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Have you just enjoyed your meals at Culver’s restaurant? Because if you have, it means you can use the receipt. When you have a Culver’s receipt, you can take culvers survey. This way, you will have a chance to get a code and redeem it. Tellculvers is an important survey platform to collect customers’ feedbacks. This survey will measure the level of customers’ satisfaction with their visit experience at Culver’s restaurant. Besides, Culvers customer satisfaction survey will be the indicator whether Culver’s has fulfilled what customers want. If customers are happy with their experience at Culver’s, it means Culver’s is successful to meet customers’ expectations. Moreover, if you take Culver’s customer survey, you will be able to help this restaurant to improve its qualities. It is because customers’ feedbacks will be an evaluation form Culver’s. So, if Culver’s find weak aspects in this business, the management team will solve the problems soon.

Here is a little bit review about Culvers. The official company name of Culver’s is Culver Franchising System, Inc. This company operates a restaurant chain which focuses on the fast food business. The founders of this company were George and Ruth Culver. They involved their son, Craig Culver, and his wife, Lea, in building this fast food company together. They started this business by building its first store in 1984. Its first location at the time was in Sauk City, Wisconsin. After that, they added more locations to develop this business. They also moved its headquarters to Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. Now, Culver’s has 655 restaurants in the United States. Most of Culver’s locations are in the Midwestern areas of the United States. Such as Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa. Moreover, Culver’s will open 18 more restaurants in nine states.

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Culvers Survey login
Culvers Survey login step by step at

Culver’s is famous for its different menus. It is not like other restaurants. This brand serves fast food with its own special tastes. Such as Butterburgers, frozen custards, premium chickens, sandwiches, sides, French fries, fresh salads, five-buck snack pack, cheese curds, fish, soups, kids’ meals, dinner menus, sauces, and more. And there are beverages as well. Such as lemon ice, shakes, malts & floats, and more.

Culvers Survey
Culvers Survey Steps
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What are Tellculvers rules?

To take part in TellCulvers, you should go to first. But, before you access it, you should understand what the rules are. It is important for you to know about the do’s and don’ts in this survey. If you can understand the rules of culver’s customer survey, then it will be easier for you to be a part of this survey. We have summed up the rules as like the following points:

  1. Survey respondents

Before culvers survey respondents access the survey portal at, it will be better if they know if they are eligible for this survey or not. Well, this survey is open in the United States. It means if you want to take part in the survey, you should be a legal resident of all 50 states. Next, there are no age restrictions for this survey. This means everyone can join the survey even though they have not reached the minimum age of the majority. Furthermore, only customers have rights to join this survey. Employees of Culver’s cannot take part in this survey.

  1. Survey method

There is only one method to take part in the survey. The method is online. So, each respondent of the survey must access the online survey portal to complete the survey questions. The survey portal is available at But, they also can use the official site. This address will take them to the same survey portal page at Besides, respondents should have a Culver’s receipt before they take the survey. This receipt will have a survey invitation code. Every respondent will use this survey invitation code to enter the survey portal. One invitation code is only for one respondent. This way, respondents will not be able to use the survey code multiple times.

  1. Survey Reward

The reward of Tellculvers is a free item of Culver’s foods. The survey respondents will get a validation code when the survey process is over. Then, they can go to a Culver’s restaurant to redeem the validation code for the reward. Respondents can see what the reward is on the Culver’s receipt. The reward can be various. It can be a free chicken, a free sandwich, and so on. Further, respondents should redeem the code at the previous restaurant where they got the Culver’s receipt with the survey invitation code.

The Prerequisites for Taking Part in Culvers Survey

After you have learned about the rules for joining the survey, you can prepare the prerequisites. It is important to have the prerequisites first so that you will feel more ready to take part in the survey. Besides, the things that you should prepare here are not much. You just need to have these things ready:

  1. A Culver’s receipt

Before you do Tellculvers, you should have a recent receipt from Culvers. You will use this receipt when you are trying to unlock the survey pages. It is because this receipt has important survey details. Such as a survey invitation code and a TRN number.

  1. A device

You can use a device that is the most affordable for you to reach the survey site. You may choose to use a personal computer or a laptop. But, if you need handier and portable devices, you may use a tablet or a smartphone. These devices can display outstanding qualities of the survey pages as well.

  1. The internet connection

You will need a stable and fast internet connection to access Tellculvers. If your internet connection is slow and unstable, of course, it will be difficult to have a smooth survey process. Be certain you can prepare the internet connection with great qualities.

  1. Ability to understand English or Spanish

On the survey page, there will be two international languages that you can select. Those are English and Spanish. If you prefer English, you do not have to click anything because the page will appear in English since the beginning. But if you prefer Spanish, you can click Español link to change the survey pages into Spanish. Make sure you use a language that is the most familiar to you. This is to avoid difficulties in the middle of the survey process.

  1. A writing tool

You will need a writing tool for noting the validation code of the survey. As the example, you can use a pen, a pencil, or a pen marker. You may use the easiest one for you.

The Guidelines on Joining Culvers Survey

After you have prepared all the prerequisites, you can start your way to take part in the survey. The steps will not make you difficult. If everything goes right, you can finish all of the survey processes in less than five minutes. You can use the following instruction to guide you:

  1. Go to TelCulvers

The first step you should make is to go to Culver site. That is the address of Culver’s survey portal. When you access this address, the web address will change into If it happens to you, you do not have to worry about it. It means you have reached the correct place. Besides, there is another way to reach the page of the survey. You can try to use the address at It will direct you to the same page of Tellculvers at On the home page, there will be a language link and two blank fields.

  1. Select language

Before you start the survey process, you can select the language first. The survey will appear in English. If you can understand English well, you can let it as it is. But if you think you prefer Spanish, you can change the language. You just have to click Español link, then the entire pages of the survey will turn into Spanish.

