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If you really concerned about health care, Kinnser login portal may not sound brand new for you. However, you perhaps do not understand much about this portal. Well, if you are eager to use Kinnser home health login portal, you should have an account on this portal. it is because the portal is a way for you to get the benefits from Kinnser health care products. In case you do not know, Kinnser is a company which offers software products specialized in medical and health care. A lot of agencies working in health fields have used Kinnser products due to its advanced technologies for health solutions.

Now, you can complete your insights about Kinnser software portal by reading this article. We have provided great information about Kinnser products for you. besides, you can understand the steps that you should take to log in and reset the password on Kinnser software portal. happy reading.

kinnser wellsky website
kinnser wellsky website

About Kinnser Software Products

Kinnser has created beneficial software products using the most sophisticated technology. Health agencies have been putting their trust in Kinnser software products to improve business, profits, communications, and care for patients. Besides, Kinnser has made its products easy to use and free hosting fees. Also, everyone is able to access Kinnser products for 24 hours a week through any devices. Well, here is more explanations about Kinnser software products.

kinnser login
kinnser login steps
  1. Home Health

Kinnser Agency Manager® is a home health software from Kinnser company. Customers just need to visit kinnser home health login portal if they are going to get the benefits from Kinnser Agency Manager®. The features that you can find on this software are:

  • Intake & Scheduling

This feature will help users to get the maximum intake, do some checks, and view calendar.

  • Delivery of Care

Users may get charting solutions that will give priority care for patients.

  • Quality Assurance

Staff members may improve business with quality assurance.

  • Filing Claims

Because the claim process is fast, health agencies can provide optimum care for patients and also increase the agencies’ profits.

  • Financial Reporting

The report will assist the users to analyze, check, and improve the agencies’ business.

  1. Hospice

Kinnser Hospice® is a Kinnser software product for hospices. This product is a teamwork result between Kinnser and hospice consultants. Customers can expect comprehensive and integrated health solutions from this software. What you may explore from Kinnser Hospice® is:

  • Intake & Scheduling

Kinnser Hospice® software can make health agencies gain intake with helpful scheduling.

  • Delivery of Care

With great care delivery, agencies can offers solutions for patients without a doubt.

  • Kinnser Smart QAPI™

This feature will enable the users to track important matters for health agencies. Besides, Kinnser Smart QAPI can provide quality data which will be a benefit for agencies.

  • Filing Claims

Agencies will not need too much time for the claim cycle as this software will make the cycle short. This means Medicare and Managed Care patients may get better assistance.

  • Financial Reporting

Users can use the financial reporting feature to conduct analysis and assessment that can be used to bring out the best improvement to business agencies.

  1. Home Care

Kinnser ADL® is one of Kinnser software products. The purpose of creating this software is to give solutions fo agencies which provide private home care. This innovation has been helping a lot of people with t. As a convenient product, Kinnser ADL® offers easiness to its users because it has several features, such as:

  • Complete Mobility

If you use this software, you may handle your agencies 24 hours every day. This way, you will be able to stay away from stress and save your precious time.

  • Scheduling and Operations

With this feature, patients will get proper care and it will improve their satisfaction with your agencies. Besides, this software may enhance the communication qualities of patients and agencies.

  • Real-Time Messaging

With real-time messaging, agencies will be able to give quality care properly. Thus, patients families and agencies can improve communications without any difficulties.

  • Agency Growth

Health agencies can improve their business with some information provided by Kinnser ADL® software.

Ways to Access Kinnser software Portal

There are 3 possible ways for you to access Kinnser software. It is up to which way that you are going to utilize. Just make sure you know how to maximize each option when you want to use Kinnser software Portal. of course, all of the versions will require you to connect your device to the internet.

  1. Desktop Website

You can access Kinnser desktop website if you use a laptop or a personal computer. This version will show the most outstanding quality of the portal. so, you can explore your account on Kinnser net login portal without any regrets.

  1. Mobile device

The mobile device version of Kinnser software portal is reachable from any smartphones or tablets. You can always log in to your account through the browser installed on your mobile device. this version is quite the same as the desktop website. What makes both versions different is only the display size.

  1. Mobile App

Kinnser software portal has launched its mobile app version named WellSky HHH Offline. You can use this mobile app to do any tasks related to Kinser portal. For example, you may log in to your account, view schedules every day, save documents, review information, etc. This mobile app is available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

The Prerequisites of Kinnser login process

You will have to prepare some prerequisites before you can log in to your Kinnser software account. Just be certain that the prerequisites are in good condition when you want to use them. This way, they are able to help you experience a smooth login process. Besides, quality prerequisites will keep you away from any technical difficulties. All things that you need to prepare on www Kinnser net login portal are:

  1. Account information

The account information of Kinnser software account needed for the login steps is a username with a password. You do not need to create the username or the password by yourself as the administrator of your health agency will make it for you. You can receive your username and the password before you start the steps to log in to your Kinnser account.

  1. A device

You may use any affordable device that you have to access the Kinnser software login portal. it can be a laptop, a personal computer, a smartphone, or a laptop. Because Kinnser portal is available in several versions, it means you may use a device of your preference based on your conditions.

  1. The internet connection

Kinnser software portal is a kind of online platform. Thus, you must have an internet connection before you use the portal. Unless you have installed Kinnser mobile app, it is impossible to run the Kinnser software portal online. you can use a fast and stable connection if you do not want to get any errors during the login process.

How to Take Kinnser login Steps

Do you need to know how to take Kinnser to sign in steps? You do not need to feel confused as the steps needed here are simple. No wonder, you can finish doing all the steps within a minute only if your prerequisites can show the best performance. Now, look at the following instructions to understand more about the login steps of Kinnser software account.

  1. Go to Kinnser Software portal

First, you should go to the official portal of Kinnser Software. The portal address is if you have reached the portal, you will see the portal address change into Besides, it is also possible for you to reach the login page through Kinnser com login portal. If you are on, you may click the Login button on the top left corner of the home page. After that, you will get directed to

  1. Provide username

Second, you must provide the username of your Kinnser software account. this is the username that you have received from the administrator of your Kinnser software. you can type your username in the upper field of the login section.

  1. Enter the password

Third, you can enter the password in the lower field. make sure you type in the correct password. Otherwise, you will not be able to enter your Kinnser software account. as like your username, you can get this password from the administrator.

  1. Click log in

Finally, you can log in by clicking the log in button under the password field. the login request is successful if the page is able to load your Kinnser software account. it means you will be able to enter your account after you have clicked the button. Now, you can enjoy exploring the features provided on your Kinnser software account.

A guideline to Reset Password of Kinnser Account

It can be annoying when you cannot remember your password in times you need. Or, your Kinnser account is locked accidentally when you are trying to enter your account on Kinnser software portal. if those bad things happen to you, you do not need to be panic because we have provided a simple guideline to solve your problems. Moreover, you can take advantage of the guideline to get a new password in case you want your account on Kinnser net login to become more secure.

  1. Go to Kinnser Software portal

Firstly, you must visit the Kinnser Software portal at You should be on this portal if you want to reset your Kinnser password.

  1. Click Forgot Password

Secondly, you can just focus on the login section of Kinnser software portal. Then, you can click a link of Forgot Password or Unlock Account. This link will bring you to another page where you should be able to identify your Kinnser software account.

  1. Identify yourself

Thirdly, you should identify yourself by providing some information, such as your account username and email address. You should give your email address as the administrator will send your password via email later. After you have filled in the username and email address, you can click Continue button. It will take you to another page to verify your account.

  1. Verify account

Fourthly, you need to verify your Kinnser software account by answering security questions. This step will apply to you if you have set security questions for your Kinnser software account. Otherwise, you can just skip this step.

  1. Check email

Fifthly, you have to check your email account. you will get the link for resetting your password there. If you click it, you will be able to view the page for resetting the password.

  1. Create a new password

Lastly, you will get a chance to create your new password. if you need to make a strong password, you should combine uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols. The password should be 8 characters at least.

How to Contact Kinnser Support Center

In case you have found issues with Kinnser software products, you can just let Kinnser support center know about it all. This way, they can help you solve the problems. You may contact the Kinnser team from Monday to Friday at 07.00 a.m. until 07.00 p.m. Central Time. There are 2 easy ways to reach Kinnser support center, such as:

  1. Email

You are able to send email to Kinnser if you need to explain the issues that you have found in details without a hurry. This means, there are no character limits as you only have to use your personal email account. Then, you can wait for the replies from Kinnser support center. You may send your messages based on the type of Kinnser products to the following email address.

  1. Phone

Kinnser support center also has a phone number that you can reach working hours. You can use this way if you need urgent help from Kinnser about the product that you are using now. To talk to the support center, you can just dial 877 399 6538.


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