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Have you ever thought that McDonald’s not only offering delicious food? now McDonald’s Quick Serving Restaurant also offers you luck. Wow, what an interesting offer! If you frequently enjoy a meal at McDonald’s’s Restaurant, then please keep your receipts. You only need to do a McDonalds survey or McDvoice, then you will get a chance to get rewards. So what are you waiting for? Let’s try it by following the easy and simple instructions from us. Before you enter the steps to conduct a survey. you better know in advance about McDonald’s’s fast food restaurant.

Description of Mc Donald’s Fast Food Restaurant.

This fast-food restaurant has a unique history. Starting from the idea of Ray Kroc in 1954 to open a branch of McDonald’s’s across America. Before entering the culinary world, Ray Kroc started his career as an ambulance driver of the Red Cross in 1917. Then in 1954, he found a restaurant with a not too small scale run by Dick and Mac McDonald’s. Finally, in 1955, Ray, Dick, and Mac founded the McDonald’s’s Corporation. The first McDonald’s’s restaurant stands in San Bernadino, California. McDonald’s’s is built with a commitment to consistently deliver consistently high-quality food.

mcdvoice survey

mcdvoice survey can be accessed at

The concept used by Ray Krock in running a McDonald’s’s business is based on the slogan “In business for yourself, but not by yourself.” His philosophy is based on the principle of a 3-foot bench:

  1. The first bench foot is a McDonald’s’s franchise restaurant
  2. The second bench leg is a supplier that works with McDonald’s’s
  3. While the third leg of the bench is an employee who works at McDonald’s’s Restaurant.

However, due to differences in views from Ray and McDonald siblings, Ray bought a license from McDonald’s in 1960. At that time McDonald’s also has a mascot called Speed. Namely a man with a hamburger-shaped head that uses a chef’s hat. Speed was later replaced with a mascot named Ronald McDonald’s in 1963. While the main menu for McDonald’s’s restaurant was Hamburger, French fries, and drinks. The headquarters of the McDonald’s’s Restaurant is located in Oak Brook, Illinois, United States. Currently, McDonald’s’s restaurant can be found in more than 100 countries around the world. And in 2018 the company won the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 award.

On the web from McDonald’s’s restaurant, there is a lot of information available on it. If you want to know about information about the quality of the food served, you simply click the news and notification button. In the menu, you will be faced with several sub-menu choices one of them about quality food. On the homepage of quality food, you will get information related to Supplier Stories, Food innovation, and Variety of choice. You will get information about happy meal nutrition, food menu philosophy, and the nutritional calculator. Basically, McDonald’s provides several groups of menus, among others: breakfast, burgers, chicken and sandwiches, salads, snacks and sides, desserts and shakes, drinks, and Mc Cafe.

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If you are the kind of person who takes your food calories seriously, try visiting the McDonald’s’s website. There you can count calories from the menu you ordered at McDonald’s’s Fast Food Restaurant. Here are the steps to calculate your food calories:

  1. Visit McDonald’s’s website
  2. Scroll your screen to find News and Notifications menus. Then Click.
  3. Click on the “variety of choices in our QUALITY FOOD” sub menu
  4. Click the Learn more button in the submenu “Calculator Nutrition”
  5. The page that appears will present the menu group as discussed earlier. Then click on the group of menus you choose.
  6. The next page shows the types of menus that exist in each group. You simply click on the menu you buy, then the calculator automatically shows the nutritional information on the food. Information indicated there are calories, total fat, total carbohydrates, total protein.

After you get acquainted with the history and menu information as well as the McDonald’s’s website services, let’s proceed to do a McDonald’ss Survey.

mcdonalds survey

mcdonalds survey

Basic Rules in Taking McD survey

McDonalds survey is one of the portals prepared by McDVoice Costumer Survey. McD survey will help the company to get input from consumers. McDonald’s’s Survey is prepared for consumers who want to give their opinions and experience while enjoying the Service at McDonald’s’s. Feedback provided by consumers can be a compliment or complaint about the menu, cleanliness, service, staff etc. Mcd surveys make it easy for companies to know which parts need to be developed and parts that need improvement. Thus, your participation in McD surveys also influences McDonald’s’s success in selling their products. Preparing the things that are needed when the survey is an important thing. You should do this part well. Because we do not want you to have trouble when doing surveys. You will have no trouble if you follow the steps we will describe. Let’s check this out:

  1. Legitimate Receipts

Every time you make a purchase at McDonald’s, you will get a purchase receipt. Do not dispose of the receipts you have earned. The receipt is your main door to follow McD survey. The receipt will help you fill out the first page of the survey. The columns you have to fill in are Store, KS, Date of Visit, Time of Visit, order and amount spent. Each receipt can be used only once. In addition, make sure after you transact immediately use your receipt. Because the receipt will expire after 30 days since you transacted at McDonald’ss

  1. Make sure you are old enough

In the McD survey, you must be 15 years of age or older. If you are less than that, then you are still not allowed to follow McD survey.

