KFC Experience Survey – MyKFCExperience Survey Steps at Glance


KFC experience survey is a survey platform for KFC customers. You can take this survey to share your visit experience at KFC. You can tell if you feel happy with what you get from KFC. You can say what makes you feel satisfied with your visit to KFC restaurant. in the other hand, you can use this survey platform to voice out what has been very disturbing for you when you dine in at KFC. All your feedbacks matter for this chicken restaurant. Hence, KFC needs you to inform your experience through this experience survey.

If you want to get a KFC coupon for free, you can take KFC customer survey after you have got a purchase receipt from KFC. As you know, you will receive a receipt after you have made a transaction at KFC. Then, you may use the information on the receipt to take part in the KFC feedback survey. there is a validation code that you can use to create your own KFC coupon. In case you need more information about myKFCexperience, enjoy the review in this article.

kfc go cup as kfc survey reward

kfc go cup as kfc survey reward

About KFC

KFC is an international chicken restaurant chain. KF itself is an abbreviation of Kentucky Fried Chicken. No wonder, chicken has been the main dishes at this restaurant for so many years. For your information, KFC began in 1930 when Colonel Harland Sanders founded the secret recipe of this popular KFC chicken. He had the first KFC location in North Corbin, Kentucky. But, the headquarters is in Louisville, Kentucky now. This year, KFC has opened over 20.000 locations in 125 different countries worldwide.

When you hear of KFC, you may think this restaurant only serves fried chickens. Well, KFC is more than that. Even though KFC is well-known with its huge bucket of fried chickens, you may feel more satisfied when you visit this restaurant as you can order more menu items, such as sandwiches, classic foods, side foods, desserts, cold drinks, and sauces. Besides, you can enjoy special menu items like combo meals and 5$ meals. You may enjoy all those dishes for dining in, carry out, drive thru, or catering.

Rules of KFC experience survey

There are some rules that you must understand before you take part in KFC customer survey. This is the explanation about the survey rules.

  1. Participants

To be a participant of KFC customer survey, you may need to know some conditions that will make you eligible to take it or not.

  • Age

There is no minimum age to take part in the KFC customer survey. However, if you have not reached the age of the majority in your state, you’d better ask for your parent’s or legal guardian’s permission before you take the survey.

  • Residential status

All legal resident of the United States can take this KFC customer survey. But, this survey is void where it is prohibited.

  • KFC customers
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If you are a customer of KFC restaurant, you can take this survey after you have got a KFC purchase receipt in your hand.

  1. Methods

There is only one method to take part in this customer survey. It means you cannot use other ways to take KFC customer survey. You must participate in it online on KFC survey website. Thus, you need a purchase receipt before you start this survey. You will use the receipt information or a survey information code to enter the survey question pages. For your information, the survey receipt is valid for 7 days since the date of your receipt. Make sure, you visit the survey website when the receipt is still valid.

  1. Rewards

As the reward, KFC customer survey will grant you a survey validation code after the survey completion. You may use this validation code to form your coupon. This is a list of information you need about KFC survey coupon.

  • This coupon will be valid for once within 30 days after the receipt date.
  • You can redeem the coupon with an offer printed on your purchase receipt.
  • The offer may require you to make purchases before you redeem it.
  • The redemption is valid only at the KFC location where you receive the purchase receipt.
  • You cannot use this survey coupon with other offers from KFC.

Steps to Take KFC experience survey

Before you participate in the KFC customer survey, you can prepare some prerequisites to support the survey process. For example, you can start if from a valid purchase receipt, a device, a compatible browser, the internet connection, and a pen. Then, you can learn the survey steps in this section. Well, there are several steps that you should take in MyKFCexperience survey. This survey will only need you to spare about 5 minutes. You can follow the steps below to participate in the survey.

  1. Go to www.MyKFCexperience.com

First, you must go to KFC survey website at www.MyKFCexperience.com. on this website, you can see a receipt example with some blank fields.

  1. Select a language

Second, you can select a language you want. Basically, this survey website uses English. But, you may use Spanish if you want. you can click Español button if you prefer using Spanish to take the customer survey.

  1. Enter Receipt Information

Third, you may enter the information needed on the survey website. You may get the information from the receipt.

  • With a survey code

You may use the receipt information below if you have got a survey invitation on your receipt.

  • A survey code

This survey invitation code consists of 17 digits. You may find this in the invitation section on the receipt.

  • Visit time

You can find the information about your visit time from your KFC purchase receipt.

  • Without a survey code

It is possible for you to take the survey without a survey invitation code. KFC customer website has provided a button to “Click here”. The button will take you to another home page of KFC website. You can just provide some information below.

  • Store number
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This number is on the top part of KFC purchase receipt. However, another receipt type has it on the middle part of the receipt. You’d better look at the receipt example to locate the store number.

