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Do you want to have tasty pancakes for your meals? Why don’t you try to make a visit to IHOP? This restaurant serves various flavors of pancakes. We are sure you will not regret having one of them. But, it will be better for you to checkIhop menu prices before you come to the restaurant. if you have informed yourself about Ihop menu before you place an order, you may be able to calculate how much you will spend at the restaurant. So, you can enjoy what you have ordered without feeling worried about the budget that will cost you there. It will be very helpful to get information about Ihop prices before you enjoy your pancakes at IHOP restaurant.

Besides, IHOP does not only serve pancakes for customers. It is because the Ihop menu list consists of many kinds of foods and beverages. Hence, you will be able to enjoy any other dishes available at the IHOP restaurant when you are not in the mood to have pancakes someday. Moreover, Ihop menu will not disappoint you as it has special packages as well. But, when you need to share IHOP feedback, you can take part in TalktoIHOP survey. Also, there are several categories of Ihop menu that you should know if you want to visit IHOP restaurant very soon. Thus, you need to keep on reading this article because we have some important information about Ihop menu list and prices for you.

ihop menu prices
ihop menu

About IHOP

IHOP is a restaurant chain with pancakes specialty that has been popular worldwide. the headquarters of IHOP is in Glendale, California. IHOP itself is the abbreviation of International House of Pancake. As like its restaurant name, pancakes are the main dishes of this restaurant. However, the current Ihop menu has been developed and diverse.

IHOP began its journey in this culinary business in 1958. Jerry Lapin, Al Lapin Jr., and Albert Kallis started to build IHOP first restaurant location in Burbank, California at that time. by the helps f Sherwood Rosenberg and William Kaye, the IHOP founders could make this pancakes restaurant grew so well. No wonder, there have been 1659 IHOP restaurants operating inside and outside of the United States now. Some countries where you can find IHOP locations are in Latin America, North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania. This restaurant also has IHOP Survey to assess the customers’ satisfaction.

ihop menu
how to check ihop menu

How to Explore Ihop prices

There are some ways that you can try to get information about Ihop menu. With such information, you will be able to find which menu items that are attractive to you and which dishes are suitable with your budget. Well, you can try some ways below.

  1. Visit IHOP Website

The only IHOP official website is available at www.ihop.com. You can visit this website to find Ihop menu available at IHOP restaurant. Besides, the website has provided some prices for each menu item. It is also possible for you to get information about the IHOP menu nutrition and calories for each item.

  1. Download IHOP Mobile App

You can download IHOP mobile app because it will help you browse the Ihop menu easily. This mobile app will work quite the same with IHOP official website. So, you will be able to access the prices of each Ihop menu item from this app.

  1. Find Price Sites

The internet has a lot of prices sites that will inform you about Ihop menu as well as its prices. Moreover, such sites will give you more information related to Ihop menu. For example, where you can access the Ihop menu, how you can order Ihop menu, etc.

  1. Use Search Engine

You may use your search engine to find your favorite Ihop menu and its current place. You only have to provide some keywords to find the information from IHOP restaurant.

About IHOP Menu Prices

You will be grateful if you know about Ihop menu and prices before you place your order at the restaurant. If you need information about what you are going to choose as your meals at IHOP restaurant, you can look at the following table of Ihop menu with prices.

  • Pancake and Waffles
Menu for Pancake and WaffflePrice
Original Full Stack Buttermilk Pancakes$8.99
Belgian Dark Chocolate Mousse Pancakes$10.99
Vanilla Spice Pancakes$10.99
New York Cheesecake Pancakes$10.89
Cupcake Pancakes$10.89
Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity® Pancakes$10.39
Belgian Waffle Combo$11.99
Chicken & Waffles$13.79
  • Toast and Crepes
Toast and CrepesPrices
Original French Toast10.19
Thick-Cut Brioche French Toast10.19
Strawberry Banana French Toast12.19
Swedish Crepes10.59
Strawberries & Cream Crepes11.59
Chicken Florentine Crepes13.69
Banana Crepes with Nutella®11.59
  • Breakfast menu.
ihop menu for breakfast
ihop menu for breakfast
  • Entrees and side dish
Entrees and SidesPrices
Sirloin Steak Tips & Crispy Shrimp16.99
Boneless Fried Chicken12.49
Roasted Turkey & Stuffing12.99
Crispy Fish & Chips12.49
Country Fried Steak15.49
Fisherman's Platter14.99
Red Potato Pepper & Onion Hash4.79
Grilled Buttermilk Biscuit2.99
Onion Rings5.69

How to Place IHOP Orders Online at www.ihop.com

It will be much easier to enjoy Ihop menu items with your loved ones. Besides, it will be more special if you can eat the items together in special places. IHOP understand what you want here. This is why; IHOP has a service that will allow you to place an order online at www.ihop.com. These are the steps to place an order through IHOP website.

  1. Go to ihop.com

First, you should go to IHOP website at www.ihop.com

  1. Click Order Online

Second, you can click Order Online. You can find this button in a drop-down menu after you have clicked the Vertical Navigation bar on the left corner of the website. This Order Online button will take you to IHOP Order page.

  1. Fill in the Order form

Third, you can place your order after you have filled in a form provided on the Order page. There is some information needed that you should provide here.

  • IHOP location

You should select a location where you are going to pick up your IHOP order. IHOP will show an IHOP location address. If you are sure that it is the right place, you can click a button of “Yes, this is correct.” Otherwise, you can click Change button to get another IHOP location address.

  • pick up time

There are 2 options to select in the pick uptime section.

  • Select “as soon as possible” if you will take the order within 15 minutes.
  • Select “in the future” if you want to take it at a certain time. Then, you can specify the day and time.

Then, you can click a button to “Start adding to your cart.”

  • Choose the menu

Now, you can choose Ihop menu items that you want to buy. In this section, you will be able to customize choices and toppings of the items. If you have finished customizing, you can click a button to “Add to Order”. Then, you may click a button to Proceed to Checkout to make payment.

  1. Login Account

Fourth, should log into IHOP account if you want to check out. Besides, you can use your Facebook account or Google account here.

  1. IHOP ‘N GO Checkout

Fifth, you can recheck your order information. Next, you should select your payment method as well.

  1. Submit Order

Finally, you can submit your order by clicking a button of Place My Order. Do not forget to enter your coupon code if you have got one.

Steps to Submit IHOP Feedbacks at www.ihop.com

It is possible for you to send your feedbacks without taking part in IHOP Guest Survey. but, this survey is voluntary because you send it through IHOP website. So, you will not receive any rewards after you submit the feedbacks. If you want to send the feedbacks from the website, you can do the steps below.

  1. Go to www.ihop.com

Firstly, you should go to the official website of IHOP at www.ihop.com.

  1. Click Contact Us

Secondly, you can click Contact Us button. You will find the button on the lower part of the website. Then, this button will take you to the feedback page.

  1. Fill in Feedback Form

Thirdly, you should fill in the feedback form with some information. You can provide the following information in the form

  • Personal information

This section needs you to inform your salutation, first name, last name, email address, phone number, and address.

  • Dining information

The dining information has some sections, such as:

  • IHOP store location

You can choose the IHOP store location by selecting the country, state, city, and address.

  • Visit experience

The section needs information about your visit date and time, server’s name, and your receipt number.

  • Feedback category

There are some categories that you can choose here. For example, you may tell about the service, food, restaurant cleanliness, overall experience, and other.

  • Comments

Type in your comments in the provided field as specific as you can. Let the management team know about your feedbacks clearly.

  1. Submit

Lastly, you can tick the captcha box and submit your feedbacks to IHOP.

How to Find Ihop locations near me

Can’t wait to enjoy Ihop menu items? You can simply come to your preferred IHOP restaurant and start placing orders of your favorite Ihop menu there. As you know, IHOP restaurants are available in a lot of locations. You do not have to worry if you do not know where to find IHOP. You can try the following methods to search for the nearest IHOP locations in your place.

  1. IHOP Store Locator

It is easy to use IHOP Store Locator. you can just visit IHOP website. Then, you can operate the store locator only in some easy steps. if you do not know how to do it, you can follow the following instructions.

  • Go to www.ihop.com

First, you must go to IHOP official website. The address is www.ihop.com.

  • Click Vertical Navigation Bar

Second, you should click the Vertical Navigation Bar button. You will find the button on the top left part of IHOP website home page. Next, a drop-down menu will appear under the button.

  • Click Locations

Third, you should click Locations provided in the drop-down menu. If you click Locations, you will get directed to IHOP Store Locator.

  • Enter Location information

Fourth, you can enter some IHOP restaurant information in the search field. You may enter ZIP code, city, or state.

  • Click Search

Fifth, you may click Search button next to the search field now. Besides, you can add some filters to find IHOP restaurant location with certain facilities as well. After you have clicked the button, the search result will come out for you in some seconds.

IHOP Store Locator is a good tool to get information about the IHOP store location address, local phone number, IHOP store facilities, and distance from IHOP store to your current place.

  1. IHOP Mobile App

You can use your IHOP Mobile App if you want to find IHOP store locations nearby. Besides, this mobile app will help you browse information about Ihop menu. Hence, you will be able to place your orders from the app. In case you have not had IHOP mobile app in your device, you may get it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  1. Search Engine

A search engine will be an advantage to find the nearest IHOP store location as well. You can just launch a browser in your device. Then, you are able to type in keywords in the search field. You can wait some seconds until you get the search result. Further, you can use this search engine to find information about Ihop menu.

Tips to Get IHOP coupons and deals

Enjoying some Ihop menu items will be perfect if you have got Ihop coupons with you when you visit IHOP restaurant. It is because the coupons that you have brought will help you to get the delicious Ihop menu items with lower prices. Besides, you can use the power of Ihop deals in case you do not have any IHOP coupons. If you feel interested to dig more information about coupons and deals from IHOP restaurant, you can read the following tips.

  1. Take part in IHOP Guest Survey

You can take part in IHOP Guest Survey at talktoihop.com if you want to get an IHOP coupon for free. But, you should prepare a survey invitation before you participate in the survey. you will find the survey invitation on your receipt. Then, you can use the survey code on the receipt to take part in IHOP Guest Survey. After that, you will have to complete some survey questions on the website. if you have submitted your answers, you will get a validation code. You can use the code to redeem the survey reward.

  1. Visit IHOP Website

If you want to find the best source of IHOP restaurant, it is a must for you to visit IHOP official website. You will be able to reach the website at www.ihop.com. Besides, the IHOP website may give you several benefits, such as:

  • Ihop menu list

IHOP website has provided beneficial information about Ihop menu that you can access 24 hours a week. Also, Ihop menu items on the website are complete with its prices. Thus, you do not need to get confused about your orders next time you visit IHOP restaurant. Moreover, the website will show some Ihop specials that can catch your attention.

  • offers and promotions

As an official website, IHOP has some offers and promotions that may be difficult for you to refuse. Further, you can check FAQ sections to find out the newest offers and promotions from IHOP.

  • coupon code

There is a code that you can use as your discount coupon for your purchases. You may use the code at the checkout when you place your orders online.

  1. Join IHOP eClub

IHOP has an eClub named Pancake Revolution. This eClub will give you some benefits, such as IHOP offers and promotions. if you are eager to enjoy the benefits, you should be a member of the Pancake Revolution eClub. It means you must register an account first. then, you can receive some offers and promotions through your email.

  1. Buy IHOP Gift Cards

IHOP will also give you some discounts if you buy IHOP Gift Cards. You can buy the gift cards at www.ihop.com, IHOP store locations, and some approved retailers. These IHOP gift cards cost $5 up to $50. Next, you can receive 10% discount if you purchase IHOP gift cards on bulk order for $1000 at least.

  1. Follow IHOP Social Media Pages

There are some IHOP social media pages to get the most updated deals and promotions from IHOP. The pages are available on , Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can follow the pages if you do not want to miss any information about IHOP coupons and deals.

  1. Visit IHOP Local Stores

IHOP local stores must have offers and promotions for customers. IHOP deals can vary at different store locations. You can visit the nearest IHOP store locations if you need information about the offers and promotions. Besides, you can check the information by contacting local phone numbers.

  1. Get from the Sunday Newspaper

IHOP grants a coupon for free periodically through the Sunday Newspaper. You can find the glossy coupon inside the newspaper. So, you can start to take the Sunday newspaper delivery subscriptions to find the IHOP coupon.

  1. Find Deal Sites

There are a lot of deal sites that you will find on the internet. The deal sites offer you IHOP coupons and promo codes every day. But, you should be careful because not all deal sites are safe. Some only will cause some online scams.

That’s all the brief info about IHOP menu and prices. No doubt, all of you wants to get IHOP coupons. So, in order to check the way to grab IHOP coupons, you can click here.


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