Macys Insite Login – Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection Portal Guideline


If you are a new employee of Macy’s company, then you are on the right page to get complete information about Macys Insite Login. You will really need to know about this employee connection portal for Macy’s employees. it is because this portal will be a big support to do your job as an employee of Macy’s company. Moreover, it will be easy for you to connect with other Macy’s employees and discuss your work through this portal. To use this employee portal, you should have an account first. Then, you can do some login steps to explore your Macy’s In-Site account. Thus, you can keep on reading this article to find out how to log in the account, reset the password of your Macy’s account, and some other beneficial information about Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection Portal.

About Macy’s

Macy’s is a chain of the department store from the United States. this brand belongs to Macy’s, Inc. the main office of this company is in New York. Rowland Hussey Macy started this business in 1858. it used to go as R. H. Macy & Co. when he opened his first store in New York. But, this department store has begun to run as Macy’s since 2007. Today, Macy’s has more than 600 stores available in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Hence, it is not surprising that Macy’s has to hire over 130.000 people to be their employees.

macys login page

macys login page

Products sold at Macy’s in the early years of this business were dry goods. Currently, Macy’s has more items to sell, such as furniture clearance, furniture gallery, furniture for kids, furniture for men, home furniture, and some more items. You may find Macy’s at its own locations or at shopping malls. Besides, you may find Macy’s Backstage as well at Macy’s. Macy’s Backstage is an off-price store that you can visit inside Macy’s store. Macy’s Backstage can be a way for you to save your dollars with some attractive discounts.

macys insite login

macys insite login

What is Macys Insite Login Portal?

If you wonder about Macy’s Login employee portal, we have the explanations for you. Well, Macy’s Login Portal is a platform made for all Macy’s employees. Moreover, employees of Bloomingdale department store may have access to this portal as well. Through this Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection Portal, every Macy’s crew will be able to communicate with other Macy’s employees and HR department manager of Macy’s company. Besides, this employee portal has several benefits that will help you to handle your job duties easily. So, you will not have to contact the phone number of your HR manages to ask about things related to information for Macy’s employees.

As you have known, Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection Portal has some benefits for its users. Some information about Macy’s benefits that you may access through this Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection Portal can be work schedule, benefit programs, company news, employees’ paycheck, and some other helpful things from Macy’s. Besides, all of the company updates for Macy’s employees will be easy to use if you log in to your Macy’s In-Site account. Moreover, you will not miss any important announcement from Macy’s company if you use this employee portal. so, do not hesitate to access the employee portal at

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Things to Prepare for Macys Insite Login

Before you can log in to your Macy’s In-Site account, you should have signed up first. But, you do not need to sign up by yourself as Macy’s HR Department team will create an employee account for you. Once you are hired as a Macy’s employee, you will get this account as one of Macy’s company facilities. Hence, you will only need to get your username and network password for your Macy’s In-Site account from Macy’s HR Department.

If your account is ready, you can simply sign in. but, there are some things that you should prepare if you want to log in to your account without any technical difficulties. You’d better have the following things ready before you log in.

  1. Macy’s Employee ID card

Information that you can use to Login to your Macy’s account is a user ID and a password. the user ID is the ID number printed on your Macy’s Employee ID Card. Then, you can get the password for your account from Macy’s HR department. If you have got the information needed to Login, it means you will be able to use the account anytime you want.

  1. A device

There 2 possible ways to prepare the device for accessing Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection Portal. Here are the explanations.

  • With Macy’s internal device

For a Macy’s owned device, the employee portal will not be difficult to access if there is a compatible browser installed in the device. For example, the browser is Internet Explorer 11 for Windows operating system. Or, it can be Safari 7.01 for Mac devices.

  • Without Macy’s device

When you do not be able to use Macy’s internal device, it means you should prepare your personal device. This is why, you should make sure that your personal device uses a browser, like Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. The devices that will work well with the browsers are smartphones, tablets, laptops, or personal computers. Just use the most affordable device for you.

  1. PDF Reader

It is also necessary for you to have installed a PDF Reader in your device. This reader will help you to read information in the form of PDF document. If you use a laptop, you may install a compatible PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, or other software with the ability to read PDF documents. In case you use a smartphone or a tablet, you may need to download the available reader for the operating system in your device.

  1. The internet connection
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You must prepare the internet connection if you want to visit Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection Portal as it is an online platform for Macy’s employee. Besides, you may experience a smooth login process if your internet connection is fast and stable.

Steps to Login Macy’s Insite Employee account

All of the steps of this login process are simple and easy. No wonder, you only need less than a minute to log in to your Macy’s In-Site account. You can do this task if you have prepared all the things you need to login account on this employee portal. If you do not know what steps that you should take to log in, you can use the steps below as your guideline.

  1. Go to Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection Portal

First, you should go to Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection Portal. You can reach the portal at When you have been on Macy’s Insite home page, you will see the address bar shows a different address at If it happens, it means you have been on the right portal.

  1. Click Sign In

Second, you can simply focus on the center of the portal home page. You can click Sign In button provided there. If you click it, you will get directed to Macy’s In-Site Login page.

  1. Fill in Employee ID

Third, you should fill in your Employee ID. You can use your Macy’s ID card if you do not remember your ID number. You will find the 8 digit number on the ID card. After that, you can fill in the employee ID on the upper field.

  1. Enter Network Password

Fourth, you will have to enter the network password for your Macy’s In-Site account as well. This is the password that you have received from Macy’s HR department. You may enter the network password in the lower field. Make sure you enter the right network password. So, Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection Portal can process the Login request.

  1. Click Log In

Finally, you can click Log In to start the entering process. If the page has loaded the page of your Macy’s In-Site account, it means the login process is successful. Congrats! You can now explore the benefits of this Macy’s employee portal.

How to Reset Password of Macys Log In Account

Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection Portal has provided a tool that you can use to reset your password for your Macy’s In-Site account. you may want to reset your password because you forget it. Or, you need to improve its security system. Whatever your reason is, you can reset your Macy’s In-Site password using the steps below.

  1. Visit Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection Portal

Firstly, you must visit the portal of Macy’s In-Site Employee. The address of this portal is Then, this address will turn to once you have reached Macy’s In-Site home page.

  1. Click Sign In

Secondly, you must click Sign In button to reach the login page of Macy’s In-Site. When you have been on this login page, you can just focus on the login section provided on the page.

  1. Forgot / Unlock / Change Password
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Thirdly, you can click a link of Forgot / Unlock / Change Password. You will find this above the login button. After you have clicked this link, it will take you to the page of Password Manager.

  1. Enter account information

Fourthly, you may start entering some information needed on Macy’s In-Site Password Manager page. The information that you should prepare for this step is:

  • Employee ID

You should use your Employee ID if you need to reset the password of your Macy’s In-Site account. It is because your Employee ID is the username of Macy’s employee account. You may look at your Macy’s ID card to get these 8 digits.

  • PIN

You can use the last 4 digits of your SSN as your PIN. Or, you may use the last 4 digits of your hire number at Macy’s company.

  • validation

You still need to validate that you are not a robot by clicking the small box on reCaptcha section.

If you have done completing the information about your Macy’s In-Site, you can click the Next button. It will bring you to the page for creating a new password.

  1. Make a New Password

Lastly, you will be able to make a new password for your Macy’s In-Site account. You’d better make a strong password by combining uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and numbers. It is important to make a strong one to avoid any hack attempts. Then, you can save your new password. This way, you can look it up when you forget the password next time.

To ensure that your new password is working well, you can try it by taking some login steps to your Macy’s In-Site employee account. if you are able to enter your account, it means your password problems have solved.

How to Contact Macy’s In-Site Help Desk

No one ever expects to find any issues with their employee account. However, if it happens to your Macy’s In-Site account, you may save your account by contacting Macy’s In-Site help desk. This way, you can use your account immediately. Besides, it will not disturb your activities as your job duties will really need this employee portal. There are some ways to reach Macy’s In-Site Help Desk, such as:

  1. Macy’s In-Site portal

You can reach Macy’s In-Site portal and login to your account. Then, you may click on AskHR if you need some answers for Macy’s In-Site issues. You can submit your questions through the feature.

  1. Phone

In case you need an urgent help, you can just contact the Associate Support Center at Macy’s company. You can talk to the support center representatives at 1-800-234-6229.

  1. Mailing

It is possible for you to tell some issues you have found via mailing. You can just write down the problems you have with your Macy’s In-Site on some pieces of letters. Or, you may type and print them out. After that, you can send your letters to the following address.

9111 Duke Boulevard

Mason, Ohio, 45040-8999

The United States.


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