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McDvoice is the online guest satisfaction survey from McDonald’s. If you have just made a purchase at McDonald’s, you should involve in McDonald’s survey. So, you can grab McDonald’s coupon as the reward of this online survey. Then, you can redeem this McD coupon for your next purchase. A freebie is available for the McDonalds survey taker. But, you need to notice that the free gift from McDonald’s may vary. The survey reward will depend on the McDonald survey period. Sometimes, Mcdonald’s offers Big Mac or Muffin as the survey prize. But, you need to purchase any item in order to redeem this survey reward. Keep reading this page to find out more about McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.

About McDonald’s

McDonald’s which is also popular as McD is one of the biggest fast-food outlets. Established in 1940, McDonald’s can survive till in this moment. Even there are many other fast-food restaurants as the competitors, McD can maintain the customers’ loyalty. It is because McD always listens to what their customers’ want. Thus, McDonald’s uses McDvoice survey as the tool to observe the guests’ feedback. So, in the future McDonald’s can fulfill the customers’ expectation.

McDvoice login

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In fact, the menu items served by McDonald’s is similar to other fast-food outlets. This restaurant provides burger, fries, muffin, wrap, and ice cream. But, the main menu item from McDonald’s is the burger. This fast-food chain is well-known for its Big Mac. Besides, in order to attract the local people, McDonald’s also serves the signature menu inspired by local cuisine. With this innovation, no doubt, McDonald’s can be the most popular fast-food outlet throughout the world. As the proof, nowadays, there are more than 35.000 chains in 120 countries.

The Requirements of McD voice Survey

Have you ever taken part in McD voice survey? If you never take part in McDonald’s survey before, you need to regret. It is because you have lost a chance to grab a free menu item from McDonald’s. Many people outside there are searching for McDonald’s coupons. Then, if you join this online survey, you can get McD coupons for free in the form of the validation code. With this McDonald’s validation code, you can redeem one free product from McDonald’s. You can look at your receipt in order to see what offer given by McDonald’s for the participants of the survey. For instance, you can enjoy the free muffin, sandwich, or Big Mac as the survey reward.

You need to prepare several items before starting the survey. You do not need to worry since McD survey requirements are easy to fulfill. When these requisites are ready, you will be able to complete McDonald’s survey without any difficulties. So, why do you need to access the customer survey? Check out this explanation.

  • McDonald’s receipt.

Every time you purchase mcD product, you will receive a receipt as the proof of the payment. No matter the type of transaction you do, the cashier will give you the receipt. For instance, you may dine in or purchase the McD menu items via drive-thru or delivery. After making the payment, you will receive McD receipt. Then, have you ever checked your receipt from McDonald’s? Is there any invitation to enter McD voice survey? Usually, at the bottom portion of your McDonald’s receipt, there is a survey invitation along with the survey code. This invitation also informs the survey reward from McD. Once you receive this receipt, you should use it to enter the survey portal soon. It is because, after seven days, the survey code on this receipt will expire. Thus, you cannot use the survey invitation code to enter McDonald’s survey website anymore.

  • Personal computer.

Then, you need to prepare the device to access McDonald’s online survey. You can use a PC, tablet, or even your smartphone. But, you need to notice that the display of the survey website on the computer screen is better than the smartphone. So, we suggest the survey takers take part in the survey by using a computer.

  • Internet accessibility.

Another crucial requirement for accessing McD voice survey is the internet connection. The faster internet access you have, the faster you can complete this survey. But, you should not need to be panic if your internet connection is slow. It is because McDonald’s survey website provides the friendly version website. So, you can load the website even your internet connection is slow.

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The Rules of McD voice Survey

Knowing the survey requirements is not enough. As the survey participant, you need to understand and obey the survey rules as well. When you know the rules of mcDonald’ssurvey, you can make sure that you are eligible to enter it. Besides, you can know the restriction of the survey as well. Listed below are the summary of the survey rules.

  • The survey participants.

All customers of McDonald’s who have the receipt can enter this survey. It means McD survey is open for the people who have just visited McD. But, you have to notice that McDonald’s employees are not eligible to participate in McD Voice Survey. Also, the immediate family of the employees cannot enter this survey. Besides, all the survey takers must live in the United States or Canada legally. So, they can prove it by presenting the ID card issued by the government. There is no rule about the age of the survey takers. But, if you want to enter the sweepstakes, you must be at least 15 years old.

  • survey code validity.

You have to notice that the survey code printed on McD receipt can expire. So, you have to enter the survey at the portal within seven days after making a purchase. After seven days, you cannot use this survey invitation code anymore. So, you lose your chance to participate in McDonald’s guest survey. Automatically, you cannot get the free item from McDonald’s.

  • The frequency of entering the survey.

Perhaps, you often visit McDonald’s. So, you can have many McDonald’s receipts. You must be happy since you can get many survey rewards with these receipts. Unfortunately, McDonald’s limits the frequency of taking part in their survey. Every customer can enter the survey five times within a month. But, if your receipts come from the different restaurants, you can take more than five surveys in a month.

  • The validation code.

McD validation code is redeemable with the prize from McD. Once you finish this survey, McD coupon code will appear. You need to note that McDonald’s validation code will expire after 30 days. So, the sooner you redeem this validation code is better. After 30 days, you cannot redeem the survey reward from McDonald’s.

  • The survey reward.

The reward of McDonald’s survey varies by the location and the survey period. So, in order to know what gift you will receive, you should check the survey offer printed on your receipt. As the example, McDonald’s usually offers the free Chicken muffin, Big Mac, or sandwich. But, sometimes, you need to purchase any item from McDonald’s in order to claim this reward.

McD Voice Customer Survey Steps

Most customers of McDonald’s usually trash the receipt after purchasing McD menu items. They never check what is printed on the receipt. But, If you receive McDreceipt, you have to keep it well. You have to check before trashing it. It is because your receipt may contain the survey code. By using this code, you can enter the portal to participate in a short survey. You can tell and rate your experience in McDonald’s outlet. Then, as the reward for joining the survey, you will get the validation code. When you visit McDonald’s, you can claim the reward by presenting this validation code.

By participating in McD Guest Satisfaction Survey, you can share your thought about McDonald’s menu items and service. That is why you have to enter McD survey soon. This way, you still remember the detail of the experience you have at McDonald’s. On the other words, you can give the accurate feedback. Besides, you should notice that McD only gives you seven days after purchasing to enter this survey. After a week, you cannot use the survey invitation code from McDonald’s anymore.  So, if you do not want to lose the chance to share the experience while winning the McD coupon, you should enter McD survey as soon as possible.

You may not have any idea how to start this survey. So, we try to provide the survey instruction below to make you get started. Do the step by step below in order to complete McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey easily.

  • Step 1: Go to McDonald’s survey website.

McDonald’s only have one survey portal. To access it, you should use your browser to go to The default language setting of this website is English. But, if you do not use English as your mother language, you can take this survey by using Spanish. In order to change the language setting, you can click Espanol link at the top of the page. Besides, if your internet has the slow connection, you can access the survey in the friendly version.

  • Step 2: Enter McD survey code.
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In order to start McDsurvey, you need to provide the valid survey code. See your receipt and try to find 26 digits of survey invitation code. Usually, this unique code is available in the middle portion of your receipt. But, what is you cannot find any survey code on the receipt? If this case happens, it does not mean that you cannot participate in  McD survey. It is because there is another way to enter the survey. Check out the following step.

  • Step 3: Click on the link under the receipt sample.

If there is no survey code on your receipt, you can click on the link that verifies that your receipt does not contain the survey code. This way, McD survey website will display the new form to enter the survey.

  • Step 4: Provide McDonald’s receipt details.

The new page of McD survey website requires several details of the receipt. First, you need to provide McD store number. The next, you should enter KS number. This form also requires you to state the date and time on which you make a transaction. The next, you have to enter the Order number. The last, enter the total money you spend on this transaction. Make sure that the details you enter are accurate based on the information on your receipt. When every detail is correct, you can click Start button.

  • Step 5: Verify your age.

Before starting the survey, you have to verify your age. As stated before, the minimum age of survey takers must be 15 years old. So, you have to state that you are 15 years of age or more.

  • Step 6: Answer McD survey questions.

Now, you are stepping the main section of the survey. You can share McDonald’s feedback by answering the survey questions. The questionnaire is about your dining experience at McDonald’s. You have to rate some issues about McDonald’s. For instance, you need to review the McDonald’s menu items, store crew’s attitude, McD store cleanliness, and so on. Provide the response honestly and objectively.

  • Write the validation code.

At the end of survey, every survey taker will receive McD validation code. Save this validation code properly by writing it down on McDonald’s receipt. Then, do not forget to bring this receipt to your next transaction at McDonald’s. By presenting this receipt along with the coupon code, you will be able to receive a survey reward. Make sure to claim the survey offer from McDonald’s within 30 days. When you redeem the McDonald’s survey reward, you should note some rules. First, you cannot sell this coupon. Then, You also cannot duplicate the validation code. The last, you cannot use McD validation code along with other coupons or offers.

Submitting McDonald’s Feedback on its Website

Perhaps, you are too lazy to take part in the customer satisfaction survey. It is because you may think that McDonald’s may ignore your feedback. If you are in this situation, you do not need to be pessimistic. There is another way to tell your feedback to McDonald’s. You do not need to participate in the online survey. Simply share your feedback through McDonald’s website. McDonald’s official site does not only provide the contact form to submit the restaurant feedback. But, it also offers the contact form to submit the general inquiry. So, you can ask any questions related to products and services provided by McDonald’s.

