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If you a fan of pizza, you must be familiar with Little Caesars Pizza. But, before visiting Little Caesars, you may want to know about LittleCaesarsmenu prices. So, when you are in this restaurant, you do not get confused to select the menu items. It is because you have decided the menu you will order at home. Besides, when you know Little Caesars prices, you can calculate how many dollars you will spend at this restaurant. This way, you can eat out based on the budget you have. After enjoying Little Caesars Pizza, you should not doubt to involve in LittleCaesarsListens. It is a kind of online survey to share your feedback.

When you know about the list of Little Caesars menu prices, you may not be able to wait to visit this restaurant. All the menu items at Little Caesars are very tempting. You will find the difference of Little Caesars Pizza with other pizzas. The unique taste of the pizza will make you fall in love with this pizza house. Furthermore, Little Caesars Pizza offers the combo menu. This combo menu is suitable to order when you visit this restaurant with some friends. So, you can eat the big portion of pizza together. Then, if you are curious about the Little Caesars menu with prices, you should keep on reading this page.

little caesars menu prices
little caesars menu prices can be accessed at

About Little Caesars

The official business name of Little Caesars is Little Caesars Enterprises, Inc. It is one of the largest pizza restaurant chains after Pizza Hut and Domino’s. Little Caesars does not only operate the pizza chains in the United States. But, this company also expands the pizza business into Australia, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Canada, and the Carribean. Founded in 1959, Little Caesars can grow rapidly. Nowadays, Little Caesars is headquartered in Downtown, Detroit, Michigan. This restaurant creates Little Caesars Listens survey to assess the guests’ satisfaction level.

little caesars menu
little caesars menu

How to Explore Little Caesars menu prices

Some of you may want to check the Little Caesars menu with prices before visiting this pizza chain. Luckily, it is easy to find out the details of the Caesars pizza menu. For your information, even this restaurant is specializing in pizza, it does not only serve pizza menu. you can also find other menu items at Little Caesars. For example, you can order bread or wings. Little Caesars also allows the guests to customize their own pizza. So, you can make your own pizza with your favorite toppings. Here are some ways to check Little Caesars menu prices with ease.

  • Visiting Little Caesars website.

It is a trusted way to check the update menu at Little Caesars. You just need to visit the official website of Little Caesars. Use your browser to access The next, you can explore the Little Caesars menu by clicking the categories of the pizza. Just scroll down the homepage of to view the list of the menu. As the example, you can view Classic pizza or side dish. You can even create your own pizza at Little Caesars.

  • Install Little Caesars App.

This application will be helpful for the pizza lovers. When you install Little Caesars App, you can see the tasty images of Little Caesars menu. So, you can decide which pizza you are going to order. Besides, you also can locate Little Caesars location easily. This way, you can go to Little Caesars near me and enjoy the delicious pizza there. Little Caesars lets you order the pizza through this application. So, you just need to select the menu and pay. The next, you can pick your pizza at the selected location. Furthermore, you can use the Little Caesars delivery service by using this application.

  • Third party website.

Since Little Caesars is very popular, many websites discuss this restaurant. When you search Little Caesars menu prices, you will be able to see some websites present the complete information about Little Caesars menu with prices. So, you can check the latest price of the pizza you will order.

About Little Caesars Menu Prices

Now, you must be curious about Little Caesars menu prices. For your convenience, here are we present the list of the menu at Little Caesars pizza. We also complete this info with the current price. This way, you can select the menu which suits your budget.

  • Little Caesars Pizza menu.

There are some options of Pizza at Little Caesars. For instance, you can order Hot-n-ready pizza and Specialty pizza. Hot-N-ready Pizza consists of Pepperoni pizza, Sausage pizza, bacon Wrapped Crust, Dip dip dish, and cheese pizza. Besides, under Specialty Pizza menu, you can order this following pizza. As the example, there are 3 Meat Treat, veggie pizza, Hula Hawaiian, and Ultimate Supreme. You can see the list of the price on this following table.

Little Caesars Pizza MenuPrice
Pepperoni Pizza$6
Sausage Pizza$6
Cheese Pizza$6
DEEP!DEEP! Dish$8.00
Bacon Wrapped Crust DEEP!DEEP! Dish$12.00
3 Meat Treat$8.00
Hula Hawaiian$8.00
Ultimate Supreme$9.99
Pizza Slice$1.59
  • Signature Favorite.

You also can order other menu items at Little Caesars. There are some favorite signature dishes at this restaurant. For instance, you can enjoy Zesty Cheese bread, Caesars wings, Caesars Dips, Pepperoni Cheese Bread, or Italian Cheese Bread. Here is the price of these signature dishes.

Signature favorite menuprice
Zesty Cheese Bread$4.89
Crazy Combo - Bread & Sauce$3.99
Caesar Dips$1.00
Caesar Wings$6.00
Pepperoni Cheese Bread$4.89
Italian Cheese Bread$4.59
  • Little Caesars Combo deals.

