Jewel Survey – Complete Jewel Osco Survey to Win $100

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Did you know that your receipt from Jewel Osco store can be the door of your luck? It is true. When you finish shopping for your grocery at Jewel Osco store, you should pay it all, right? Once you have cleared the payment of your purchases, you will receive a purchase receipt from the cashier of Jewel Osco. If you notice it, you will find a Jewel Survey invitation printed on your receipt. It will inform you to visit If you visit this website address, you will a set of Jewel Survey questions. When you have finished answering questions of the customer survey, you may get a chance to enter Jewel Survey sweepstakes.

Moreover, Jewel Survey gives you more than just a reward. if you take this customer satisfaction survey, will get a chance to help this supermarket to be better. It is because Jewel Osco store holds this customer survey to measure the satisfaction level of its customers. If Jewel-Oscosurvey result shows that customers are happy to do their grocery shopping at Jewel Osco store, it means the store is successful to bring satisfaction to the customers. But, it is very common that not all customers may have the same satisfaction level. Some other cistomers may feel that Jewel Osco store is disappointing. Perhaps they get difficulties when they shop at Jewel Osco store. So, Jewel Survey lets those customers share their visit experience at the supermarket. This way, the management team of Jewel Osco store will find the best solution to fix the problems as soon as they can.

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jewel-osco survey
jewel-osco survey is accessed from

Prerequisites of Jewel Survey

It is necessary to prepare Jewel Survey prerequisites before you start the survey. if you do not know what to prepare, you can keep on reading this article. Make sure you can have these things ready.

  1. Jewel Osco purchase receipt

You will need this purchase receipt so much. It is because this receipt has a Jewel Survey invitation code. Hence, you should use the recent receipt from Jewel Osco store. if you used the old one, chances are the survey invitation code is not valid anymore. Besides, you will need the date and time of your purchase payment at Jewel Osco store.

  1. A device

There are no strict rules about the device. This means you are free to use which device can be the most affordable for you. You may use a laptop, a tablet, a personal computer, or a smartphone. Do not forget to install a compatible browser in your device. Your browser will help you reach Jewel Survey website.

  1. The internet connection

You must provide the internet connection because Jewel Survey is an online survey platform. Make sure you can prepare a stable connection. So, you can minimize network errors caused by the slow connection.

  1. English ability

Jewel Survey only provides English to do the survey. But, you do not need to worry because it will only use Basic English.

Steps to take part in Jewel Survey

After all prerequisites of Jewel Osco survey are ready, you can start your survey now. This survey will not take too much time. You can spare only 5 minutes to finish all of the Jewel Survey steps. In case you do not know how to do it, you can use the following instruction as your guideline. We have summarized a simple procedure to take part in Jewel Survey for you.

jewel survey
jewel survey guideline
  1. Go to

First, you should go to the official website of Jewel Survey. it is available at Once you have reached this survey page, you do not need to get panic if you see the address change into This means you are on the right place. Then, it is not necessary for you to select a language. You can just do the next step.

  1. Enter Jewel Survey code

Second, you should enter the Jewel Survey invitation code. You can locate this code on your purchase receipt. it has 14 digits in length. Besides, you also have to fill in the receipt details, such as the date and time of your transaction. If you confuse how to enter the code, you may view the receipt example on the survey page.

  1. Provide email address

Third, you should provide your email address on this page. Jewel Survey has put an email field under the survey code field. Without the email address, you may not be able to continue the survey. If you have done this step, you can click next button.

  1. Answer Jewel Survey questions

Fourth, you can answer some short questions. The questions will require you to recall your latest visit experience at Jewel Osco store. The questions will ask about your satisfaction level for shopping at Jewel Osco, the departments which you visited, product qualities, friendliness of the employee, the store arrangement, your payment amount, and many more.

  1. Answer classification questions

Fifth, you will get some more questions. These questions are only for classification purpose. You may answer about your age and gender.

  1. Submit survey

Sixth, you can submit your responses to Jewel Survey. If you are lucky, you will get a chance to submit Jewel Survey sweepstakes entry as well. In certain sweepstakes period, Jewel Survey will allow you to enter its sweepstakes. if you can win it, you will receive a gift card worth $100.

About Jewel Osco

Well, you may need a little review about Jewel store. Jewel Osco or what we know as Jewel is a company which operates Jewel Osco supermarket chain. This business began when Frank Vernon Skiff had a delivery service in 1899. Mr. Skiff offered coffee as its specialty door to door in Chicago, Illinois. Then, he built Jewel Tea Company in 1902 with Frank P. Ross, his brother in law. A year later, they could have 6 routes. And in 1915, they owned 850 routes of Jewel Tea. Next, this company expanded the business with some grocery stores a few years later. Acquisitions and some financial issues were parts of this business journey. Today, there are 187 locations of Jewel locations which you can find in the United States. You can do your grocery shopping at this supermarket. Besides, you may visit its pharmacy stores in certain Jewel location.

About Jewel Store Hour

You may want to visit the Jewel Grocery Store after your office time. But, you should make sure if this store is still open when you come to the location. To make it clearer, you can look at the following timetable.

Monday6 am - 12 am
Thuesday6 am - 12 am
Wednesday6 am - 12 am
Thursday6 am - 12 am
Friday6 am - 12 am
Saturday6 am - 12 am
Sunday7 am - 9 pm

The timetable above shows Jewel Osco Store Hour. This is the normal store hours. It means there are several locations using different store hours due to different states and seasons. Moreover, the timetable may help you to answer these questions.

  • Is Jewel Osco Store open today?

Yes, it is. You can use the Store Hour timetable above to plan your visit to Jewel Osco Store.

  • What time does Jewel Osco Store open?

Jewel Osco is open at 06.00 a.m. on Monday to Saturday. But, it will be open at 07.00 a.m. Other Jewel locations may be open at 06.00 until midnight every day.

  • What time does Jewel Osco Store close?

The store will be closed at 12 a.m. on Monday to Saturday. And several locations will be closed earlier on Saturday. Also, it will be different on Sunday because the duration will be shorter. It will be close at 09.00 p.m. on Sunday.

How to Find Jewel Osco store near me

Do you not know the locations of Jewel Osco store? It is easy. You can find the information about the locations using the smart ways below.

  1. Jewel Osco Store Locator

This store locator is available on the Jewel Osco official website. You can do these simple steps to use the Jewel Osco Store Locator.

  • Visit

First, you should reach the Jewel Osco website. The website address is You can find the store locator here.

  • Fill in the location detail

Second, you can fill in the location details on the available locator field. It is on the top part of the page. You may enter the ZIP code. Or, you can use a city name.

  • Click Go

Third, you can click the Go button. If you click it, you will see another page show up. This page will show the search result of the store locator.

Those are 3 steps to use Jewel Osco Store Locator. if you have found the search result, you will see some beneficial information. You may view Jewel Osco location address, the store phone number, store hours, holiday hours, and store details. Also, there is the map to help you find the location. If you do not know how to reach it, you can use the feature to get directions. Besides, some locations may give the details about Jewel Osco Pharmacy hours.

  1. Jewel Osco Mobile App

You may use the Jewel Osco Mobile App to find the locations of the Jewel Osco store. You can download this mobile app from the Apple App store or Google Play store. moreover, this mobile app will help you to do some more things. You can manage your saving plan, you can make your shopping list and many others.

  1. Search Engine

If you want to use a Search engine, you can just launch your browser. Then, you can fill in the searching field with some keywords. You may type Jewels near me there. Next, you will see the result in a few seconds. Besides, you use this method to search for the information about Jewel Survey.

How to Contact Customer Support of Jewel Osco Store

If you find difficulties when you are doing your grocery shopping, you can inform Jewel Osco Store about what you have experienced. Hence, the management team will help you solve your awful experience. To handle disappointed customers, Jewel Osco Store has provided a customer support. This service consists of professional representatives who will respond to your feedback. Besides, you may contact the customer support representatives to give your complaints, compliments, or your suggestions for the improvement of Jewel Osco Store. Moreover, you may give inquiries about the store hours of Jewel Osco. Also, you can reach this service to ask about the nearest Jewel Osco location to your place.

If you are eager to contact Jewel Osco Customer Service, you may do the following ways.

  1. By website

You may share your feedback by the website. You can just visit This address will take you to the official website of Jewel Osco store. Then, you can go to the Customer Support page. On this page, you will need to fill in an online feedback form. The online form is available for several purposes, such as for comments & questions, employment, and investor relation. Because you visit it for sharing your feedback, you can select the form for Jewel Osco comments & questions.

  1. By mailing

Jewel Osco also provides an offline way for its customers. You can take advantage of this method to share your visit experience at Jewel Osco store. It will not take too many prerequisites because you can just prepare some pieces of paper and a pen. If it is possible for you, you can type and print out your letters. Next, you can put the letters in an envelope. After that, submit your letters to the address below:

Customer Support Center

  1. S. 10501, PO Box 29093

Phoenix, Arizona, 85038

The United States

If you need to send your letters for Press and Media purposes, you may send them to the following address:

Public Affairs Department

150 E Pierce Rd

Itasca, Illinois, 60143

The United States

  1. By phone

If you want fast responses from Jewel Osco Customer Support, you can contact the representatives by phone. This way, you will get immediate assistance from Jewel Osco. Besides, you can use this method to give valid information about Jewel Osco store hours and the locations.

There are several phone numbers available to contact Jewel Osco Store. You may dial one which is suitable with your matters

  • 877 276 9637 is for talking about Retail Store or Corporate,
  • 630 948 6000 is for non-media inquiries,
  • 1 877 635 4833 is for Jewel accessibility support, and
  • 630-948-6068 or (877) 276-9637 are for Media or Press
  1. by social media

For more convenient ways, you can try to contact Jewel Osco customer support via social media. Jewel Osco has created several social media pages which can be your great source of information about this supermarket. Make sure you follow the social media pages for the newest updates and promotions from Jewel Osco store. You can visit the pages using the following links: