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Everyone wants a happy shopping. Then, we can say that discount is a part of it. Well, that is what Old Navy offers to its customers. There will be 10% discount for Old Navy customers. It is not difficult to get this discount. Customers only have to take part in feedback4oldnavy survey first. Then, they will get a code that is redeemable for the discount. Very easy, right? Thus, we recommend you to take part in feedback 4 old navy survey. It is because this survey is advantageous. The advantage is not only for you. Old Navy can get the advantages as well. If you take this survey, you will be able to give your real feedbacks about your shopping experiences at Old Navy stores. Then, the management team of Old Navy will use your feedback as the evaluation.

In case you are wondering about Old Navy Survey, you can keep on reading this. We have provided a little information about it for you. Well, Old Navy is a retail company from the United States. This company is a subsidiary of Gap Inc. Thus, customers can find accessories and clothing when they are visiting Old Navy stores. Millard Drexler was the one who began the journey of Old Navy in 1994. He started this as a Gap Warehouse a year before he founded Old Navy. He did this because Target Corporation was trying to build a different version of Gap. Then, Mr. Drexler opened the first Old Navy in San Francisco. After that, this brand gained success. Right now, Old Navy has over a thousand stores. Most of them are in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Mexico City, and Seattle.

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What makes Old Navy different from the rest clothing stores is the concept. Old Navy is famous for its denim styles. And allow us to say that the styles can last for a long time. Customers can choose which styles are suitable for them. The famous styles from Old Navy are original style, skinny style, super skinny style, and boot-cut style. Apart from the styles, customers can find clothing based on some divisions at Old Navy stores. The divisions are for women, women’s plus, maternity, men, girls, boys, toddlers, and babies. You can search for clothing based on the newest arrivals as well. Besides, customers can specify what they are looking for based on the various divisions at Old Navy stores. Customers can find jeans, sweaters, jackets, swimwear, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and more. The advantage of shopping at Old Navy stores is that each item is available in all sizes.

Moreover, Old Navy is a great place to find your clothing items at affordable prices. This brand often gives away off prices to its customers. For example, Old Navy can give discounts for customers who take part in feedback 4 old navy customer satisfaction survey. This discount will apply to all survey respondents. Of course, there will be some rules to be eligible for taking part in the old navy survey. The rules are quite simple. So, you do not have to worry about it. Then, if you are eligible for this survey, you can spare some of your time to answer the survey questions. When all survey questions are complete, you will get a code. You can take this code to the nearest Old Navy store to your location. Then, you can redeem the code to get the survey reward.

The next example is that Old Navy has special coupons for free. Customers can get these old navy printable coupons from its official Facebook page. It is available at Just make sure you keep following that account. So, you will not miss the chance to get these printable coupons. Besides, Old Navy coupons will let customers get discounts worth $10 up to $50. If customers come to Old Navy stores with these printable coupons, they will get discounts based on the amount printed on the coupons. But, these coupons will not include gift cards and jewelry to get discounts. Moreover, you can get these printable coupons from Old Navy smartphone app. You can download the app from Google Play store and Apple Appstore. You just have to sign up to get promotions and special deals from Old Navy. Moreover, you can get digital coupons from this app.

The Rules to Take Part in feedback 4 old navy Survey

Before you take part in this Customer Satisfaction Survey, you should know the rules first. If you do not know the rules, you can use the following summary to find out what the rules are. These rules will manage how to be eligible for old navy feedback survey. If you can obey the following rules, then you will take part in the survey. Here are the rules:

  1. Participants

Old Navy survey participants are eligible respondents if they can have the following things:

  • The minimum age is 18 years old.

All respondents should have reached 18 years old before they take part in this customer satisfaction survey. It will not matter if the participants are older than this minimum age. But, if they are younger than this age, they will not be able to be the respondent of the survey. Yet, they can ask for their parents or legal guardians to take part in this survey.

  • Legal residents of certain countries.

The respondents of the survey should be the legal residents of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. If they can prove that they are the legal residents of these countries, they will be able to redeem the survey code to get discounts.

  • Participants are not employees of Gap Inc.

This customer satisfaction survey is only for customers. So, if you are employees of Gap Inc. Company, you will not be permissible to take part in this survey. This company will include several stores, such as Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta. This rule will be fair for those who do not have the affiliation with Gap Inc. Company. Thus, this survey will be advantageous for customers of Old Navy stores.

  1. Main Requirement

If they are eligible for the survey, they should have a requirement. This requirement is a must. Without this requirement, they will not be able to get into this customer satisfaction survey. This requirement is a recent receipt from Old Navy. This receipt is important because it contains several details as old navy survey code. The details are the store number of Old Navy, the registration number, and the transaction number. Participants can find all of these numbers printed on the receipt. If they can find all of these details, then they can make an immediate move to take part in this customer satisfaction survey.

Things You Can Prepare for Old Navy Survey

Now, that you have been eligible for this survey, it means you are able to take part in the survey. Just make sure you have prepared the main requirement before you start this survey. Apart from the main requirement, you still need to have some more prerequisites. These prerequisites will help you to take the survey without significant difficulties. As long as you are certain that the prerequisites can function very well, then you will not find technical problems during the survey process. Well, you only should have the following things ready.

  1. A device

You can use a smartphone or a tablet to make it easier for you to access the survey page.

  1. The internet connection

The survey process will be smooth if you have the fast and stable internet connection.

  1. Ability to Understand English, Spanish, or French

This survey page has 3 international languages. Those are English, Spanish, and French. You can use the most familiar language for you.

