to a page where you can view the search results.

Holland & Barrett Store Locator provides important information about Holland & Barrett locations. For example, you may get the store address, store phone number, store facilities, and the store hours. Besides, there is a map next to the search fields. It will help you find the real locations of Holland & Barrett Store easily.

  1. Holland & Barrett Mobile App

Information about the nearest Holland & Barrett Store is also available on Holland and Barrett app. This mobile app will help you find Holland & Barrett locations only in a few seconds. In addition, you may use this mobile app to do more stuff, such as browse store products, make purchases online, save your favorite items, check prices, access rewards, redeem Holland and Barrett coupons, and some other interesting activities.

  1. Search Engine

You can take advantage of a browser in your device. It has a search engine that will help you find Holland & Barrett locations near to your place. You just need to provide some keywords in the search field. Then, the search results are available in some seconds only.

How to Contact Holland & Barrett Customer Service

Did you find issues with your visit experience? You can contact Holland & Barrett Customer Service using some ways below.

  1. Website

You can send your feedbacks through Holland & Barrett website. It is available at

  1. Email

It is possible for you to send emails to Holland & Barrett Customer Service. You can send them to these email addresses.

  1. Mailing

If you want to send your letters to Holland & Barrett, you can use this address:

Customer Care Team

Samuel Ryder House

Barling Way, Eliot Park

Nuneaton, Warwickshire

CV10 7RH

United Kingdom

  1. Phone

You will get immediate responses if you contact Holland & Barrett customer service by phone. The phone numbers are:

  • United Kingdom: 0370 606 6606
  • International: +44 1283 560 011

You may call the phone numbers based on the following schedule.

Monday to Friday at 8:30am – 8:00pm

Saturday at 9:00am – 5:00pm

Sunday at 10:00am – 5:00pm

  1. Social Media

Use your social media accounts to keep in touch with Holland &  Barrett. You can reach Holland & Barrett pages using the links below.

  • Instagram:
  • Pinterest:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:

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