Kohlslistens – A Guideline to Take Part in Kohls Survey


Have you just gone shopping at Kohl’s store? If so, you can check your purchase receipt. If you find a survey invitation there, it means you can take part in Kohlslistens customer satisfaction survey. Kohl’s store conducts this customer satisfaction survey to measure if customers feel satisfied with Kohl’s. The management teams would like to find if customers are happy when they go shopping in Kohl’s stores. Besides, they want to know about customers’ opinion about products and services at Kohl’s stores. If customers take part in the kohls Listens survey, it means customers will be able to help Kohl’s store become better. It is because this customer survey will show the strength and the weakness of Kohl’s stores. When the management team knows where the weakness is, they can make some steps to improve its qualities. So, customers will not find the problems next time they go shopping at Kohl’s stores.

Kohl’s is not a new name in the retail business world. The company name is Kohl’s Corporation. This is a retail chain in the United States. The name Kohl’s is very relatable to its founder. Maxwell Kohl began this business with a simple grocery store in 1927. Then, Mr. Kohl’s started his first food stores in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1946. He named it Kohl’s Food stores. He did not stop it there. He began his department store in 1962. The first location of Kohl’s Department Stores was in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Then, this business had more locations in a few years. After some years of the acquisition process, Kohl’s does not belong to Kohl’s family now. The current headquarters is in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. And there are more than a thousand Kohl’s locations in 49 states. Only Hawaii does not any branches of Kohls. Today, almost 150.000 people are working for Kohl’s Company.

kohlslistens survey

kohlslistens survey

It will not be difficult to find Kohl’s location because the stores are available in most of the United States areas. But, if you are away and you do not know a place to go shopping, you can try to search for Kohl’s location. You can use the official website of Kohls at www.kohls.com. On this website, you can use Kohl’s store locator. You just have to provide your preferred city name, and then the search result will show up on your screen. There will be many options there. You can select the nearest store from your locations. Then, you can also get the directions. Hence, you do not need to worry about how to reach Kohl’s store. Besides, there are store details, such as phone number, address, and open hours. For the alternative way, you can use Google search engine to search near Kohl’s locations using keyword take me to Kohl’s.

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Apart from the store locator, you will be able to use the official website of Kohls for many other things. For example, you can search for the newest items available at Kohl’s stores. For your information, Kohl’s have many departments at its stores. That is why you will be able to search the items based on the departments. For example, there are items for schools, home, bed & bath, furniture, women, men, babies, kids, toys, shoes, accessories & jewelry, beauty products, swimming & sports equipment, and many more. Furthermore, you can get various discounts. These discounts vary based on the items. These various discounts have different rules. Moreover, the expired dates among these discounts are not the same among one another. Besides, customers can get Kohl’s coupons on this website as well. Kohl’s is a good place to go shopping without spending too much on your dollars.

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Things needed for Kohl’s Listens Survey

When you take part in kohls online survey, you should be ready with the preparation. As you know, Kohlslistens customer satisfaction survey is an online survey. Thus, you should be ready with the prerequisites. These prerequisites will be helpful for you at the time you take part in this customer satisfaction survey. If you can make sure that these things needed for the survey are in the best conditions, you do not need to worry about the survey process. If these things can work well, you will not face unnecessary technical difficulties caused by the failure of these prerequisites. That is why we have summarized what you will need to take part in this customer satisfaction survey. Here is the list for you:

  1. A purchase receipt

You will need this receipt to locate the details. You will use the details to open the survey page. The details are a store number and an access code.

  1. A device

There are no rules for the device that you can use. So, you are free to use a laptop, a smartphone, and many more.

  1. The internet connection

This internet connection should be stable. So, you will not lose the connection when the internet goes unstable. If you lose the internet connection, of course, it will disturb the survey process.

  1. English and Spanish ability

There are 2 languages here. You can select the familiar language to you.

  1. A Pen

You can use this pen if you get a validation code after the survey.

Step by step to take part in Kohl’s Survey

If you have prepared the survey prerequisites, it means you are able to start Kohls survey. But, it will be better if you can check the prerequisites first. This is to avoid unwanted things, such as lost signals or crash. For example, you can start it from your device. You can check if your device has had enough power to access the survey page. You do not want the power of your device goes off in a sudden when you are doing the survey, right? Then, you can check the browser. Have you installed a browser with the compatible version for your device? It is because this browser will be the place for you to access this customer satisfaction survey. Next, do not forget the internet connection. Have you connected your device to the internet connection? If you have not connected, it will not be possible for you to reach the pages of the customer satisfaction survey.

When you are certain that your prerequisites are ready to use, you can begin Kohl’s Listens customer satisfaction survey. This survey will only take 10 minutes up to 15 minutes. The duration will depend on how fast you can read and answer the questions from the survey. And once again, the internet connection will affect so much on this process. Thus, we have suggested you prepare a good internet connection. So, you can finish it without difficulties. Moreover, the survey steps are simple. You should not worry about the steps of Kohls Listens customer satisfaction survey. If you feel confused about the steps, you can learn the steps first if you want to feel more ready. You can read the following guideline. You can use it to understand what you should do to participate in this customer satisfaction survey. Now, let us do it!

  1. Go to www.Kohlslistens.com

First, you should go to that website address. Of course, you should visit the survey page because you will not able to do the survey on the website page. On this page, you can enter the receipt details and change the language setting.

  1. Select a language
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Second, you can use the language you want here. The page will show up in English. But, you can turn the entire pages into Spanish if you click Español link.

  1. Enter receipt details

Third, you can enter the receipt details. The details here mean the store number and the access code. There will be a receipt example next to the available fields. You can use this receipt example to help you locate the details you need. You can look at your receipt to do this.

  1. Answer Kohl’s survey questions

Fourth, you can start to answer all questions from the survey. The questions will about your latest shopping experience at Kohl’s store. If you have answered all questions, you can close the window. Kohls Listens survey does not give you a validation code at times. But, this survey will give validation codes in the different period. You can use the codes for Kohl’s coupons and redeem for discounts or cash.

Procedure to Submit Kohl’s Feedback at www.kohls.com

You can also share your feedbacks for Kohls without this customer satisfaction survey. It means you will not need a purchase receipt from Kohls. It is because you will not use a store number and a survey invitation code from the receipt. This is for voluntary feedback. So, there will not be expired dates for submitting your feedback. You just have to reach the official website of Kohl’s stores. You can help Kohl’s stores to improve its qualities with your suggestions. You can also tell your complaints and inquiries using this. To submit your feedback, you can do the following instructions.

  1. Go to www.kohls.com

Firstly, you should go to www.kohls.com. This is the address of Kohl’s official website. You should visit this website page in you want to submit your direct feedbacks for Kohls. When you have been on this website page, you will see a home page full of pictures. Besides, you will see some important links that will help you dig more information about Kohl’s stores. Of course, there is a lot of information about Kohl’s discounts and promotions here.

  1. Click Feedback tab

Secondly, you just have to search a feedback tab. This is the quickest way to get to the feedback page. This feedback tab will be available on the right part of the page. It gets attached to the scrollbar. It will always show up on the home page even though you did not click any buttons on the page. So, you do not have to scroll down the page to look for Contact Us link. It is because the feedback tab is easier to do. After you have clicked on the feedback tab, a new smaller window will pop up.

  1. Enter the city name

Thirdly, you should enter the city name of Kohl’s store you want. You can do this on the different window. After you have entered the city name, you will see some store options. You can select which store you prefer to get your feedback.

  1. Fill in the feedback form

Fourthly, you will see a feedback form show up on that small window. You can tell all the feedback you want. But, you cannot provide personal details on this page. You only have to do these things:

  • Rate your overall satisfaction with Kohl’s stores
  • Type your comments in the available field
  • Answer optional questions
  • Enter your email address. This is optional steps.
  1. Submit it

When the feedback is complete, you can finish it. You can send your feedbacks and click the Submit button.

How to Contact Kohl’s Customer Service

It is very common for customers to find issues when they go shopping in retail stores. The issues can be about the items they purchase, the awful services, the damage of products, and many more. This also can happen to Kohl’s customers. Even though Kohl’s company has strict policies related to customer satisfaction, these issues are not avoidable at times. If customers have found such issues when they go shopping at Kohl’s stores, customers can report it to Kohls customer service. Hence, customers can get immediate helps to solve these issues. Besides, customers can give inquiries, suggestions, or complaints to the customer service. This is why; Kohl’s company has provided some ways for customers. They can use these ways to reach the customer service representatives of Kohls. Here is what you can do to contact Kohl’s customer service.

  1. By website
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It will be easy for you to share your feedback via the website. If you would like to contact Kohl’s customer service via the website, of course, you should be on the official website page of Kohl’s at www.kohls.com. The instructions to contact the customer service of Kohl’s via the website are easy. You can do the steps in the previous sections to submit your feedback on the official website of Kohls.

  1. By email

In case you can access your email account, you will be able to share your feedback via email. You may use email if you have more to say about Kohls. You can also attach some files as the proof of your feedbacks. These files will show that what you inform to the customer service is true. To submit your feedback via email, you can send your email to cscc.escalated@kohls.com. This email address is from the corporate office of Kohls. So, it will be a good idea to let your voice heard directly by main staffs of Kohls.

  1. By mailing

Well, it is not a bad idea to inform your feedbacks for Kohl’s stores via letters. You can tell your feedbacks as long as you want. Moreover, this is a polite way to voice out your opinions. Then, you are able to share your shopping experience as well. You may let the customer service know your suggestions or complaints about them. You can share your feedbacks in details. There will not be character limits if you use your own papers, right? Besides, you can use this way to start your business partnership with Kohls. It means you can send your business letters to the corporate address of Kohls. Just send your letters to the following address:

North 56 West 17000 Ridgewood Dr

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, 53051

The United States

  1. By phone

You are able to get fast responses from the customer service of Kohl’s stores. The representatives will help you as soon as possible. Hence, you should know Kohls customer service phone number first before you contact them. Moreover, Kohl’s has several numbers for different issues. You can choose the right number based on your own needs. These are the numbers:

  • Customer service

You can dial (855) 564-5705 if you want to make orders via phone. This number is also beneficial for return, shipping, and tracking issues. Besides, this is a toll-free number. It means you do not have to pay for calling the customer service of Kohls. It will not matter how many times you call the customer service, it is free for you.

  • Corporate office

If you want to contact the corporate office, the number is (262) 703-7000.

  • Kohl’s Charge issues

If you have found issues with the charge of Kohl’s, you can dial (855) 564-5748.

  • Kohl’s Yes2You

Yes2You reward is a beneficial program from Kohls. In case you find problems with this reward program, you can contact (855) 564-5751.

  1. Through social media

Social media is the most convenient way to contact the customer service of Kohl’s stores. You just have to be on the same social media platforms with Kohl’s accounts. If you have been on the same platforms, you can share your feedbacks very easily. Besides, you will get more advantages if you follow the social media accounts of Kohl’s stores. You can get the most updated promotions from Kohls. You can see the newest deals and discounts from Kohl’s stores as well. You just have to follow the official accounts of Kohls. You can use the following links to follow Kohl’s accounts:

  • Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/kohls
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/kohls
  • Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/kohls/
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kohls/
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kohls
  • Google+: https://plus.google.com/+kohls

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