  1. Devices to enter the McD survey

McDonalds survey is an online-based survey portal. So that you can do it, you must have the device. You can use a personal computer. But, you also can use your android phone, or tablet. You can use these three devices. every device has its own advantages and disadvantages. Selection of devices from the large screen or signal capability. Then about portability. Choosing the right device will reduce the risk of errors during the survey, for example, one chose the button because the screen is too small.

  1. Internet Network
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internet network is important. Because to be able to enter the McDVoice portal survey your device must be connected to the internet. You can select all service providers by considering search speed, signal strength, and signal capability. If your internet network has a good service, it will make it easier for you to complete the McD survey. But if your internet service is often affected by interference, we suggest you replace it. The more difficult your internet network is connected, the error in the survey is also getting bigger. For example when you try to enter the survey code, then your internet connection is lost. Often these problems cause you harm. Because the receipt can only be used once.

  1. Basic language skills

McDonalds survey is available in both English and Spanish. If you are confident in your English skills, then you do not need to set the language. But if you are more comfortable using Spanish, you should change the survey settings to Spanish.

  1. Taking into account the limits of conducting surveys

McDonalds survey provides limits to consumers to conduct surveys. In one month, you can only do 5 surveys. Even if you repeatedly trade in McDonald’ss, you can not go beyond these limits.

Steps to do a McDonalds survey

  1. Prepare your receipts. Make sure the receipt has not been used and has not entered the expiry date.
  2. Log into the McD survey website ie or to enter the survey portal.
  3. On the first page, you must enter the 26 survey code numbers listed on your receipt. You do not have to worry about experiencing confusion to recognize the survey code. Example of survey code selection can be seen in sample image beside fill column. In addition, you must also specify the language you want to use during the McD survey. Because on the next page you can not change the language rules.
  4. If you are sure your survey code is correct, please click the “start”
  5. Then on the next page, you have to fill in some columns that need information about the store, KS, date, time, order, and amount spent. Examples of charging also have been provided through the picture beside the column.
  6. If you sure fill the column correctly and complete, please click “start” button.
  7. The next page contains the survey questions you should answer. The questions given are quite simple. You just have to answer it according to the experience you get.
  8. If you have finished answering all survey questions, a McDVoice Validation Code will appear. Under the validation code, it is written the rules of the use of validation code.
  9. Write validation code that appears on your receipt. Your completed receipt with validation code can be a McDVoice Coupon Code. Then you can immediately redeem a receipt on your next visit to Mc Donald’s. Then you will get a reward or free food. The validation code is valid for up to 30 days, and valid for one person only. Give your Voice at McDonalds survey!
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What if I want to complain without taking the McD survey?

If you’re done with a McDonalds survey, you can channel your aspirations in other ways. you can use social media, phone number, restaurant feedback.

  1. Social Media

To be able to contact Mc Donald’s you can use a fair amount of social media. Because at this time, the whole world can connect with the internet. You also do not have to go to McDonald’s’s headquarters to give your complaint or suggestion. You may give your complaint or suggestion through the following social media:

  • Facebook:’s ID
  • Twitter:’s
  • Youtube:’s
  • Instagram:’s/
  • Spotify:’s
  • Tumbler: http://McDonald’

For those of you who are still not willing to make a McDonalds survey, share your opinions through social media available. Some social media also provide food ordering service. but we still recommend you use Phone Number if you want to order food from Mc Donald’s.

  1. Phone Number

Mc Donald’s Customer Service can also be reached with the following phone numbers 1 – 800 – 244 – 6227. You will get seven days a week service with 7.00 a.m to 7.00 p.m. this way we strongly recommend if you want a quick answer from your complaint or question.

  1. Send a letter

If you are a person who likes the conventional way, then you need to try to send feedback, suggestions, complaints by mail. You can send your letter with the name and address:

McDonald’s’s Corporation

2111 McDonald’s’s Dr.,

Oak Brook.IL 60523

  1. Going to McDonald’s near me.

If your McDonalds feedback or complaints are about a certain restaurant, you should go to that local store. Just go to McDonalds locations nearby. Then, you can tell your complaint to the restaurant manager. If you do not know where the nearest McDonalds restaurant is, you can use the Google Maps or McDonalds restaurant locator in McD website. Then, you just need to enter your current location and see the result.

  1. Restaurant Feedback and Inquiry through the website

On the McDonald’s’s website, you can get information ranging from products, menu services, complaints services etc. If you are someone who does not have social media, you can directly visit the website www.McDonald’ and select the “contact us” button. On that page, you can choose many kinds of input that will be done including restaurant feedback, general inquiry, mobile app Feedback, and trademark permission. In this service, you can choose between giving feedback or giving inquiry. The basic questions of identity include first name, last name, place where you live (US Only). Then apartment, city, state, zip, email, and phone number. On that page, you can write your complaints and opinions with a limit of 1200 characters. Before entering the opinion column, you can choose the topic you want to comment on.

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