KPPay – Kaiser Permanente Login and KaiserPay Online Guideline

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Do you want to process Kaiser One Time Pay Bill? Simply you just need to visit KPPay. National Payroll Services is available at Besides, it is also reachable at Both websites offer online payment for the Kaiser Permanente users. So, doing Kaiser Pay Online One Time Payment is not difficult at all. You can follow KP One Time Bill Pay method on this article. But, you have to note that you must pass Kaiser Permanente Login before processing the online payment. Just scroll down this article to find out the way to check Kaiser Permanente Billing Statement and pay it online.

kppay login
kppay login is accessible at

Kaiser Permanente Health Care Company Profile

As the user of Kaiser Permanente service, you have to understand the profile of this company. Kaiser Permanente is a health care company or the integrated managed care consortium in the US. This company was established by Henry J Kaiser and Sidney Garfield in 1945. Nowadays, this company employs more than 23000 staffs. This company is headquartered in Oakland, California. As a big company, this health care company has some subsidiaries. For instance, it runs Pay Kaiser Premium, Southern California Permanente Medical Group, and Kaiser Permanente Washington. The official website of this company is You can visit this website to find out more details of this company.

How to Register KaiserPay Online Portal User?

Registering on Kaiser Pay Online portal gives you many benefits. You will be easy to manage your medical bill payment online. So, if you are the user of Kaiser Permanente, you should register your account soon. There are several advantages you can get. First, you can check your balance. Then, you also can check the payment history. Also, you can view any information related to your payment account. interested in registering yourself at Here are the steps you should do.

  • Step 1. Visit KaiserPay Online Portal.

Since you do not have Kaiser Permanente account, you need to register yourself. The registration portal is available at

  • Step 2. Click on Register button.

Since you are the new user, you should press the Register button. By registering KaiserPay Online account, you will be able to see the previous transaction. Besides, you also can make a schedule for future payment.

  • Step 3. Select the Region.

The first step of registration is choosing the state where you live. Six regions are available on this step. You can select California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Oregon or Washington. After clicking on the region, you should press the Continue button to process the next step of registration.

  • Step 4. Complete the registration form.

For the identification purpose, you have to prepare the recent Kaiser Permanente bill, credit card information, as well as the bank information. In order to fill out this form, you can check your billing statement. Here are the details you have to enter. First, you need to enter Group, Subgroup, and billgroup. This information is available on your Kaiser Permanente billing statement. The next, you should enter the zip code. The last, you need to provide your Health record number. This detail consists of nine digits in length with the adding zeroes.

  • Step 5. Check the box.

You need to check the box to verify that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Condition of KaiserPay online website.

  • Step 6. Complete the personal information.

After clicking on the Continue button, you will be asked to provide your personal information. You can enter your first and last name, mailing address, and email address. You also need to set up a password to log into your KaiserPay Online account.

kaiserpay online
kaiserpay online is accessible at

Kaiser Permanente Bill Payment Online Guideline at KPPay

Some users of Kaiser Permanente service may wonder how to pay the bill online. Most of them are wondering How do I pay my Kaiser Bill? Can I Pay my Kaiser Bill online? If you have no idea about the way to pay your Kaiser bill, you are now in the correct page. here you can find out the step by step to pay Kaiser Permanente Bill online. Check this out.

  • Step 1. Visit KPPay portal.

If you want to pay your medical bill, you should access the official KP Pay portal. You can use your browser to visit or Before accessing this bill payment portal, make sure that you have registered yourself. This way, you have KPPay login credential to process the payment.

  • Step 2. Enter KPPay user ID.

This user ID refers to your email address. Do you still remember the user ID that you enter during the registration process? If you forget it, you can click on Forgot User ID link under the login field.

  • Step 3. Enter your KPPay password.

The next, you have to enter your password. If you do not remember your password, you can press the Forget password link. Then, you should follow the instructions to reset your password.

  • Step 4. Press the login button.

Once you are sure that your KPPay login credentials are correct, you can press the Login button. Then, you can start exploring your account.

  • Step 5. Process online payment.

Once you are successful in login, you can start processing the payment. You should complete the bill information first. For instance, you need to fill out the group, billgroup, zip code, and health record number. Then, you can pay your bill by using the credit card.

What if I Lose KPPay Password?

In case you do not remember your Kppay password, you should not be panic. It is because you still can reset your password by using the link provided on here are the steps you can do to retrieve your password.

  • Visit Kaiser Permanente Ebill portal.

