Myfamilymobile – My Family Mobile Benefits, Activation, and Login Steps

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Myfamilymobile is a service to manage your phone data. This service is a part of Walmart’s attempts to satisfy its customers. My family mobile has involved T-Mobile to support this service. As we know, T-Mobile is a top provider company in the United States. This provider has built the great reputation in the communication industry. Besides, T-Mobile has committed to supply 4G LTE network. So, it will be able to reach out wider areas compared to other sorts of networks. Moreover, it can give fast and stable internet connection. Thus, customers do not have to doubt about the internet quality from T-Mobile.  Of course, the access to the internet is going to be satisfying. Further, Walmart family mobile has the affordable price. Customers do not have to spend too much budget on the internet data. That is because this portal will allow customers to plan how they will use the data.

This portal offers favorable service. Over three hundred million people have used this service. They have proven that the services service is not just a marketing trick. Besides, the activation of the accounts is easy. Customers who have done the activation will be primary holders of myfamilymobile accounts. If the activation is successful, the primary holders can add some lines to their accounts. The lines here can be family members or relatives as well. Well, this is how it works.

Myfamilymobile account login
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The primary holders buy the data plan. Then, the lines can use the data plan from the primary holders. But, the lines cannot use the plan as much as they want. That is because the primary holders have a full control over the data plan. The primary holders can manage the data limit for their lines. After all, it is the responsibility of those primary holders to pay the bill every month.

Benefits of Using My family mobile

People have decided to use My family mobile account for various reasons. But, most of them want this service because of the benefits. There are three main benefits which customers can get if they use the service. Here is the explanation:

  1. Customers do not have to make contract plans.

To use this service, it is not necessary for customers to make a contract plan. Since the very first time of the service registration, customers will not be under contract plans with the service. So, it will not be binding. Besides, primary holders can get opportunities to add lines after creating accounts. The lines should not be more than five members. And primary holders can save their cash for five dollars if they can add a line.

  1. There will not be additional charges.

Customers will not get the extra charge when they use My family mobile. Besides, customers do not have to pay for the family mobile activation fee. They only have to pay for the data plan which they have purchased. My family mobile services will oblige its customers to do post-paid payment. So, after using it for a month, there will be a planning bill that they have to pay later.

  1. My family mobile is a nationwide service.

As per family mobile gives 4G LTE network for customers, it is a point plus. This network will be able to reach nationwide areas. With this incredible network, customers can enjoy stable and fast internet connection. Further, this service can cover customers’ needs for unlimited talks, unlimited texts, and international distance options.

Services and Plans of family mobile Internet Access

Customers can take advantages of My family mobile services and plans. Customers will be able to choose the service which they like. Besides, they can decide which plans are the best to fulfill their needs. The services and plans that you can enjoy as customers are:

  1. Data Saver

If you use this service, you will be able to manage your data usage. If you can manage it well, this means you can save more data. Also, you can control the internet usage of your lines. Further, you will not get extra charge after using it for a month. Still, you can enjoy watching YouTube videos. You do not have to worry about the connection. It will be stable and reliable. The high-speed connection will add your satisfaction even more. With that fast connection, qualities of the videos you watch will remain great.

  1. Extra Packs

You can enjoy extra services with these extra packs. You should pay for more to get this kind of services. If you use these extra packs, you can have more access. For example, you will be able to make international calls to someone abroad. But, there will be different charges for every country. Make sure you have known about the international charges before you decide to make international calls.

  1. Family Control

If you use this service, it means you can control your lines activities with the internet. Besides, you can limit the maximum data for your lines. It means if your lines have reached the maximum data limit, they will not be able to use the data again.

  1. Web Filter

This service will be beneficial if you are parents. It will help you to control which websites are appropriate for your children. It can give you a favor to protect your children from the negative influences. As we know, there are many contents from the internet. And not all of those contents bring positive effects. Thus, this service will be able to stop the access of adult contents.

