Dairy Queen Feedback – How to Submit DQ Feedback at Dqfanfeedback and DQ website


Have you just enjoyed Dairy Queen menu? Perhaps, you want to give your honest feedback related to your recent visit. In this case, you can take part in Dairy Queen feedback survey. Through Dairy Queen survey, you can not only express the feedback. But, you also can earn the free Dairy Queen menu as the reward. In this survey period, Dairy Queen offers Dilly Bar as the prize. You do not want to miss this opportunity right? But, if you do not want to involve in DQFanfeedback survey, there is still another way to express DQ feedback. You can visit DQ website to leave your feedback. Scroll down this page to find out the guideline of submitting DQ Fan feedback.

If you are interested in participating in Dairy Queen Guest Satisfaction Survey, you need to do some preparation. First, you should own a Dairy Queen receipt. It is a must. Without DQ receipt, you will not be able to access DQFanFeedback survey website. You need to provide Dairy Queen survey code to start completing the survey. Besides, you need a mobile device as well as the internet. DQ Fan survey only can be done online. So, you have to prepare these requirements. When you have prepared these needs, you can start taking the survey at DQFanfeedback.com. Provide the honest response for every survey question. Your objective response will be useful to improve the quality of Dairy Queen. Then, after submitting your survey feedback, you can earn Dairy Queen Coupon code. In your next visit, you can claim the free Dilly Bar by presenting this DQ coupon code.

DQ Fan feedback

DQ Fan feedback survey can be accessed at dqfanfeedback.com

What are the Steps of Taking Dairy Queen Survey?

Taking part in Dairy Queen survey is one of the ways of sharing your feedback. Participating in the DQ  Fan Feedback survey gives you two benefits. First, you can express your dining experience at Dairy Queen. It means you are free to leave any comments, opinions, or complaints. Besides, you will get the survey reward. Dairy Queen really appreciates the guests who are willing to involve in DQ Fan Survey. That is why Dairy Queen provides the free Dilly Bar for the survey takers.

dairy queen feedback

dairy queen feedback survey guideline

If you never take the DQ survey before, you do not need to get confused. It is because the guideline below will make you easier to complete Dairy Queen Guest Satisfaction Survey.

  • Step 1. Access Dairy Queen Survey Portal.

For your information, Dairy Queen provides two survey websites for the customers. The first portal is dqfanfeedback.com. besides, the second one is dqfansurvey.com. The difference of these portals is on the survey code you must enter. So, before accessing Dairy Queen Survey portal, you must check the survey code printed on your dairy Queen receipt. How many digits are they? If you have 10 digits code, you have to access www.dqfanfeedback.com. But, if you have 19 digits survey code, you should enter www.dqfansurvey.com.

  • Step 2. Input Dairy Queen survey code.
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The next, you should check out DQ receipt. Then, enter the survey code printed on your receipt. For your information, Dairy Queen issues two kinds of survey invitations. The first invitation contains 10 digits survey numbers. Besides, another has 19 digits survey code.

  • Step 3. Specify the date and time of visit.

The receipt details needed by Dairy Queen survey portal is not only the survey code. But, it also needs to verify the date and time when you visit Dairy Queen. So, have to provide the correct date and time as printed on your receipt.

  • Step 4. Answer DQ Fan survey questions.

After pressing the START button, you can begin completing the survey. first of all, you need to rate the overall satisfaction after visiting Dairy Queen. You can give the ratings to Dairy Queen menu, service, Dairy Queen store cleanliness, and the attitude of DQ employees. if everything is like what you expect, you can give the high rating. In contrast, if you get disappointed with the service or menu, you can give the bad rating. After that, Dairy Queen allows you to give any comments, complaints or suggestions. This is your chance to express Dairy Queen Feedback.

At the end of DQ survey, you are also asked about your personal info. But, you should not worry about your privacy. It is because Dairy Queen collects this data for the classification purpose only. In this section, you need to choose the gender. Then, you can tell how much your annual income is. The next, you can indicate your background or ethnicity. But, you should notice that every survey taker deserves to skip these questions.

  • Step 5. Save DQ coupon code.

After submitting Dairy Queen Feedback, you will receive Dairy Queen validation code. To save this coupon, you need to write it down on your DQ receipt. If you want to enjoy the freebies from Dairy Queen, you have to redeem it within 30 days. After 30 days, this Dairy Queen coupon will expire.

How to Submit DQ Fan Feedback on Dairy Queen Website?

Perhaps, some of you think that Dairy Queen survey is the only media to share DQ feedback. But, this statement is completely wrong. Here we want to tell another way to share DQ feedback. Especially for those who do not have Dairy Queen receipt. When you lose the receipt, automatically, you cannot take part in the DQ Fan feedback survey. Then, what if you want to tell your dining feedback at Dairy Queen store? The answer is that you can contact Dairy Queen Customer Service.

