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Do you like to eat steak? If you like to eat steak, make sure you visit Longhorn Steakhouse. There you will find a different type of steak. They offer high-quality service and food. Thus, you will get satisfaction with yourself. As a consumer, of course, you have experienced an incident that interferes with your comfort. Then sometimes you are confused about the portal to comment. So the company provides Longhornsurvey portal for customers. Customers can provide their judgments and opinions. Then they can give positive and negative comments. Because the company is trying to understand the customer’s wishes. One way to understand customer desires is through surveys.

Here you do not just do a survey. But Longhorn Survey offers attractive rewards for you. You can follow Monthly Sweepstakes. A reward is a form of company appreciation of their customers. Amazingly you can get cash worth 50 Dollars. In fact, if you are lucky you will get the Grand Prize 1000 Dollars Cash. Wow, a fantastic number!. As a smart consumer, you should take advantage of this opportunity. You can save your money and enjoy a delicious steak. Because customers have helped companies know their weaknesses and strengths. Then the company can make innovations to attract customers. If you have never done a survey, you do not have to worry. Because we will help you complete the survey. Then you just need to follow our instructions well and correctly.


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Do you have the right to follow Longhornsurvey?

Before we start the survey, you should understand the survey rules. Because this rule determines the validity of your survey. Survey rules are a requirement before you conduct a survey. If you qualify, you may participate in this survey. But if you do not qualify, you can try it later. So you must obey all the rules. Of course, you do not want to have consequences for your actions. Therefore, we suggest you not violate the rules. Then this rule is simple. But if you do not qualify, you must back off from the survey. Here are some rules to do Longhornsurvey.

  1. Citizens who are eligible to follow Longhornsurvey.

What is your nationality ?. At Longhornsurvey, the company establishes rules on citizenship. This rule usually affects the validity of your survey. If you break this rule, you will have consequences. In addition, your participation is not recognized by the company. Even if you have won the lottery, your participation cannot be recognized by the company. So your actions can cancel your winning status. Of course, you do not want to do any actions that harm yourself. So you need to pay attention to the rules of citizenship. The company establishes citizenship rules based on where the restaurant outlet operates. Here is an eligible citizenship of Longhornsurvey.

  • The residents of 50 states in the United States.
  • The people of Columbia.
  • Puerto Rican residents.
  • Canadians.
  1. Age restrictions.

Second, the company sets minimum age limit rules to follow the survey. How old are you now ?. The survey rules did not specify the age limit. So the people who can be legally responsible can follow the survey. Thus, the intended participants are 18 years of age or older. If you are 18 years or older, then you are eligible to conduct a survey. However, if you are not old enough, you can delay your participation. Or maybe you can ask for help in adults around you. We advise you not to breach the rules. As we have discussed in previous points. Violation of the rules may void your right to be a winner.

  1. Your position in the company.

Do you work at Longhorn Steakhouse ?. Or maybe you work at another restaurant under Darden Corporation ?. If you work for one of these companies, then you should back off from the survey. Because the company establishes regulations on eligible parties to conduct surveys. So Longhornsurvey should not be done by restaurant employees. Because your position as an employee can have an impact on your judgment. So you have a tendency to like or hate the company. While the company needs a logical opinion. And the company hopes to improve in the right sector. Here are the people who can not do Longhornsurvey.

  • You are an employee at Longhorn Steakhouse.
  • You have a family relationship or live a household with an employee.
  • Besides, you are part of a company under the Darden.
  • You are Longhorn’s partner in the business.
  1. Reward you get after doing Longhornsurvey.
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Finally, you should understand the rules about rewards you will receive. Here you do not just give an assessment of the company. But you can also take monthly sweepstakes. Remarkably you have the chance to win cash worth 50 Dollars. In addition, the company provides 1 Grand Prize for cash money worth 1000 Dollars. Interesting right ?. They provide 100 Second Prize worth 50 Dollars. So if you just visited the restaurant, then do not waste your receipt. Because your receipt is a Longhorn Coupon to win the lottery. Here are some terms about Longhornsurvey Rewards.

  • The Company will contact the winners by phone, email, and mail.
  • The winner must meet all the requirements set by the company.
  • If you are Canadian, you have to do a math test.
  • Everyone is only entitled to win 1 prize.
  • If you want to enter the lottery, you must register according to the lottery period. Here they provide 3 lottery periods. This raffle starts on May 28, 2018, and ends on August 26, 2018.

Preparation to do Longhornsurvey.

Are you eligible to conduct a survey ?. If you qualify, let’s prepare your survey. Before doing the survey you should prepare several things. Because Longhornsurvey is an online survey. So you should be able to prepare the online tools. If you’ve ever conducted a survey, of course, you are not familiar with the needs of the survey. So you will be easier to prepare the survey needs. But if you have trouble, you should read our instructions. Because we write about the needs of the survey clearly. Then you need to consider according to your ability. Consider also your comfort. Here is a need to do Longhornsurvey.

  1. You must prepare an online device.

First, you must prepare an online device. Because Longhornsurvey is an online survey. So you need a device to access the survey portal. You may use any device. If you use a computer or laptop, then your survey is easier. Because both devices provide a wider survey page view. So you will more easily understand the instructions and enter the survey answers. Furthermore, the risk of making mistakes pressing the button will be smaller. So you do not have to worry about losing the opportunity to win rewards. But you can also use your mobile device. Here you can choose between using mobile device or tablet. So you can survey anywhere as long as you carry your mobile device. We suggest you consider your convenience.

  1. You must prepare the Internet Provider.

Secondly, you have to prepare internet provider. Here internet providers serve to provide internet signals. Because without an internet signal, your device is unable to access the survey portal. We remind you again that Longhornsurvey is an online survey. So the smoothness of your survey depends on the strength of your internet signal. Then the internet signal can be affected by your location. If your provider does not support your location, then it is impossible to find an internet signal. So, before choosing a provider make sure your location is supported by internet service. Then consider the type of internet signal available. You must adjust the signal type with the capabilities of your device. Choose internet services wisely, so your survey smoothly.

  1. You must prepare your transaction receipt.
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Third, you must prepare a valid receipt. After you buy a steak at the restaurant, you will get a receipt. On the receipt, there is a restaurant number you visit. You must enter the number on the survey page. Without using a receipt, then you can not enter the survey page. So if you visit the restaurant, you should keep your receipts. If you do not have a receipt, then you must make a transaction first. Thus you can follow Longhornsurvey. Then you get the chance to win a prize worth 50 Dollars. We discussed this before. They will give the gift in check.

  1. You should prepare your language skills.

Finally, you must have basic language skills. At least you can master the English language. Because in this survey use the default setting of English. If you are able to speak English, you do not need to make any arrangements. Then you can also use other languages. Unfortunately at Longhornsurvey only provides Spanish as a substitute for English. Here you just need to click on “Haga clic aqui” button. Then you can only do the settings on the first page. Furthermore, the portal will provide questions according to the language you choose. If you master one of these languages, your survey will be smooth. But if you find it difficult, you can consider the help of your colleagues. Or you can take advantage of google translate.

How can I complete Longhornsurvey?

Have you prepared the survey needs? If you’re done with the preparation, let’s finish the survey. You just need to make sure your device is connected to the internet. Then you should prepare the service section you want to review. So you need to recall your experience while enjoying the food in the restaurant. Here you can give a criticism or suggestion in the comment field. Furthermore, you must provide honest and objective comments. After you answer the survey questions, you can participate in the monthly sweepstakes. As a wise consumer, you should be able to take advantage of every opportunity. Especially the opportunity to make a profit. With 50 Dollars cash, of course, you can buy many family needs. Then you can save your money more. So what are you waiting for, let’s do this survey? Here are the steps to do Longhornsurvey.

  1. You should visit the official website of Longhornsurvey.

First, you should visit the official survey portal. Make sure your device is connected to the internet. You can visit survey websites using your search engine. Then you can enter keywords to search the survey website. So you have to enter the Longhorn Steakhouse Survey keyword on your search engine. Or you can use Longhorn Survey keyword. After that, your search engine will find the official survey website. So you just need to click on the search results that show the official website. Here is the official website address of Longhornsurvey.


  1. You can read the survey rules.

On the first page, you can read the survey rules first. But we’ve discussed this before. If you do not understand the rules, then you can see the full version on the website. Here you just need to click on “click here” button. The button is below the first-page column.

  1. Set language settings.

Still on the first page. Here you can set language. Then you must know your language skills. So you can choose to use English or Spanish. You can only do the settings on this page. Furthermore, on the next page, you can not change the language. You just need to click on “Haga clic aque” button. Because the language settings affect the smoothness of your survey. If you can speak English and Spanish, then your survey will be easy. But if your ability is limited, you have to find a way to overcome it. So you can use English or Spanish dictionary.

  1. You must enter the restaurant ID number.
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Once you have done the language, you should continue your survey. On the same page, you will see a column. So you have to fill that field with the ID number. Then you just need to prepare your receipts. This information can be seen on your receipt. So the ID number consists of 13 digit number. If you have filled in the ID number, check back your answer. If you find it difficult, you can see an example of a receipt. They marked the part on the receipt that you have to enter into the column. So you just need to click on “click on the receipt below” button.

  1. Do your survey now.

Next, you must answer the survey question. Longhornsurvey provides some questions related to the service in the restaurant. So you have to remember your experience while eating at the restaurant. You can tell an experience that disturbs your comfort. So on your next visit, you can enjoy the service comfortably. Then you do not have to worry about getting tough questions. Because the company prepared a simple question. They hope to present a friendly question for customers. So that customers do not have difficulty when conducting a survey. Here is a question on Longhornsurvey.

  • First, you should answer questions about your experience in the restaurant. So you have to answer the questions about the service you use in the restaurant. Suppose you visit during lunch or dinner.
  • Secondly, you should assess your satisfaction with restaurant service. Here you have to answer by choosing an answer. They provide the scale to answer this question. The scale they use ranges from Excellent to Poor. The biggest scale shows you are satisfied with the service. While the lowest scale shows you are not satisfied to get the service.
  • Thirdly, you can answer questions about Lobby Staff at the restaurant. Consider the hospitality attitude when serving you. Then the service knows about the menu. Furthermore, the attitude of service makes you feel helpful or not.
  • Fourth, you can assess the speed of service. Here the portal provides multiple options. So you just need to click on the answer you choose.
  • Fifth, you should rate the waiter in the restaurant. Does the service help you make decisions about the menu you choose? Thus you will easily decide which foods you want to enjoy.
  • Next, you should provide an assessment of the overall performance of the restaurant.
  • You should answer questions about your chances of returning to the restaurant. Then chances are you suggest someone else visit the restaurant.
  • Lastly, you can comment on the company. Give praise if you feel satisfied. Then report the incidents that interfere with your comfort.
  1. Fill out the registration form of sweepstakes.

After you do the survey, now you have to fill out the form. The form should be filled with your identity. Because if you are lucky, the company will contact you through your identity. So you have to fill in your name, address, email and phone number. If you have completed the form, check back your answer. Make sure your answer is correct.

  1. Join the E club Progam.

After you have surveyed, an offer to join the e club will appear. This program has several advantages. First, you will get information about the promo code. Secondly, you will get information about new restaurant products. Lastly, you will get the free code. The code should be written on the receipt. Then you must redeem your coupon on the next visit. Here you are eligible to get a Longhorn Free Appetizer.

Longhorn Steakhouse Customer Service
  • You can send a letter to the company. Here is the address of Longhorn Steakhouse. Here is an address to send a letter to a restaurant.

PO Box 695011
Orlando, FL 32869-5011

  • You can make phone calls to Customer Service.

+1 407 245 4000

  • Social Media Longhorn Free Appetizer.
  1. Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/longhornsteakhouse?_rdc=1&_rdr.
  2. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/longhornsteaks/.
  3. Twitter: https://twitter.com/longhornsteaks.

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