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Have you just gone shopping at a Foot Locker store? Then, you will receive a purchase receipt from the cashier there. The purchase receipt is a proof that you have completed a payment at Foot Locker store. Then, do not throw the purchase receipt away. If you have got one, you would better keep it for Footlockersurvey. You can pay attention to the purchase receipt that you have got. There will be some information printed on it. The information includes the receipt details of your shopping payment. These receipt details will be useful to take part in Foot Locker Survey. After that, you just have to make a preparation to participate in this customer satisfaction survey. When you are ready, you can visit the official survey website at You should answer several survey questions. At the end of the customer survey, you will get a validation code to receive $10 discount.

In case you do not know, let us tell you a thing. If you take part in FootLocker survey, it means you contribute towards the development of Foot Locker. Your feedbacks on this survey website are important to this store. You can help this store to be a more quality shopping place. Besides, Foot Locker creates Foot locker survey portal to measure how satisfied customers are to shop at Foot Locker stores. It is because your feedbacks can be a part of the evaluation of Foot Locker management team. If the result of this customer satisfaction shows that customers feel happy at the time they go shopping at Foot Locker stores, it means the management team has been successful to build a good place for customers to get what they want. But, if customers feel disappointed with the service or products at Foot Locker stores, the management team will take some decisions to improve its qualities.

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Foot Locker Short Review

Well, this store must be so familiar to you. But, we are sure you have not known all about it. We have a short review of this store. Foot Locker is a store chain in the United States. the main items sold at Foot Locker stores are footwear. There are some sportswear as well. The history of Foot Locker began when F. W. Woolworth Company bought Kinney Shoe Corporation. Then, this company made 3 shoe divisions. One of them was Foot Locker. The first location of Foot Locker store was in City of Industry, California. It opened in 1974. Even though Foot Locker has experienced some acquisitions processes, it’s still popular among shoe lovers as a good place to get nice shoes. Now, Foot Locker has been a famous shoe store worldwide. It has a lot of branches in 28 other countries, such as Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Customers can purchase items at Foot Locker stores in 2 ways. The first way is to visit its stores. If you do not know where the nearest  Foot Locker stores to your current location are, you may use its website to search for it. You can go to Then, you can use the store locator on the website page. You only need to provide the city name in the available field. After that, you will see some Foot Locker stores show up in your search result. Furthermore, there is another way to buy Foot Locker items. It is by online order. Again, you can order the items you want online via the website at You will be able to select a lot of store items, such as shoes, sports clothing, sports accessories, sports equipment, and many more.

Foot Locker has provided top international brands to complete your sports collections. You must have been familiar with Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Jordan, and many other brands. Moreover, Foot Locker has made its products available for men, women, and kids. So, if you are the parent and want your children to look stylish, you may consider shopping at Foot Locker for your children. Furthermore, Foot Locker has its own website for kids’ sportswear. You may visit the website of foot locker kids at

Apart from its top quality products, Foot Locker is also famous for its low prices. You can save some of your dollars when you shop at Foot Locker. Here are the ways:

  1. Foot Locker provides free shipping.

You may get free shipping if you shop at Foot Locker. Of course, there will be some terms apply. For example, you shop for certain items. Or, you have done the minimum payment for free shipping. This free shipping will last for a year.

  1. The military can get special discounts

If you are a military personnel, you may receive 20% discount off your purchases. Just show your military card and you can get your purchases with low prices.

  1. Customers may use foot locker coupons.

All stores give away discount coupons with foot locker promo code. You just have to provide URLFL669 when you are at checkout. Then, you can receive a 15% discount. But, you should purchase for $75 at least. Only certain items will be permissible to get this discount. Further, this Foot Locker discount does not include taxes and shipping. You can use this coupon via mail, phone, or Foot Locker website.

  1. foot locker vip can be an advantage

You may join VIP Club of Foot Locker. This club will let you receive some benefits. For example, you may get $10 discount of $50 purchases. Then, you may receive exclusive promotions via text or email. Next, you will get easy access to Foot Locker special events. And there are more benefits that you can get from foot locker vip.

Things that You Can Prepare to Take Part in Foot locker survey

Everything will run well if you can make a good preparation for the survey. It is because Food Locker only has one customer satisfaction survey platform. Besides, you should go online to take part in it. A lot of things may happen when you do online activities. Of course, we never expect these things to happen. This is why; we should prevent technical difficulties to occur. If you have made sure that the prerequisites can give the good performance, you do not have to worry about the survey process. You have tried to minimize the chances of these errors to happen. If you can prepare the things needed, you will not find difficulties in the middle of the survey. We can say that these prerequisites will give important contribution in the survey process. Now, you can pay attention to the following explanation. You can have these things ready before it starts.

  1. A purchase receipt

You will need purchase receipt to take part in foot locker survey. This receipt has some details for the survey, such as a store number, a transaction store, and visit date and time.

  1. A device

The device can be a laptop, a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. You can use the most affordable one for you.

  1. The internet connection

The internet connection plays an important role. You may choose the stable connection. So, you can enjoy fast connection for the survey.

  1. English, Spanish, or French ability

There are 3 languages available for the survey. You may use the most familiar one.

  1. A pen

It does not have to be a pen. You can use a pencil as well. You will need it to write the validation code when the survey is over.

Step by step to Take Part in Foot locker guest survey

Before you go online to reach the official website of the survey, you may spare some minutes to check your preparation. You may make sure if the things you have got for Foot locker survey will work well. It is necessary to know about the quality of the prerequisites before you can sue them. For instance, you may check your device. Look at the power status of your device. Then, you may make certain if you have to use a compatible browser for your device. Next, you should connect your device to the internet before you access the survey website. If all prerequisites are in good conditions, you are able to continue to the procedure.

You will take some simple steps on the website page. You will not have to take a long time for this customer satisfaction survey. It is because this survey will only take 10 minutes maximum. This means you can finish all the steps less than 10 minutes. We have summarized the steps of Foot Locker Survey. You can use the explanation below to understand more about the process of the survey. Here we go!

  1. Go to the Website

Firstly, you should access the survey page at This survey website does not display colorful pages. The website design is very simple.

  1. Select a language

Secondly, you may select a language. Once you have reached the survey website, you will see 3 options. These options will represent the languages that you can use to take part in the survey. The languages are English, Spanish, and French. The page will show up in English. If you want Spanish, you can click on Español. If you click Français, the pages will turn to French.

  1. Enter Receipt details

Thirdly, you should enter the receipt details. You may find these details on your purchase receipt. The details are:

  • A Store Number

You may locate the store number on the top part of the receipt. This number is on the left side.

  • A Transaction Store

The transaction store is available on the middle part of your purchase receipt.

  • Visit date and time

You can use your receipt to look at the date and time when you pay for your purchases at Foot Locker store.

  1. Answer Questions from the survey

Fourthly, you will be able to unlock the survey pages. You will some survey questions. To answer the questions, you should recall your latest experience at the stores. Then, you may give your honest feedbacks about Foot Locker. The questions will be about your satisfaction level in general, your reason to come to the store, the items you want to buy, friendly employees, items availability, store arrangement, and many more.

  1. Answer Classification questions

Fifthly, there will be some more questions for classification purposes only. You may answer about your gender, age, ethnic background, etc.

  1. Write Validation Code

Finally, you can write a validation code when the survey ends. You can take your pen. Then, write the code on your purchase receipt. When you come to Foot Locker store next time, you may bring your receipt with the code to get $10 discounts off your $50 purchases.

How to Contact Customer Service of Foot Locker

If you shop at a store, you may never expect to get troubles. Even though the management team of the store has worked hard to satisfy customers, human errors can still happen. Or, technical difficulties can be the reason as well. For example, the problems can be about the wrong products, late shipping order, awful services, broken facilities, and many other things. These kinds of problems also can happen when you shop at Foot Locker stores. Besides, customers may feel hesitate. So, they do not report these problems to Foot Locker. The fact is that Foot Locker needs to know about your complaints, so this store will not do the same mistakes next time.

To handle these disappointed customers, Foot Locker has made a customer service. It also has placed some representatives to handle the customers through this service. This footlocker customer service will be a good way for customers to give complaints about services and products of Foot Locker. If customers contact the customer service, the representatives will give immediate responses. They will help customers to solve the problems. Moreover, customers may give suggestions and compliments about Foot Locker. If there is some information needed from Foot Locker, customers are permissible to give questions to the customer service. As a customer of Foot Locker, you can reach the customer service of Foot Locker in several ways, such as:

  1. By website

Foot Locker survey is not the only one way to let Foot Locker know your feedbacks about this store. You can give your comments to Foot Locker via the website. You should make sure you can go online to do this. Then, you can visit the official website of Foot Locker at the survey site. If you have reached the website page, you can go to contact us page. You can complete a feedback form there. You can submit your contact details and your comments. If you have done with the forms, you can submit it.

  1. By mailing

The mailing may be a good method to share your feedback in a polite way. Besides, you do not have to prepare the internet connection. You only need to have some papers to do this. There will not be character limits because you use your own papers. So, you can write your comments as long as you want. Moreover, mailing can be your way to start a business relationship with Foot Locker. You can send your business letters to the corporate address of Foot Locker. If you are eager to send your letters to Foot Locker, you may use the following address as the destination:

Foot Locker Retail, Inc.

330 W 34th Street,

New York, New York, 10001

The United States

  1. By phone

If you find urgent problems, you may want to try this way. The phone can be the fastest way to reach the customer service representatives of Foot Locker. If you can contact the customer service via phone, the representatives will give the quick answer to you. Besides, you do not have to pay to call the customer service. It is because Feet Locker has prepared free-toll phone numbers for customers. Moreover, the customer service of Foot Locker is available 24 hours every day. So, it will be helpful for customers because they can reach this service anytime they want. You just have to know the phone numbers that you are able to use. Foot Locker has some different numbers. You may select one of these phone numbers based on your need.

  • Inside of the United States: 1.800.991.6815
  • Outside of the United States: 1.715.261.9588

If you are customers of different countries, you should be fluent in English to talk to the customer service representatives of Foot Locker. You cannot use your local language. You should speak English to make the communication run well. To prevent misunderstanding because you are not so good at English, you would better send your feedback via the website. You can use your basic English there, so it will not make you and the representatives difficult.

Furthermore, you may call the corporate office number in case you need to talk to the office staffers at +1 800-863-8932 or +1 715-261-9708.

  1. Through social media

Social media has given a lot of advantages these days. This is why; Foot Locker has created a page on several social media platforms. Foot Locker uses this as a media to get closer to customers. There will be some attractive deals and promotions on its social media pages. Besides, it will give benefits to customers as well. Customers can share their comments about products and services at Foot Locker stores through social media. Moreover, customers can get the newest updates from Foot Locker pages. If you do not want to miss the news from Foot Locker, you may use these links to follow the social media pages of Foot Locker.

  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • YouTube: