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When you are bored with the fast-food menu, visiting a Tex-Mex restaurant can be an alternative. There are many Mexican restaurants around us. One of the restaurants you should try is Del Taco. You will fall in love with the delicious Del Taco Menu. When you dine in this restaurant, you also can use Del Taco Wifi. After enjoying your meal, you should never miss taking part Del taco survey. It is because involving in this survey can lead you to get Del Taco coupon discount $1 off $3. This coupon can help you save more dollar when you visit Del Taco later.

Through DelTaco survey, you are free to speak up about your experience at Del Taco. This way, you can share your feedback or give any comment, suggestions, and complaints. Indeed, this restaurant will be happy receiving Del Taco complaints from the customers. It is because the company can evaluate how well they serve the guests. When the guests are disappointed, Del Taco will improve its service. So, on the next visit, you will feel the difference. You can get the better service from Del Taco.

The Steps to Completing the Del Taco Survey

If you have never taken part in this Survey before, you may not know what steps you have to complete. Knowing the survey steps will make you easier to complete DelTaco Guest Satisfaction Survey. Don’t worry, this survey will not take much of your time. You will be able to finish this online survey in less than seven minutes. Then, after completing all the steps you deserve to get Del Taco validation code. Remember, this code is redeemable with a $1 discount for $3 purchase. It is a very interesting offer, isn’t it? So, do not waste your time, just do the step by step below and earn Del Taco coupons soon.

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del taco survey
del taco survey steps
  • Visit the survey portal of Del Taco.

Have you prepared the device and the internet? If so, you can start accessing the survey page. Use your browser to access Make sure that you access the correct survey site.

  • Enter the Survey code.

Do you still keep Del Taco receipt with you? Now you can check the survey invitation code at your receipt. Make sure that you write down 15 digits code correctly. If you mistype even only one number, you will not be able to start Del Taco Guest survey. After checking the survey code you have entered, you can press the Next button.

  • Give the rating and write your feedback.

Now, you are entering the main section of the survey. First of all, this survey asks the participants to rate some aspects of Del Taco. For instance, you should rate your satisfaction level, Del taco menu, and the performance of Del Taco team members. You will also get the questions about Del Taco locations as well as the condition of Del Taco restaurants. The next, it is your time to leave your Del Taco feedback. You are free to write everything about Del Taco. But, you should be brief in writing your feedback. You can include your suggestions, critics, or complaints in this section. But, if you do not have anything to convey, you can skip this comment section.

  • Write down Del Taco validation code.

After completing every step of the survey, you deserve to receive a reward. At the end of the survey, the survey website will show you Del Taco coupon code. Make sure that you record the survey validation code on your receipt. The next, when you go to Del Taco, you can redeem this coupon. Just present Del Taco coupons code and you will receive $1 off discount. But, you should purchase Del Taco menu items at least $3.

What do you think about the three steps above? They are very easy to do, aren’t they? So, every time you visit Del Taco, you should not trash your Del Taco receipt. Remember, you can purchase the Del Taco menu at the lower price if you have Del Taco coupon code. And, the only way to earn this Del Taco coupon discount is by participating in the survey.

The Rules and The Requirements of Del Taco Survey

Have you known all the steps of Del Taco Guest satisfaction survey? Completing this survey without obeying the survey rules is useless. That is why you should find out what are the survey rules before you start this survey. In general, the survey rules are similar to other guest satisfaction surveys. Here are some of the rules you have to obey.

  • Survey eligibility.

Before you access, you should be sure that you are eligible for the survey. Del Taco only allows the participants who are at least 18 years old. The people at this age or more are considered mature enough to give their opinion. Besides, you must hold the American nationality. This survey is only for the customers. So, Del Taco employees are not eligible to take this survey.

  • The survey requirements.

After checking your eligibility, it is the time to prepare some requirements. First of all, having a valid Del Taco receipt is a must. Del Taco receipt contains 15 digits Del Taco survey code which you need to start the survey. So, if you lose Del taco receipt, it is impossible to participate in this survey. After that, preparing a computer, smartphone or other stuff is also crucial. Make sure that you also have the internet connection and good browser to access the survey website.

  • The survey rules.

Del Taco does not limit the frequency of participating in this survey. The more frequently you purchase Del Taco menu, the more receipt you will have. Then, you can take part in This survey as much as you want. This way, you can collect many coupons discount from Taco Bell. But, you should notice that you only can redeem one Del taco coupon in every transaction. Besides, you cannot redeem the Del Taco validation code together with other offers. Also, Del Taco coupon is not redeemable for cash.

