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Do you want to enjoy a free sandwich? It seems impossible, right? But, you can do it now. You can take part in the Guestobsessed survey and win a free sandwich. The Guestobsessed survey is a survey from Checkers and Rally’s. Some people may say it as checkers survey. Or else, they can name it as rally’s survey. Those three names are the same. The survey will find out if customers are happy with the menus at Checkers and Rally’s stores. Feedbacks from customers are important to Checkers and Rally’s. Customers can give compliments to this restaurant. They can share their positive opinions about Checkers and Rally’s. Positive feedbacks will show how successful this restaurant in serving customers. After this restaurant gets positive feedbacks, the management team will keep it going. The team even can manage to have some improvements to the restaurant.

But, this restaurant cannot depend on the positive feedbacks only. Negative feedback from customers are welcome as well. Customers can give the worst rate if they experience awful problems at their visit at Checkers and Rally’s stores.  This will be constructive criticism for Checkers and Rally’s. Besides, this survey will show which aspect should get some improvements. This way, Checkers and Rally’s can keep customers coming back to their stores. Customers are free to rate the level of their satisfaction. Also, they can tell their experience in details during their visit at Checkers and Rally’s stores. And as an appreciation for making time to take the survey, Checkers and Rally’s will grant a reward to each respondent. So, right after taking the survey, customers can get a reward. There will be a free sandwich for them.

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About Checkers and Rally’s

If you are wondering what Checkers and Rally’s are, here is bit info for you. Checkers and Rally’s were different brands of fast foods. Checkers was a drive-thru restaurant started in 1986. The first location of Checkers was in Mobile, Alabama. The founder of Crackers was Jim Mattei. This brand developed to serve Southeastern customers. Meanwhile, Rally’s began this business in 1985. Louisville, Kentucky was the place of its first store. The concept of Rally’s was also drive-thru. But then in 1999, these two brands merged. The company which has run these brands is Checkers Drive-In Restaurant, Inc. Now, the main headquarters of this company is in Tampa, Florida. Besides, it has around eight hundred restaurants in the District of Columbia and other twenty-eight states. This company has become one of the biggest double restaurant chains in the United States which focus on Drive-thru concept.

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GuestObsessed Steps
GuestObsessed Survey Step by Step

As the merger of Checkers and Rally’s has happened, of course, the menus are not different. The main food items are fast foods. Customers can enjoy burgers, hot dogs, chickens, fish sandwiches, classic wings, boneless wings, and French fries. Besides, you can enjoy some Sweet Sides. Such as, milkshakes, loaded milkshakes, stackers, soft serve cones, funnel cake fries, and cinnamon apple pies. Next, you can have Chill Stop. As the example, you can purchase island slushies, kool-aid slushies, and smoothies. And do not skip the drinks. You can quench your thirst with  Cola, Sprite, and other fresh beverages.  With those mouthwatering items, Checkers and Rally’s want to make every guest to be obsessed with the delicious menus at their stores.

Things You Should Prepare Before Taking Part in Guest obsessed Survey

To take part in the survey, you must have several things ready. That is because checkers and rally’s survey need you to take part in it online. It means you should not do this offline. You cannot use your handwriting here. Also, you cannot send your survey feedbacks via mailing. So, you must prepare these things before you become a respondent of the survey. Here are the things:

  1. A device

The survey will need you to prepare device. The device will play an important role during the survey. Without the device, you will not be able to get to the page of the survey. Here, you can use a laptop or a personal computer as your device. Your laptop or your personal computer will help you to be on the survey pages. There is a desktop version for these devices. It will display an excellent quality of the survey pages. If you cannot have a laptop or a personal computer ready, you can use other devices.

Besides, you may use mobile devices. For example, you can take advantage of your tablet or your smartphone. Your tablet and your smartphone will help you to get to the page of the survey as well. But these devices will not use desktop versions. They will use mobile versions, instead. The mobile versions will display the page very well. The quality is not as good as the desktop version, though. But, they are still usable. Then, do not forget to install a browser first. Your device will need a browser to go to the pages of the  survey.

  1. The internet

After the device is ready, you can prepare the next thing. That is the internet. Make sure your internet has the stable connection. The stable connection will not disturb your time in completing the survey questions. Besides, the stable connection will be easy to load the pages of the Guest obsessed survey. It will keep you away from getting stuck on the same page. Further, you can save your time more and more. If your stable connection can perform tasks well, of course, you will not waste your time too much in doing the survey.

Then, your stable connection must have fast access. The fast access will turn each survey page to the next section in a smooth way. So, be certain your connection is reliable. Otherwise, you will get technical difficulties later. That is not good news, by the way. You do not want to use your survey receipt only to get lost connection, right? That is because one survey receipt is only for one survey. So, you will not be able to use it again if you have used it.

  1. A receipt

Then, you must prepare the receipt from Checkers and Rally’s restaurant. You will need this receipt when you have been on the page of the survey. This receipt consists of several details. These details will be your key to get to the pages of survey questions. The details needed here are the store number, your visit date, and visit time. Do not worry if you do not find a survey invitation code. You will not use it later. The home page of survey will not need you to show it. So, you can just skip the survey code. And remember that you will not be able to use the receipt multiple times. You will have one opportunity only because one survey is only for one Checkers and Rally’s receipt.

  1. Basic understanding of English

As an English speaker, we are sure that you will not find difficulties to do this survey. Guest obsessed survey will only display the questions in English. English is the default language here. You will not find other available languages on the home page of the survey. But, if you are not an English speaker, you do not have to worry about this. This survey will use simple words. The vocabularies used here are you every day vocabs. So, it will not be a big problem for every respondent of the survey.