  1. A Pen

The pen will help you to note the coupon code from the survey.

Step by Step to Take Feedback 4 Old Navy Survey

If you have got the receipt and all of the prerequisites, it means you are ready to take part in this customer satisfaction survey. But, it would be better if you check your preparation first. For example, you need to have the browser in your device. If you have not installed a browser in it, you will find difficulties to access the official survey website of the old navy customer survey. Then, make sure your internet has connected to your device. If you have not connected your internet, it will be impossible for you to get to the survey page. After that, you can start your survey steps. These steps are simple and easy. You will be able to finish all the steps in less than 10 minutes. If you want more understanding about the survey steps of giving feedback old navy survey, you can use the following guideline.

  1. Go to

The first thing to do is to go to When you have reached the page, the address will change into So, if it happens to the web page, you do not have to get panic.

  1. Choose your country and language

Then, you can choose your country. Each country will have its language options. If you select the United States, you can choose English or Español. You can choose Canada with English or Français. Or, you can select Mexico with Español only.

  1. Enter the details

If you have selected one of the options, now you can enter the receipt details. The details are the visit date, visit time, the store number, the transaction number, and the register number. Then, you should identify that you are 18 years old at least. After that, you should identify that you are not the robot. If you have finished entering the details, you can click Submit button.

  1. Answer questions from the survey

Now, you can answer the survey questions. The survey questions will need you to recall your latest shopping experience at Old Navy stores.

  1. Write the discount code

When the survey questions are complete, an old navy coupon code will show up on your screen. You can write this code on your receipt. If you take this receipt at Old Navy stores, you can redeem it with 10% discount as your old navy rewards. You should redeem it with your next purchase.

How to Submit Old Navy Feedback without Accessing the Survey Portal

Old Navy always welcomes feedback from customers. Besides, customers do not have to take part in oldnavy customer satisfaction survey. In case you are eager to give your feedbacks to Old Navy, you can do the following instruction

  1. Go to

  1. Click feedback button

The home page of Old Navy will take a few minutes to load. If the loading process is complete, you will see an additional button on the right scrollbar. You can click this feedback button. Then, a new smaller tab will show up for you.

  1. Choose the topic

After the feedback tab has shown up, you will see 3 topics. You can choose one of the topics to start giving your feedbacks. The topics are website, store, and product. If you click a topic button, you will see a new window open. Here are the explanations:

  • Website

In case you click the website button, the new window will direct you to a feedback page.

  • Firstly, you can rate the feedback page.
  • Secondly, you should choose one of the topics on your website feedback. The topics are compliments, suggestions, discount code, site performance, etc.
  • Thirdly, enter your feedback in the comments field
  • Fourthly, you can tell your reason for visiting the website
  • Fifthly, you can tell if you can complete your task on this website
  • Then, you can rate your recommendation level
  • Next, you may give your phone number or email address if you want Old Navy to contact you back.
  • Finally, click the Feedback button
  • Store

Perhaps, you have problems with your shopping experience at Old Navy stores. These steps are how to give your feedback stores:

  • Firstly, please give rates about the feedback page.
  • Secondly, you should choose one of the options for your store feedback. The options are associates, cleanliness, fitting room, etc.
  • Thirdly, you can start giving your comments.
  • Fourthly, you may tell if your shopping experience is good.
  • Fifthly, you can also inform the store location.
  • Then, you can rate your will to shop at this store again.
  • Next, you may give your contact details if you want.
  • Finally, press the feedback button
  • Product

When you find problems with Old navy store products, you can give your feedback using the following steps:

  • Firstly, rate the page.
  • Secondly, you can select a topic. There are several topics here, such as product quality, color/style, product availability, and many more.
  • Thirdly, give your comments. There are 1000 characters for you.
  • Fourthly, rate your will to buy this product again.
  • Fifthly, you may enter the style number.
  • Then, you can provide your contact details.
  • Finally, you can finish the feedback and click feedback button.
How to Reach Old Navy Customer Service

Old Navy has provided several ways to contact the customer service. Customers can use these contacts if they need helps from Old Navy customer service. They can use these contacts to give complaints, compliments, suggestions, and many more. Then, the representatives will respond to them in necessary ways. If you are one of Old Navy customers and expects to reach the representatives, here is what you can do:

  1. By website

The official website of Old Navy is at You can contact the customer service through this website in an easy way. You can use the steps in the previous section.

  1. By email

Customer service representatives from Old Navy are also reachable using email. You can use this email address to contact them:

[email protected]

  1. By mailing

The mailing will be a polite way to let your voice heard if you cannot go online. If you have problems related to your Old Navy online shopping experience, you can send your letters to the following address:

Old Navy Online

6007 Green Pointe Drive

Groveport, Ohio, 43125

The United States

But if you want to send your feedback letters related to Old Navy stores, you can send to this address:

Old Navy Customer Relations

6007 Green Pointe Drive

Groveport, Ohio, 43125

The United States

  1. By phone

In case you have urgent difficulties, you can try to contact the following phone numbers:

  • 800-653-6289 or 1-800-OLD-NAVY if you call in the United States areas.
  • 614-744-3908 if you are not in the United States areas.

This customer service is available every day from 7.00 a.m. up to 1.00 a.m. EST. This will be the quickest way to reach the customer service representatives.

  1. Through social media

It is beneficial to use social media to get the most updated promotions from Old Navy. You can share your feedback as well. You can use the following links to stay connected with Old Navy:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Pinterest:
  • Instagram:
  • Tumblr: