Fedex Login – Fedex Tracking and Fedex Express User Guideline

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Federal Express has online portals for their customers. The online portal is called FedEx Login Portal. This portal can help consumers track the FedEx Tracking process. Here you only need to visit to get this benefit. So that FedEx Corporation can give you the best service. Here you can log in to any FedEx portal. You can use FedEx UK or Singapore FedEx Login. Then you can create an account at FedEx India or FedEx Global. FedEx Express is a company that serves the process of shipping goods. Then this portal serves to help you track your items. They even help you get a refund and complain.

Are you a consumer at Federal Express? If you are a FedEx consumer, then this is your chance to log in to this portal. So, you can access Fedex Express login page as well as FedexTracking. Before you take advantage of the benefits of this portal, you need to create an account first. Well, since 1965 this company has served customers. They want to keep customers on their side. How do they keep their existence until now? FedEx does not forget to create new services or innovations for their consumers. In 1973 they made a hub and spoke program. So they tried to send packages in one night to all places. So they need detailed information on all items. Furthermore, they can succeed in this innovative program.

fedex login page
fedex login page

Federal Express Company Profile.

Well, before you create an account on a consumer portal you need to know their profile first. So that you can understand the company’s vision and mission. This information can make you believe in their service. Our story will start in 1965. Now, who doesn’t know FedEx? FedEx is currently popular in the world. They have good quality shipping. In 1965 Frederick W. Smith made a paper about an industry. He wants to make the shipping industry better. So that the shipping of goods does not depend on the passenger route. In 1971, the military world opened Smith’s view. He bought shares from Arkansas Aviation Sales. In the same year, he founded Federal Express.

Then Smith moved his office to Memphis. This airport does not close service even though the weather is bad. Then there is a sufficient additional hangar. In 1973 Federal Express sent 186 packages using 14 aircraft. Until 1975, this company had not yet made a profit. After 1980 this company had good growth. While foreign expeditions were only implemented in 1984 in Europe and Asia. Until now they serve consumers from 220 countries in the world. The company changed its name to FedEx in 2001. They acquired several companies. So that FedEx is growing and successful. Until now, FedEx continues to make changes and innovations.

Benefits of Using FedEx Portal Login.

Well, before we talked about the history and profile of FedEx Corp. Now we will explain the benefits of creating an account on this portal. So FedEx Ship Manager can help you deliver items easily and safely. If you visit the official FedEx website, you can enter websites from various countries. There you can see information about this company. Some of the services that you can find on this portal are as follows.

  • First, you can access your account via FedEx Ship Manager Login. So you can manage all of your shipping there.
  • Second, you can repair your account through Account Recovery.
  • Third, if you have a business you can use the FedEx Bussiness Account service.
  • Fourth, they have tax services online. You can use FedEx Billing Online.

Well, before you use the FedEx Package Service, you need to use this portal. Not only can you check the shipping process using the website. But you can monitor the activity of shipping goods through the FedEx App. Some advantages of using FedEx Ship Management.

  1. You can have proof of shipping goods easily. Because you can print proof of shipment through your computer.
  2. Well, if you have a freight forwarding business. This portal can help your work. Here you can save 2000 shipping addresses. Thus you do not need to rewrite when sending goods.
  3. You can get notification of the process of shipping goods. They have FedEx Ship Alert for you. Here you can receive notifications via email.
  4. Then you can arrange the collection of goods by couriers throughout the country.
  5. You can track the delivery of your goods for 45 days in advance. So you won’t miss any shipping. Isn’t this facilitating your work? So don’t hesitate to do FedEx Registration now.

The need to do FedEx Login.

Previously you have understood the benefits of using this portal. Well, now you can log in. But you need to make good preparations before logging in. So that the process of creating your account and login is smooth. Some registration requirements and logins on a consumer account are quite simple.

  1. You need to have a computer or other online device. This device serves to access the FedEx consumer portal.
  2. You need to complete your online device with internet services. Here you should have a strong internet signal. Because signal strength can affect your login process.
  3. You need a User ID and Password to access your account. Here you need to register at the consumer portal first. Then you can create your own User ID and Password.
How to do FedEx Registration via FedEx Portal Login.

Let’s start the registration process at FedEx portal login. You need to pay attention to all our information. Thus you can easily create an account. Here are the steps to creating an account on a consumer portal.

  1. Visit the Consumer Official Portal at

The first step, you need to visit the address of the consumer portal. You can use Mozilla or Google Chrome as your browser. You can write the address of the portal in the browser search bar. Then click on the search button or enter to search for the portal. Besides using an official address, you can use the consumer keyword portal. FedEx Portal Login.

  1. Click on the Sign Up Now link.

On the first page, you can find the form to log in. But you need to create an account first. So you need to visit the Sign Up Now link.

  1. You need to fill out the Registration Questionnaire.

Well, here you can see the registration form. The registration process has 2 stages. First, you need to enter personal information. Second, you need to confirm the registration. Some information that you must prepare when filling out the form.

  • First, prepare your first name, initial and last name.
  • Second, prepare your valid email address.
  • Third, you need to write down the address, city, country, and ZIP Code.
  • Finally, you need to write down the telephone number.
  1. You need to create a User ID and Password for your FedEx account.

You can create a password from a combination of letters and numbers. Here you need 8 characters for the password. Then you need to pay attention to the letters to create a User ID. Because this system is sensitive to small uppercase letters.

  1. Answer your account security question.

There you can choose the security question you want. Click on the arrow on the right side of the column. Then you need to answer the security question. Your security questions and answers can help when you have forgotten your password.

  1. Check the statement box.
  2. Click on the Continue button. Now you have an account at the consumer portal. Next, you need to confirm registration.
Fedex login
Fedex login steps

How to Access FedEx Login via FedEx Portal Login.

After you create a consumer account, you can now log in. The way to log in is easier than when registering. You only need less than one minute to log in. Then you can start using your consumer portal. If you experience difficulties, click on the Login Help button. There you can get simple instructions to enter your account. Here are some steps to accessing your consumer account.

  1. Visit the Consumer Official Portal at

The first step, just like when you create an account. You can write the address of the portal in the browser search bar. Then click on the search button or enter to search for the portal. Or you can use a consumer keyword portal. FedEx Portal Login.

  1. Enter your FedEx account ID and Password.

There you need to fill in the User ID and Password fields correctly. Note the small letters for both information. Because one-letter errors can prevent you from entering your consumer account. Then we suggest you record your User ID and password. Or if you forget easily, you can give a check to remember your User ID.

  1. Click on the Login button to enter your FedEx account.

Now you can start using FedEx services through your account. First, you can set up your account profile first. Then you can enter several addresses that you use frequently.

Problems when doing Login.

Well, before we gave you instructions to create an account. Then we give instructions for logging in. Now you need to know some problems when logging in. Thus you need to solve the problem. The following are problems that are often experienced by consumers during the login process.

  1. Error on the consumer portal. Maybe you’ve seen the website screen showing the session entered time out. So if you don’t use the portal for one hour, your login session will run out. So before leaving the website page, click on the exit button first.
  2. You have forgotten your Password or User ID. Remember, before you leave your computer you need to exit the website first. If you don’t log out, other people can access your account.
  3. Your browser does not match the system.

Here you need to use Netscape Navigator. At least you are using version 6.0. Then you can use Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla. You need to update your browser regularly.

How to Fix Account due to Forgot Password and User ID.

Now we will help you fix your account. The way to restore your account is quite easy. You can do both in one portal. Then you can record all the important information from us. The following is how to recover an account due to forgetting the password and user ID.

Here are some steps you have to do when you forgot FedEx account password.

  • Visit the Official Consumer Portal at
  • The first step, you can write the web address in the browser search bar. Then click on the search button or enter to search for the portal. Or you can use a consumer keyword portal. FedEx Portal Login.
  • You can visit the Forgot Link / Reset your Password or User ID.
  • Enter your account user ID.
  • You need to answer security questions. This question is the same as when you created an account.
  • Check your email. If your answer is correct, they will send the password to your email address. Now you can log back into your account.
Federal Express Corporation Customer Service.

Finally, we will give you several ways to contact FedEx Customer Service. There you can give questions, complaints and ask for help. Because maybe you need to confirm your problem with the company. Or from our instructions, there are those you don’t understand. Here are some ways to contact FedEx.

  1. FedEx Corporation Customer Service Phone Number.

The first way you can use is to use a telephone. You can contact them during office hours. 1,800,463.3339. If you want to contact the nearest office, you can access their numbers on the FedEx website. You only need to visit the Contact Us menu.

  1. You can contact them through Social Media.

Here they have various social media. You can follow all of their social media to get new information. if you want to follow their social media, you need to create an account beforehand.

Facebook: @ FedEx.

Twitter: @ FedEx.

Instagram: @fedex.

Linkedin: FedEx.

youtube: FedEx.

Pinterest: FedEx.

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