Krowd Darden Login – How to access Krowd iShift via Krowd Login

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Are you just hired by Darden Multi Brand Company? If you are working in one of the restaurants under Darden Company, you have to be familiar with the use of Krowd Darden Login. This employee portal owned by Darden will help you so much since it contains any information what you need. Krowd Darden Access provides details such as Krowd Darden ishift, Krowd W2, paystub, benefits, and many more. It can be said that Krowd login serves as the online HR for the employees.

Once you work as the hourly team member at Darden Company, you have to access the Darden employee website soon. Then, you have to activate your account. This way, you will get Krowd login credentials which you can use to sign into Krowd. If you do not have any idea about Krowd Darden activation and Krowd Darden login, you need to keep scrolling this page. We have presented the simple steps of Krowd login for you. Happy reading.

krowd darden login
krowd darden login portal at

Darden Company Profile

Before discussing more the process of account activation and login steps, it is better to recognize your company well. For your information, Darden is a big company which operates eight popular restaurant brands. Totally, Darden runs more than 1500 restaurant chains. With a large number of restaurants, no doubt, Darden also employs many workers. Here are the lists of the restaurants under Darden Company management.

  1. Olive Garden
  2. Longhorn Steakhouse
  3. Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen
  4. Yard House
  5. The Capital Grille
  6. Seasons 52
  7. Bahama Breeze
  8. Eddie V’s

If you work in one of the restaurants above, you have the right to access Krowd Darden.

The Steps of Activating My Krowd Darden

You can’t reach your account unless you have activated it. So, as the new employee of Darden, you have to activate your account as soon as possible. There are some items you have to prepare before activation. First, you need the restaurant number in which you are working. Then, you also need the date of birth and Post ID. If you have prepared these items, you can go to the Krowd Darden portal and do the step by step below.

  • Step 1. Visit the Krowd Darden website.

In order to activate your account, you have to be at the restaurant point. So, you cannot activate your account from home. When you are in the working area, you can visit

  • Step 2. Find/ activate the account.

As an hourly team member, you can activate your account by yourself. Under the Krowd Darden login field, you will find the link entitled Find/Activate Account. Besides, for the manager, there is a link to reset the password.

  • Step 3. Provide some information.

On the next page, there will be some fields you have to fill out. This form is asking for your identity. First, you need to write down your initial name. It means you have to write the first letter of your name. For instance, the name is Carla Smith, So, you have to write CS. Then, you need to provide your date of birth. After that, you can enter your Pos ID. After checking all the fields you have filled out, you can press the Next button.

  • Step 4. Save the username.

Krowd Darden will create a username for you. You have to save this username well. You can memorize it. But, it is recommended to record or write your username. Then, press the next button.

  • Step 5. Answer the security questions.

In order to increase your account’s security, Krowd asks you to answer several questions. You need to choose an honest answer yet easy to remember. It is because your answer will be able to help you in case you lose the password.

  • Step 6. Set up Krowd Darden password.

The last step, you have to create a password. The length of this password should be 7 – 16 characters. Then, it must be a combination of numbers and letters. Your password must be unique but easy to remember.

krowd darden login
krowd darden login steps

How to Access the Krowd Darden Login Page.

Once you activate your account, you can start signing into your Krowd account. To reach your new account, you need t to prepare the username and password. Then, complete the step by step below.

  • Step 1. Visit the Krowd Darden Employee Portal.

First of all, you should go to You can type this web address straightaway in your browser. Or, you can access this portal by using the search engine. Use the keyword Krowd Darden Login or Krowd login to find it. Once you reach the homepage of Krowd, you will find the login field in the center of the portal. There are also links to retrieve your password and username in case you forget it. Also, you can activate your account if you have not activated it. For the manager, Krowd provides the link to Reset the password.

  • Step 2. Enter your Krowd username.

Provide the username which you get from the activation process. Make sure you enter the correct username.

  • Step 3. Enter your Krowd password.

Then, you can enter the Krowd password that you create during the activation process. The length of this password must be 7-16 characters. Since it is a long password, you have to write it carefully. If you mistype it, you will not be able to reach your account.

  • Step 4. Press the Login button.

After making sure that the username and password are correct, you can click on the Login button.