The first thing you should do is accessing Kaiser Permanente online pay portal. Use your browser to reach

  • Press the link entitled Forgot Your Password?

Since you do not remember your KP password, you should click on the lick Forgot Your password. This link is available under the login field. This link will bring you to the new page where you can reset your password.

  • Submit your Email Address.

On the next page, you are asked to submit your email address. Make sure that you write the correct email. It is because Kaiser Permanente will send further instruction by email.

  • Check your email.

After that, you should check your email inbox. Do you receive any message from Kaiser Permanente? This message contains the instruction you have to do in order to reset your password.

  • Create a new password.

Now, you can set up the new password. You should create the new password which strong but easy to remember. If you are afraid of forgetting your password, you can write it on your note.

After creating the new password, you may be asked to log into your Kaiser Permanente account. You can access the KP Pay login portal. Then, you can enter the email address as well as the new password you have just created.

What are the Benefits of Having KaiserPay Online Account?

In fact, you still can pay your medical bill at KPPay even you do not have KaiserPay online account. In this case, you can use a One-time pay feature. This way, you can pay your bill online. But, you cannot use the feature of KaiserPay portal. As an example, you can set the automatic payment. You also cannot check your KaiserPay balance. You need to check the benefits of having KaiserPay account below. Then, you will be sure to create KPPay online account soon.

  • Checking the current balance.

There are several ways of paying your KPPay bill. You may use your credit card. besides, you also can make a deposit. This way, you need to check your current balance regularly. If you run out the balance, you should top it up soon. So, you can pay your bill easily.

  • Checking the previous payment.

Another benefit of having KaiserPay Online account is that you can check the payment history. As an example, you can view the details of the previous month’s payment.

  • Set up the automatic payment.

Perhaps you are a forgetful person. So, you may forget the due date of the medical payment every month. To overcome this problem, you can set the automatic payment. So, you do not need to log into your account every month to make a payment. Your account can process the payment automatically.

  • Edit your payment account.

You are free to change your profile. As an example, you may change your bank account information. besides, you may change your address or contact information. Kaiser Permanente will keep your account information safely.

How to Pay Kaiser Permanente Bill

Before paying your bill, you have to understand the type of bill you may receive. Depending on the types of the bill, there are two kinds of bills. First, you may receive a professional bill. Besides, you may get a hospital bill. Here is a brief explanation about these two types of bill.

  • Professional bill

This bill contains the charge for the services that you receive at the medical office. This bill includes the expense for the doctor visit, X-rays, and lab test. This bill also includes the service charge for the physician services.

  • Hospital bill.

This bill shows the charges of the services you received at the hospital. For instance, it charges you the anesthesia and the surgery.

Usually, you will receive your bill in a month when you get the health services. Besides, you will also receive this bill whenever any charges posted to your KaiserOnline account. usually, the payment may need up to 125 days to appear on your medical bill. So, if you can not find the recent payment on your online bill, you have to check the future bill. It will be helpful if you have the Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Saving Account (HSA). It is because you can use the bill in order to validate the expenses on KaiserPay Online account.

There are several methods of paying your medical bills. Check out the methods below. Then, you can decide which method that becomes the most convenient.

  • Online Payment.

You can process online payment anytime. To process this online payment, you need to access or You can register yourself or process the one-time payment.

  • Kaiser Permanente App.

The next, you can install the Kaiser Permanente App on your smartphone. This way, you can process the payment by using your mobile device. Also, you can check the medical bill.

  • By mail.

Perhaps, Kaiser Permanente sends you a mail containing the medical bill. Then, you can make a payment in the return envelope.

  • By phone.

You also can make a payment by phone. You can call 1 800 390 3507. Make sure that you call Kaiser Permanente Customer Service on the weekdays starting from 7 am – 5 pm.

How to Contact Kaiser Permanente Technical Support?

If you find any difficulties in processing your payment, you have to contact Kaiser Permanente technical Support team soon. Here are some contacts you can reach.

  • Kaiser Permanente Individual Plan Account

In order to ask about your individual plan, you can call 1 866 278 9502.

  • Kaiser Permanente Fax Number

If you want to send some documents, you can use the facsimile. The fax number is 1 800 731 4661.

  • Kaiser Permanente Pay Bill

To ask the questions related to ill payment, you can call 1 800 390 3507.

  • Kaiser Permanente Address.

In case you want to send a letter, you can send it to

Kaiser Permanente

Ordway building

Kaiser Plaza

Oakland, CA 94612

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