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Pizza is a popular food now. Many people go to fast food restaurants to enjoy pizza. The pizza restaurant does not only provide one type of pizza. But they provide a variety of flavors. So you won’t get bored to enjoy your favorite pizza. One of the famous pizza restaurants is Marco’s Pizza. If you often visit there, of course you have experience when in a restaurant. So you can share your experience with the company. Your experience can be a consideration for companies when innovating. They provide a survey portal for you. Marco’s Pizza survey portal is TellMarcos. By completing this survey, you can earn Marco’s Pizza coupons.

Tell Marcos Survey is an online survey portal. If you often use the internet, you will not find it difficult to conduct surveys. Then you will get a gift in the form of Marcos Coupons. After you do TellMarcos Survey, you will get the Marco’s Pizza Coupons. Then exchange your Marcos Coupons with Free Pizza. Wow, isn’t this a delicious offer? You can save your money while enjoying your favorite pizza. But before you enjoy free pizza, there are several conditions that you should know. Here we will discuss all things about tell Marcos. If you are interested, then read all the instructions from us. Then get your reward.

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History of Marco’s Pizza Restaurant.

Pizza has a slightly complicated history. The point is that pizza has an erratic history. The first time pizza was known as Gallete in the 16th century. At that time pizza dough was a mixture to control the temperature of the oven. Then pizza is a food for the poor. Because they sell pizza on the streets and haven’t become a famous kitchen recipe. Then pizza became more famous during the time of Alexandre Dumas in 1889. Because he contributed to introducing pizza to the Queen of Italy. Currently, you often enjoy pizza with cheese topping. This habit has started since Raffaele Esposito created Pizza Margherita. He added tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil.

If pizza began to be known to the public in the 16th century, Marco’s Pizza was founded in 1987. This restaurant was first established in Oregon, Ohio. They serve pizza in the Italian way. Marco’s proud of the authenticity of pizza from Italy. The owner of this restaurant is Pat Giammarco. He has the vision to serve the community with quality pizza. So consumers come back to enjoy Marco’s delicious pizza. This restaurant continues to grow. Until now they have more than 900 stores in 35 countries. So Marco’s Pizza is one of the fastest growing pizza restaurants in America. This restaurant has received many awards throughout its business. The last time they got the Best Military Times Franchise in 2018.

Marco's pizza coupons

Marco’s pizza coupons can be got from TellMarcos

Regulations of Taking Marco’s Free Pizza Survey.

before conducting a survey, you need to know the rules. TellMarcos has rules that you must obey during conducting surveys. Here you can see the survey rules on the start page of the survey. You only need to click on the Privacy Policy menu. There you can read your rights and obligations as survey participants. Basically, this survey regulation is quite easy. But you may not violate this rule. Because they can cancel your reward. Surely you don’t want to lose your free pizza, right? So read the following TellMarcos rules.

  1. First, the eligibility is for TellMarcos.
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First, pay attention to your validity when doing TellMarcos. Here they did not mention clearly about eligibility. But you must understand that every country has rules. If you have taken an online survey, you will find out about eligibility rules. So here you must be 18 years or older. Because at that age you are considered an adult. So you have got the rights and obligations as citizens.

Then you must be a legitimate resident in the United States. Without this license, you may not conduct surveys. Furthermore, many surveys have regulations that employees are prohibited from participating. So Marco’s Pizza employees may not follow TellMarcos. If you are a business partner and sponsor, then this rule applies to you. But you don’t need to be disappointed, you can ask for help from your friend. Choose your partner who meets the requirements.

  1. Second, reward after doing TellMarcos.

After you do TellMarcos, you have the right to get a reward. They offer you free pizza. But you can’t choose your favorite pizza. They have provisions for exchanging coupons. In addition to products from restaurants, you have the opportunity to get a discount coupon. So you can reduce your budget when eating at a restaurant. Some conditions for your reward survey.

  • First, you may not exchange rewards. Because the reward has been determined by the company before.
  • Second, you may not exchange coupons for payment of promo products.
  1. Third, the method for doing TellMarcos.

TellMarcos is an online survey. So you can only do a survey if it’s connected to the internet. Usually, they have a lottery program. So you can choose the lottery delivery route by mail. But in this survey, they offer products as a reward. If you do not meet the requirements, ask for help from a close friend.

  1. Fourth, rules to redeem Marco’s Coupons.

After conducting the survey you will get a validation code. You can write the Marco’s Coupons code in your receipt. Then you have to exchange the coupon at the nearest Marco’s Pizza outlet. So you need to show your coupon while at the checkout. Then the clerk will check your coupon. If you don’t meet the requirements, you won’t get a free pizza. The following are some conditions when exchanging coupons.

  • First, you must bring a coupon when exchanging rewards.
  • Second, you may not duplicate the Marco’s Coupons.
  • Third, you can use 1 coupon for 1 visit.
  • Fourth, you can only use 1x coupons.
  • Fifth, exchange your coupon for a period of 30 days. If you exceed the redemption limit, your Marco’s coupons will expire.

The Preparation to Take TellMarcos.

Before you do a survey, fulfill all of your needs. Here you don’t need to worry about having to find difficult equipment. All survey needs you have used frequently every day. If the survey equipment is ready, you can immediately conduct a survey. here are some survey requirements.

  1. First, survey tools.
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So you need to prepare a computer, laptop or cell phone. You can choose the survey device according to your needs. Because TellMarcos is an online survey. So to be able to do this, you need to use survey tools.

  1. Second, internet providers.

An internet provider is a tool for providing internet signals. But you can also use wifi in the city park. Then you can do a survey using office wifi. Here we recommend that you use wifi. Because the internet signal from wifi is more stable than other providers. Suppose you use a modem or internet on your mobile. A stable signal can prevent congestion when accessing data on the survey portal.

  1. Third, proof of transaction at the restaurant.

Next you need to prepare Marco’s receipt. Make sure that you have never used your receipt for a survey. Because the survey code can only be done in one survey. Then you should immediately use your survey code. Because we don’t want your receipt to expire. Then the receipt works when you exchange rewards. After you write the Marco’s Pizza coupons code, the receipt changes to a gift coupon.

  1. Fourth, the ability to speak English and Spanish. Choose the language according to your ability. Thus you can conduct surveys comfortably.
  2. Fifth, prepare your stationery. stationery works when you write Marco’s Pizza coupons code.

The steps to do TellMarcos.

After you know the rules and survey preparation, do your TellMarcos now. Here you have to answer some questions about the restaurant. You don’t need to be afraid of getting difficult questions. They have a simple and easy survey system. So that all consumers are able to operate this survey portal. Then you can give feedback based on your experience. Usually, they limit character writing. So you can summarize your experience with short, solid and clear sentences. following are the steps to do TellMarcos.

  1. First, visit the official TellMarcos portal.

First, visit the survey page. The method is quite easy. You only need to open your Mozilla or google chrome software. Then enter the survey address in the address column. Then click on the enter button or the search icon. Then your software will show the TellMarcos survey portal. The following is the official address for conducting the survey.

  1. Second, set the language settings.

On the first page you can see two language settings buttons. But the initial language in the survey was English. There you can choose surveys in English or Spanish. Click on one of the language buttons. Then the portal will be available in the language you choose.

  1. Third, enter your survey code.

third, prepare your receipt now. Because you will need it to fill in the survey code. You can see 4 empty columns. The survey code consists of 18 characters. You can see the code in the bottom receipt. If you feel difficult, look at the sample image. They have given a sign to the part that you must enter. Next click on the Start button.

  1. Fourth, Complete TellMarcos survey now.
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On the next page you can start your survey. They provide several types of questions. First, yes or no question. Second, questions with multiple choice answers. Third, questions with review answers. Fourth, questions with multilevel answers. choose your answer honestly. Adjust to your experience when buying pizza at a restaurant. You can add a review on certain aspects. Following are some of the TellMarcos survey questions.

  • First, you need to fill in the identity before answering the question. You need to enter information about the location of the restaurant. Then you need to enter your identity. If you have filled in all the columns, click the submit button.
  • Second, you can provide answers in the form of reviews. You can choose a topic for you to discuss in this column. For example the problem that you find when enjoying food in a restaurant. If you have answered the question, click on the submit button. some aspects that you might want to review.
  1. First, clean the place to eat.
  2. Second, the cleanliness and tidiness of employees.
  3. Third, knowledge of the menu and friendliness of employees.
  4. Fourth, product prices in restaurants.
  5. Fifth, taste pizza in the restaurant.
  6. Sixth, facilities at the restaurant like restroom and play ground area.
  • Third, they ask about the time and date you visited the restaurant. So you can see this information on your receipt. Here they provide several answer choices.
  • Fourth, what service do you choose when visiting a restaurant. They provide several answer choices. They are pick up, delivery, dine in and catering.
  1. Fifth, write down your Marco’s Pizza Coupons code.

after you have conducted a survey, you will immediately see a validation code. Then write down the Marco’s Pizza coupons code on your receipt. Then exchange your coupon for a period of 30 days.

Marco’s Pizza Near Me.

How can you find the closest Marco’s Pizza Location? The method is quite easy. Make sure you have a smartphone and internet network. Because you can find the nearest restaurant using the website. the following steps are looking for Marco’s Pizza Near Me.

  1. First, visit the Marco’s Pizza website.

here you need to enter the website address on your search engine. Then click on the enter button.

  1. Second, click on the location menu. There you will see several blank columns. You need to fill in the column. So you need to fill in the address, city, country, ZIP Code and distance.
  2. Third, you will see the location search results. There you can see information about the distance and hours of operation. Then you can take advantage of directions to guide you.
  3. Fourth, record the telephone number of the outlet. Thus you can ask directly to the store.

Marco’s Restaurant Customer Service.
  1. First, telephone number.

If you want to ask the clerk, then you need to contact them by telephone. Here’s the telephone number Marco’s Restaurant 1 419 885 4844.

  1. Second, social media.

Furthermore, if you have social media, then you can connect with Marco’s Pizza. Next is social media Marco’s.

Facebook                    :

Twitter                        :

Instagram                  :

  1. Third, office address.

5252 Monroe St, Toledo, Ohio 43623, United States of America.

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