Hinonet Login – Hino Trucks and Hino Dealer Login Guideline

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Are you just starting your career at Hino Motor USA? This article will be very helpful to you. As the new employee at Hino, you may still not familiar with Hinonet Login. This employee portal will make your job runs easier. It is because you can access any information you want through Hino Net Login portal. Like other employee websites, Hino Dealer Login portal provides the basic employment information. For instance, you can access the employee benefits, online paystub, and schedule.

Hinonet Login page is accessible easily if you have Hinonet User ID. If you do not have this Hinoenet username yet, you have to request it online at Hinonet.net or Hino Dealer Login portal. Just scroll down this article, you will be able to find out the simple way to request Hinonet User ID. Also, you can check the step by step to log into Hinonet. Happy reading.

hinonet login
hinonet login page at hinonet.net

About Hino Motors

Hino Motors which is more popular as Hino is the Japanese manufacturer of the diesel engine and commercial vehicle. This company produces buses, trucks, and other vehicles. Headquartered in Tokyo, Hino becomes the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks in the world. Hino does not only develop its business in Japan. This company also has a factory in other countries. In the US, Hino Motors operated its business since 1995. Hino Motors USA assembles the medium-duty trucks in West Virginia. This company also manufactures vehicle components for Toyota.

Hino Brand now is almost 80 years old. No doubt, it becomes the third largest truck manufacturer in the world. This company does not only produces trucks but also buses. So, if you ride public transport in Japan, Australia, Korea, or New Zealand, you may ride the Hino bus.

Hino also has a customer feedback program called Myhino. Unfortunately, this customer survey is only for Canada residents. You can take this survey online at myhino.ca. This survey is designed in order to provide the customer’s experience in several issues. First, you can provide feedback about Hino operating tips and notifications. Then, you also can comment about Hino Servicing schedule. You can share your experience in purchasing, driving, and servicing your Hino. Through this survey, Hino wants to provide the best quality products and service.

How to Request the New Hinonet ID

Since you are the newly hired staff at Hino, you still do not have Hinonet ID. So, once you start working in Hino, you have to request the Hinonet ID. When you have this ID, you can reach your account at Hinonet employee portal. But, before asking for the new Hinonet ID, you need to prepare certain items. First, you need an email address. Also, you need the dealer code in which you are working. When these items are ready, you can start doing the steps below.

  • Step 1. Visit Hino employee portal.

Hino employee website is available at Hinonet.net. You can directly write this web address on your browser. Besides, you also can use the search engine. Use the keyword Hinonet login or Hino employee portal. The homepage of Hinonet has a very simple design. You will only see the login field on the center of the page.

  • Step 2. Click on Request a New Hinonet ID.

Once you click on the link to register your new account, Hinonet will take you to the new page. This page consists of the registration form that you have to fill out.

  • Step 3. Read the instructions.

On the left part of the page, you will see the simple instruction for the registration. First, you have to complete all of the fields which are denoted the red *. The next, you have to select the roles or the job title. Then, you can submit this request. As proof of the registration process, you will receive the email from Hino. This email contains the tracking number. So, you can monitor the progress of the registration process. The last, you have to notice that you cannot get the Hinonet ID immediately after registration. This request needs up to 2 days or 48 hours to process.

  • Step 4. Write down your name.

Now, you can start filling out the registration form. First of all, you need to write down your first name. Then, you can write your last name in the following field.

  • Step 5. Provide your email address.

The next, you have to write down your email address. Providing an email address is very important. The first reason is that Hino will send you an email after you finish this registration process. This email informs you about the progress of your registration. Besides, providing the email address is also helpful when you lose the Hinonet username and password. After writing your email address, do not forget to retype it on the following field.

  • Step 6. Type the Dealer Code.

The last field requires you to enter the Hino dealer code where you are working. If you do not know the dealer code, you can ask your manager.

  • Step 7. Select the roles or job position.

The last, you have to choose the job position. There are fifteen positions are available. They are DealerFinance, dealer principal, FleetExternal, FleetInternal, Parts, PartsManager, SalesManager, SalesPerson, ServiceManager, ServiceTechnician, Warranty, fleet management, DOL, Advertising, and Marketing.

  • Step 8. Click on Submit button.

After completing all of the forms, you can submit this request. You should be patient since you cannot get Hinonet user ID immediately. Usually, you need to wait for until 48 hours. After submitting this request, you have to check your email. Hino will inform you about the progress of this registration process.

hinonet login
hinonet login guideline

How to Access Hinonet Login Portal?

After your ID request is successful, you will receive an email containing the Hinonet user ID and password. Then, when you get these Hinonet login credentials, you should try to log into your account for the first time. here is the step by step to reach your account at Hinonet.

  • Step 1. Visit Hino employee portal.

First, you have to use your browser to access www.hinonet.net. On the homepage, you will see the login form. If necessary, you can read the Terms of Use of the website. The link is available at the bottom of the page.

  • Step 2. Enter Hinonet username.

Write down the username or user ID that you get from Hinonet. Check your email from Hino that contains the user ID.

  • Step 3. Enter your Hinonet password.

After that, you need to provide the password. Make sure that your password is correct.

  • Step 4. Tick “Remember me next time”

If you use your own personal computer, you should tick this statement. So, in the future, you do not need to write down the username and password when you log in. But, if you use the public computer, you should not tick this statement. It is because other people may log into your account.

  • Step 5. Press Sign in button.

After double checking the username and password you have entered, you can press the Sign In button. If your login credentials are correct, you will be successful to reach your account.

How to Reset Hinonet Username and Password

When you lose your Hinonet username or password, you should not be panic. It is because Hinonet provides the helpful link to reset your username and password. You can do the brief guideline below in case you forget your username and password.

  • Visit Hinonet portal.

The first thing you should do is to visit the Hino employee portal. Do you still remember the web address is? Yes, you can reach it at Hinonet.net.

  • Click on the link Forget Username and password.

No matter you forget the Hinonet User ID or password, there is only one link to retrieve it. You can find this link under the login field.

  • Enter your email address.

On the next page, Hinonet asks you to enter your email address. Make sure that your email address is correct.

  • Check your inbox.

Now, you should check your email. Do you receive a message from Hinonet? If you forget your username, Hinonet will inform you about this User ID. But, if you lose the password, you need to follow further instruction.

  • Do the instruction from Hinonet.

Then, you have to do the next instruction from Hinonet. Then, you can create a new password.

After you are successful to retrieve your username and password, you should try to sign into Hinonet login page. Congratulations, you can access your account.

How to Search Hino Career Opportunity

If you like the automotive world, why don’t you try to build your career at Hino? It is such a great honor if you get the opportunity to work in this big company. Hino provides a dynamic atmosphere for the employees. So, all of Hino employees and be responsible and cooperative in order to achieve the business success. If you are interested in joining in Hino, you can search for the job opportunity offered by this company. Here is a brief step to finding Hino careers.

  • Visit Hino official website.

We recommend you to search for the job opportunity in the Hino official website. You can visit www.hino.com. Actually, there are many third-party websites which provide Hino job vacancies. But, we are afraid that the post is not valid anymore.

  • Click on Career menu.

At the top menu bar, there are several menus available. For instance, you can read Hino history, mission, media asset, and facility. Since you want to find a job, you should click on the Career menu.

  • Search by job title.

You can write down the job title or job category which you want to apply for. For instance, you want to be a technician, salesperson, manager, dealer finance, etc.

  • Search by location.

You can write down the city, state, or zip code. Just enter the area where you want to work.

  • Press the Search button.

Once you press the Search button, Hino will display the job opportunity which is available. If you do not find any job list, it means there is no job vacancy available on the area you write.

You also can try to check all the job opportunities offered by Hino. You can click on the link View all jobs at Hino Trucks. Then, you can choose the job title you like. Apply for this job soon. Then, you should wait for the interview invitation from Hino. If necessary, you can subscribe to the job alerts by email. You can click on the button entitled Join our Talent Network. This way, you will receive the email containing the job opportunities at Hino.

How to Contact Hino Customer Service

If you have the urgent issue about Hino Trucks, you have to contact Hino representative staff soon. Here are some contacts you can try.

  • Hino Corporate Office.

You can try to visit the Hino Corporate Office or send your business letter to this address.

Hino Motors Sales USA, Inc

45501 12 Mile Road

Novi, MI 48377

  • Hino Phone Number

If you want to speak directly to Hino representative staff, you can dial the Hino Customer Service number. The phone number is 248 699 9300.

  • Hino Fax Number.

If you want to attach or send any document, you can use the fax number at 248 699 9310.

  • Hino Social media.

Following Hino at several social media accounts makes you easy to get in touch with this company. Here are some Hino accounts.

Instagram: @hinotrucks

Twitter: @hinotrucksusa

Facebook: Hinotrucksusa

Youtube: Hinotrucksusa

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