Myconversevisit – Take Converse Survey to Get a $5 Converse Gift Card

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Have Myconversevisit survey invitation? That is a good chance for you to win a Converse Gift Card worth $5. You can save your dollars when you shop at Converse if you have this gift card. Besides, you can help Converse to grow better because Converse holds Converse survey to find out if customers feel happy when they shop at Converse.

About Converse

The converse is a shoe store chain in the United States. Marquis Mills Converse found this company in 1908. He built it in Malden, Massachusetts. The business developed quite well since then. Next, Converse got increasingly booming when Chuck, a US basketball player, joined this company. it also produced Chuck shoe style as its signature item. After a long time struggling in shoe and footwear business, Nike acquired Converse in 2013. It has made Converse become the subsidiary company of Nike. Today, there are Converse stores in 160 countries and over 100 stores are available in the United States. The headquarters office is in Boston, Massachusetts. As the addition to Converse shoes, customers can get apparels and clothing at Converse stores.

converse survey
converse survey can be accessed from

What to Prepare for Myconversevisit Survey

It would be better to prepare the prerequisites before you take my converse visit survey. These are the things you should have before Myconversevisit Survey begins.

  1. A purchase receipt

The receipt contains important information for completing Myconversevisit Survey. You can use the store number, visit date and time, etc.

  1. A device and the internet

You can decide which device you will use to do the survey. Do not forget to complete your device with a browser and the internet connection.

  1. English, Spanish, and Chinese ability

Myconversevisit Survey provides 3 international languages, such as English, Spanish, and Chinese. You can pick the most understandable one for you.

  1. An email address

You will need this email address because Myconversevisit Survey will send the gift card code to you via email.

myconversevisit surevy steps

How to take part in Myconversevisit Survey

Do not feel confused if you do not know how to take Myconversevisit Survey. You will be able to complete all the steps in 10 minutes. The steps are simple to do. You can use the following procedure as the guideline to participate in Myconversevisit Survey.

  1. Go to

First, you can go to the website of Myconversevisit Survey. The web address is at

  1. Select a language

Second, you should select a language available on the survey website. You can choose English, Chinese, or Spanish.

  1. Enter receipt information

Third, you should enter receipt information, such as a store number, visit date, visit time, transaction number, purchase amount. You can find all the information on the receipt.

  1. Answer Myconversevisit Survey questions

Fourth, you can answer the questions from Myconversevisit Survey. the questions are about your satisfaction level, product qualities, Converse services, recommendation, and many more.

  1. Provide email address

Fifth, you must provide an email address after you have done all the survey questions.

  1. Get the code

Finally, you may get the code and redeem it for the gift card. You can check your email account to view the code.

Things to know about the Converse coupon

Converse store always tries its best to satisfy customers. Apart from the quality products and great services, Converse store also often gives coupons for free. Besides, this store has created a program for certain customers to enjoy the benefits of Converse coupons. This program is great to save your cash when you are shopping at Converse store. For further information, you can read the following explanations.

  1. Students

Converse gives special discounts to students. If you are a college student, you will get 10% off when they make online purchases at But, you should verify your details first before you get Converse discount code. To verify this, you can fill in the verification form at You can inform the university you are studying at, your first and last name, your email, and birth date.

  1. Military

There will be discounts for military personnel from Converse store. The good news is that the discounts are not only for the personnel. But, their spouses and dependents can enjoy the benefits. Besides, it does not matter if they are active, retired, reservist, or veteran personnel from the US Air Force, US Army, US, Navy, US Marines, or Coast Guard. The military personnel only need to verify themselves by informing their contact details, birthdate, and the service place. Next, they can submit the discount form to to get 10% off.

  1. Deal websites

There are several deal websites which provide Converse promo codes. You may use the codes form those sites to get converse items at lower prices.

  1. Receipt and Packaging

After you have cleared the payment for your purchases at Converse store, you may get a receipt with a Converse promo code printed on it. Besides, you can check your Converse packaging. The store put the code on the packaging at times.

If you have got a promo code or a discount code, you may use the code to make online purchases by the website. These are the steps to do it:

  1. Access

The first thing you should do is to access the website of Converse at

  1. Click Cart

Next, you may see a Cart symbol on the top part of the page. If you click it, you will see a summary form. A promo code field is available on the form.

  1. Enter the code

Then, you can enter the code in the code field. Make sure you type the right code because if you miss one digit, it will fail the process of your purchases.

  1. Click Apply

Finally, you need to click the Apply button. Then, there will be prices show up there and you can check out.

How to Find Converse store near me

Have difficulties to find Converse store? You do not need to feel that way anymore. There are a lot of Converse stores available in the United States. You can just select which Converse location is the nearest one for you. If you do not know how to find the store, you may use the following ways. But, you should prepare the internet connection first. These online ways will help you find the nearest locations of Converse store quickly. You can choose which way is easier to find Converse location.

  1. Converse Store Locator

You will find the Converse Store Locator on the official website of Converse. You can use the locator in a few steps. It will not waste your time to complete all the steps.

  • Go to

Firstly, you should reach the Converse official website at This is the only place to get to the Converse Store Locator.

  • Click Find A Store

Secondly, you may click Find A Store link. You will locate this link on the bottom part of the website. After you have clicked this link, you will be able to reach Nike Store Locator. Do not worry if it happens because it means Converse website is working really well. All of the things related to Converse will get directed to Nike. If you have been on the page of the Nike Store Locator, you will see a blank search field there.

  • Enter store details

Thirdly, you can enter the location detail of Converse store which you are searching for. You can use a city name or a state name. But, before you type the store detail, you may use the recommended locations in the search fields. If you have found your preferred Converse location store, you can just skip this step.

  • Use Filter

Fourth, you may use the filter button under the search result. This button will help you to search Converse locations based on the criteria you want. For example, you want to visit the Converse store which provides Football equipment, product session, and many more.

  • Click Search button

Finally, you can click the Search button next to the search field. Or, you can just click enter button on your keyboard right after you have finished typing the store detail. Then, you can see the result only in a few seconds.

Converse Store Locator or Nike Store Locator will give you specific information about Converse store location. You should take advantage of this locator because it will definitely help you to search for Converse location. If you click the arrow button, you may view the store details. You may get the store address from the search result. Also, you can see the store phone number, the distances from your place, the store hours, and many more. Moreover, you can use the Get Directions button to help you reach the location.

  1. Search Engine

When you launch your browser, you will be able to use the search engine. Every browser will provide this feature to help customers find the information they want, including Converse store location. Further, this search engine may help you to get important information about Myconversevisit Survey. So, you may take the full advantage of the search engine to do your Converse activities.

How to Contact Converse Customer Service

Do you find problems for shopping at the Converse store? Well, you do not need to worry about it now. It is because Converse has a customer service which will handle the difficulties faced by Converse customers. This service has put professional representatives to help customers about any problems related to Converse, such as products, services, and many more. Hence, you can tell your complaints and criticism about Converse through this customer service. Besides, Converse customer service representatives will also be happy to hear your suggestions and compliments to Converse. Moreover, you may ask some questions about Converse to these customer service representatives.

To manage all your feedbacks, Converse has provided several ways which will enable you to reach the Converse customer service. If you are eager to contact the representatives, you can do some simple things below. Or, you may pick the easiest one to do.

  1. By website

Converse official website is available at this website will be your ultimate source to get all information about Converse, especially the products and the benefits form Converse. If you visit this website, you may find that it will be get connected to Nike’s website. As you know, Nike is the parent company of Converse. So, if you decide to use this website to reach Converse customer service, you will see that Nike’s website will take over this duty. Just click Contact Us link on Converse website and it will lead you to the contact page of Nike’s website.

On Nike website, you will get the recommendation to read the FAQs section first. You can read which answers will be suitable for the problems you have. But, you may make a direct contact with the customer service using some ways recommended by the website. One of the recommendations is by using Nike website Live Chat. This feature is available every day at 4.00 a.m. until 11 p.m. PT. You may give your feedbacks related to Converse products and orders by live chat. Moreover, the only feedback you can submit on this website is only about the website qualities.

  1. By mailing

You can also contact the customer service of Converse using mailing post. It will be a great way because you may share your complete experience about your visit to Converse store. Moreover, this mailing post may help you to enhance your business partnership with Converse. And the good thing is you do not have to do it online. You can just prepare your pen and some pieces of papers to write your feedbacks about Converse. Or, you may type your feedbacks and print them out. After that, you can put all the papers into an envelope and send the letters to Converse corporate office address.

160 North Washington Street

Boston, Massachusetts

The United States

  1. By phone

The best way to get immediate assistance from Convers customer service representatives is by phone. You do not have to worry if you need a lot of questions and suggestions about Converse. You will get fast responses if you make a call to Converse representatives. But, make sure you call them during the working hours. It starts at 04.00 a.m. up to 11.00 p.m. PT. These representatives will be available every day. It means you can contact them 7 days every week. If you need some help from them, you can talk to Converse customer service representatives at 1 800 806 6453.

  1. Through social media

Converse also facilitates its customers with some social media pages. These pages will be a nice place to share your feedbacks about Converse. Besides, you may be able to read other people’s feedback on the pages. Hence, you may take some lessons from others’ feedbacks here. Moreover, Converse uses its social media pages to give the latest information or promotions. If you do not want to miss the updates, you can just follow the pages. Of course, you should have personal accounts on the same social media platforms with Converse. If you need to get to the pages, you can use the links below.




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