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Have you got informed that your purchase receipt from Dairy Queen can benefit you? Yes, it is true. After you have finished your meals at Dairy Queen Restaurant, you should pay all of your purchases, right? At the time you have finished the payment, you will receipt a purchase receipt as the proof of your transaction. If you pay attention to your Dairy Queen Purchase receipt, you will notice that your receipt has a survey invitation on it. It says that you can visit dqfansurvey.com to take part in Dq fan feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey. When the survey is over, you will receive a validation code. This code is an open door for the survey reward. Next, you can redeem it at Dairy Queen Restaurant to enjoy a free Dilly Bar.

About Dairy Queen

This is a little review about Dairy Queen. Most people know it as DQ. It is a restaurant chain from the United States. The headquarters office is in Minneapolis, a part of Edina, Minnesota. The founder of Dairy Queen was Mr. John Fremont McCullough. Mr. McCullough created soft-served drinks with his son. Then, Mr. McCullough opened the first store of Dairy Queen in 1940 with the help of his friend, Sherb Noble. The first location was in Joliet, Illinois. Now, Dairy Queen has been a big name in a restaurant industry. It has been operating for more than six thousand restaurants.  70% of the store locations of Dairy Queen are in the United States. And for the rest locations of Dairy Queen, customers can find them in around 30 countries in Europe, West Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South America, and North Africa.

dq fan feedback

dq fan feedback survey is accessible at dqfanfeedback.com

The signature item of Dairy Queen is Blizzard. This is a soft-served drink blended with various ingredients. This Blizzard has a lot of variants. Besides, Dairy Queen also has other tasty menu items. You can order foods, treats, drinks, and cakes. If you are eager to taste the lunch, you can try a big lunch portion for $5 only. Also, you may have burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, and sides. Then, Dairy Queen has delicious treats for you. The treats are Blizzards, hot desserts, sundaes, banana splits, dilly bar, and many more. If you want drinks, you can order cold frappe, shakes or malts, smoothies, slushies, Orange Julius, and soft drinks. And do not miss the cakes. Dairy Queen also has great cakes, like Blizzard cakes, pizza cakes, and DQ cakes with various flavors. Don’t worry about the nutrition, because you can check it on the website of Dairy Queen.

Talking about the official website of Dairy Queen, this is the best place to get information related to this restaurant. For example, you are wondering how to find the nearest location of Dairy Queen Restaurant. Then, you may find it using Dairy Queen Store locator. This tool is available on the official website of the Dairy Queen restaurant. You can access it at www.dairyqueen.com. Next, you just need to enter your preferred city name, state name, or ZIP code. Only in a few seconds, the search result will show up on your screen. You may select the restaurant location that you want. Besides, this search result is complete with the store address, phone number, store hours, and the services inside the stores.

Further, you do not have to worry about the menu prices. Dairy Queen provides the most enjoyable menu items at affordable prices. Besides, you can purchase with Dairy Queen coupons. If you want the coupons, you just need to sign up to Dairy Queen Blizzard Fan Club. You will be able to join the club on the Dairy Queen website. If you join this club, you may get several benefits. For example, you will get a BOGO coupon for doing club registration. Then, you can get promotion emails and the announcement of Blizzard of the month. Next, you can receive Dq coupons for your birthday and half birthday.

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The Prerequisites of Dq fan feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

As you know, Dqfanfeedback Survey obliges you to take part in it online. No wonder, there will be some difficulties that may happen when you are completing this customer survey. But, you just need to stay calm because it is not a scary thing. You can minimize the risks by preparing the survey prerequisites. Then, you should make certain that the prerequisites that you have prepared are not in awful conditions. If you can have these things together, you will be able to take part in Dq fan feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey in a smooth way. Here is what you need before you access the survey pages of Dq fan feedback.

  1. A purchase receipt

Your purchase receipt is important to unlock the pages of Dq fan survey. This receipt has a survey code. This code consists of 19 digits. This receipt is valid for 3 days since you get this purchase. After 3 days has passed, you will not able to use this survey code anymore.