Steps by Steps Guideline on Taking Part in Guest obsessed Survey.

When you have prepared all of the requisites, you may start the survey. This survey will not take much of your time. You can do it in a few minutes. After the survey was over, you will get the code. But, you would better learn the steps first. If you have understood, you may take part in it. You do not need to get confused. Just follow the instructions until the end of the survey. To make it clearer for you, we have prepared the guideline. You can use this guideline to help you understand the steps to do in the survey. Let us start it!

  1. Go to

Before you make your first move, be certain that you have your device ready. For example, you have installed the browser on your device. Then, you have connected your device to the stable internet connection. If you have done all these things, it means you are ready for sure. Now, let us make the first step. The first thing you should do is to go to the official page of the survey.

Besides, you can make another way by using Google Search. You may type in the available field. Then, you can search it. Google will show you the results to access the page of Guest obsessed survey. Both ways are easy and quick. You can choose which one is more convenient for you. After that, your browser will show you the home page of the survey. On that page, you will see a receipt sample, blank fields, and some information about the survey.

  1. Fill in the store number

The second, you are able to fill the store number of Checkers and Rally’s. At this time, you can use your receipt. You can find the store number on that receipt. The receipt sample on the guest obsessed survey will help you to locate the store number. This store number will have 4 digits. And it will be on the top part of the survey most of the time. Fill the store number in the top blank field. That is the first blank field that you can fill in.

Make sure the store number is matching with the number you have on your Checkers and Rally’s receipt. If you fill in the wrong strong number, you will not be able to start the survey. That wrong store number will not allow you to enter the pages of survey questions. If you have been sure that the store number is correct, you can continue to the next step.

  1. Specify the date

The third, you should specify your visit date. You can use your receipt again. Then, you can find the visit date on the right part of Checkers and Rally’s receipt. You must provide the complete date. It means you should specify the date, month, and the year. That date will represent if you have visited the store in a recent time. It will show that your receipt has not got expired. If it has finished, you may click Start button.

  1. Answer all survey questions

Well, you can start answering the questions of guest obsessed survey. To answer the questions, you will only have to rate some scales. Your scales will represent your level of satisfaction. Further, some questions will ask if you agree with some statements there. You just have to recall about your latest visit to the store. So, you are free to answer anything you want. But, you should make sure that you are honest. The management team will take your feedback as an evaluation. So, be truthful in telling your latest experiences at Checkers and Rally’s restaurants. To make it more obvious about the questions, you can respond to the following things:

  • your visit type,
  • time range of your visit
  • your satisfaction level in general about Checkers and Rally’s,
  • items you have ordered,
  • food qualities,
  • the service you get at Checkers and Rally’s store,
  • the employees’ behaviors,
  • your willingness to return to this store,
  • consideration to recommend checkers and rally’s to other people,
  • your frequency to visit Checkers and Rally’s,
  • and so on.

Do not forget to click Next button every time you want to turn your questions pages.

  1. Save the code

After all of those questions, you will end up on the last page. On this page, there will be a validation code for you. This validation code is for redemption. Once the validation code shows up on your screen, grab your pen fast. Then, you can write it on your Checkers and Rally’s receipt. Your receipt along with the code will be your rally’s coupons. To redeem the coupon, you can go to the nearest Checkers and Rally’s restaurant. Bring the coupon there and show it to the cashier.

But, you must make purchases to redeem the coupon. Your coupon will be invalid if you redeem it without purchases. So, your next purchase is a must for the redemption. If your redemption is successful, you will get a reward from Checkers and Rally’s. The restaurant has already informed you about the reward on the receipt at times. After all, you can enjoy a free delicious sandwich as the survey reward.

Checkers and Rally’s Customer Service

Checkers and Rally’s has created customer service to help customers with difficulties. Of course, these difficulties have to get related to Checkers and Rally’s. Customers can give feedback, suggestions, questions, or complaints. Then, the representatives are ready to help them to solve their problems. Well, customers can contact the representatives of Checkers and Rally’s Customer Service using some ways. Here is the information for you.

  1. By website

It easy to reach the representatives via the website. You only have to go online. Then, to reach the official website, you can go to or Those website addresses will show you the same web designs. You can choose one of the address. After that, you can scroll down the page to find the Contact link. If you have found that link, you can click it. It will take you to another page where you can get some beneficial information related to the contacts of Checkers and Rally’s Customer Service. On that website, you can give your feedback online. There are three feedback topics which you can select. The topics are:

  • The first is Restaurant Feedback. It is for customers who have found problems at Checkers and Rally’s restaurants.
  • The second is General Inquiries. On this page, you will see a blank form. You can fill it with your contact details and your questions or feedback. You do not have to provide a store number for this form.
  • The third is website Feedback. This section will also show you a blank form. You can fill it with your suggestions or comments related to Checkers and Rally’s website page.
  1. By Phone

But if you have urgent problems and you should get immediate responses, you can contact the representatives by phone. You may dial 1-800-800-8072 and the representatives will respond to you quickly. Besides, if you need media contact, you can call Checkers and Rally’s Customer Service representatives at (866) 533-1019.

  1. By Social Media

Now, you can get in touch with Checkers and Rally’s Customer Service representatives using social media. You can follow their social media accounts if you want the newest promo or menus from them. Further, you can get the most updated information from Checkers and Rally’s. If you are eager to follow their social media accounts, you can use these links:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram: