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Do you want to get a free coupon from Jack in the Box? This will happen if you spare your time to take part in Jack in the Box Guest Satisfaction Survey. You can check your recent Jack in the Box purchase receipt to find if you get an invitation to take Jack in the Box survey or not. If there is an invitation printed on it, you need to follow the instructions given by the survey. You can visit the jacklistens com survey website. Then, there will be several survey questions that you have to answer there. This will be a good chance to share your honest opinion about Jack in the Box. You may use this survey platform to share your feedbacks based on your visit experience at this fast food restaurant. When the survey process is over, you will get a validation code to form a coupon.

Now, you can add your information about the Jacklistens survey by reading this article. Moreover, there are some tips to save your dollars whenever you visit Jack in the Box for you. Also, more beneficial things about Jack in the Box will be so interesting to know. Happy reading!

jacklistens free jumbo jack

jacklistens free jumbo jack

About Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box is a chain of fast-food restaurant in the United States. The corporate office is located in San Diego, California. Robert Oscar Peterson had his first restaurant as Topsy’s Drive-In in 1941. Then, he changed the restaurant name into Jack in the Box in 1951. He started to focus on the hamburger as the specialty of this restaurant. Even though hamburgers have been the signature dish of Jack in the Box, this restaurant is also popular with its tacos. In addition, there are more menu items to order at Jack in the Box, such as sandwiches, french fries, salads, chicken tenders, breakfast, soft drinks, and many more.

Today, Jack in the Box has run more than 2200 locations in 21 states. most of the states are in the West Coast area of the United States. around 80% of the branches are company-owned, while the rest locations are franchises. With the rumors of Jack in the Box sale, this restaurant is still a favorite place to get tasty meals at affordable prices.

jack in the box survey

jack in the box survey steps

Steps to Take Part in Jack in the Box survey

There are some steps that you should know before you take part in the jacklistens web survey. even though the steps are simple, you still need to understand how this survey works. You can learn more about the survey steps below.

  1. Go to www.jacklistens.com

First, you should go to the website of Jack in the Box Guest Satisfaction Survey. the address to reach this website is www.jacklistens.com. When you have been on this website, you will be able to see 2 language options. This will be the first page of Jack in the Box Guest Satisfaction Survey that you should respond.

  1. Choose a language

Second, you can choose one of the options to set the language setting of this survey website. You may choose between English or Spanish. Just make sure you choose the language that has been familiar for you. The option that you choose will et you do the survey using the language. If you have done choosing the language, you need to click an arrow button.

  1. Enter the survey code
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Third, you must enter the code of Jack in the Box Guest Satisfaction Survey. It has 14 digits in length. You will find this survey code on your Jack in the Box purchase receipt. You can check the survey invitation section in the middle of the purchase receipt. You may find the survey code in the section. Remember that this Jack in the Box purchase receipt is only valid for 3 days after you receive it. After you type in the survey code in the provided field, you can click the arrow button to let you view the next page.

  1. Inform visit date and time

Fourth, you may inform the date and time of your recent visit to Jack in the Box restaurant location. You can use your purchase receipt to get this information. The date and time of your transaction at Jack in the Box restaurant is the information needed for this section.

  1. Answer Jack in the Box survey questions

Fifth, some questions will appear on this Jack survey website. You can answer the survey questions based on your true experience at Jack in the Box restaurant locations. You may need to give ratings for several statements. Then you are able to elaborate your feedbacks for Jack in the Box as well. The topics that may appear on the survey website are about your overall satisfaction for visiting Jack in the Box restaurant, your eagerness to make your next visit to Jack in the Box location, food qualities, prices, staffs’ friendliness, restaurant’s cleanliness, and some more questions.

  1. Write the validation code

Finally, a validation code will show up after you have finished answering all of the survey questions. You can grab your pen and Jack in the Box purchase receipt as soon as you can. Then, you may write down the validation code on your purchase receipt. There is a space on your receipt where you can write the code. Then, you can bring this receipt to Jack in the Box restaurant. You may use it as your Jack in the Box coupon. This means you can use the receipt along the jacklistens code to redeem the survey reward. When the redemption process is successful, you may enjoy Jack in the Box survey free jumbo jack. For your information, you should use this coupon as soon as possible because this coupon will be expired after 7 days of your Jack in the Box survey completion.

Tips to Save at Jack in the Box

You must want to save your cash when you are visiting Jack in the Box restaurant, right? The following tips will be helpful for you.

  1. Take Part in Jack in the Box Satisfaction Survey

It is easy to get coupons from Jack in the Box Guest Satisfaction Survey. You only have to visit the survey website at www.jacklistens.com. After that, you can answer some questions to show how satisfied you are with products and services at Jack in the Box restaurant. The rewards for this survey are validation codes. Jack in the Box survey codes is available for all survey participants. However, each Jack in the Box survey taker will receive one validation code only. You can make a coupon using this validation code. If you redeem the coupon, you can receive Jack in the Box free jumbo jack. In another period, Jack in the Box Guest Satisfaction Survey may grant you Supreme Croissant or 2 Tacos as the survey prizes.

  1. Visit the Official Website
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The website address of Jack in the Box restaurant is www.jackinthebox.com. Once you have reached this website, you will see a nice webs design. The website home page has a menu bar with a specific button that will lead you to the Offers & Stuffs page. You will get information about how to get the coupon from this page. Moreover, the home page of Jack in the Box website has a lot of information about Jack in the Box specials. You may take advantage of this information to find interesting and new menu items from Jack in the Box.

  1. Subscribe New Offers

You can also visit the website of Jack in the Box to subscribe email. There is a special page on the website that will help you subscribe. If you subscribe using an email address, you will get emails, general messages, and promotions from Jack in the Box. And if you prefer using your phone number to subscribe, you may receive 5 text messages about Jack in the Box new products and coupons every month.

  1. Go to Local Restraint

Do not hesitate to ask Jack in the Box staffs about Jack in the Box new deals and coupons at any Jack in the Box local restaurant. You may get more valid information from them. It is because some Jack in the Box locations are franchises. So, they may have their own ways to giveaway coupons and offers.

  1. Use Mobile App

Jack in the Box mobile app is available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can download this app if you have not installed it on your mobile device. When you have got this mobile app, you will receive a 15% discount for your first purchase via the mobile app. In addition, this mobile app is helpful to:

  • find the nearest Jack in the Box location,
  • browse restaurant menu,
  • place an order,
  • pay online,
  • receives exclusive offers and deals,
  • and many more things
  1. Find Deal Sites

A lot of online deal sites offer Jack in the Box coupons. you just need to find the sites using your search engine. However, you must make sure that the deal sites are safe to take the coupons.

The Procedure to Submit Feedbacks at www.jackinthebox.com

Jack in the Box also allows its customers to share their feedbacks without taking part in the Jackbox survey. If you are one of these customers, you can still send your jack in the box review with the following procedure.

  1. Go to www.jackinthebox.com

Firstly, you must go to the website of Jack in the Box restaurant. You will reach this website at www.jackinthebox.com.

  1. Click Contact Jack

Secondly, you need to click a button to Contact Jack. You will see this button on the lower navigation bar. The button will take you to the Contact page of Jack in the Box website. This page has a feedback form that will help you send your feedbacks.

  1. Complete Feedback Form

Thirdly, you can complete the feedback form with some important information. What you can provide in this feedback form is:

  • Feedback Categories
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You need to choose a feedback category based on the general topic of the feedbacks. There is a drop-down field that will show several options. You may select one of the options, such as service feedback, positive feedback, product, or Jack cash.

  • Feedback Type

Once you have decided to pick a feedback category, some feedback types will appear in the next drop-down field. the option may vary based on the feedback category that you have already chosen. For instance, the product category will bring you some options, like cold food, wrong food, packaging, and some other options. Then, a service category has some feedback types, such as restaurant, employees, service speed, etc. Next, if you have different topics for this feedback, you may add more feedback categories and feedback types.

  • Comment

If you have selected the category and type of your feedbacks, you can type in your comments. You can type it in the provided field with 600 characters maximum. With these characters, you should be able to make your feedbacks as specific as you want.

  • Restaurant Details

It is necessary to inform the details of Jack in the Box restaurant that you have visited. You’d better use your purchase receipt if you cannot remember the details. You can fill in the location information and also your visit information, including visit date and time.

  • Contact Information

You also have to give your contact information in this feedback form. The information can be useful in case the management team of Jack in the Box restaurant wants to contact you back. The contact information that you can share here is first name, last name, mailing address, phone number, and email address.

  1. Send It

After all the fields in the feedback form are complete, you may click Send it button to submit your feedback.

How to Contact Jack in the Box Customer Care

It is necessary to get panic when you find issues during your visit to Jack in the Box. Just tell the Customer Care using the following methods and they will help you solve it.

  1. Website

Jack in the Box website is available at www.jackinthebox.com. You may visit this website if you want to send your jack in the box complaint via the online form. You may use the instruction to send feedback on the website in the previous section.

  1. Mailing

Is it difficult for you to get an internet connection? You do not need to worry as you can write your feedback on some sheets of paper. Then, you can send them to this address:

Jack in the Box Inc.

Attn: Guest Relations

9330 Balboa Avenue

San Diego, California, 92123-1516

the United States

  1. Phone

Unfortunately, Jack in the Box does not have any official phone number to contact its customer care. So, if you have complaints or feedbacks for Jack in the Box, you’d better contact local Jack in the Box restaurant. You can find the number of each location on Jack in the Box website. In case you need to speak to the staffs of Jack in the Box Corporate Office, you can just dial +1 858 571 2121.

  1. social media

you can use your social media account to share your feedbacks for this restaurant. You can visit the Jack in the Box social media pages using these links.

  • Snapchat: www.snapchat.com/add/jackinthebox
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/jackinthebox/
  • Facebook: web.facebook.com/jackinthebox
  • Twitter: twitter.com/JackBox
  • Tumblr: jackinthebox.tumblr.com/
  • YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/jackinthebox

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