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Online resources have made its success in the current era. These resources are fast and simple. A lot of students use this sort of resources to support their study. This is why educational institutions have been more open to this kind of learning resources. These institutions take advantage of online resources to enhance the learning activities for its students. One of the institutions which have applied online resources as a part of its teaching-learning process is Emedley. It has a partnership with AllofE Solutions to provide good online resources for teaching-learning process. This institution has introduced Emedley login Portal as a program to help students in studying. It is an e-learning program which is accessible for students with Health Science Program. This portal will be able to do a lot to its users. Students only have to create an account to get access to Emedley Portal.

Emedley itself is an institution which has a strong commitment to making useful innovations for learning. In line with its name, Emedley will bring medley solutions to give more help to the future of our education. It means there will be more helpful and fun ways to study created by Emedley. Besides, Emedley has made beneficial corporations with top universities in the world. The purpose is to make learning easier for everyone, especially the students in the universities. For example, Emedley has been a partner to develop learning programs with Hartford University, Bethel University, Oklahoma University, and Tulane University. These universities have used online resources to boost learning qualities for its students.

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emedley login
emedley login portal is accessible at he.emedley.com

Now, what this login Portal can do to help students? Well, the answer is a lot. Emedley Employee Login Portal will let students access their accounts on this login portal. With this portal, students do not need to waste their time and money to get trusted learning resources. Besides, they are able to use exclusive study services from Emedley. This login page gives students some study programs as the options. They can select which programs which they want to learn. For example, the study programs are Pharmacy, Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Physical Assistant. Moreover, there are great solutions for medical programs, such as Dentistry, Optometry, and Chiropractic. If students have registered an account on this login Portal, they will be able to several features on the portal. For example, they will be able to view schedules. And if students find difficulties in remembering passwords or usernames, this portal will give proper solutions.

The Features on Emedley Employee Login Site

The website of Emedley gives a lot of advantages to its users. The users can be students or educators. The advantages of Emedley student login portal for students are various. For example, this login portal lets students get more resources based on the study program they prefer. Besides, this portal gives a chance for students to know their schedule. This way they will not miss when they should study it. Furthermore, this login portal can help educators in several ways. For instance, educators will be able to create their teaching plans. They can decide what materials they want to give here. Also, they may choose which teaching method will be suitable for the teaching materials. Next, this portal will allow the educators to make assessments for their students. They are able to create tests which can measure the students’ understanding and skills.

To get those benefits, students or educators should visit the official page of the login portal. You will be able to use this portal if you are a student or an educator of educational institutions working with Emedley. The portal address is available at he.emedley.com.  If you have reached the portal, you will see an interesting portal design. Besides, there are some buttons which represent the features of this login portal. You can click the buttons based on what you need to access. These buttons will work if you have logged in to your account here.

If you do not have an account, it will not be possible for you to access the features of this login portal. But, you can only get information to use the features. You do not need to click the features buttons here. Then, a small box will pop up every time you direct your cursor to the buttons. Each button has one box which shows the feature information. To know more about the information, you can read the following explanations.

  1. eCurriculum

The first feature of Emedley portal is eCurriculum. The function of this feature is not too different from other conventional curriculums. Educators will be able to make plans for their teaching. They can make lesson plans based on the schedule of the educational calendar. These lesson plans will help educators to reach their learning objectives. It is important to have goals before you do something, right? Next, educators should know what competencies and skills that the students will achieve at the end of the learning sessions. The competencies and skills will be the target of the teaching and learning process. These things will complete the lesson plans itself. Moreover, educators should use the standard of accreditation to find out the learning progress of the students. Further, there are several options on the menu. Educators can use the options to make curriculum structure, overlap reporting, and gap reporting.

  1. examN

the second feature of this login portal is examN. This feature will be a place to solve assessment problems. Assessment is a part of teaching and learning process. It will be a tool for educators to measure how successful students in acquiring the learning competencies and skills. This login portal, educators are able to create their assessment methods using the examN feature. If educators use this examN feature, the assessments may be accessible online. This means students will be able to do the exam anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, online assessment has some plus points. For example, the online assessment will save a lot of papers. Of course, it can reduce the number of trees used in the industry of papermaking. This is to show that Emedley has committed to creating an educational process without harm the environment. Next, online assessment offers instant scores. Educators do not need to spend a lot of time making the correction to students answers. When students have submitted their work, the examN system will show the students’ scores fast. Then, online assessment of examN has a performance rubric. Educators can use this rubric to give scores to students during the teaching and learning process. in conclusion, examN is a feature of Emedley login portal that can save energy, time, and money.

  1. eClas

The third feature of this login portal is eClas. This feature will be beneficial for educators to monitor classroom activities. Educators will be able to know how students manage their times. Educators may see the duration of each student in finishing practices. Moreover, eClas will be helpful to find competencies of each student. Next, this feature offers several programs to maximize their classroom activities. The programs are Time Tracking, Patient Encounter Tracking, and Diagnosis Tracking.

  1. eduCate

The fourth feature of this login portal is eduCate. Educators may use this feature to enhance their roles as professional educators. They may have more chances to take part in the management of teaching environment. This feature will help educators in making lesson plans from the beginnings until the teaching and learning process ends. So, educators will find it easy to make a learning schedule, learning tools, and also the learning curriculum. Programs which can support eduCate features are Discussion, Homework, Exams, and Evaluation.

