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Do you like going for holidays using a plane? If you go by plane, then you need to have a passport. So you need to make preparations before boarding the plane. If this is your first experience, maybe you need to get instructions on regulations at the airport. But you don’t need to be afraid to ask the officer. They will explain the rules to you with pleasure. If you live in the United States, of course, you know this airline. There is an airline called Delta Airlines. They have been serving consumer trips since they knew 1924. So the airline employs many employees. How can Delta manage all their employees? The answer is through the Deltanet Login Page portal.

Delta Extranet is a portal for all Delta airline employees. There, you can find out about employee rights and benefits. Then they have a profit program for Delta employees. If you want to join the program, you need to read the settings. If you are eligible to join the program, then you can register. The first step to enjoying the benefits is to create an account on the Deltanet Register. If you are a new employee in Delta, this information is important for you to pay attention to. Because we will guide you to create an account at Delta Extranet Login. Well, look at each of our instructions well.

delta extranet login page

delta extranet login page

Delta Airlines Timeline

Before we know how to access the employee portal, let’s look at the Delta Airlines timeline. Well, maybe this knowledge is important for new employees. Because they need to know the history of their workplace. Until now, the aircraft is the most luxurious transportation. Then you can travel long distances in a short time. If you travel abroad, you need to have a passport. Use passports as identification when in another country. If you are in the United States, maybe you have used this flight mask. Delta Airlines is one of the airlines of the United States. They were founded in 1924. The founder of the airline was named C.E. Woolman.

At first, the airline was named The Huff Daland Dusters. They deliver passengers and letters by plane. Then in the first year, they had 18 aircraft. In 1928 the airline changed its name to Delta Air Service. Here are some important years for the development of Delta Airlines.

  1. In 1940, they introduced service from flight attendants to aircraft passengers. Flight attendants are tasked with explaining security procedures while on the plane. Then on certain travel packages, they serve food and drinks for you.
  2. In 1942, Delta trained pilots and mechanics from the Air Force for warplanes.
  3. In 1947, Delta managed to get a national safety award from the government. Because they were able to carry 500 million passengers without the incident of death.
  4. Delta began using international routes in 1953. They made the first flights to the Caribbean and Caracas.
  5. Employees collect their salary deductions to buy a Boeing 767 aircraft in 1982. The price they pay is 30 million Dollars.
  6. In 2001, Delta closed services due to terrorist attacks in the United States.
  7. In 2008, they successfully merged the Northwest Airlines company with Delta Airlines.
  8. Finally, in 2016 ED Bastian was appointed CEO of Delta Airlines.
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Benefits of Using the Deltanet Portal.

Before you begin preparing for your login, you need to understand the benefits of this employee portal. Here we will deliver some activities that you can do on the Dlnet Delta portal. Then you can consider the benefits of using this portal. Well, Delta Airlines Extranet is a portal that makes it easy for employees to manage their work. This portal stores employee information. There HRD can find employee information easily. There are 4 people who can use this portal. First, employees who work at Delta Airlines. Second, the former employee of Delta Airlines. Third, the contractor and sponsoring company Delta Airlines.

What can you do on this employee portal? Well, this portal can help you complete your work in the office. Some benefits of logging in to the Delta Extranet portal.

  1. So you can access your paystub. Here you can find out the amount and details of your salary. They will have information about working hours. Then you can access your salary amount, taxes and other information. You don’t need to line up at the office to get a salary. Or check your bank account to find out your salary. You only need to visit your employee account.
  2. You can access information about Delta Airlines. Delta understands that there are many employees. So if you want to provide information, they can simply upload information to the employee portal.
  3. Employees can check and manage their work schedules. This portal is important for flight attendants. Because they can find out about changes to work schedules quickly.
  4. You can set and check your Direct Deposit Details.
  5. If you are a Delta business partner, you can access their profit program.

Preparation for Accessing Deltanet Login Page.

Before you enjoy their profit program, you need to create an account first. Well, the preparation for creating an account is quite easy. Basically, the login requirements are the same as the need to access social media accounts. If you have ever created a social media account, then that experience can help you. Because the information you need to create an account at Deltanet is almost the same as a social media account. Here are the needs that you must prepare before logging in.

  1. Prepare a search engine on your device.

You can use any computer or laptop device. We do not have requirements for your device. But we recommend that you choose a device that makes you comfortable. So when entering data and information, you can avoid mistakes. Then you can use google chrome or Mozilla as your browser.

  1. Prepare the internet network.

Here you can use the public internet network or from a private provider. Remember, the internet signal strength has an effect on your browser’s access speed. If you want to explore the portal comfortably, then choose a good internet service. So you don’t have to wait long to access your account.

  1. You need a PIN to create an account at Deltanet.
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You can contact the HR office to get your PIN. Because you have to enter this data when creating an account.

  1. You must have Delta User ID or PPR.

Well, on the employee portal page, you need to enter some information. First, you need to enter your User ID. User ID consists of 9 digit numbers. Second, you must enter your account password. Both of you can get through the registration process. So you can make a User ID and password when registering.

How to Register to Access Dlnet Login.

Are your login requirements ready? If you have prepared everything, you can now start your login process. If you are a new employee at Delta Airlines, you should immediately create an account at Deltanet Portal. Thus you can access information from your office. Then you can check your dynamic work schedule. Follow all our instructions for registration. So that you will not have trouble creating an account.

  1. Go to the official portal

You can visit this portal using a browser on your device. Point your cursor in the address bar. Click on the area. Then enter the Deltanet website address. Here you can use the address Finally, click on the search button on your computer screen.

  1. Click on the “Trouble Signing In” button

On the first page, you can see the column for PPR and your account password. If you don’t have an account, you need to select the “Trouble Signing In” button.

  1. Click on the “New to Delta” button.

On the next page, you can see the column to reset your password. Because you want to create an account, you need to click on the New to Delta button.

  1. Next, enter your PPR.

So you are on the Delta Login Self Service page. There you need to enter PPR first. Then click on the submit button. Then you can follow the instructions to set your account password. Well, now you have an account on the employee portal.

deltanet login steps

deltanet login steps

How to access an account at Deltanet Login Page

Previously we helped you to create an account at the Deltanet portal. Now you are ready to log in to the delta dlnet. Then you can access all employee benefit programs. Usually, they provide special travel programs for employees and their families. Or you can get health insurance from them. Here are the steps to entering your employee account.

  1. Go to the official portal

You can visit this portal using a browser on your device. Point your cursor in the address bar. Click on the area. Then enter the Deltanet website address. Here you can use the address Finally, click on the search button on your computer screen.

  1. Enter your User ID or PPR.

Well, if you want to get a User ID, you need to contact the HR office. Here you need to enter 9 digits in the available column. Double check your ID.

  1. Enter your Deltanet account password.
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After you create an account, you will have a password. Well, now you need to write your password in the available column. Make sure that your employee account password is correct.

  1. Click on the Sign In button. This is the last step to enter your account. Now you can manage your employee’s profile first. Then you can set a schedule and join a program from Delta Airlines.
How to Resolve Problems Forgot Password on Deltanet Account.

Have you used your account? If you have already used the account, save your password and user ID. Don’t give the information to others. Because the employee account contains your personal data. Now we will help you to repair your employee account. Before you experience difficulties, we will inform you of this information. Forgetting passwords is a problem that is often experienced by employee portal users. Here all portals have different ways to repair accounts. On the Deltanet portal, they have 3 steps to repair the account. First, you need to make a repair request for them. Second, you need to do the account validation first. Third, you need to repair your account. Here’s how to fix a Deltanet account.

  1. Go to the official portal

You can visit this portal using the browser on your device … Then enter the Deltanet website address. Here you can use the address Finally, click on the enter button on your computer screen.

  1. Click on the “Trouble Signing In” button

On the first page, you can see the column for PPR and your account password.

  1. Next, enter your PPR.

So you are on the Delta Login Self Service page. There you need to enter PPR first.

  1. Click on the Send Request button. Next, they will show some information about your account. So you can confirm that your account is correct. Finally, you can reset your password.
Delta Airlines Customer Service.

Well, now you have an account on the Deltanet employee portal. You need to consult HR if you find difficulties in registering the program. They strive to provide welfare for employees. So working productivity increases. Here we will help you to find out about your office Customer Service. Because maybe you need to contact them to solve your work problem. Here are some ways to ask Delta Airlines for help.

  1. You can complain to Delta Airlines through the website.

On the Need Help menu, you can write your comments. First, you need to write down the topic of your problem. Second, you need to tell them about your identity. Third, you can write your opinion in detail. You only need to visit the Delta Airlines official website.

  1. You can contact them using Twitter.

Well, Delta Airlines has a twitter that you can follow. There they will update Delta Airlines service information. Then you can leave a comment or send a message. Follow their Twitter only at @Delta.

  1. You can contact the Delta Service Desk.

Merema has a telephone number that you can contact. Then you can chat with the officer. The following is the Delta Service Desk telephone number.

+1 (404) 714-HELP or +1 (888) 714-0529.

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