About Del Taco Restaurant at Glance

Del Taco is one of the restaurant chains which provides Mexican cuisine. Visiting Del Taco is the right option when you are bored consuming American fast food menu. No doubt, it is very boring if you often eat fries, burger, or fried chicken. Also, this food is not healthy. But, when you come to Del Taco, you will find other delicious menu items. As the example, you can order burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and another Mexican dish. Mexican cuisine is not only tasty. But, they are also healthy. Most of the dishes will be served with vegetables. Besides, you also can substitute the fried chicken with the grilled chicken as the filling of your taco. No doubt, visiting Del Taco is another choice to have the more healthy food.

How to Find Del Taco near Me

When you earn Del Taco coupon, you may wonder where to redeem this coupon. Luckily, you can claim the prize of the survey at any Del Taco locations. You can visit Del Taco near me soon. But, when you are in the new place, you may wonder the closest Del Taco store. In this case, you can try the tips below to locate the del taco store near me.

  • Use the Del Taco Store Locator.

Nowadays, most of the restaurants have the store locator tool on its website. And So does Del Taco. If you want to use this tool, you just need to access Del Taco locator is very simple to use. You just need to fill out the search bar with the city, state, or zip code. Once you press the Search button, the website will present some Del Taco restaurants around you. You can select which the nearest Del Taco restaurant. This result will also inform you about Del Taco hours, direction, as well as Del Taco phone number.

  • Use Online maps or search engine.

If it is too complicated to visit Del Taco website, you can try this tips. You can search Del Taco restaurant near me by using the search engine or Google maps. Just tap Google map application on your phone. Then, you can type some keywords to locate Del Taco. For instance, you can type Del Taco locations near me or Del Taco near me. Google map will show you the direction to the nearest Del Taco.

  • Use Del taco App

Have you installed the Del Taco Mobile Application on your smartphone? If you still do not have this application, you can get it by downloading from Play Store. the result of searching by using this application will be accurate. It is because the application can identify your current location. This way, you can locate Del taco restaurant easier. Using Del Taco application also gives you other benefits. For instance, you can explore the Del Taco menu. You can search Del taco specials or Del taco deals as well.

How to Contact Del taco Customer Service?

When you have the certain issue to solve related to Del Taco, you should reach Del taco Customer care soon. They will listen to your complaints, comments, and questions. Besides, if you need help, they will gladly give you the solution. For instance, you face any trouble when you complete this survey. besides, you may want to find the information about Del Taco career, Del Taco store hours, or Del taco special deals. Whatever your need, you should not doubt to get in touch with Del Taco Customer Support. Need Del Taco contacts? You can see in the lists below.

  • Del Taco Customer Service phone number.

For the urgent problem, you can call Del Taco Customer Service Number. You can dial 949 462 9300. But, make sure that you make a call at Del Taco business hours. Del Taco Customer Service staff is not available 24/7. So, to get the fast response, you can reach them at the Del Taco operating hours.

  • Del Taco address.

Del Taco lets its customers send the business letter to its corporate office. You can address your letter to:

Del Taco Customer Service

Deal Commercentre 25521

Dr. Suite 200,

Lake Forest, CA 92630.

After sending your inquiry, you just need to wait for the response from Del Taco Customer Service.

  • Website.

Then, del taco allows you to submit any store feedback and the general inquiry through its website. You should visit to get connected to Del taco restaurant. then, you can leave your message or questions by following the steps below.

  1. Access the official website of Del Taco at
  2. Click on Connect menu. It is available at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select the options you want to explore. You can choose FAQ if you want to find out the questions and answer about Del Taco. Besides, you can select General Inquiry to leave any message or address any questions. But, if you want to share the dining feedback, you should choose Recent Visit Feedback. The last, if you want to work at Del Taco, you can click on Del taco career opportunity.
  4. If you want to send any feedback or questions, you must fill out the form. First, you have to submit your contact info.
  5. Then, you should locate the Del taco store you have just visited.
  6. Tell Del taco about your experience. You should write your feedback in details. You are allowed to give any suggestions as well. If you want to ask any questions, you can write it down in this section.
  7. The next, Del Taco expects more details about your experience. This way, Del taco can solve your problem.

You have to notice that this contact form is only for the customers who are at least 13 years old. So, by submitting this message you affirm that you are more than 13 years old. You can opt whether you want to be contacted by Del Taco or not. if you submit the questions, it means you need a response from Del Taco. So, you should let Del Taco contact you to give you the satisfying answer.