If you want to order Little Caesars Pizza specials for some people, you can select combo menu. There are four combo options you can choose. As the example, you can order the combo menu with pizza and wings. Here are the complete Little Caesars combo menu with prices.

little caesars combo
little caesars combo
  • Sides and Snacks.

As mentioned before, Little Caesars does not only serve pizza t its restaurant. There is other side dishes menu you can try. As the example, there are Crazy Bread, Cinnamon bread, Soft pretzel, and nachos with cheese. See the price of Little Caesars Side and snacks on the image above.

If you are not satisfied with the pizza options above, you can customize your order. It means you are free to create your own pizza. You can select the crust and the topping. You can add the extra topping for your pizza just by paying $1.75 per topping.

How to Order Online Little Caesars Menu?

Luckily, ordering Little Caesars menu is easier. Little Caesars wants to make customers feel convenient when they want to order the pizza. That is why Little Caesars launches Online Ordering system. This way, you do not need to queue at the restaurant to order and take away your pizza. It is because you can order online then pick your order at the nearest Little Caesars locations. Do you want to know the way to order the pizza online at Little Caesars? You can check the instructions below.

  • Visit Little Caesars website.

If you want to start ordering, you can visit Little Caesars website. Through this website, you can check Little Caesars menu as well.

  • Select Online Ordering.

Before selecting this menu, make sure that you have created Little Caesars account. If you have not, you can click on the Join button. Then, complete the simple form on the next page. If you have registered in this website, you just need to log in by using the username and password you have submitted.

  • Enter the location.

Now, you need to specify your location. This website will help you to locate the Little Caesars near me. Just enter the city, state, or zip code.

  • Select the pickup location.

Once you enter your locations, Little Caesars website will display some restaurants closest to you. Then, you should select the Little Caesars restaurant as the pickup point. You also can see the restaurant information as well. As the example, you can view Little Caesars hours.

  • Select what you order.

Now you can choose Little Caesars menu you will order. You can see Little Caesars prices as well. Click on Add to Cart to order the menu. You can view the total price at the top right corner of the page.

  • Check out.

Once you complete the order, you can click on the Checkout button. Then, complete the form to select the payment details.

  • Submit your order.

You can complete the payment process after submitting your order. Then, you can see the time required to prepare what you order. Usually, your pizza will be ready in a few minutes.

  • Pick up your pizza.

Now, you can pick up your pizza at the Little Caesars restaurant location you have selected.

What is Little Caesars Specials and Little Caesars Promotion?

In order to attract more customers to order the pizza, This restaurant offers Little Caesars Deals. During this promotion, Usually, Little Caesars offers the new menu. Besides, sometimes Little Caesars also offers the Little Caesars Pizza menu at the lower price. Furthermore, Little Caesars invites the customers to join some programs. Check this following explanation about Little Caesars Special Deals.

  • Cheap Pizza.

What pizza do you like the best? Most people may answer Meat lover pizza. But, others may like Pepperoni pizza. If you like Little Caesars pepperoni pizza, you should be happy. It is because Little Caesars offers the promotion of this type of pizza. During this promotion period, you can purchase the Thin Crust of pepperoni pizza just by paying $6. This way, you will get the large pizza. You will not miss this promotion, won’t you? So, visit the nearest Little Caesars pizza locations and order this pizza.

  • Free Pizza.

Who can refuse the free pizza from Little Caesars? If you want to get the free pizza from Little Caesars, you should take part in LittleCaesarslistens survey. this survey then invites you to enter Little Caesars sweepstakes. The next, if you win this contest, you will get Little Caesars free pizza coupons for a year.

How to Submit Little Caesars Feedback and Questions?

As a customer, you may want to ask some questions about Little Caesars. Besides, sometimes, you also want to give some comments about this restaurant. If you want to share the comment and feedback about your latest visit at Little Caesars, you can participate in the Little Caesars survey at But, if you want to give the general comment, you can submit it through Little Caesars website. Here is the guideline to submit any question and comment about Little Caesars.

  • Visit Little Caesars website.

In order to submit your comment, you should access the official website of Little Caesars. Just use your browser to visit

  • Click on Customer Contact.

The next, you can scroll down the homepage of LittleCaesars website. You should focus on the menu entitled Connect with Us. Under this menu, you can find the option Customer Contact. Just click on this menu to open the online form to send your message.

  • Complete the comment form.

Once you click on Customer Contact, Little Caesars website will open the blank form. You should fill out this form with the correct information.

  • Fill in your personal information.

This form requires your personal information. So, you need to write down your name, email, and phone number. Besides, you also need to submit your address. Include the city, state, and zip code.

  • Write your comment.

Now, you are welcomed to write down any questions, comment, or request. You should write your message in detailed. So, Little Caesars can understand what you want from them.

  • Enter the Captcha Code.

You need to enter this code to verify that you are a human. It is because Little Caesars wants to protect its website from spam.

  • Submit it.

Press Send Message button to submit your comment or questions.

For your information, Little Caesars offers the free pizza coupon for a year for the lucky customers. If you want to find out the way to get the free pizza from Little Caesars, you can click here.

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