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Did you just full your gas tank at Phillips 66 station? Well, there must be a purchase receipt that you have received from the station, right? In case you do not know, the receipt may have an invitation that you can use to take part in Phillips 66 Visitor Barometer. This is a survey platform from Phillips 66 which will give you a chance to enter GasVisit Survey Sweepstakes and win a $25 gas gift card. You can take the survey on Gas Visit Survey website. If you participate in this customer survey, you will able to share your recent experience at Phillips 66 station. This will be your chance to inform about the qualities of the station. You are free to give your feedbacks about Phillips 66 services or products that you have used. After the survey completion, you can submit your sweepstakes entry to win the prize.

In this article, you will find a lot of information about Phillips 66 Guest Satisfaction Survey as well as the GasVisit Survey Sweepstakes. so, make sure you do not miss any information from about the survey sweepstakes. Besides, you can find some ways to reach Phillips 66 in case you find any issues with your visit to Phillips 66 stations. Happy reading!

gasvisit survey sweepstakes
gasvisit survey sweepstakes at

About Phillips 66

Phillips 66 is a gas and station chain managed by Phillips 66 Company from the United States. The headquarters of this company is in Westchase, Houston, Texas. Frank Phillips and L. E. Phillips started the company in 1917 as Phillips Petroleum Co. the company name turned into Phillips 66 when the gasoline produced of this company was assessed on U.S. Highway 66. Since then, the company has run as Phillips 66. In 1927, Phillips 66 Company had its service station for the first time in Wichita, Kansas. Today, Phillips 66 has branches in 65 countries, including the United States and several countries in Europe. Hence, it is not surprising that the company has been hiring more than 14.000 employees so far. Phillips 66 offers some products, such as motor fuels, natural gas, aviation fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals, and natural gas. Besides, services provided by Phillips 66 are service stations and oil refining.

The Rules of Gas Visit Survey Sweepstakes

You may enter the sweepstakes without any purchases or transactions at Phillips 66 gas station.  You will understand the rules more by reading the following explanation.

  1. Participants

If you are eager to be a participant of Gas Visit Survey Sweepstakes, you should have the following requirements.

  • Participants are the United States residents.

You must be a legal resident of the United States when you enter these customer sweepstakes. It does not matter in which state you are residing right now. As long as the state does not get any prohibition by the law, you have a chance to join this gas visit customer sweepstakes.

  • You have reached 18 years old.

The minimum age for participants of this gas visit survey sweepstakes is 18 years old. If you are still younger than 18 years old, you cannot be a participant of Phillips 66 survey sweepstakes. However, your parents, older siblings, or legal guardians may help you to enter the sweepstakes using their own contact details.

  • Phillips 66 employees are not eligible.

Employees of Phillips 66 Company are not allowed to submit their sweepstakes entries as this drawing is only for Phillips 66 Company customers. Besides, any immediate family members and household members cannot be a part of this survey sweepstakes as well.

  1. Sweepstakes Period

The period of Phillips 66 sweepstakes will last from January 1st, 2019 up to March 31st, 2019. During the sweepstake period, there will be 3 monthly sweepstakes periods.

  1. Entry Methods

Phillips 66 survey sweepstakes allow participants to submit their sweepstakes entries by the online method and offline method. Each participant is only able to submit one entry per day no matter which entry method that they are going to use. You can get more explanations about the entry methods below.

  • Online entry

The online method the participants can use to enter Phillips 66 customer sweepstakes is by visiting Phillips 66 Visitor Barometer website. The participants can reach the website at Then, they can take some steps to do the customers survey. to join the survey, they need a Phillips 66 purchase receipt to fill in the information needed on the survey page. However, it is also possible to enter the survey using a purchase receipt from Conoco station or 76 stations.  if the participants have finished the survey process, they will be able to provide their contact details, such as name, phone number, and email address.

  • Offline entry

In case you do not have a purchase receipt from Phillips 66 station, Conoco station, or 76 stations, you can still enter the survey sweepstakes by an offline method. These are the instructions that will be helpful for you to submit your entry via mailing post.

  • First, you must have a piece of card sized 3×5 inches.
  • Second, you need to write down your contact information on the card, such as complete name, age, complete mailing address, email address, and phone number.
  • Third, you should insert the card into envelope sized #10. Or, it can be as large as 4 ⅛ × 9 ½ inches.
  • Lastly, you must send it to the address below.

Phillips 66 Customer Satisfaction Survey Entry

PO Box 10250

Rochester, New York, 14610

The United States.

Only one envelope for one person in each entry is permissible to enter Phillips 66 customer sweepstakes. Besides, you cannot use any copies of the card to enter the survey sweepstakes via mailing post.

  1. Winners

The administrator of Phillips 66 customer sweepstakes will hold a random drawing in each monthly sweepstakes period. It means there will be a drawing every month. Each drawing will result in 60 potential winners. Then, the administrator will notify the potential winners by phone, mail, or email. In case there are no responses from the potential winners, the sweepstakes administrator will select alternate winners in another random drawing.

  1. Prizes

Every winner of Phillips 66 survey sweepstakes will receive a gas card from Phillips 66 station, Conoco station, or 76 stations. Each gas card is worth $25.

gasvisit survey
gasvisit survey steps

Steps to Take Part in Gas Visit Survey

There are some steps that you can do take the survey before you are able to enter Phillips 66 gas sweepstakes. you may take the survey by location or by ZIP code. These are the details.

  1. By Location

If you know the ZIP code of the station where you have just visited, you can take the following steps.

First, you should go to to visit the official website of Phillips 66 Gas Visit Survey.

  • Click Brand

Second, you can click the Brand button. This button will show you a list of brands, such as Conoco, Philips 66, and 76. You should choose one of the brands to continue the step. If you have selected one of the brands, you can do the next step.

  • Enter Location Details

Third, you may enter the location details. What you should provide here are state, city, and address. Then, you can click the Start button. It will take you to another page and you should click Begin Survey button there.

  • Provide Visit Information

Fourth, you must provide your visit information. For instance, you can use the visit date and visit time printed on your purchase receipt. If you have done this step, you can click the Next button.

  • Answer Survey Questions

Fifth, you can start answering some questions from Phillips 66 customer survey. You can rate some statements related to your visit experience at Phillips 66 station last time. Besides, you may give more feedbacks for Phillips 66 in a provided field.

  • Submit sweepstakes entry

Finally, you are able to submit your sweepstakes entry. To submit it, you need to provide your contact details, like your name, mailing address, email address, and phone number.

  1. By Zip Code

If you still remember the ZIP code of the station which has given you a purchase receipt, you can do the following instructions to participate in the customer satisfaction survey. Don’t worry! it will not be too different from the previous survey steps.

  • Visit

First, you must be on the website of Phillips 66 gas survey at

  • Provide ZIP code

Second, you have to provide the ZIP code of gas station that you have visited. The ZIP code has 5 digits in length. With this ZIP code, you do not need to provide location information of the gas station anymore. Then, you may click the Start button. Then, you will get directed to the next page where you can find Begin Survey button. You can click it to view the next page.

  • Inform Visit Information

Third, you still need to inform your visit information. You can check your purchase receipt to fill in your visit date and visit time.

  • Respond to Survey Questions

Fourth, you should give your responses to the Phillips survey questions. Some topics that may appear on this survey website are about your satisfaction in general when you visit Phillips 66 gas station, the location cleanliness, the service qualities, and some more questions related to your recent visit there.

  • Enter Phillips 66 Sweepstakes

Lastly, you will get a chance to enter the customer sweepstakes of Phillips 66. You are able to submit your name, home address, email address, and phone number as your sweepstakes entry..

How to Contact Phillips 66 Customer Service

Do you have problems with our visit at Phillips 66 as the station? Then, you may do the following ways to contact customer service. The representative will be ready to help you solve the problems as fast as they can.

  1. Website

The official website address of Phillips 66 gas is available at You can visit this website when you need to share your feedbacks about Phillips 66. This website has a contact page where you can send your messages via the website directly. You can select which topic you need to inform about your suggestions, complaints, or questions. For example, you can choose fuel quality, promotions, fraud, pricing, station quality & equipment, and some more options. Then, you will see a feedback form show up and you can complete it based on your intentions.

  1. Mailing

Without the internet connection, you will still be able to reach Phillips 66 management team by sending your letters to the Phillips 66 corporate office. this way, you can give your feedbacks as clear as you want. You may use the following address.

Phillips 66

P.O. Box 421959

Houston, Texas, 77242-1959

The United States

In case you need to contact the customer service of Phillips 66 gas, you can send your letters to this address.

Consumer Services Department

P.O. Box 7200

Bartlesville, Oklahoma, 74005

The United States

  1. Email

In case you want to contact Phillips 66 by email, do not hesitate to send your feedback to [email protected] the management team will respond to your email during the company business hours.

  1. Phone

You will receive quick assistance from Phillips 66 customer service if you are eager to talk to the representatives by phone. Just make sure you contact them during business hours from Monday to Friday from 08.00 a.m. up to 05.00 p.m. Central Time. the phone numbers that you can contact are:

  • Customer Service: 1 800 527 5476
  • Corporate Office: 281 293 6600
  1. Fax

You may want to reach the customer service via fax. It means you should send your fax for Phillips 66   to 806 275 3585.

  1. Social media

You can take advantage of your social media account to contact Phillips 66 customer service. Just visit the social media pages of Phillips 66 Gas. These are the links to reach the pages.

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • YouTube:

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