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Do you want to get an Ihop coupon for free? It is simple. You can just take part in TalktoIHOP before you can enjoy the coupon that you can redeem for a free stake of pancakes. To take the survey, you will need a survey invitation from IHOP survey. This invitation is on your IHOP receipt. Then, you can answer some questions on the survey website. The questions are mainly about your experience at IHOP store recently. After you have answered all of the questions from ihop survey free pancakes, you will get a validation code that will be your Ihop coupon as well. This Ihop coupon is redeemable for the offer printed on the purchase receipt.

About IHOP

IHOP stands for International House of Pancake. This international restaurant chain serves pancakes as its main dishes. Jerry Lapin, Al Lapin Jr., and Albert Kallis started this restaurant in 1958. They involved Sherwood Rosenberg and William Kaye to help them began this business. They chose to build the first store location in Burbank, California. Today, IHOP has been operating around 1650 stores worldwide with its headquarters in Glendale, California. The locations have spread to Latin America, North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania.

ihop deals

ihop deals and ihop coupon can be accessed at ihop.com

Apart from its pancakes, there are more items in Ihop menu list. For example, you can order steakburgers, salads, sandwiches, crepes, waffles, French toast, omelets, sides, entree, appetizers, desserts, and beverages at IHOP. Besides, IHOP serves a special menu, such as IHOP kids, 55 plus, and combo. Do not worry about the ingredients of each IHOP menu item. IHOP has provided nutrition and allergen information that can help you choose which item that will be good for you.

ihop coupon

how to get ihop coupon

A guideline to take part in IHOP Guest Survey

You can Talk to ihop about your feedbacks through this IHOP Guest Survey. As a reward, you can get a validation code for your Ihop coupon. However, there are some steps that you must take before you can enjoy an Ihop coupon. You can follow the following instructions.

  1. Go to www.Talktoihop.com

First, you should go to the website of IHOP guest survey. you may reach the website at www.Talktoihop.com. When you have been on the website, you will be able to view a page for the website language options.

  1. Select a language

Second, you must select a language on the page that has shown up. You can choose English or Spanish to take the survey. If you click your preferred language button, you can get directed to the next page.

  1. Enter IHOP survey information

Third, you may enter some information related to IHOP guest survey in the provided fields. the information is available on your IHOP purchase receipt. you fill in the survey code, the visit time, and the server ID. Then, you can click the Start button.

  1. Answer IHOP survey questions

Fourth, you can start answering the survey questions on the website. The questions are about your latest visit to IHOP store. Thus, you only need to recall your experience there. Most topics of the questions may be about the satisfaction level of your visit to the store.

  1. Write the validation code
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Finally, you can get the validation code after you have finished answering the survey questions. You can write the validation code on your purchase receipt to make it your Ihop coupon. Next, you can bring this Ihop coupon to an IHOP store. After that, you may redeem the Ihop coupon with the offer printed on your receipt.

Tips to get Ihop coupons and deals

It must be interesting to enjoy an Ihop coupon and Ihop deals when you dine in at IHOP store. it means you can save some of your dollars to have your tasty meals here. But, how can you get the coupons and deals? Do not worry. We already prepare a section to inform you about some tips to get Ihop coupons and deals.

  1. Participate in IHOP Guest Survey

IHOP Guest Survey is a way for you to get an Ihop coupon. You can take part in IHOP Guest Survey to share your recent visit experience at IHOP store. To take IHOP Guest Survey, you should get a survey invitation from IHOP store. This survey invitation is available on your IHOP purchase receipt. You will receive this receipt after you have made payment of your purchases at IHOP store. Then, you can take part in IHOP Guest Survey by providing some answers to IHOP survey questions. When you have submitted your answers for IHOP Guest Survey, you will get a validation code as the survey reward. This code can be your Ihop coupon if you bring it with the purchase receipt to any participating IHOP store locations. The successful redemption of the Ihop coupon will let you enjoy the offer printed on your IHOP purchase receipt. The offer from IHOP Guest Survey for the current period is an ihop free pancake.

  1. Visit IHOP Website

IHOP website is somewhere you should visit if you want complete information about Ihop coupons and deals. You can reach the official website of IHOP store at www.ihop.com. There are some benefits that you can get from IHOP websites. For instance:

  • you will find a lot of offers and promotions when you have been on the website. You can view the offers on the home page. or, you can use FAQ sections to find the current promotions and deals from IHOP store.
  • There are some details about Ihop specials. It is because IHOP often launches its new dishes posts them on the website. Hence, it will be easy for you to find out what is the brand new item at IHOP store. Then, you can get the IHOP special menu at low prices at certain hours.
  • This website also grants you a coupon code for free. You may get the code on the Menu page of IHOP website. You may use the code after you have created an account on IHOP store. The registration will allow you to get $5 discount when you place an order online for the first time after you sign up IHOP account. The minimum amount to get the discount is $25.
  1. Join IHOP eClub

IHOP eClub is a special program made for IHOP loyal customers. You can be a member of this IHOP eClub under the name Pancake Revolution. You will have to register before you can get the benefits of your membership in IHOP eClub. After you have done the registration, you may receive exclusive offers and promotions from your preferred IHOP store location via email.

  1. Buy IHOP Gift Cards

You may get a chance to get a discount from IHOP Gift Cards. The purchases of IHOP gift cards are available at IHOP store locations, www.ihop.com, and several official retailers. IHOP Gift Cards are worth from $5 up to $50. The 10% discount will be yours if you buy IHOP gift cards on the bulk order with the minimum amount of the purchases is $1000.

  1. Follow IHOP Social Pages
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IHOP usually posts its promotions and deals on its social media pages, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can visit the pages to get quick information from IHOP. Make sure you subscribe and follow IHOP social media pages to keep on updating your information about IHOP offers and deals.

  1. Visit IHOP Local Stores

As IHOP stores are available in a lot of locations, it is not surprising that there will be various offers for its customers. Besides, each IHOP location may offer different deals and promotion from other store locations. Thus, it can be helpful if you visit IHOP local stores to know what’s new from IHOP store when you visit the location. Or, you can simply contact IHOP local phone number to get fast information about the deals and promotions at the IHOP store.

  1. Get from the Sunday Newspaper

You must not take the Sunday newspaper for granted because of you and get an Ihop coupon inside the newspaper. On certain occasions, IHOP inserts a special coupon there. If you are lucky, you can find the coupon in the newspaper. So, you do not need to hesitate to take the Sunday newspaper delivery subscriptions from now on because an IHOP glossy coupon maybe waiting for you inside the newspaper.

  1. Find Deal Sites

It is possible for you to get Ihop coupons and promo codes from online deal sites. Such sites will offer you the most updated promotions from IHOP. But, you should be able to differentiate which deal sites are bona fide and which sites are not. It is important to know the most trusted sites because there are a lot of deal sites that you can find on the internet. If you know which deal site that can be trusted, it may avoid you from scams on the internet.

Ways to find Ihop locations near me

If you want to get to the nearest IHOP store locations, you can try the following methods. Make sure you have the internet connection before you do the tasks below.

  1. IHOP Store Locator

You may use IHOP Store Locator when you visit IHOP website. Then, you can operate the website in some simple steps. If you do not know how to use the store locator, you can learn these steps.

  • Go to www.ihop.com

First, you should visit IHOP official website at www.ihop.com.

  • Click Vertical Navigation Bar

Second, you can click a button on the Vertical Navigation Bar. You can find it on the top left part of the website home page.

  • Click Locations

Third, you should click Locations when the options on the Vertical Navigation Bar have appeared. If you click it, you will be able to reach the page of IHOP Store Locator.

  • Enter Location information

Fourth, you must enter the information of your preferred IHOP Store locations in the search field. You can enter the ZIP code, city, or state.

  • Click Search

Fifth, you can click the Search button to start searching for the locations. This button is next to the search field. Besides, you can use some filters as well. Then, you will see the result in a few seconds.

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IHOP Store Locator can give you information about the store location address, phone number, store facilities, and distance to your locations.

  1. IHOP Mobile App

If you have IHOP Mobile App, you can use it to find the nearest IHOP store in your current area. Moreover, this mobile app can help you to browse menu and place an order online. If you have not got this app, you can just download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  1. Search Engine

You can take advantage of your search engine to find IHOP store locations. You can type some keywords such as IHOP near me in the search field and get the result in a few seconds only. Also, you can use this search engine to get information about Ihop coupons.

Steps to Submit Feedbacks at www.ihop.com

It is possible for you to send your feedbacks without taking part in the IHOP Guest Survey. but, this survey is voluntary because you send it through the IHOP website. So, you will not receive any rewards after you submit the feedbacks. If you want to send the feedbacks from the website, you can do the steps below.

  1. Go to www.ihop.com

Firstly, you should go to the official website of IHOP at www.ihop.com.

  1. Click Contact Us

Secondly, you can click Contact Us button. You will find the button on the lower part of the website. Then, this button will take you to the feedback page.

  1. Fill in Feedback Form

Thirdly, you should fill in the feedback form with some information. You can provide the following information in the form

  • Personal information

This section needs you to inform your salutation, first name, last name, email address, phone number, and address.

  • Dining information

The dining information has some sections, such as:

  • IHOP store location

You can choose the IHOP store location by selecting the country, state, city, and address.

  • Visit experience

The section needs information about your visit date and time, server’s name, and your receipt number.

  • Feedback category

There are some categories that you can choose here. For example, you may tell about the service, food, restaurant cleanliness, overall experience, and other.

  • Comments

Type in your comments in the provided field as specific as you can. Let the management team know about your feedbacks clearly.

  1. Submit

Lastly, you can tick the captcha box and submit your feedbacks to IHOP.

How to Contact IHOP Customer Service

In case you are experiencing any troubles at IHOP store, you’d better tell IHOP through its customer service. You can contact the representatives in some ways below.

  1. website

You can use the IHOP website at www.ihop.com. The website has a page that will help you share your feedbacks for IHOP.

  1. Mailing

If you do not want to go online, you can use your letters you share your feedbacks. You may send them at:

450 North Brand Boulevard,

Glendale, California, 91203

The United States

  1. Phone

It will be better to talk directly to IHOP via phone calls. You can contact IHOP using the phone numbers below.

  • IHOP customer service at 866-444-5144
  • IHOP restaurant support center at 818-240-6055

You can call the numbers during working hours from 08.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m. PT.

  1. social media

IHOP social media pages can be a good place to share your comments about IHOP. You can visit the pages at:

  • Facebook: web.facebook.com/IHOP
  • Twitter: twitter.com/IHOP
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/ihop/
  • YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/IHOP

Visiting IHOP will not complete without taking IHOP survey. So, you can enjoy the free pancake as the reward. You can click here to find the details of IHOP survey.

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