  1. eKeeper

The fifth feature of the portal is eKeeper. This feature works as a file manager. It can save all documents and files related to the institutions. Users can use this feature to view, save, and download the documents whenever they can. Besides, this portal is secure. You do not need to worry if you save a lot of files here. Moreover, the storing system uses the cloud, so your files will be safe here.

  1. eValuate

The sixth feature of Emedley portal is eValuate. This feature will help to evaluate the performance of students and educators. This will include the evaluation of the administration process and the management. There are some services in this feature. For example, users may use Course Evaluation, Instructor Evaluation, Students Evaluation, and Preceptor Evaluation.

  1. eduSched

The seventh feature of Emedley login portal is eduSched. This feature will show teaching and learning schedules set by educators. This way, it can determine how many students will join in the classroom activities. There are 2 sorts of schedules used here. They are manual schedule and automatic schedule. But, the automatic schedule is more advantageous because it has a system which can minimize errors. The programs related to this feature are Basic Automatic Schedule, Advanced Automatic Schedule, and Planning Interface.

Things to Prepare for Account Registration on Emedley Portal

To make your account registration successful, you would prepare the things needed first. your preparation will be helpful for you during the registration process. You will not find unnecessary difficulties if you have got the things ready. You do not have to worry if you cannot get the prerequisites. It is because will only need simple things. Even though these things are simple, you will not make a successful account registration if you miss one of these things. Now, you can pay attention to the following list before you prepare the prerequisites

  1. An email address

Emedley Portal will process your account registration if you can provide an email address. You will get this email address from the institution where you are studying right now. The institution has registered your email address to Emedley system before you use it. Besides, this email will use the institution name as its domain. For example, you are a student at Hartford University. So, your email address will be [email protected]

This way, you will not be able to use other email providers.  You can only use a registered email address to create an account on Emedley Portal. At the time you make account registration, Emedley Portal may give you a notification. It means there is something wrong with the email address. If you find this problem, you should inform the administrator of the institution immediately. So, they can help to solve the problem for you. Then, they will give you a valid email address for another account registration.

  1. An ID Number

This ID number is the registered ID number at the institution. Students and institutions employees will have an ID number once they have been a part of this institution. Students should use this ID number in the process of account registration on this login Portal. If you are an educator, you should use your own ID number to create an account here.

  1. A device

We recommend you to use a laptop or a personal computer when you make an account registration on the Portal. These devices will work better than other portable devices.

  1. The internet connection

You will need the internet connection to access the Portal. It is because the main system of this portal is online. So, the internet is a must to prepare.

  1. English ability

This portal will only use English. You should learn more about English if you are not so fluent in English. It is because this Portal will use English for academic purposes. If you only have the basic understanding of English, it is the time for you to take more times to learn it.

Steps of Account Registration on the Login Portal

It is important to create an account on the Portal. If you do not have an account here, you will not be able to access the benefits of the accounts. You will get an account if you make account registration. The steps of the account registration are not difficult. Besides, you will be able to finish all the registration process in a few minutes only. As long as you can prepare the things needed very well, everything will run smoothly. If you are ready now, let us do it!

  1. Go to he.emedley.com

Firstly, you should reach the official page of the Portal. You can visit it at he.emedley.com. Besides, you can use a search engine in your browser to go to the login portal. You just have to type Emedley login in the search field. Then, you will see the search result. Next, you can click the official one. The recommended site often shows up on the top list of the search result. If the page of the Portal has shown up, you will see a login form in the center of the page. Also, there are some buttons that will direct you to the features of the Portal.

  1. Click New User

Secondly, you may click the New User link. You can find this link if you have been on Emedley Portal. This link is on the login form and it is under the blank login fields.

  1. Enter email address

Thirdly, you should enter your email address. This registered email address that you have got from the institution where you are studying.

  1. Provide personal details

Fourthly, you can provide your personal details. This login Portal will ask you to inform your name, your date of birth, and many other details. Do not forget to provide your ID number.

  1. Create a temporary password

Finally, you should create a temporary password for your account. This means you will be able to change the password later. Do not forget to make a strong password. So, you can prevent your account from hackers. If you have finished this last step, it means your registration process is successful. Congrats! You can enjoy the features of the login Portal now.

How to Sign In to Account on Emedley Portal

Now, you can try your first sign in because you have done the account registration. If you have signed in to your account, it will be easy for you to get the benefits of emedley student sign in Portal. You will be able to use the features available on the portal. You may start to access eClas, eduSched, eValuate, and many other features. Well, the steps to sign in are not as difficult as the registration process. You can even sign in to your account only for a minute. Now, you can use the following instructions. We have summarized a guideline that you can use to sign in to your account for the first time.

  1. Go to the login Portal

First, you should visit Emedley login Portal. This is where you can go sign in to your account. This the same page where you have registered your account.

  1. Fill in Username

Second, you can fill in the username field. You should use your registered email address to fill in this field. You can only use this email address. You will not be able to use other email addresses from different providers. For example, you will fail to sign in if you use your email from Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo.

  1. Enter password

Third, you should enter the password. This is the password that you have created when you make an account registration.

  1. Click Login button

Lastly, you only have to click Login button. This button will unlock your account. Then, you may begin to use the features on the portal.