My family mobile Payment Steps

The payment of this service is post-paid. It means primary holders should pay all the bill after using it. The data plan will last for a month after the activation. Thus, after a month has passed, primary holders should be responsible for all of the charges. The charges will include the charges of the lines. But, primary holders do not need to worry. There will not be extra charges in the end. The amount of the charges will depend on the plan purchased. There are some steps that you must know about the way to pay the bill of the  service. The steps are:

  1. Primary holders should get their first bill.

To get the first bill, primary holders should activate their account first. After the activation, they can get the bill within two weeks. The amount of the bill will depend on the plan which they have taken. The amount will include the data charges spent by the lines. Beside, this service will need you to pay the tax as well. If they need to know the due date of the payment, they can check the information on the bill.

  1. Primary holders must complete the payment every month.

For checking the total amount of your bill, primary holders must go online.  Then, they can pay all the charges. They can choose one of the payment methods from the service. The methods are:

  • They can pay using AutoPay.

AutoPay is one of the features on the account. Primary holders can complete the entire payment using this feature. This is a great idea. AutoPay will prevent the users from missing the payment. They can set this feature for free.

  • Direct payment at stores is possible.

Direct payment is an easy way to pay all your bills. Primary holders just have to go to the nearest Walmart store in their location. At the store, they can request to see customer service representatives. Besides, they can visit a money center if they want. Then, they can ask the representatives to help them with the payment. To get this easy service, it will cost them $0.88 for the charge.

  • They can choose online payment.

Online payment is available at On the website, primary holders can sign in to your account. Then, they can finish the payment using their account. If they choose this online payment, they will be able to print out their bill. Moreover, they do not have to worry about the charge. Online payment will cost them zero dollars.

  • Calling payment can be an option.

And if they need quick payment, calling payment will be the solution. Primary holders can dial 1-877-440-9758. If they pay it with an automated system, they will not get more charges. But, if they want a customer service representative to be there for them, they should be ready with the extra charge. The extra charge will cost them five dollars.

Things You Should  Have for family mobile Account Activation

Before you use the data plan, you should activate your account first. If you do not activate it first, the data plan will not work. The steps for Family mobile activation are not difficult as long as you can prepare the prerequisites well. The prerequisites will help you to complete your activation steps. So, the things you must have here are:

  1. A device

The device for this activation should be compatible with the service. You must prepare a compatible phone. If your phone is not compatible, you will not be able to begin the activation process. On the page of the activation, you will have to choose the device that you will use for the activation. You can choose to activate with a Family Mobile Phone. Otherwise, you may choose to Bring Your Own Phone. If you decide to use your own phone, you must know the criteria needed.

Basically, smartphones form all manufacturers are compatible as long as it can fit the criteria. That is because T-Mobile is the provider of this service. So your smartphone should be compatible with this provider. You can use a smartphone with an unlocked GSM card. Further, this should use 1900 MHz (Band 2) as the frequency. LTE service will need Band 2 in some areas. If you are sure that your smartphone can fulfill the standards, you can get the SIM Kit of Bring Your Own Phone. Otherwise, there will be a Family Mobile phone to consider. You can get a Family Mobile phone at Walmart stores. Or else, you can visit to purchase it.

By the way, if you are eager to use your own smartphone, you must update the settings of your phone. So, it will be compatible with T-Mobile. If you get difficulties, you can check the internet setting of your phone. You can check if it has the proper setting or not. If it is not proper yet, you can change the setting. To do this, you should contact the customer service of your phone. You can ask to unlock your device if you find a message of “unlock required”. There are several brands that will not be compatible with this service. Such as Nokia Lumia, Sidekick, and Blackberry. If you force to use these phone brands, they will not function with the service.