  • Visit date

You can specify the date your visit including the month and the year.

  • Visit time

This is the time when you visit the KFC restaurant. You can find it on the receipt.

  • Ticket number

You will find this ticket number in the middle of the receipt. You may find it with a hashtag (#) sign or not.

If all receipt information is complete, you may click the Start button. After you click this button, you will be able to view the question pages.

  1. Answer KFC customer survey questions

Fourth, you will be able to read some questions on the website of KFC customer survey. you may need to rate some statements there. Then, you can give your elaboration about your visit experience at KFC restaurant. Here is a glance about the topics of KFC survey questions.

  • satisfaction level in general,
  • visit type,
  • qualities of KFC dishes,
  • food availability,
  • restaurant amenities,
  • service speed,
  • frequency to visit KFC,
  • and some more questions.
  1. Answer classification questions

Fifth, you have to respond to some questions about for classification aim. The questions are about:

  • gender,
  • age,
  • number of kids,
  • annual income,
  • and ethnic background

then, you can click Next button to go to the last page.

  1. Write down the validation code

Finally, a validation code from the KFC experience survey will show up. You can write it down on the receipt. so, you can make the code as your KFC coupon. After that, you can redeem it to KFC restaurant to take the survey reward.

KFC experience survey

KFC experience survey to get KFC coupons

Tips to Get KFC coupons

KFC restaurant will not fail to make you happy. It is because you can receive coupons to enjoy tasty meals at KFC without spending too much cash. Make sure you try the following tips to get KFC coupons below.

  1. Take Part in KFC customer survey

All participants of the KFC customer survey will get a validation code at the end of the survey. This code can be a coupon code that you can use to redeem the survey prize at KFC location.

  1. Join The Colonel’s Club

The Colonel’s Club is an interesting program from KFC. You are not a fried chicken lover if you have not joined this eClub. It is because this club will give you a lot of opportunities to get coupons. Besides, you can be the first person to know about KFC deals from this Club.

  1. Visit KFC Local Restaurants

Several KFC locations offer discount coupons on special occasions. Moreover, the discount coupons are also available for military personnel and seniors. So, make sure you visit the nearest KFC location to find information about KFC coupons.

  1. Find Deal Sites

You do not need to put too many efforts if you want to get KFC coupons from online deal sites. It is because there are a lot of sites that offer you such coupons on the internet. Further, the deal sites may offer you promo codes as well.

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A Guideline to Join The Colonel’s Club

It would be fun if you can join The Colonel’s Club. KFC has made this club to satisfy all chicken lovers everywhere. You must not miss this club it can give you some interesting benefits, such as:

  • exclusive offers by email regularly,
  • special deals information by email,
  • delivery launch announcement,
  • and KFC rewards.

if you are eager  to enjoy the benefits above, you can register yourself to this club using the simple steps below.

  1. Go to www.KFC.com

Firstly, you should go to www.KFC.com as the registration is only available on KFC official website.

  1. Click Navigation button

Secondly, you can click a navigation button. It is on the top left part of the website. This button will show a drop-down list.

  1. Select The Colonel’s Club

Thirdly, you may select The Colonel’s Club. This option will take you to a club registration page. You will find a form to sign up on this page.

  1. Complete registration form

Fourthly, you should fill in the registration form with your contact details. You may complete it with your first name, last name, email address, and ZIP code.

  1. Submit

Finally, you can submit the form. Then, you can get ready for the benefits from The Colonel’s Club.

How to find KFC near me

Are you eager to get KFC delicious dishes very soon? Do not worry. We have the provided some easy ways for you to find the nearest location of KFC restaurant. You just need to prepare the internet connection before you try the following methods.

  1. KFC Restaurant Locator

You are able to use KFC Restaurant Locator in some simple steps below.

  • Go to www.KFC.com

First, you must go to the official website of KFC at www.KFC.com.

  • Find A KFC Near You

Second, you Find A KFC Near You by clicking a button on the lower part of the website. Then, the Restaurant Locator on the website will appear for you.

  • Enter location information

Third, you can enter the information related to the KFC location. You can use a ZIP code or a city name in the provided field.

  • Add filters

Fourth, you can have some filters before you start searching for the location. The filters can be catering, WiFi, or buffet.

  • Press the Enter button

Lastly, you can begin the searching process by clicking the Enter button on your device keyboard.

KFC Restaurant Locator is able to be your source of restaurant location, restaurant hours, phone number, distance, and restaurant facilities. Moreover, you may use a map on the locator to find the ways to get there.

  1. Search Engine

If you prefer using a search engine, it means you need to have a browse in your device. This browser will provide you a search field that you can fill in with keywords about your preferred restaurant location. This method may only take a few seconds until you get the result.

That’s the easy way to get KFC coupons. You just need to take part in KFC survey. If you want to find out more about how to get KFC deals, you can click HERE.

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