Besides, you also can contact the manager of Dairy Queen local chain to voice up your feedback directly. Furthermore, submitting Dairy Queen feedback is also possible to do through Dairy Queen Website. Check out the step by step below.

  • Step 1. Access Dairy Queen official site.
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To submit your feedback or the recent experience, you can go to dairyqueen.com. In this website, Dairy Queen provides an online form for the customers. By filling out this form, you can express your feedback.

  • Step 2. Go to Contact Us menu.

Once you open www.dairyqueen.com, you should scroll the page down. On the bottom menu bar, you can view several menus. For instance, you can check Dairy Queen careers, About Us, Community, News, and Contact Us. To open the feedback form, you should click on the Contact Us menu.

  • Step 3. Complete Dairy Queen feedback form.

This feedback form requires your personal information. Unlike Dairy Queen Feedback survey, the user of this form cannot be anonymous. First of all, you should write your full name. Then, you can continue to fill out other fields with your email address and mailing address. Specify your address by entering the street address, city, zip code, state, and country. The last, you need to provide the phone number.

  • Step 4. Leave your message or comment.

Now, it’s your turn to write down your feedback. You can express whatever in your mind. For example, you can provide the positive feedback such as compliment or suggestion. Besides, you can even give some comments or complaints as well. But, make sure that you write your comment briefly.

  • Step 5. Specify Dairy Queen location.

After writing down your comment, you should add the restaurant location. This way, Dairy Queen can know which chain you have just visited. After adding the location, you also need to enter the date and time on which you came to Dairy Queen. The last, you should write down the zip code.

  • Step 6. Submit your feedback.

After making sure that all fields are completed, you can submit this form. Just press the Submit button to send this feedback to Dairy Queen.

How to Find Dairy Queen Near me?

When you are bored, eating up in your favorite restaurant can kill your boredom. For instance, you can enjoy the yummy ice cream or Blizzard at Dairy Queen. This way, you have to search dairy Queen locations nearby. It will be easy locating the nearest Dairy Queen in your town. But, what if you are in another town? Perhaps, some of the methods below can help you to find the closest Dairy Queen location.

  • Using the Dairy Queen store locator.

In order to use DQ store locator,you should visit Dairy Queen official website. Just go to DairyQueen.com. then, you will find the store locator menu. Enter your current location to start searching Dairy Queen store. For instance, you can enter DQ store by city, state, or zip code. Dairy Queen website will show the maps containing some locations of Dairy Queen outlets. Just select the store which is the closest. This result also informs you about other details. For instance, you can view DairyQ seen hours, address, and Dairy Queen phone number.

  • Use Dairy Queen App.
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If you often go to Dairy Queen, having Dairy queen App will be helpful. For instance, you can view Dairy Queen menu, Dairy Queen specials, and other offers. You also can locate the nearest Dairy Queen by using this application.

  • Using Google Maps.

The last, you can use the Google Maps or other search engines. You just need to type the keyword Dairy Queen Near Me or Dairy Queen locations near me on the search bar. Then, the map will show the locations and the direction to Dairy Queen. You can check dairy Queen reviews, dairy Queen store hours, and Dairy Queen rating.

How to get in Touch with dairy Queen Customer Care?

As a Dairy Queen customer, you may have any questions or issue related DQ store. in this case, you need to contact DQ franchise operator. You also can voice up your feedback to the franchise operator staff. It is because each Dairy Queen store has its own customer service. So, if you have any problem, contacting the local store is better. The Dairy Queen Customer Support will help you personally. But, what if you do not know Dairy Queen telephone number? You just need to use DQ store locator on DQ website. Then, enter your current location. This way, the store locator feature will show you the DQ franchise operator phone number. Then, you can make a call to tell your Dairy Queen feedback or ask some questions.

But, what if you want to ask about the general issue? This way, you can call DQ Customer Support. You can try to get in touch with dairy Queen Customer care through three methods below.

  1. By phone.

The phone number of Dairy Queen Fan Relations Specialist is 1 866 793 7582. If you want to speak about the general issue, the Customer service staff will help you. But, if you want to share the feedback, Dairy Queen Customer Care staff will forward your feedback to the local franchise operator of the store you have just visited. Luckily, Dairy Queen Customer care is available every day. But, you only can make a call during dairy Queen business hour. Make sure that you contact them at 7 am to 11 pm.

  1. By mail.

If you want to share any business inquiry, you should send your letter to Dairy Queen Corporate Office. Just address your letter to Dairy Queen Corporate Office Address. There are two offices. The first is in Canada. And the second is in the US. Here are the complete addresses.

  • Dairy Queen Canada

1111 international Blvd.

PO Box 430.

Burlington ON L7R 3Y3

The phone number is 905 639 1492

  • Dairy Queen Corporation US

7505 Metro Blvd


MN 55439 0286

DQ phone number is 952 830 0200

  1. Website.

The last, you can contact DQ through its website. You can fill out the contact form on DQ website. The step by step of filling out this feedback form has explained on the previous subheading.

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