What are the features of Krowd Employee Website?

Since you are the new part of Darden company, you may still not realize the importance of Krowd Darden login. Krowd has several advantages that can support your work. For instance, you can access the information about your work such as schedule, paystub, and W2 information. All of this information can you get easily without going to Darden HR office. Besides, Krowd Darden is very simple to access. You can explore this website whenever and wherever you are. If you want the simple version of the Krowd Darden website, you can download Krowd Darden App. The features are similar to the web version. So, what features you can explore in KrowdDarden? Check this out.

  • Krowd Darden ishift.

Most of Darden employees work as the part-time staff or hourly team members. So, they will have a different working schedule. With the help of Krowd iShift, they can check the work schedule easily. They can monitor their daily schedule. So, they will know when they have to go to work and when they are off. Krowd iShift is also useful to request the leave of absence. In case you have the emergency issue, you can ask for the day off. You do not need to meet your manager since you can apply for the leaves online.

  • Paystub.

If you work at Darden company, you will not receive the paper paystub as the proof of salary payment. Darden pays the employees through the Darden Direct Deposit. So, if you want to know the details of your salary, you should check it at Krowd Darden. This way you will be able to know the total of working hours as well as the deduction of your salary.

  • Employee benefits.

Another purpose of accessing KrowdDarden is to check the employee benefits. In order to appreciate the employees, Darden provides several benefits for them. As an example, both part-time and full-time employees will get health insurance, financial benefits, and the retirement plan. So, you need to check the employee benefits that you are eligible for.

  • Join Darden communities.

It will be fun to join the Darden community. So, when you access Krowd Darden, you not only use it to find the information. But, you also can use Krowd as the means to communicate with your co-workers. You can even get in touch with the HR officers.

The Benefits of Krowd App.

For Darden employees, accessing Krowd is a necessity. But, accessing Krowd Darden by using a computer is not practical. But, you should not worry since Krowd Darden has the mobile app. You just need to download the Krowd Darden App from Playstore. But, make sure that your Android uses Lollipop, marshmallow, Kit Kat, or Nougat. Unfortunately, the earlier Android version does not support this application. By using this application, you can access Krowd Darden everywhere.

The use of this application is similar to the web version. You have to activate your account first before using it. When the activation process is done, you will get the Krowd User ID and password. Then, you can log in and try all the features in this application. Here are what you can do with the Krowd App.

  • Read the news and announcement.

You can be up to date with the news about Darden restaurant. By checking your Krowd App, you can read an announcement given by the company. As an example, you can view the information about the upcoming events in Darden Restaurant. In addition, you also can search Darden career.

  • View the online paystub.

Since you do not get the paper pay statement from Darden, you may not know the details of your salary. But, you can check the online paystub by using Krowd App.

  • Access the work schedule.

Krowd App also has the iShift feature. So, Darden employees can check their schedule easily. They can even swap the shift. When they have the urgent issue, they can request the time off as well.

  • Get the realtime notification.

This is another benefit of using Krowd App. As the Krowd App user, you can get the real-time notification if there is an announcement from Darden company. Imagine if you do not have this application. You only can know the announcement when you log into Krowd.

  • Get in touch with your friends.

Krowd App allows you to send any messages to your friends. So, you can communicate with your co-workers easily. You can discuss your jobs or the events held by Darden. Besides, You can also communicate with the manager or HR officer.

How to Get in Touch with Darden Company

In case you have any problems with your job, you should contact Darden soon. You also can send your feedback as the employee. Here are some ways to get in touch with Darden company.

  • Mail.

You can send any business letter to Darden company. For the business inquiry, you can mail in your letter to Darden headquarters. The address is as follows.

Darden Multi Brand Company

PO BOX 695 011

Orlando, FL 32869 5011

  • By phone.

In order to get a fast response from Darden, we suggest you contact the Darden company by phone. So, you can speak directly with Darden Customer Service staff. Darden phone number is 407 245 4000.

  • Social media.

Nowadays, people use social media as a lifestyle. One person usually has several social media accounts. It will be better to use our social media positively. As the example, you can use it to follow Darden Restaurant account. So, you will get updated information about this restaurant. Darden restaurant is available in Linkedin, Twitter, and Youtube.

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