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Is taco your favorite food? If its true, you can visit Jack In the Box Tacos. Amazingly, you can get free Tacos. You just have to join Jack In the Box Customer Survey at Jacklistens survey website. Besides you can provide your comments. You can also gain multiple benefits. Currently, the food industry is very popular. The company strives to always improve themselves. So it can follow the customer’s wishes. They are trying to keep consumers from leaving.

Jacklistens is the right choice for you. Jacklistens is a survey portal for consumers. consumers can provide their input. You can provide negative or positive feedback. If you just made a transaction at Jack In the Box. We advise you to keep your receipts. The receipt is your chance to get free Tacos. In the Jack Survey, you must fill in some information. Required information is based on your receipt. If you have already done Jack listens Surveys, you will get a free tacos coupon. Wow. It was great!

Jacklistens survey

Jacklistens survey login at www.inmoment.com

If you still have not done a survey. Good if you read the guide do Jacklistens. We will give you easy instructions. Do not be afraid to be confused. We will be with you since the preparation. Before we start doing the preparation. Let’s find out about Jack In the Box.

How is Jack In the Box History?

Jack In the Box was founded by Robert O. Peterson. Jack In the Box was founded in 1951. The first location of Jack In the Box stands is in San Diego. The main meal at Jack In the Box is Hamburger. Since the beginning, they have been serving the Drive Thru system. In 1960 they expanded their business to Phoenix Ariz. This is the first establishment area of the branch. Jack In the Box is a subsidiary of San Diego Commissary Co. In 1968 Jack In the Box was acquired by Ralston Purina Co. When it became a subsidiary of Ralston Purina Co. They do a massive expansion. They opened more than 1000 restaurants in 1979. Currently, Jack In the Box not only offers burgers. They sell many kinds of food. you can check it on Jack In the Box website.

What are the Rules in Completing Jacklistens?

Jacklistens is a survey of Jack In the Box Restaurant. Before conducting a survey. Previously, you have to understand the rules of Jacklistens. If you complete all requirements. You can continue to do the Survey.

  1. Make sure you are old enough

Before you do Jacklistens. Make sure you are old enough. Jacklistens set age restrictions. you must be 18 years of age or older. At that age, you are held responsible for yourself. You can also answer the questions. If you are still underage. We recommend that you withdraw from Jacklistens.

  1. Check your citizenship

Are you a resident of the United States? If you are not, unfortunately, you can not do the survey. Jacklistens is a survey portal for US residents. So check your citizenship. If you are not an American. You are not eligible to do Jacklistens.

  1. What is your position in Jack In The Box Restaurant?

Do you work at Jack In The Box Restaurant? If you do, you are prohibited from following Jacklistens. Jacklistens is off limits to some people. If you are an employee of Jack In The Box Restaurant. Your opinion can be less objective. Because many factors affect your opinion. These factors can have a positive effect. Then it can also have a negative effect. Some people who are not allowed to follow Jacklistens:

  • You are an employee of Jack In The Box Restaurant
  • Then, you are a family of employees of Jack In The Box Restaurant
  • You are a business associate of Jack In The Box Restaurant
  1. Receipts
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To be able to do Jack listens survey, you must have a receipt of Jack In The Box Restaurant. So, you just have to do a transaction at Jack In The Box Restaurant. Then you will get a receipt. But, the receipt can only be used once. If you have already used a receipt on Jacklistens, so automatically you can not use it again. Then the receipt has an expiry date. Jack In The Box Restaurant receipt is only active for up to 3 days only. If more than 3 days you have not used it, then your chance to get free tacos will be lost. When this happens, you must re-transact. This is the way you get new receipts.

  1. Rewards Jacklistens

In Jacklistens you do not just do surveys. It is because they also give rewards for you. This method is a sense of appreciation to customers. Because you have taken the time to do Jacklistens. They give you 2 free Tacos. You just need to redeem your survey coupon. Then get your reward. It is easy enough, isn’t it? so are you still in doubt? if you are a wise consumer, surely you will not leave this opportunity.

