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This is the good news for the pizza lovers. Have you ever imagined to get free Domino’s pizza for one year? Perhaps, you do not believe it. But, this offer is real, you just need to take part in Domino’s Feedback survey to win this prize. So, you can decrease your meal budget since you can get the delicious pizza for free. By participating in Domino’s survey, you can leave Domino’s Pizza feedback freely. Domino’s will be glad to receive your feedback. It is because this Pizza company will be able to improve the business.

Unfortunately, Domino’s survey is only available in the UK. So, only UK residents can take part in Dominos survey. If you live in Ireland or the UK, you should not miss this chance. You just need a Domino’s receipt to enter Domino’s Pizza survey. Then, by providing some details on your Domino’s receipt, you can start this survey immediately. During the survey, Domino’s will ask for your opinion about some aspects of its business. For example, it asks about Domino’s menu, service, the cleanliness of the store, and the attitude of its employees. Make sure you respond Domino’s survey questions objectively. Then, there will be a section in which you can share Dominos complaints or Domino’s feedback.

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About Domino’s Pizza

For the pizza lovers, Domino’s is the popular pizza chains. It can be said that Domino’s is the largest pizza chain after Pizza Hut. Domino’s Pizza is now called Domino’s is headquartered in Ann Arbor Michigan.  This pizza store is founded by Tom Monaghan and James. In the beginning, these two brothers took over the small pizza chain owned by Dominick Divarti. Then, Tom also bought two other pizzas. He wants to give the name  Dominick’s to this pizza store. But, finally, one of the employees suggested the name Domino’s.

domino's feedback survey
domino’s survey steps

What are the Steps of Completing Domino’s Survey?

Before starting Domino’s survey, have you prepared all the requirements? For instance, you have to make sure that receipt, smartphone, and your internet are ready. When every detail is OK, you can begin this survey. Do not worry since Domino’s Pizza Survey is easy to complete. This survey requires about 5 up to 10 minutes to complete. It depends on your internet speed and the speed of answering the questions. Here is the step by step to take part in the Dominos Feedback survey.

  • Step 1: Visit Domino’s survey website.

Use your browser to access Domino’s survey portal. It is accessible at This survey website is for the UK residents. If you live in other countries, the survey website will be different.

  • Step 2: Provide Domino’s store number.

When you reach the homepage of Domino’s pizza survey, you will see a simple form. The first field of this form requires the store number. When you have no idea about this number, you can check the Domino’s pizza box. Usually, this store number is located in the middle of the box. Besides, you also can find the store number on Domino’s receipt. This store number consists of four digits.

  • Step 3: Specify the date and time.

The next, you have to state the date when you visit Domino’s pizza store. Also, you need to indicate the visit time as well.

  • Step 4: Enter the amount of transaction.

Just input the total amount which you spent at Domino’s in your last visit. This detail is also available on your pizza box. Usually, it is on the bottom right part of the box.

  • Step 5: Enter the order number.

The order number is usually consisting six digits. Check out the pizza box or Domino’s receipt to find out this order number.

  • Step 6: Answer Domino’s survey questions.

Domino’s Guest satisfaction survey consists of two sections. In the first section, you have to rate some statements about Domino’s. For instance, you have to give the rating on your satisfaction level, the service, pizza, and the Domino’s team members. Just be objective on giving the bad or good rating. Besides, in the second section, you have to leave your Domino’s feedback or comment. Do not skip this section. It is because this comment section is the best media to share your complaints, suggestions, or compliments.

  • Step 7. Get Domino’s pizza coupon codes.

In some survey periods, this pizza chain offers Domino’s coupon code as the survey reward. So, you should not miss the Dominos free pizza survey or Dominos survey 50% off. When there is Dominos promo code appears, you have to save it by writing it on your Domino’s receipt. So,e when you come to Domino’s store next time, you can redeem the survey reward.

  • Enter Domino’s Sweepstakes.

After submitting the Domino’s feedback, you will get an offer to enter Domino’s sweepstakes. If you want to win Domino’s free pizza for a year, you should not ignore this program. To participate in this program, you have to fill out the simple form with your personal details. This form requires the name of the participants, address, email account, as well as the phone number. When you become the winner of this program, Domino’s will contact you by phone or email.

The Rules of Domino’s Feedback Survey

If you want to be the winner of Domino’s survey sweepstakes, you have to obey all the survey rules. If you ignore these rules, you will be disqualified from the contest. Then, you lose the chance to win free pizza for one year. The complete rules of Domino’s survey sweepstakes can be accessed at Just click on the link terms and conditions to view the complete rules. But, for your convenience, we have simplified it to these following details.

  • Domino’s survey sweepstakes eligibility.

Before participating in Domino’s feedback, you should check your eligibility. Are you the eligible participants? There are several criteria you have to complete. First, the participants must be the legal residents of the United Kingdom. If you live in other countries, you have to read the official rules of Domino’s pizza survey in your country. It is because every country usually has the different survey rules. Then, you should reach at least 18 years old by the time you enter the sweepstakes. The next, you should not the employee of Domino’s pizza store. The immediate family of Domino’s employees is not eligible for this survey.

  • The requirements of Domino’s survey.

The next, you have to notice what items you need to take part in Domino’s feedback survey. So, you can prepare for every requirement to support you completing the survey. To complete this survey, you only need three items. First, you need a valid receipt from Domino’s. Why Domino’s receipt is very important? It is because before you start the survey, you have to fill out some receipt details to the form provided. As the example, you need to enter the store number, order number, amount of transaction, and the visit time. The next, you need a device as well as the internet access. If you order Domino’s delivery, you can find all these details on your Domino’s pizza box.

  • Domino’s feedback survey rules.

Here are some rules you have to obey during the survey completion. First, every Domino’s sweepstake entrant has to provide the order number. Then, the participant only can submit one sweepstakes entry per order number. The next, Domino’s will decide the sweepstake winner every month by using computerized selection. No one can complain about the winner.

  • Domino’s survey sweepstakes reward.

As the sweepstakes prize, Domino’s offers Domino’s free pizza coupon. Every winner will receive twelve single pizza gift vouchers. Every month, the winner will receive one pizza gift voucher code. This code is redeemable with free pizza at any Domino’s locations. The winner can create his own pizza with maximum of four toppings. If they add another topping, there will be the extra charge. This Domino’s free pizza voucher is not redeemable with cash.

How to Find Domino’s Near me?

Searching Domino’s locations are easy. It is because Domino’s has many chains. Totally, there are more than 13.800 chains worldwide. That’s why you will not find it difficult to locate Domino’s Pizza near me. Especially, when you are going to the new town. You may not know the location of the nearest Domino’s pizza store. in this case, you can try one of the strategies below to search for the closest Domino’s Pizza. Check this out.

  • Using Domino’s store locator.

In order to navigate Domino’s location by using the store location, you have to visit Domino’s official website. Just access to use the store locator feature. To start searching, you can fill out the search bar with the city, zip code, or state. Once you hit the Search button, Domino’s website will present the maps including some Domino’s locations. Just click on the location which is the nearest one. Domino’s website will also show you some information related to Domino’s pizza store you select. For instance, you can check Domino’s hours, Domino’s address, and Dominos contact number.

  • Using the online map or search engine.

If you do not want to access the Dominos website, you can use Google map to search Domino’s locations near me. I am sure everybody has a Google Map application on their phone. So, it will be more practical to locate Domino’s by using Google Maps. You just need to open this map application or Google search engine on your browser. Then, you can type one of these keywords; Domino’s near me, Domino’s Pizza near me, or Domino’s location near me. Then, Google maps will show the shortest direction from your location to Domino’s.

  • Using Domino’s App.

The last, you also can use Domino’s application to find the Domino’s store. This application usually can identify your location. So, you will be able to locate Domino’s Pizza easier.

How to Contact Domino’s Customer Care?

In case you have any questions about Domino’s, you should not doubt to reach Domino’s Customer Service. For instance, you may want to ask about Domino’s special offer, Domino’s careers, Domino’s deals, and so on. But, before reaching Dominos contact no, we suggest you find the information related to Domino’s pizza at Domino’s official site. This website contains the complete details about Domino’s. For example, you can explore Domino’s menu, Domino’s Pizza delivery, and Domino’s pizza specials. You can even search Domino’s pizza near me using the store locator. But, if you cannot find the info you are looking for, you can try to reach Domino’s Customer Care by using one of the methods below.

  • Domino’s phone number.

Calling Dominos Customer Care is the best way to get the quick response. Domino’s has two phone numbers you can reach. First, you can call 1 866259 0849. Besides, the second number is 734 930 3030. Make sure that you make a phone call during Domino’s business hours. It is because Domino’s Customer Service staff is not available 24/7.

  • Domino’s address.

You can also send a letter to Dominos Corporate Office in this following address:

Dominos’ Pizza, Inc.

30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr., Ann Arbor,

Michigan,  48106

  • Domino’s Social Media account.

This last method is the most popular way to get in touch with Domino’s Customer Support. You just need to follow some Social media account of Domino’s. For instance, you can follow Domino’s on Instagram or Twitter. Besides, Domino’s also has Facebook, Youtube channel, and LinkedIn.

Those are some methods of reaching Dominos Customer care. Which one is the most effective one? Most of you may prefer contacting Domino’s through the social network. It is because this method is the simplest one. By following Domino’s on some platform, you will be able to know every update about Domino’s Pizza. It is because Domino’s often post the info about Domino’s offers, special deals, and much other interesting info.

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