Eatonthemove – Take SSP Customer Feedback Survey for $500 Amazon Gift Card

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Are you a traveler? Then, SSP outlet must not be a new thing that you have ever heard, right? Well, if you make purchases at SSP outlets, you will receive a chance to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card! It is true because SSP has a customer feedback survey where you may share your feedback about your visit experience at SSP outlet locations. You can take this survey at To participate in Eatonthemove survey, you must have received a purchase receipt from the SSP location. Then, you will get several questions about your experience at the store. At the end of the survey process, you will get an opportunity to enter a customer sweepstakes. You may receive an Amazon Gift Card worth $500 if you can be the winner of this customer sweepstakes.

Well, there are more things that you may need to know about Eat on the Move survey. So, do not hesitate to keep on reading this article. We also have some helpful tips that you can use to find Eat on the Move locations and how to contact the customer care service. Enjoy reading!

eatonthemove survey
eatonthemove survey

About SSP

SSP is a UK-based company. It operates hundreds of outlets serving food and beverage. This company has some subsidiaries in several countries, including the United States. What makes this outlet different is customers can only find them at international airports or railway stations. In the United States, SSP outlets are run by SSP America, Inc. You can visit SSP America outlets to purchase foods, beverages, and cocktail. Besides, there are comfortable lounges available for customers. SSP America, Inc. started in 1986. The current headquarters is in Lansdowne, Virginia.

eatonthemove survey steps

Official Rules of Eatonthemove sweepstakes

Do you need more information about Eat on the Move sweepstakes? The following points will help you understand more about this program.

  1. Participants

Eat on the Move sweepstakes only allow participants with the following conditions to enter it.

  • United States residents

Eat on the Move sweepstakes is a global sweepstakes program. This means the sweepstakes prizes are different in each country. Besides, participants of this sweepstakes should reside where this program takes place. so, for a $500 Amazon Gift Card, only legal residents of the United States will be eligible to enter Eat on the Move sweepstakes in the United States territory.

  • 18 years old minimum

The minimum age to enter Eat on the Move sweepstakes is 18 years old. If you have reached this minimum age or you are older than this age, you are permissible to take a chance to enter this sweepstake. Otherwise, you can try to ask for help from your parents or legal guardian to enter it for you.

  • Not employees of SSP company

Eat on the Move sweepstakes is a program from SSP customers. It means employees of SSP Company are not permissible to submit their entries for this Eat on the Move sweepstakes. Moreover, immediate family members of household members of the employees cannot join this sweepstakes program as well.

  1. Method

There is only one method to enter Eat on the Move sweepstakes. Participants should take part in Eat on the Move customer survey before they can get an opportunity to enter the sweepstakes. Participants should have a survey invitation printed on their SSP purchase receipt. After that, they may visit the survey website at They should answer some questions to complete the survey. if they have done the survey, they need to fill in a form to submit their sweepstakes entry. In addition, each sweepstakes participants only has a chance to submit their entry per month.

  1. Winners

The administrator of Eat on the Move sweepstakes will select a winner for each qualifying period by using a random drawing system. Then, the potential winner will get information about this winning by email. After the potential winner receives the notification, he or she should respond. Otherwise, the potential winner will not be able to receive the prize.

  1. Prizes

Every winner of Eat on the Move sweepstakes will receive an Amazon Gift Card worth $500. The winner cannot request for prize substitution, such as cash or other rewards.

Steps to Take Part in Eat on the Move survey

You do not need to worry about Eat on the move customer survey. You will be able to finish all the steps in 10 minutes only. You can use the following steps as the guideline.

  1. Go to Eatonthemove survey portal

First, you should go to the official website of SSP customer feedback survey. You will be able to reach this website at When you have reached this website, you will see an interesting and colorful website home page. Besides, it is if possible for you to use an alternative website address at This website has set the setting for the United States residents. So, you only need to answer the survey questions and enter the sweepstakes. However, if you use the global page for SSP customer feedback survey, you still need to do the following steps.

  1. Select a country & language

Second, you may select a country and a language on the home page. As you know, SSP customer feedback survey is available in all countries with SSP outlets. So, you will have to change the websites setting to use the websites page for the place you are residing now. You can click here to select a country in the left drop-down field. You will get some options, such as Austria, Belgium, Canada, and other countries, including the United States. Then, you may turn the language by clicking here link on the top right corner of the page. There are several languages provided here, such as Chinese, Danish, Spanish, French, English, and some more choices.

  1. Click Survey Link

Third, you need to click a link to reach the main page of SSP customer feedback survey. You can Click here to give us your feedback. Then, it will direct you to a page where you should enter some information related to your visit experience at SSP outlet.

  1. Enter Visit Information

Fourth, you must enter our visit information in the provided fields. You may get this visit information from your SSP purchase receipt. The information that you need to provide on this page is:

  • Outlet location

The first section is to collect information about the SSP location. You have to select SSP outlet that you have visited using a search field. You only need to type in a keyword in the field. Then, you will see a list of SSP outlets show up in the search field. You can choose only one SSP outlet here.

  • Feedback type

The second section is to choose the feedback type. You only have 2 options here, such as Experience and Complaint. You may choose Experience if you want to share your visit experience at SSP outlet. Or, you can select Complaint when you are eager to let SSP management team know about your SSP complaint.

  • Visit date and time

The third option is to provide the visit date and time of your recent visit. You can complete the fields with the date, month, and year of your visit. Then, you need to show the visit time as well. All of this information is available on your SSP purchase receipt.

If all of the information needed on the page of SSP customer feedback survey is complete, you can click Enter Survey button. It will help you view the questions pages of SSP customer survey.

  1. Answer Survey Questions

Fifth, you will get several questions about your visit to SSP outlet location. You can rate some statements on the survey pages. You can just recall your latest experience at the SSP outlet location to get the answers. These are some questions that you may get from the customer survey:

  • Overall satisfaction for visiting SSP outlet location,
  • The positive experience you have at the outlet,
  • Your eagerness to the recommendation the SSP outlet,
  • product range,
  • Store cleanliness,
  • Team members’ behaviors,
  • Speed service,
  • Product prices,
  • Foods and drinks qualities,
  • Product availabilities,
  • And some more topics related to your visit experiences to SSP outlet.
  1. Answer Additional Questions

Sixth, some additional questions may appear for you. The questions mostly about your personal opinions and expectations about foods, drinks, and other items sold at railway stations and airports.

  1. Respond to Classification Questions

Seventh, it is also necessary for you to respond to classification questions about your gender, age, and country. Then, you may tick some statements to show that you agree to receive SSP offers, to contact you back regarding the feedbacks you give, share your information with selected third parties.

  1. Enter Sweepstakes

Finally, you will get a question if you are eager to enter the free prize draw. If you agree, you will get directed to another page where you can fill in a form of SSP sweepstakes entry. The form will require your name and email address only. If your name come out as the winner of SSP customer sweepstakes, the administrator will contact you using your email address. Then, you will get an Amazon gift card with a value of $500 in it as the SSP customer sweepstakes prize.

How to Search for Eat on the move locations

When you are eager to visit Eat on the move locations, you should be able to find the locations of SSP America outlets. There are some ways that you can use to find information about SSP outlets in the United States. Here is the information.

  1. Website

The best way to find SSP locations is by visiting its official websites. You may do the following steps to find SSP outlets easily.

  • Go to

Firstly, you can go to to visit the websites of SSP America.

  • Click Locations

Secondly, you need to click Locations. This button is available on the menu bar. If you click this button, it will take you to another page to view SSP America locations. This page provides some airport codes where SSP outlets are available in the United States.

This Food Travel Experts website will help you find the locations of SSP outlets in the United States. the outlet locations are available in several airports in the United States.

  1. Search Engine

It is also easy to find SSP outlets using a Search Engine. You can type in some keywords in the search field, such as Eat on the move near me. Then, it will show you the search result in a few seconds.

How to Contact Eat on the Move Customer Care

Have you found any issues with Eat on the Move survey? You may try the following methods to reach the customer care of Eat on the Move survey.

  1. Email

If you find any problems with your Eat on the Move survey experience, you can simply contact customer care via email. You may share any feedbacks or experience in details. Then, you can send the feedback to this email address:

[email protected]

  1. Mailing

When you do not have an internet connection to contact Eat on the Move Customer Care, you do not need to worry. You can write down your complaints, suggestions, or other feedbacks on some pieces of paper. Then, you can send them to this address:

Care of SSP America, Inc,

CT Corporation, 4701 Cox Road, Suite 301,

Glen Allen, Virginia, 23060-6802

The United States

  1. Phone

You will get immediate assistance from Eat on the Move Customer Care if you reach the representatives by phone. This method will allow you to talk about the problems easily. Besides, the customer care representatives will understand more about what you are trying to inform if you make speak to them directly. The phone number that will be useful to contact Eat on the Move Customer Care is 877 325 8777.


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