  1. A device

Your device can be a laptop, a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. Do not forget to have an installed browser in it.

  1. The internet connection

Use a stable internet connection. The stability of the internet connection can make it easy for you to take part in the Dairy queen survey.

  1. English, Spanish, or French ability

There are 3 available languages here. Those are English, Spanish, and French. You can select one that will benefit you.

  1. A Pen

This pen will help you to write the validation code from the Dq fan feedback survey. You may use another writing tool if you cannot find a pen next to you.

The Steps to Take Part in Dq fan feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

After you have collected all the things needed for Dq fan feedback Survey, it is now the time for you to check if you these things are able to function well. You can spare some minutes to do this. You may start it with the power life of your device. If your device has low power life, it may switch off when you have not finished doing Dq fan feedback Survey. Also, you may see if your device already has an installed browser in it. If it does not have a browser, it will be impossible to access the survey page. Next, you can check the internet. Have you connected it to your device? Then, you can put your purchase receipt from Dairy Queen next to you. Do not forget to prepare your pen as well.

When the survey prerequisites are ready, let us go ahead to the survey steps. All the steps are easy. You will be able to finish the survey for less than 10 minutes. As long as you do not get technical difficulties during the survey, we are sure that you will not take a long time to complete the survey. In case you do not know how to take part in Dq fan feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey, you may use the following instructions as the guideline. You can just pay attention to this short procedure.

  1. Go to dqfansurvey.com

First, you must visit www.dqfansurvey.com. That is the address of Dq fan feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey. You should reach this page if you are eager to take part in Dq survey.

  1. Select a language

Second, you may choose your preferred language. This page will show up in English. But, you may change the language into Spanish or French. You just need to click Español for Spanish and Français for French.

  1. Enter Dq fan feedback survey code
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Third, you can enter the survey code of Dq feedback survey. This code has 19 digits. It must be difficult for you to remember it, right? So, you can grab your Dairy Queen purchase receipt. You may locate it on your receipt.

  1. Answer questions from Dq fan feedback survey

Fourth, you may answer Dq fan feedback survey questions. You can recall your latest experience at Dairy Queen Restaurant to answer the questions. You may read some questions about your overall satisfaction about Dairy Queen, visit type, items you have ordered, employees’ friendliness, service speed, the taste of the items, restaurant decoration, and many more.

  1. Answer classification questions

Fifth, you will see some more questions for classification purposes. In this step, you can inform your gender, age, income, and ethnic background.

  1. Write down the validation code

Finally, you will receive a validation code from Dairy queen guest satisfaction survey. Take your pen and your purchase receipt. There is a space provided on the purchase receipt. Then, you can write the validation code on the space. This will be your redeemable coupon. You can use this to get a free Dilly Bar from Dairy Queen. Your coupon is valid only for 30 days. Make sure you do not miss the reward.

How to Submit Dairy Queen Feedback at www.dairyqueen.com

Dq fan feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey is not the only way for you to share your feedbacks for Dairy Queen Restaurant. You still have another way to do it. You can let the management team of Dairy Queen know about your feedback on its own official website. You do not need to have doubts about this. Dairy Queen Restaurant will appreciate it. It is because customers’ feedbacks will mean a lot to this restaurant. Your feedback will contribute towards the improvement of Dairy Queen Restaurant.

But, you should know that you cannot expect any rewards after you have submitted your feedbacks on the Dairy Queen website. This is just a way to submit your voluntary feedbacks. Hence, you will not get a validation code for this submission. If you are certain that you want to share your feedback on the Dairy Queen website, you can do these simple steps:

  1. Go to www.dairyqueen.com

Firstly, you should access the official website of Dairy Queen. The website address is at www.dairyqueen.com. You can get much information about Dairy Queen. You may view the menu, promotions, nutrition, store locator, and much more beneficial information. Besides, you should reach this website because the feedback form is available on this website.

  1. Click Contact Us

Secondly, you can click Contact Us link once you have been on the Dairy Queen website. This link is on the bottom part of the website page. If you click this link, it will take you to the next page. Then, you can view the feedback form of Dairy Queen.

  1. Fill in Dairy Queen Feedback form

Thirdly, you may start to fill in the feedback form of Dairy Queen. This form will need you to complete several blank fields. You can fill in the blank fields with the following things.

  • Your contact information

The first is about your contact information. You should be clear about your contact information. This form needs your first name, last name, email address, street name of your house, city name, state name, ZIP code, the country you are living in, and your phone number.

  • Comments

The second is about your comments. You may type your feedbacks in this field. You may share your visit experience here. There are no character limits in this field. So, you do not have to worry if you want to tell your complete experience, suggestions, complaints, and questions.

  • Dairy Queen location
  • This information is optional. You can skip it if it is not necessary for you to inform the location to complete your feedbacks. But, if you want your feedbacks clearer and more specific, you can fill in the fields. You just need to provide the visit date, the visit time, and the ZIP code of Dairy Queen location that you want to include in this feedback form.
  1. Submit it
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The last step is you can submit your feedback. Do not forget to tick the statement that you are not a robot. Then, you can click the Submit button.

How to Contact Customer Service of Dairy Queen

To Dairy Queen, customers are important. This is why this restaurant has a strong commitment to giving the best services and menu to them. Employees of Dairy Queen will ensure that customers will have the best experience when they are visiting Dairy Queen Restaurant. But, problems may happen out of expectations. For example, restrooms are dirty, water tap cannot work well, employees take a long time to serve customers’ orders or many other problems. Of course, these things will make customers disappointed. The problems can make customers stop coming back to having meals at Dairy Queen Restaurant. And worse, the management team does not bother to fix the problems. The inconvenience at the restaurants will bring efficiency to the future of this business.

Thus, Dairy Queen Restaurant has formed a customer service. This service has several representatives that will handle customers’ complaints. The customer service representatives will help the customers to fix their problems related to Dairy Queen Restaurant. Besides, the representatives should be able to give more information if customers ask some questions about the Dairy Queen Restaurant to them. Moreover, customers may give compliments and suggestions for Dairy Queen Restaurant through this customer service. In conclusion, the customer service representatives of the Dairy Queen Restaurant will respond to any customers who contact them.

There is some way that customers may do to reach the customer service representatives of Dairy Queen Restaurant. In case you are a customer of Dairy Queen Restaurant, you can do the following things:

  1. By website

The website of the Dairy Queen restaurant is available at www.dairyqueen.com. You can contact the customer service representatives of Dairy Queen through this website. But, you should be online if you want to access the website page. If you are successful to reach the website page of Dairy Queen, you can fill in the feedback form there. For complete instructions, you can use the guideline to submit Dairy Queen feedbacks in the previous section.

  1. By mailing

Dairy Queen allows its customers to send their opinions about Dairy Queen. Customers only need to prepare some pieces of papers. Then, they can write their visit experience on the letters. Also, the customer can tell the problems and suggestions for Dairy Queen Restaurant. Besides, they can use these letters to begin a business partnership with Dairy Queen. Customers can send the letters to the following address.

American Dairy Queen Corporation

7505 Metro Boulevard

Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55439-0286

The United States

  1. By phone

You can contact the customer service representatives of Dairy Queen by phone if you really need fast responses. Perhaps, you got urgent problems which you cannot solve by yourself. Also, you may ask for help or give questions to the Fans Relations Specialist. But, you must make sure you contact by phone during working hours. The phone number is 1-866-793-7582.

In case you want to contact local Dairy Queen locations, you can use local phone numbers. You can get these numbers from the Dairy Queen website pages.

Further, if you need to talk to the staffer at Dairy Queen Corporate Office, you can use another phone number. You can just dial (952) 830-0200.

  1. Through social media

Social media is a simple way to reach the customer service representatives. Customers only need to create personal accounts on the same social media platforms where Dairy Queen has social media pages. Besides, customers can get updates about the newest menu items, promotions, and beneficial information from Dairy Queen. To follow Dairy Queen social media pages, the customer can follow the following links:

  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dairyqueen
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/dairyqueen
  • Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/dairyqueen

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