Have you tried to send your feedback to McDonald’s? If you have not, you may not know how to begin. So, let’s check the guideline below to enable to submit McDonald’s restaurant feedback easily.

  • Visit McDonald’s official website.

Since you are not interested to enter the survey, you can submit the feedback via McD website. So, first of all, you have to access This website informs the entire details of McDonald’s restaurant. For instance, you can explore McDonald’s menu, McDonald’s deal, and McDonald’s career.

  • Select Contact Us.

In order to reach the contact form, you need to scroll down McDonald’s website. At the bottom section of the site, you will find several menus. For instance, you can view About Us, Careers, Services, Community, and Contact Us. Press Contact Us in order to bring you to the new page.

  • Choose the type of feedback.

On the new page, you will find several sections. First, at the left side of the website, you will find several topics. Just click on one of the topics to open the FAQ page. So, you can review the questions and answer based on the topic you choose. But, if you want to submit a feedback, you have to focus on the right section of the website. There, you have four options. First, you can choose Restaurant feedback. Besides, the second option is General Inquiry. Select this menu if you want to ask any question to McDonald’s. The third menu is Mobile App feedback. The last menu is  Trademark permission. If you want to share your experience when you are in McDonald’s website, you have to select Restaurant Feedback.

  • Select the restaurant.
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Since you want to tell about your experience in the certain location, you need to specify the location. You can locate McDonald’s restaurant by using the store locator. Besides, you can allow McDonald’s website to locate your location by clicking on Locate Me. If you use the McDonald’s store locator, you have to provide the city, zip code, and state.

  • Write your comment.

Now you can start writing your feedback. You can tell the details of your visit. Then, you can include your complaint or suggestions to your message.  McDonald’s allows you to write up to 1200 characters. So, make sure that you write your feedback straight to the point.

  • Tell About Yourself.

You cannot submit McD feedback anonymously. McDonald’s feedback form asks you to tell about yourself. So, you have to write your name and address. You should note that McDonald’s only accepts the feedback from the US legal resident. So, if you write down the address outside the US, McDonald’s will reject your message. Complete your address by entering the city, postal code, or Apt/Suite.

  • Request the response.

Tick the box whether you want to request the response from McDonald’s. McD may want to reach you to give additional information about the matter you write on your message. So, McDonald’s can contact you to offer any help.

  • Enter your email.

McDonald’s may contact you by email. So, you have to provide your email address. Then, confirm it by retyping your email account on the next box.

  • Enter your phone number.

You also need to submit your phone number. Make sure that you do not include the dashes when entering it.

  • Click on Submit button.

You need to read the McDonald’s privacy policy before pressing Submit button.

This is the end of submitting McDonald’s feedback. You just need to wait for the response from McDonald’s. But, if you do not receive any response, you can call McD customer service. Review the way to reach McDonald’s Customer Care below.

How to Reach McDonald’s Customer Service?

If you have the urgent thing to tell to McDonald’s, you have to contact its customer service. There are several issues you can talk to McDonald’s Customer Support. For instance, you want to ask the certain questions. You may ask about the survey, McDonald’s menu, McDonald’s special offer, etc. But, before contacting McD Customer Service, it will be better to review McD FAQ page. Who knows, you can find the answer to the questions similar to yours. Listed below is the to get in touch with McDonald’s Customer Care.

  • By phone.

Calling McDonald’s representative staff is the simplest way to get the response from McD Customer Support. If you want to speak directly with McD staff, you can call 1 800 244 6227. McD Customer Service is available every day. So, you can make a call from Monday to Sunday. But, you have to notice McD business hour. You have to reach them between 7 am and 7 pm.

  • By mail.

Sending a letter may be the outdated way of communication. But, if you want to get in touch with McDonald’s formally, you can send a letter. Address your inquiry to McDonald’s 2111, Oak Brook, IL 60523. Sending the mail is the proper way if you want to ask or request the business inquiry. For instance, you may want to request the franchise opportunity, donation, and other matter.

  • Website.

mcDonald’s website offers the Contact menu. You can submit your feedback or send a certain question. McDonald’s provides four topics. They are restaurant feedback, general inquiry, Mobile App feedback, as well as Trademark Permission. So, you have to select the menu based on your intention. If you want to share any comment about your last visit, you have to choose Restaurant feedback. Besides, if you would like to submit any question, you can select General Inquiry. Then, in case you face any trouble in using McDonald’s App, you have to click on Mobile App Feedback. The last, if you want to request the trademark or franchise opportunities, you should click on Trademark Permission.

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