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Do you want to find a job in a popular company? Well, before you make a job application, get a reference first. Here you can buy magazines or newspapers to find job openings. So, if you have internet, please visit their website. Well, we have one business profile that you can choose as a place to work. They have a heavy equipment business for infrastructure. So, this business is about contractors. Yes, you can visit the Doosan Official Website. If you want to work here, we will tell you their profile. Then, if you are a new staff here, then you need to know how to access Doosan Passport Login.

Doosan Passport Dealer Login is a site that can help dealers, staff and affiliates. Here they can access Doosan My Benefits. Before we give login instructions, you need to know Doosan first. So, we not only have login instructions. But you can access complete information to start a career in this popular business. If you are Korean, then you will be popular with this Doosan Trading Company business. Well, they not only have a construction business, but you can choose a food or machinery business. These instructions will make it easier for new staff to adapt during their orientation period. Or if you are looking for work, the first step you need to take is to read our instructions.

doosan passport login
doosan passport login page is accessible at

What is Doosan Trading Company?

What do you know about the Doosan business? If you are new staff, then you need to study the work system there. Because you will enter an orientation period. There you will get to know your colleagues and work. Here we will tell the history of the founding of Doosan’s business. Well, they started this business since 1951. They grow as the largest company in Korea. Then in 1952, they established a brewery. The first name of this factory is the Oriental Brewery. Then now they use the name OB Beer. During the Korean war, they were popular international brewers. Whereas in 1960 Doosan Engineering & Construction was established in Korea. They collaborated with the Korean government to build infrastructure in a 5-year period. The plan began in 1962.

The figure who founded Doosan’s business is Park Seung Jik. They are not only satisfied with business in Korea. So, they did not hesitate to expand the business overseas. Then they acquired several other companies. After acquiring another business, Doosan can grow stronger. Here are a few years of growth in the Doosan Trading Company business.

  1. In 1960 they acquired Yonhap News. They have an important role in spreading the news abroad. Now they are the largest news agency in Korea.
  2. They established the Yoonhan engine factory in 1967. They helped the government to develop infrastructure in Korea.
  3. In 1974 they made OAK Korean Industries. Now you can get to know them by the name of Doosan Electro – BG Material.
  4. In 1975 they established the Dongyang Agriculture business. There you want them to help farmers become more prosperous. They help farmers increase profits from the harvest.
  5. Then they founded Oricom Inc. in 1979. There they produced advertisements. Oricom Inc. is the first advertising company in Korea. Later that same year Doosan founded Doosan CCK Can Manufacturing. There they have canned products for drinks in Korea.

The above description is some of Doosan’s other businesses. You can search for their complete history on the Doosan Official Website. After this, we will discuss the career and HR system there. If you want to start a career at this company, you need to find out the HR system on Doosan. So, you can pass the orientation period easily.

What are Doosan My Benefits?

Before you access Doosan Login, you should find out their program. Here we will help you find out their Benefits and HR Systems. If you can access Doosan Employee Login, then you can read the information easily. Are you new staff at Doosan? If you succeed with staff selection, then you can read the next instructions. Here, the department that recruits new staff is HRD. So, you can learn about the HR system at Doosan Trading Company.

  1. You can attend training.

Here you want to hone your talents. You can grow with the basic abilities you have. So the chances of success will be greater if you focus on your skills. They will help you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses while working.

  1. They develop HR in the office.

Here HRD will help staff to grow and develop. Doosan has courses that are suitable for staff growth. So you don’t need to worry, because Doosan values leadership and professionalism.

  1. Check work schedules on Doosan Passport.

If you can visit the Doosan Passport Login, your work will be easier. They will help you make a leave plan and remember work schedules. So, you can check and exchange schedules from this portal.

  1. Life and accident insurance programs.

Almost all companies have this program. Here they want you to work safely and comfortably. If you have an accident, you can get treatment with insurance. Or your family can make a claim for your insurance. So, you need to know the rules for withdrawing insurance funds. because not all accidents can be charged to the insurance budget.

  1. Check salary payment transactions.

Here, you can check the salary and payment details. You can take a salary to take part in a financial planning program. So they can cut your salary for the planning program. Then you can check whether your salary matches the working hours in the office. Because they can calculate your salary through working hours on Doosan.

Well, we have discussed some of the benefits of working on Doosan. Now, we will discuss the HR system in this office. First, you can take part in an orientation program at Doosan. Here you can improve your work skills. Then you can learn to solve problems in the office. Second, you need to complete the training program. Here they make a course to improve staff knowledge and skills. Third, you can join an expert program. There Doosan invites instructors and facilitators to train you. Then they can make individual or group training. Here Doosan has a Doosan Leadership Institute to assist staff training and activities.

How is Doosan Passport Login Preparation?

The first step to completing the login process is to prepare for this process. Because you can log in smoothly if you have all the login requirements. If you don’t have one of these devices, your process will be interrupted. So you will spend a lot of time completing Doosan Passport Login. Well, we will help you through easy login preparation. So you only need to have several login devices as below.

  1. You need to have a Doosan Login device. First, you need to choose a device to complete the Login Doosan. Computers and laptops are ideal devices in the Login Doosan process. If you have one of the two devices, you should use it. Because they will help you with a comfortable screen display.
  2. Select the provider for your device’s internet support. Second, you need to have a provider as internet support. You can get internet services from other sources. So you can complete the login process in the hotspot. You can find this service in parks, offices or campuses. This login process requires internet support. Because you will do it online. Without this device, your computer cannot reach the website login.
  3. Doosan Passport account credentials. This portal is limited to dealers, staff and affiliates. If you are one of the three, then you have the right to open your account. You need a Doosan Login Username and Password. If you have a problem with your account, contact Doosan Passport Administrator. They will help with the login problem in your account. Get this account credentials at the Doosan HR office.

What are Doosan Passport Login Steps?

Have you finished the preparation process? Before you take the login step, make sure your device is ready. Well, now you arrive at the Login Doosan instructions. Here you can start the login process easily. Doosan Trading Company has a variety of popular businesses. You can work anywhere you want. You can try Portable Power Doing. They want to manage staff easily. So, you can get Doosan My Benefits through this portal. You don’t need to go back to the HR office to get an explanation of their program. Because you can find out through Doosan Employee Login. Here you can follow our instructions to complete the login process.

  1. Visit

Visit their official login website as your first step. Here you can see empty fields. You need to fill in this section to enter your Passport Doosan account. You need a device and browser to do the first step. Enter the website in the address box. Then start site search now.

  1. Enter your Doosan Passport account username.

On this empty land, you can enter your username. You can get a username if you work at a Doosan company. Visit your HRD to get these credentials. Then you need to double-check the username box to prevent errors.

  1. Complete the password box.

Then you need to fill in the password field first. Next, you need to pay attention to each character in your password. If you want to change the password, you can use the password reset link.

  1. Click on the login button to complete this process.

So this is the last step to enter your Doosan account. If you have all the login requirements, this process will be completed in 2 minutes. So you need to remember the account credentials so that your login process runs smoothly.

  1. Contact your administrator to resolve login issues.

Well, you already know the login step. Now, we will help you access the Doosan Passport Administrator. Because you can experience various problems during the login process. First, maybe your account is locked. Second, you forget the password. Third, you need to allow access to add the passport application.

  • Passport Help Desk

The United States and Canada: (866) 473-7050.

International: +1 (701) 476-4240

  • Doosan Portable Power

Help Desk: 1-800-633-5206

International Help Desk Mailing Address.

ssc_servicedesk @

How to Reset Password on Doosan Passport Login.

After you know how to contact the administrator, we now have instructions for repairing your account. You can make improvements independently on your Doosan account. So, you can use your account again to help your work. They have this feature on the login website. You can use the help button or reset the password to fix the account. Here are steps to get a new password for your Doosan account.

  1. Visit

Visit their official login website as your first step. You need to fill in this section to enter your Passport Doosan account. You need a device and browser to do the first step. Enter the website in the address box.

  1. Enter your Doosan Passport account username.

On this empty box, you can enter your username. You can get a username if you work at a Doosan company. Visit your HRD to get these credentials. Then you need to double-check the username box to prevent errors.

  1. Click on the Reset Password link.

After you enter your username, the system will search the account. If your username is correct, then you can land on the account recovery page.

  1. Set your new password.

After the account recovery page, follow the next steps in the system. You will get a new password. After you follow the steps for account recovery, you can now try logging in. You can use your new password. So you need to go back to the login page’s home page.

  1. If you find a problem with this process, then you can contact the administrator.

They will provide a solution for your account. You can see Doosan Contact in our previous review.

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