Loblaws Survey – Loblaws Grocery Survey Steps to Win $1000

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We have good news for the loyal customers of Loblaws. What is it? Loblaws gives you the chance to win a large prize for completing the Loblaws survey. have you visited Loblaws Grocery store recently? If so, you should not ignore this survey invitation. You can take part in Loblaws Guest Satisfaction Survey which is available at storeopinion.ca. You will not regret taking part in Loblaw Grocery Customer Satisfaction Survey. It is because you not only can express your shopping experience. But, you will also have a golden opportunity to win $1000 PC gift card. Besides, you also can win another prize that is One million Optimum points. It is a very interesting offer, isn’t it?

If you have no idea about this Loblaw Customer Satisfaction survey, you should not worry. In this article, you will be able to find out the details of the Loblaws Guest Experience Survey. We will help to get started completing the survey. Just prepare your receipt first. Then, check out the rules of this survey as well as the Loblaw Grocery survey steps below. Are you ready for this survey?

loblaws survey page
loblaws survey page

What are the Rules of Loblaws Survey Sweepstakes?

Before starting the survey, you should notice all of the rules of this survey sweepstakes. This way, you will be able to complete the Loblaws Guest Satisfaction Survey easily. Besides, if you obey the survey sweepstakes rules, you will not be disqualified from this program. As a result, you will have a bigger chance to win 1 million PC optimum points or $1000 PC gift card. Check out the rules of the Loblaws Grocery Survey Sweepstakes below.

  • Survey eligibility.

Unfortunately, Loblaws sweepstakes are only for the legal residents of Canada. So, if you live outside this country, you will not be able to be Loblaws sweepstakes participants. Besides, this survey is special for Loblaws customers. It means the employees of Loblaws, as well as the sponsor of the program, cannot be the participants. In addition, the immediate family members of Loblaws employees are also not eligible to participate in this sweepstakes program.

  • Loblaws Sweepstakes period.

This sweepstakes program starts on January 1, 2019. Then, this sweepstakes period will be over on December 31, 2019. Every month, Loblaws will decide one winner of the sweepstakes. So, what are you waiting for? If you have Loblaws receipt, you should not miss this survey sweepstake.

  • The winner selection.

The process of selecting the winner is different from other sweepstakes program. Every month, Loblaws will select one potential winner. Then, this Loblaws sweepstakes potential winner must pass the mathematic skill test. He or She must answer the mathematics questions without using any electronic or mechanical tools such as a calculator or gadget. If he can answer this question correctly, he deserves to win the great prize worth $1000 PC gift card. Besides, he also can choose another prize that is 1 million PC points. Loblaws will notify the potential winner by a phone call. Then, they have to respond to this notification within four business days. If the potential winner cannot be reached within five days after the random drawing, Loblaws will select other sweepstakes entrants.

  • The validity of the survey code.

As stated before, if you decide to enter Loblaws sweepstakes through the online and phone call, you need a valid Loblaws receipt. On this receipt, you will find a survey code. Then, you should note that this survey code is only valid within seven days after your store visit. It means this survey code is void if you use it after seven days of your visit. So, once you get a receipt, it is better to take the survey soon. Besides, this survey code is limited only for one entrance.

  • The sweepstakes entry rules.

Loblaws limits only one entry per household in a month. But, you are allowed to enter this sweepstake through the different sweepstakes methods. For instance, in a month, you participate in the online survey and the mail-in sweepstakes. Loblaws provides 12 survey periods. You can submit your entry starting from January 2019 until December 2019.

  • The prize of the sweepstakes.

Totally, there will be 12 winners in Loblaws sweepstakes period. In a month, Loblaws will select one potential winner on the last date of the month. For your information, Loblaws will select this winner randomly. So, the winner can come from the online survey entry, mail-in entry, or phone call entry. The decision about this winner is final. So, no one can change it.

  • The winner notification.

Once Loblaws decides one winner, this company will try to contact this winner through a phone call or email. So, make sure that your phone number is always active. Besides, you have to check your email regularly. The winner has seven days to respond to this notification. If Loblaws cannot reach this winner, Loblaws will disqualify this winner. Then, Loblaws has the right to select another potential winner. So, if you get a notification from Loblaws, you have to confirm it as soon as possible. Next, you can choose the reward. You are allowed to choose $1000 PC gift card or 1 million PC points. Loblaws will send this prize through email within 30 days.

loblaws grocery survey steps
loblaws grocery survey steps

How to Participate in the Loblaws Sweepstakes Program?

Knowing the prize of Loblaws sweepstakes may attract you to take part in this program. Luckily, Loblaws gives you three alternatives to participate in the sweepstakes. You can choose the best method which you think as the easiest one. Here are the tree methods of taking part in Loblaws Sweepstakes.

  1. Online Survey.

It is the most popular method to enter Loblaws sweepstakes program. If you want to complete this online survey, you just need to visit Loblaws Grocery survey website which is available at www.storeopinion.ca. But, before entering this survey website, you should make sure that your preparation is ready. What do you need to take this survey? First, you need a Loblaws survey code. Then, you also need to prepare stable internet access. In addition, using a current version of browser is also necessary. This way, you can minimize any error while you are accessing Loblaws Guest Satisfaction Survey portal.