  1. Enter survey code

Then, you may enter the survey invitation code in the top blank field. You can use your Culver’s receipt this time. This survey invitation code consists of 18 digits. It must be difficult to memorize it. Thus, you will need your Culver’s receipt to help yourself. Well, this survey invitation code is on the bottom part of your receipt. It will be in the areas of Tellculvers information.

  1. Fill in TRN number

Next, you must fil in the TRN number. You can fill the number in the bottom blank field under the survey code field. You can locate this TRN number on the top part of your receipt. Make sure the code and the number you have filled in are all correct. If those are not correct, you will not able to unlock the survey page. If you are certain about it, you may click Start button.

  1. Answer Tellculvers questions

Now, you can answer the questions on the survey pages. You will not face difficult questions. So, do not worry about that. You just have to recall about what happened and your impression when you make your latest visit at a Culver’s restaurant. The questions will ask you about these things:

  • how you dine in at Culver’s restaurant.
  • items you have ordered.
  • your satisfaction level about Culver’s in general.
  • friendliness of Culver’s employees.
  • food and beverages qualities.
  • cleanliness of the restaurant.
  • price of paid.
  • the problem you had at the restaurant.
  • your will to recommend this restaurant.
  • and so on.
  1. Note the validation code

When all of the questions from the survey have done, you will get a validation code. This validation code will appear automatically at the end of the survey. Once it appears, just grab your writing tool quickly. Then, you may write the validation code on your Culver’s receipt. Next time you visit Culver’s restaurant, you can redeem the receipt with the validation code for the prize printed on your receipt. Remember, you should make a purchase to get the redemption from Culver’s.

How to Tell Culver’s about Your Visit Experience without a Receipt

Oops! You have lost your receipt? Well, you will not be able to take part in the survey, then. But, you do not have to worry about this. You can still share your feedbacks to Culver’s. The difference is only on the rewards. If you take culvers survey, you will get an automatic validation code. And you will be able to redeem the validation code for a prize printed on your receipt. But if you tell Culver’s without a receipt, you will not get a validation code after submitting your feedback. This means you will not have a chance to get a prize. Anyway, you can use these instructions if you get an awful experience and you feel it is important for Culver’s to know about this thing. Well, here are the steps for you:

  1. Go to

To give your feedback, you should go to the official website page of Culver’s. The official website is available at On the home page of Culver’s, there will be much information. Besides, you can see a menu bar and several helpful links as well.

  1. Click Contact Us

Then, you should click Contact Us link. You can locate this link on the top part of the homepage. It is above the menu bar. Besides, you can find this link on the bottom part of the home page. Whatever links that you will choose, both will direct you to the same Contact Us page.

  1. Select a Category

On the Contact Us page, you will have to select a category. There are eight categories here. You can choose one of them before you fill in the feedback form. The categories are Restaurant Experience, Nutrition/Allergen, Career Opportunities, Gift Cards, Franchise Opportunities, Advertising, Donations or Sponsorships, and Online Topics (Website, App, Email, Social). Because you will need to share your experience during your latest visit at one of Culver’s stores, you should select Restaurant Experience. Once you select Restaurant Experience, a blank form will appear under the categories options.

  1. Give your information

The first information that you should give is your personal information. You will have to inform your first name, last name, address, city name, state name, ZIP Code, ways to contact you, email address, and phone number.

  1. Select Culver’s local restaurant

In this blank field, you should give the location of Culver’s restaurant. You just have to enter city name, state name, or ZIP code.

  1. Tell about your restaurant experience

After that, you can tell about your experience at Culver’s restaurant by doing the following things:

  • Choose how you have Culver’s meals: dine in, drive-thru, carry out
  • Select the date visit
  • Specify the time visit
  • Rate the level of Culver’s hospitality and team. You just need to click the number to show if it is poor, average, or excellent.
  • Fill in the blank field if you feel it is necessary to give comment about Culver’s hospitality and team.
  • Rate the level of Culver’s service and click the number.
  • Tell them more about it
  • Rate Culver’s menu quality and explain it if you want
  • Rate Culver’s environment and give more feedback if you’d love to
  1. Submit your feedback

Now, you can click Submit button if you have completed all the fields. Then, you can wait for the responses from Culver’s representatives.

Ways to Contact Culver’s Customer Service

Customers can get troubles at times. To solve this, they can contact customer service for help. Culver’s also facilitates some ways for customers to contact Culver’s customer service representatives. So, customers can tell the representatives about their complaints, suggestions, compliments, or questions about Culver’s. Here are the ways to contact Culver’s customer service representatives.

  1. By mailing

This method will be great for customers who need to share their experience without going online. Or else, the mailing will be helpful for people who need to make a business partnership with Culver’s. These people can send their letters to this address:

Culver Franchising System, LLC. (CFS, LLC)

1240 Water Street

Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, 53578

the United States

  1. By phone

Customers can contact Culver’s customer service representatives via phone. Phone calls will be easy to do. Besides, customers can get immediate responses from the representatives. If customers would like to talk about guest relations, they can dial 833-244-7670. But if they want to give feedback or complaints, they can call 608-643-7980. The phone calls should be during working hours. Culver’s customer service representatives will be available on Monday to Friday at 8.00 a.m. up to 5.00 p.m. CT.

  1. By fax

It is also possible for customers to contact the representatives by fax. The fax number is 608-643-7982.

  1. By social media

Social media has been much beneficial for our daily life. You can take advantage of this platform for contacting Culver’s customer service as well. Besides, you will be able to get updates and promos in real time. So, you will not have to be afraid if you miss the news. If you have got your social media accounts, you can start following Culver’s accounts now.

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