InformTarget – How to Win $1,500 Gift Card by Participating in Target Survey?

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Have you been shopping at Target supermarket? In this case, you must have the receipt of transaction that you get from the market. Well, Target company understands that your shopping experience means a lot to the company. Here, you can start to share your experience through InformTarget survey. You just need to grab your receipt, and you can complete the survey process in five minutes. And, as the reward of your participation, you can take your chance to win $1,000 gift card. Wow!

About InformTarget

For your information, Inform Target is a survey for all Target customers who want to share their experience in shopping. Here, you can join the survey program if you have visited the store. By using your receipt, you can access and get your chance to help the company to grow. Of course, they will increase the services quality for you can and you can shop happily.

InformTarget survey login
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You must be happy because you just need to free your five to ten minutes to fill out the survey form. Here, you will face some questions about your last visit, and you can respond them based on your shopping experience. Through this survey, you are free to share what you feel about the services, as well as the products available. And, you will get your chance to join the sweepstakes to win $1,500 gift card. Are you ready?

What Will You Need to Enter Target Survey?

If you are going to take your part in filling out the survey, you will need some stuff. They are like:

  • A Device with A Browser

First of all stuff, you will need to grab a laptop or smartphone to join the survey. Here, you need to be sure that your device here is able to connect you to the official website. Therefore, you will need to get a browser installed. They can be Mozilla, Google Chrome, and so on.

  • Internet Access

Second, you must make sure that your device here has the connection to the online world that is the internet. Well, you can provide the internet access that you think is fast yet also stable. Somehow, the survey page will get expired if your connection is too slow.

  • A Receipt from Target

Third, you will need to get the receipt from Target market. In doing so, you must do a transaction at the store. For instance, you can buy an item, and you will get the receipt. You know, your receipt has the user ID as well as the password that you must have to enter Target Survey Page.

Step by Step Instructions to Enter Inform Target Survey

Fellas! Now, you are going to join the survey, and there will be some sequences of steps that you must complete if you want to finish it well. And, these are the steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the Website

First of the entire steps, you will have to grab your device and start to launch the browser to access the survey portal. Here, you will go to the official page of Target Portal that will give you the prizes of $1,500 gift card.

  • Step 2: Select the Language

And then, you must choose the language that you can understand. At the website, you have two options that are Spanish or English. At the right top page, you can choose the one you want. And, automatically, the page will convert the language for the sake of your need.

  • Step 3: Fill out ID yet also Password

After that, your job is to enter all data required by this Target page. They are like the ID of the user, as well as the secret password. Yes, you don’t have to be confused as you can check those login details on your receipt. The invoice has everything you need to pass the survey portal. When you completed filling out the login data, you must click “Start” to continue.

  • Step 4: Answer the Entire Questions

Now, you face some questions that you have to answer. Yes, the questions will talk about how your experience was when you visited the Target market. You know, you would be better to give the true answer to the market needs your feedback. At the same time, you give the company a way to find the lacks of the market.

  • Step 5: Join the Sweepstakes

Well, don’t you want to win $1,500 from this survey program? If you shout yes, you can begin to join the sweepstakes. Easily, you just have to fill the blanks with your data. They include your full name, your complete home address, as well as your personal contact. They are like your email address that is valid, yet also your phone number. You know, the team will contact you if you are the winner of $1,500 gift card.

What are the Prizes of Target Sweepstakes?

After finished completing the entire process of Target survey, you may need to find out the prizes offered. As you can see, the prizes of the survey sweepstakes are $1,500 gift cards. Here, you will get your prize in the form of a debit card. Yes, you can enjoy your shopping at Target market by using the gift card. But, you have to check your balance regularly just in case you run out of the balance.

For your information, you can’t redeem it for cash and other prizes. Besides, you can’t reload the gift card balance. Important to note, you must know that the gift card has the expired date. If you don’t use the balance until the date, you can no longer use it again. It is because the gift card has met the date and it becomes not valid anymore.

How to Fix Troubles in Inform Target Survey?

Some of you may find troubles when you are accessing the website or in the middle of the process of completing the survey. Well, you don’t have to cry because indeed, all problems have the way out. And, these are some ideas to know the troubles as well as how to fix them, such as:

  • Slow Internet Access

Well, you may begin to check your internet connection to find out whether it is slow or even disconnected. Here, you must be sure that the connection is stable during the process of completing the survey. For your information, the slow internet here can make your user ID yet the password become invalid. It can be about your internet make the server save the data, but the page doesn’t want to load. As the impact, you must get another new receipt.

  • Valid Receipt

Or, you need to recheck your receipt and find out that it is still valid or not. Here, you can see the date of the day you visited the market. If you find that it is not valid anymore because of the date, you must visit Target for the second time. Of course, you need another receipt with different user and password to enter the survey page.

  • InformTarget Down

And the last, Target Feedback survey server may be down, and you cannot access the website yet. Well, you should not be panic because you can ask for help to Target customer care. For your information, the team will take some hours or even days to fix the problem. Therefore, you need to be patient waiting for the website to be normal again.

And, those are the troubles that mostly happen to you when you access the website. If in case it doesn’t work, you may need to ask for help to a technician or call Target employees. No doubt, they will help you as you are their customers.

About Target Profile

So that you know, Target is a market or retail store that serves daily goods. In the beginning, Target opened in 1962 with the concept of discount retail. Here, you are able to find Target headquarter in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Today, you can see that there are over 1,900 Target stores that you can visit in some states. And if you want to find out more about the market, you are free to access Of course, there is valuable information about the hours of operation, the locations, the services offered, and so on.

Ways to Search for Target Locations?

Fellas, do you want to search for the nearest Target locations? Well, you can begin to grab your device and do it online. Yes, you don’t have to go outside driving all alone getting confused just to find the location. Instead, all you must do is to follow these ways, like:

  • Target Near Me

First, you have a choice to take your device and launch internet browser for the sake of accessing Google. Here, you can search Target Near Me. And, automatically, your browser will show you the list of Target nearest stores. Of course, you can visit the ones that you want. You can pay attention to the hours of operation just in case you want to know whether it is open or closed.

  • Target Store Locator

Second, you can start using the locator that is available at the official website of Target that is Here, you can launch your browser and begin accessing the website. At the website, you will find them a menu that says “find a store.” Yes, you must click it, and you can get the results you want. Or, you may find the locator on Target application that is available on your phone. You just have to install it on your PlayStore and find the menu.

What are Target Social Media Accounts?

Anyone of you likes to play social media to spend your time? Now, you can access all about Target store by accessing its social media accounts. Through the media, you are free to write a text to the employees and talk about the survey or the store you visited. The social media accounts are like:

  • Pinterest: Target
  • Instagram: Target
  • Twitter: Target
  • YouTube: Target
  • Facebook: Target
  • Google + : Target

From those accounts, you can check Target updates like the promotions, special offers, and other interesting news.

Ways to Approach Target Customer Care Numbers

Some of you may need to share your thought about the store you visited, verbally to Target team. Or maybe, you need to visit the office and find the manager. Well, you don’t have to worry because Target cares about you. You can try to contact these

  • Corporate Office Number

First of all, you can dial Target office number that is 612 304 6073. For the relay service, you must find it useful to dial 711. Somehow, you want to make an appointment with Target manager, and you must dial this number first. And then, you can set the schedule, and you can meet the manager to talk about your problem.

  • Order Experience

Alright! If you get problems about your order, you are free to call 1 800 591 3869. You know, you can also dial the relay service at the same number that is 711.

  • Target Gift Card

Now, your problem may be about the gift card such as the balance, the expired date, the rules, and so on. You must be happy as you can approach the team by calling 1 800 544 2943.

  • Return & Exchanges

Or, your problem may be about the return as well as the exchanges. In case you have some troubles, you are free to dial the hotline that is at 1 800 888 9333.

  • Target Store Experience

And the last, you are free to enter Target Survey. And if you prefer to do it by phone, you can begin to call 1 800 440 0680. No doubt, you are free to share your experience when you were shopping at Target market.

Overall, it is the precious information that you must understand when it is about Inform Target guest survey. Now, you are free to use your receipt that has the user ID yet also the password. Here, you just need to access the survey portal, and you can begin taking and filling out the survey. Good luck with gaining $1,500 gift card!

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