  1. Calling Loblaws store opinion survey hotline.

When you get a receipt from Loblaws, you need to pay attention to its bottom section. In this section, you will find the invitation to take the survey through a phone call. In this receipt, Loblaws Customer Service phone number is available. You just need to dial 1 877 234 2322. Luckily, this phone call survey is available 24/7. So, you can take the survey whenever you are ready. At the end of this phone call survey, you will get an invitation to enter Loblaws sweepstakes. To make an entry, you just need to mention your personal details such as name, phone number, email, address, and mailing address.

  1. Mail-in sweepstakes.

Similar to other store sweepstakes, Loblaws offers the mail-in sweepstakes program. This option is suitable for those who do not have Loblaws receipt. For your information, to participate in both online and phone call survey, you need a valid receipt from Loblaws. It is because you need to present the survey code. So, if you do not have any Loblaws receipt, you do not need to be sad. You still have a chance to win $1000 through mail-in sweepstakes.

To submit your entry, you need to do several steps below. First, you need a piece of paper in 3”x5” size and business-sized envelope. The next, you should write down your personal details on it. Write down your name, mailing address, email address, date of birth, and phone number correctly. Then, you should send this entry to the address below.

Loblaw Customer Satisfaction Survey

Ipsos Limited Partnership

PO Box 160 Bloor Street East,

Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario M4W 1B9.

Loblaws Guest Satisfaction Survey Guideline

Instead of making a phone call to do a survey, many Loblaws customers prefer to take the survey online. This method is more convenient than making a call. It is because you do do not need to spend any balance to call Loblaws. You just need to use the internet connection to complete this survey. Loblaws provide a great prize for this sweepstakes program. So, you will regret if you miss this survey invitation. You just need to allocate within five minutes to complete a survey. Then, you will get a chance to win $1000 PC gift card from Loblaws. Before accessing Loblaws survey portal, you have to prepare your Loblaws receipt. When it is ready, you can start doing step by step below.

  1. Visit the Loblaws survey site.

Use your browser to access www.storeopinion.ca. The correct survey portal will display the sample of Loblaws receipt and the field to enter your survey number.

  1. Select the language.

Loblaws offers four languages for taking this survey. At the top section of the survey portal, you will see four buttons to select the language. The languages available on this survey portal are English, French, Chinese, and India. Simply select the language that you usually use in your daily life.

  1. Read the Survey sweepstakes rules.

If you have spare time, you can read the Loblaws draw rules and regulations. The link to view the sweepstakes rules is available at the bottom section of the survey portal. But, if you have understood the rules of this sweepstakes program, you can skip this step.

  1. Enter the Loblaws survey code.

In order to start the survey, you have to enter Storeopinion survey code. This survey code is located at the bottom part of the Loblaws receipt. Usually, Loblaws survey code has 19 up to 21 digits. Make sure that you write down this serial number on the provided field correctly.

  1. Answer the questions at Loblaws Grocery Survey.

After entering the survey code, you should click on the Next button. Then, you can start answering the questionnaires provided by Loblaws. You are free to give your honest review of your shopping experience. You can tell how satisfied Loblaws service was. In this survey section, you will find several questions asking you to rate your satisfaction level.

  1. Enter Loblaws sweepstakes.

After completing all the survey questions, Loblaws gives you an offer to enter their sweepstakes program. You have the right to take or refuse this sweepstakes invitation. If you agree with this invitation, you have to provide some of your personal information. There will be a simple form to fill out. You can fill this form with your full name, date of birth, mailing address, email address, and telephone number. Always double check whether you have written the contact details correctly. It is because Loblaws will contact you by email or phone if you win this program.

About Click and Collect Loblaws Promo Code.

The following explanation is about Loblaws click and collect program. This program is similar to the customer loyalty program. You will get many benefits if you join this loyalty program? Here we will present the advantages of joining the Loblaws Click and Collect program.

  1. The customers can get the same service and price. Here you can check the Loblaws weekly brochure. Then, visit the Loblaws official portal. Then you can find Loblaws near me. There you can view the Loblaws brochures and promo products.
  2. The customers can choose the items they like. Click on the image of the product. Then you can add this product to the shopping bag or add to the list only.
  3. You get the special shopping experience. Here you need to activate the PC Optimum account to receive points. After you shop, points will be accumulated in your account.
  4. You can redeem points for free items from the store. You can check the list of the reward points on Loblaws website
How to Contact Loblaws Customer Service.

In this section, we will present the way to contact Loblaws to voice up your feedback. There are various ways you can try to reach Loblaws Customer care. You can try one of the methods below. Just choose the method you think as the simplest one.

  1. Loblaws Customer Service Phone Number.

You can contact them with the number below. 1-888-495-5111. Remember, you need to contact them at the Loblaws hours. They will be available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  1. Loblaws Social Media.
  • Twitter: @loblawco.
  • Facebook: @LoblawCompaniesLimited.
  • Linkedin: Loblaw Companies Limited.

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