In the description above we have written some rules of Jacklistens. Now decide, you will stop or continue the survey. If you have not qualified, you can try it next time. Besides, you can ask your parents and relatives for a Jack Survey. After knowing the rules of Jacklistens, let’s continue to prepare for the survey.

What should I prepare for Jacklistens?

Before you complete Jacklistens, you have to prepare some things. Then, it will facilitate your survey. We do not want you to have any problems during the survey. So, pay attention to our instructions. Then prepare whatever is required.

  1. Legitimate receipts

First of all, you must have a valid receipt. Then, make sure your receipt is still valid. Also, make sure that the receipt has not been used yet. The next, make sure your new receipt in the last 3 days. In the Jack listens survey, you have to fill in some information. The information is stated on your receipt. No doubt, the receipt is the most necessary item to do the survey.

  1. Device to do Jacklistens

Jacklistens is basically an online survey. If you want to survey. You must enter the website. You can use any device. The ideal device in our opinion is a computer or laptop. Then you can also use your phone or  tablet. You should compare the advantages of both devices. If you choose a laptop or computer. Both devices have a large screen display. You will find it easier to read survey questions. Then the risk of mistaking the button becomes smaller. Then if you want a practical device. We advise you to use Mobile or tablet. But you have to be more careful. because the risk of error becomes greater.

  1. Internet connection to access Jacklistens web survey

In Jack survey you must provide internet connection. The device you use must be connected  to the internet. So you can access the website. You can choose any provider. Make your choices wisely. Consider the internet signal provided. Then consider support on your location. Sometimes if your location is too far away. Internet service will not be available at your location. if internet service is smooth. It will make it easier for you to survey. We do not want you to experience any disruptions during the survey. So prepare your internet well.

  1. English and Spanish Language Abilities

Jack In The Box Restaurant is an American restaurant. So the default language used is English. On the first page of the survey, you can set the language. Languages provided on Jacklistens are English and Spanish. If you are confident with your English skills. You do not need to make any arrangements. But if your Spanish is better. You can set up to Spanish. This language setting affects survey questions. Survey questions are displayed according to the language you choose.

We’ve told you preparation before the survey. Now you are ready to do the survey. It’s time for you to survey. Let’s start!

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How to Complete Jack listens Survey?

We’ve already told you about Jacklistens rules. Then we have helped you prepare for survey needs. Now you are ready to do the survey. Jacklistens can be accessed through www.jacklistens.com survey. There you can assess Jack In the Box Restaurant. Companies need your advice for their development. Your opinion will affect their progress. Increasing competition requires them to always improve. Here are the steps to do Jack listens Survey:


jacklistens survey guideline

  1. Visit Jacklistens website

Because Jacklistens is an online survey portal. The first step you should do is visit Jacklistens.com. you just need to write the address www.jacklistens.com on your search engine. Then press “enter” or search “. Then your search engine will direct you to the website. Make sure your internet is well connected. If your internet signal is good. So your survey will also be easier.

  1. Set language settings

The second step you need to do is set the language. Know yourself. Choose the language that best suits you. On the first page, you have to select the language. Available languages are English and Spanish. Press the language button according to your choice. Then the survey will be available according to the language you choose. If you are still having trouble. Ask the person closest to you.

  1. Enter the passcode on the receipt

On the next page, you must enter the survey code. You only need to prepare your receipts. the survey code is written on your receipt. if you are still confused to identify the location of the survey code. You can see next to the survey code column. There are examples of receipt images and survey codes. Survey Code Jack In the Box consists of 14 characters. Check back the survey code you have written. If you are sure is correct. You can move on to the next step.

  1. Enter the location where you made the transaction

Next, you need to enter location information. The location in question is the location where you make a transaction. You have to recall, the outlet you visit. Check back your answer. if you are sure, click on the “yes” button.

  1. Enter information about the date and time of visit

The next step is to fill in the time and date of the visit. If you forget when you visited. You just have to look at your receipts. On the receipt was already written time and date of visiting. Check back your answer. if you are sure is correct. You can move on to the next step.

  1. Select the section you want to give an opinion

When you visit Jack In the Box Restaurant. You can choose the type of service you want. For example you want to buy food to take home. Then you want to eat on the spot. Or you do Drive-Thru service. In this section, you must select the service you have received.

  1. Do a the Survey

Now it’s time to do a survey. You must answer the questions provided. Questions given about restaurant service. All questions are simple questions. You need not be afraid of trouble. You just need to recall your experience. that is your last experience while visiting Jack In the Box. you may give a positive or negative comment. It all depends on what your experience. Some sections you may be able to review:

  • Hospitality officers
  • Speed of service
  • The food menu is served
  • The price of the food
  • Cleanliness of the place to eat
  • Facilities available

Then you will provide scaled assessments. This assessment is about your satisfaction of getting service. If you have finished replying. Check back your answer. make sure no one missed.

  1. Write the validation code

After you finish the survey. Next, you will get a validation code. The validation code will appear on your screen. write down the validation code on your receipt. now you have a coupon code. Now you are getting closer to your reward. the next step is to visit the nearest outlet. Then do the transaction. Show your coupon to the officer. Then you will get free 2 tacos. Congratulation! A few things to note related to gift certificates:

  • Time to redeem gift vouchers.
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You can redeem the prize in one week. If you exceed one week. If you exceed one week. So your coupon can not be used. This means the opportunity to get free tacos will be lost.

  • You can not redeem the gift.

On the Jack listens survey. The prize offered is free of charge Jack In the Box tacos. You can not redeem prizes with other menus.

  • Coupon only applies to one person.

In this case, the coupon only applies to one person. You may not copy or duplicate your coupon. You better avoid the cheating behavior. Because this will hurt you.

  • Coupons should not be given to others.

Usually when you redeem a coupon. The assignee will check your identity. they want to make sure you are a legitimate voucher picker.

How can I contact Jack In the Box Customer Service?

You are a customer of Jack In the Box Restaurant. But you do not have a receipt. Then you are also not a citizen of the United States. You can still give your comment to them. The way that can be used is to contact customer service. You can connect by phone, email. Then you can also take advantage of social media. In addition to communicating with customers. They use social media for product promotion. Then they also include other interesting offers. Some ways you contact Jack In the Box:

  1. Jack In the Box Phone Number

Do you have an urgent problem? if true, you can use the phone. With the phone you can submit your complaint. you can also ask them. You do not have to wait for an answer. Because you will be directly responded by the officer. So if you have an urgent problem. we suggest you use the phone. However you should pay attention to hours of operation. They serve you on Monday until Wednesday. Then the service time is from 5 am to 9 pm. Below is Jack In the Box phone number:


  1. Send a letter to Jack In the Box

The second way you can use is by sending a letter. So, you can write your complaint or appreciation. But, the weaknesses of sending a letter usage include:

  • You can not express your emotions
  • Moreover, you need time to get a reply
  • Besides, you do not know your letter has been read or unread.
  • Then, you have to shell out costs to send mail
  • In addition, you must send a letter to the post office

Below is the address of Jack In the Box:

Guest Relation 9330 Balboa Ave, San Diego,

Jack in the Box Inc.

  1. Leave a message on the Jack In the Box website

If you do not want to send an email, you can also visit the website. There you can leave a message. You just need to click on the contact us menu. Then, it will automatically display the message field. Here are the steps to leave a message on the website:

  • Select the section you want to comment on
  • Enter your comment. you can write your comment in 600 characters.
  • You must fill in your first name and last name
  • You must fill in your residential address
  • Then you are asked to fill in an email address
  • Finally you are asked to fill in the phone number
  • If you have filled it all up then click on “send it” button
  1. Social Media Jack In the Box

Now using the phone as a necessity. You can not separate it with your mobile phone. in addition to the use of social media is also highly developed. You can choose between many types of social media. Jack In the Box also equips himself with social media. This is a form of Jack’s to keep up with the times. You can connect with them using social media. Below are some of JIB’s social media:

  • Snap chat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/jackinthebox
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jackinthebox/
  • Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/jackinthebox?_rdc=1&_rdr
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/JackBox
  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/jackinthebox

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