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USPS is the independent company in the United States. This company runs the postal service business. The name USPS is the abbreviation of United States Postal Service. So, this company has the duty to manage the postal and delivery issues in the US. It not only delivers the mail but also the package for all residents in the US. People also call this company as US Mail. Since the duty is very hard, USPS employs a large number of employees. To simplify the employee management, this company uses Liteblue USPS Employee Login.

Nowadays, USPS has more than 650.000 employees. Then, all of these employees have the same right to access the liteblue login page. No matter you are the new employee, you can access the Liteblue online website. Visiting USPS Liteblue gives you some benefits. As the example, you can view the employee prospect. But, most of the employees access USPS liteblue login page in order to check their service performance and the benefits. By accessing USPS Lite Blue, you will always be connected with US Mail company. it is because you can view any info about your company as well as your job.

liteblue postalease login

liteblue postalease login page

The Features of LiteBlue USPS Employee Login Page

When you access Liteblue Login USPS, you will realize that this employee portal has several features. All of these features enable you to view all information related to your job. You can even manage your job easily. If you access www liteblue USPS gov login page regularly, you will always stay updated with all the company’s news. Well, you must be curious about what features of Liteblue USPS you can use. Check out this following explanation.

  1. Work Management.

Liteblue USPS lets all employees of US Mail manage their jobs. By using this feature, the employees will be able to arrange their task and job easily. For example, the employee can check the revenue and product. As the user of Liteblue USPS, you also can control the details of your personal directory.

  1. Job Tracking.

This feature allows you to track the mail order and other jobs easily. As the Liteblue USPS users, you can check this information without any difficulty. Liteblue also has PostalOne feature. By using this program, you can apply the more specific business use. In addition, by using Liteblue, you can try the automatic schedule system. As a result, it is not necessary to set the schedule for shipment manually. But, you still can check that the shipment process runs well and the package arrives on time on the right destination.

  1. Liteblue Record System.

This employee portal also has an extended record system. With this program, you can save the data in case you may use it in the future. This way, you will be easier to access the data flow. So, whenever you need to access the certain file, you can view this record system.

  1. Synchronization to other portals.

When you access Liteblue USPS login, you will be able to connect to other websites. As the example, you can go to PortalEASE, USPS Epayroll, and Furthermore, you access USPS Business Customer Gateway and USPS Track.

Liteblue USPS employee login

Liteblue USPS employee login steps

Steps to Access LiteBlue USPS Employee Login Page

USPS LiteBlue login page is only for the authorized users. In this case, only the employees of USPS can visit and explore the website. So, if you are newly hired by USPS, you should create your Liteblue account soon. If you face any difficulty, you can ask your HR manager for some assistance. This way, you will get Liteblue login credentials. You should notice that liteblue USPS is a secure website for internal use. So, the people who do not work at USPS will not be able to access Liteblue USPS.

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When you have created Liteblue account, you will have the right to access this employee portal. Before accessing Liteblue USPS Employee Login page, you have to prepare several things. First of all, you need to prepare the device as well as the internet connection to access liteblue employee portal. Then, if you want to sign into Liteblue account, you must prepare USPS employee ID. Then, you need a password as well. With these login credentials, you will be able to explore the content of Liteblue employee website. As the example, you can view the employee benefits, retirement plan, revenue, and your work.

Here are the brief steps to access liteblue USPS Login page.

  • Step 1. Access Liteblue USPS portal.

There are two ways to access the Liteblue USPS Gov login page. first, you can directly enter the website address of Liteblue login to your browser’s address bar. The portal address is at Besides, you also can search the Liteblue website through the search engine. Just type the keyword such as Liteblue login on the search bar.

  • Step 2. Write down your employee ID.

Once you are hired by USPS, you will be given an employee ID. So, each USPS employee ill has a different ID. If you do not have any idea about this ID, you can ask USPS HR administrator. You also can find this ID number on your USPS ID card. Furthermore, you can check your USPS employee ID on the pay statement or pay stub. Usually, USPS employee ID number consists of eight digits in length.

  • Step 3. Input the USPS password.

For your information, you cannot set up a USPS password by yourself. Once you create a Liteblue account for the first time, the administrator will give you the temporary password. But, every USPS employee has the right to change this password whenever they want. When you access the Liteblue login page, you will see the link to reset your password. Liteblue USPS has a Self Service Profile page which can help you to create or change Self Service PIN. Besides, you also can use this feature to recover your password when you forget it. You may not be able to use your old password. It is because liteblue will allow you to create the new password. Then, you will receive an email from Liteblue which contains s series of instruction to reset Liteblue password.

  • Step 4. Click on Log On Button.
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Then, you have to check whether you have entered the valid employee ID and Liteblue password. If these details are incorrect, you will not be able to reach your account. Once you can log into Liteblue successfully, you can start exploring this employee website.

Before starting to explore Liteblue USPS website, you should notice some rules. These rules have been applied since April 2014. There is some information you should notice as the user of Liteblue USPS employee portal.

  • The Use the SSP password.

If you want to have access to USPS Self Service application, you need to have an SSP password.

  • The Use of USPS PIN.

But, if you would like to access an Interactive Voice Response System, you have to use Liteblue USPS PIN.

  • The data protection.

You should not worry about your data. It is because Liteblue will protect your data such as your ID number as well as your password. You also do not need to worry if you want to access other websites which are still related to Liteblue. For instance, Liteblue PostalEASE and Employee benefit website also protect your personal information.

The Way to Reset Liteblue Password

Liteblue password is one of the important details you need to access your Liteblue USPS employee login page. Without this password, you will not have the access to your account. Once you change your temporary password, you should make sure that your password is easy to remember. But, you should also be sure that no one can guess your password. Password must be a confidential thing. This way, other people will not be able to access your Liteblue USPS account. It is recommended to change your password regularly. As a result, your password will be more powerful. Other people will not be able to hack your account. So, as the user of Liteblue USPS website, you should notice the way to reset your password. Here is the brief guideline to reset Liteblue password.

  • Access USPS Lite Blue Login page.

The first step to change your password is accessing USPS Liteblue Gov. In the home page of Liteblue employee portal, you will see the login field. But, you do not need to log into your account. Just focus on the password link which is located under the login credentials field.

  • Click on Forgot Your Password link.

For your information, Liteblue allows users to change their current password. Besides, this employee portal also can help you to reset the password in case you forget it. There are two links which have different function. The first lick is used to change Liteblue Self Service password. You can find this link above the employee ID box. Besides, if you do not remember your password, you can press Forgot Your Password link. This link is available under the password field. Do you notice the difference between these two links? The first link is used when you still remember Liteblue password. In contrast, the second lick is used when you lost your password or you cannot recall it.

  • Input Liteblue employee Identification number (employee ID)

No matter you forget your password or not, you have to enter your employee ID. This employee Id is also known as EIN. You always need this identification number if you want to change some details on your Liteblue account. It is not necessary to memorize this number. It is because you can easily find this ID number on the ID card or pay statement. When your ID number is valid, Liteblue will display the next instruction you have to do.

  • Enter your email address.
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In order to verify your employment status, Liteblue may ask you to enter the email address. Make sure that you provide the email that you have registered before. Then, Liteblue will send you some instruction of resetting the password to your email.

  • Check your inbox.

After that, you should open your email. You will receive a message from Liteblue. This email contains a link which will bring you to a page of Liteblue password reset. You just need to click this link, then, let it redirect you to the reset password page.

  • Create the new password.

On this new page, you can set up the new Liteblue password. We have one tip for you to make a secure and powerful password. You have to create a password with the combination of letter and number. Make sure that your friends cannot guess your password. Besides, you also need to make sure that you can remember this new password. After entering the new password, you can retype this password on the provided field. Finally, now you have the new liteblue password. You can try to log into your Liteblue USPS employee account by using this new password.

The Feature of LiteBlue USPS Gov Employee Website

You will be proud and happy if you can work as a USPS employee. It is because having a career at USPS is a prestigious thing. It is because this government company offers various benefits for its employees. As the example, you will be able to receive the live benefits, career improvement, and medical benefits. If you are the new employees of USPS, you may wonder the way to access this benefit information. Luckily, you can access this information through Liteblue USPS portal. Once you sign into this employee portal, you will be able to find a menu called My HR. This menu allows you to access the employee benefits. Here are some features that you access through Liteblue USPS Gov Human Resources.

  • Health and Safety.

If you want to check the information related to the USPS medical plan, you can go to the Health and Safety section. This menu informs you about USPS health benefits. You can view and apply for the health care programs given by USPS.

  • Work benefit.

The main purpose of USPS employee in accessing Liteblue my HR is to view the work benefit. You can access the Work benefit menu if you want to check the insurance, life benefit, or overtime benefit. You can even check your salary through this menu.

  • Retirement plan.

You must want to have a good life after you are retired from USPS. So, you should apply for the USPS retirement plan.

  • Career.

When you are working at USPS, you should not worry about the career stuck. You can improve your career easily. You can check USPS career portal regularly. This way, you will know whether there is a higher and better job position in this company.

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