  1. Starter Kit

Then, you must prepare the Starter Kit as well. Each Starter Kit will have a SIM Card and an activation code. Primary holders should buy this starter kit for the lines as well. If you have five line members, it means you will have to purchase five Starter Kits. The SIM Cards will enable your phone to connect to the network. And the activation code will be the key for you to start the activation. If you have got your own compatible phone, you should change your old SIM card with the new one. To activate the account, you must use a special SIM Card from myfamilymobile. The line members should use the SIM Cards as well. You can get the Starter Kit at Walmart stores. Besides, you can purchase it online at Moreover, you can dial 1-877-440-9758 for purchasing Starter Kit.

  1. IMEI Number

The last thing you should have is IMEI Number. Every phone should have different IMEI Number. This number is a code for phone identity. If you need this number, you can check your battery slot. There will be an IMEI Number there. But if you want it simple, you can dial *#06#. After that, the IMEI Number of your phone will appear for you.

  1. ID Number

For ID Number, you can use the ID Number of your Government ID Card. Moreover, you can use the ID Number of your Driving License. This ID Number will be helpful to identify if you are a legal resident of this country.

Steps to Activate family mobile Account

If all of the prerequisites are ready, you can activate your login account now. Customers have three options for activating the account. The first option is direct activation. This direct activation service is available at Walmart stores. The second option is phone call activation. You can do this by contacting the customer service representatives. You can call them at 1-877-440-9758. And the third option is online activation. You can do this online activation by yourself. If you are eager to do the last option, you can do some steps. You can use the following guideline to help you. The steps are:

  1. Go to

Because you want online activation, you must connect your device to the internet first. Then, you can open your browser and go to the official portal. After that, you will see the home page. You can get any information on this home page. Such as, payment, customer service, purchases, and so on.

  1. Choose the language

Now, you must select the language you prefer. There are two languages here. They are English and Español. The page will appear in English, though. So, if English is enough for you, you do not need to change the language. But if you feel Español will be better, you can select Español link. Then, it will change the whole pages in Español.

  1. Click Activate button

Next, you can choose Activate. It will take you to a page of the activation. You will need to select the sort of your phone. If you use Family Mobile phone, you can select My Mobile Phone. But, if you use your own phone, you may select Bring Your Own Phone. After that, click Continue button.

  1. Fill in the number of the SIM Card

Then, you can fill in the SIM Card Number. If you have filled in the number, you will see Term of Condition message show up. You can read it. If you agree with the message, you may tick the box.

  1. Enter IMEI Number

The next step is entering IMEI Number. This number consists of 15 digits. This number is for the protection purpose.

  1. Provide the activation code

Then, you must give the activation code. The code consists of 11 or 12 digits. You can get this code in Starter Kit.

  1. Select the plan

Next, you may select the plan that suits your condition. The service will offer you unlimited plans. There are some plans here. Such as, data plan, text plan, and talk plan. You would better choose the plan that is appropriate for the budget you have.

  1. Set up the phone

The final activation step is setting up your phone. The website will inform you to set up the phone. You can follow the instructions given on the website page.

Guideline on First Login to the Account

After the activation, you can try to do Walmart family mobile login. But, you will not be able to log in right after the activation. You must wait for a few hours. Besides, it will take longer if you force not to use the SIM Card. That is because this service should adjust your old SIM Card to the new system. If your account is active, you can do the following things to do your first login.

  1. Save password

The services will inform that your account is active via message. Then, you will get a password as well. You can save it for a security reason. This is a temporary password. You will be able to change it next time.

  1. Do family mobile account login

Now, you can do Family mobile login using the password. If you have signed in, you can do activities to manage your account.

Guideline on Next Login to Myfamilymobile Account

If you have made the successful login for the first time, you can log out. But, perhaps you will need to log in again. To do your next login, you can do the following steps:

  1. Go to the Official Site

You can visit family for your next login. Then, you can select My Account.

  1. Login to account

If you want to log in, you can choose one of these things. Such as phone number, email address, or Facebook account. You can select which way is the most convenient for you.

  1. Enter password

Then, you can enter your password. This is the temporary password that you have got last time.

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