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It must be difficult if your loved ones are in separated places, especially if they should be in prison. You may feel the need to talk to them like you used to do with them. However, everything cannot go the way you want. Besides, there can be certain things that you need to communicate with them at times. For example, you may talk about your parents, children, jobs and several matters that may affect their lives, too. But, you do not need about all of those things anymore as you can start using Corrlinkslogin portal now. We have provided a lot of information about www Corrlinks com login that will be beneficial to improve the way you communicate with inmates. Enjoy reading!

What is Corrlinks?

Corrlinks is an online portal used by the Federal Bureau of Prisons in the United States. The email system of Corrlinks will enable inmates to keep in contact with people outside of prison. By this means, this portal provides communication services for you and federal inmates. Corrlinks email login will be accessible if inmates pay the fee. This email portal will cost $0.05 for each minute. Then, they will be able to print out every email page for $0.15. However, those inmates with crimes related to computer usages may not get access to this Corrlinks portal.

Well, this is how Corrlinks works. To use the Corrlinks portal, you must create a Corrlinks account for registration. Then, you may activate the account after you get an invitation from an inmate. The invitation is in the form of an identification code. If everything runs as the proper steps, you will be able to make a conversation with the inmate via Corrlinks email portal.

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corrlinks sign in page
corrlinks sign in page

Ways to Access Corrlinks Portal

If you are eager to use the Corrlinks email portal, you should know the ways to access it. This way, you will not need to feel confused when you have the urge to send messages to federal inmates. Well, Corrlinks email portal is available in 3 ways. You may use which is suitable for your conditions. Here is the explanation.

  1. Desktop

The first way is to access using a desktop browser. This means you may use a laptop or a personal computer to launch the desktop browser in your device. Then, you can reach the Corrlinks email portal for the desktop version at So far, this version will give you the most satisfying experience to send and receive emails via the Corrlinks email portal.

  1. Corrlinks mobile

The second way is by Corrlinks mobile. You can use this if you have got a mobile browser in your device. This can be an alternative if you prefer using a smartphone or a tablet to access the website of the email portal. After that, you can visit the mobile version of Corrlinks email portal.

  1. Corrlinks app

The third way you can do is to download Corrlinks Mobile App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This app will make the communication with inmates easier after you pay Corrlinks premier account. This app will cost you $6 for a year. It is quite cheap as it is only $0.50 per month. Then, you may use the features of this Corrlinks Mobile App, such as:

  • direct messages in your inbox folder,
  • notifications that will give you immediate alerts once you get messages from inmates,
  • login free as this app will direct you to your Corrlinks email easily,
  • connection to multiple devices,
  • save messages for 2 months, longer the previous app version,
  • and some more helpful features.

Things to Prepare before You Create Corrlinks Account

Before you create your Corrlinks Account, you’d better have all of the following things ready. This way, you will not find any difficulties during the registration process.

  1. a device

You should prepare a device, such as a laptop, a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. However, you may consider using a computer or laptop as the desktop version is more recommended for the registration.

  1. the internet connection

You must have the internet as you want to access this portal online.

  1. contact details

There are not many details you need when you do the registration process. You have to prepare your name and email address.

  1. an identification code

You will need this code to communicate with inmates. But, this code is optional in the registration process. it means you can add your inmates directly or you prefer it next time.

corrlinks login
corrlinks sign in page can be accessed at
How to Create Account on Corrlinks Portal

After the preparation is ready, you can now start the process for Corrlinks registration. There are several Corrlinks register steps that you should take here. Here they are.

  1. Go to Corrlinks website

First, you must go to the login page of Corrlinks email portal. you will be able to reach this page at

  1. Click register

Second, you have to click the Register button provided on the Corrlinks email portal. this button will take you to another page to complete a registration form.

  1. Fill in the registration form

Third, you can fill in the registration form with some information needed. There are some blank fields where you can enter the information. what you can inform here is:

  • Name

You should tell your first name and last name. If you have the middle name, you do not have to fill it in the name fields.

  • Email address

It is necessary to inform your email address as the verification of your Corrlinks account will need this address a lot. Then, you should retype your email address in this registration form.

  • Password

Do not forget to provide the password that you will use for this Corrlinks account. Also, you need to retype it in the provided field to make it more secure.

  • Identification code

Then, you should use the identification code. You can just copy the code from your email address and paste it in the field. in case you have not got any identification code, you can skip it. However, you will not be able to send messages right after your account is ready if you register without an identification code.

When you have done completing all the fields, you can tick to show that you agree with the terms and conditions of Corrlinks email portal. Then, verify that you are not a robot by ticking the captcha field.

  1. Click Next

Fourth, you may click the Next button to continue the step. This button will take you another page that informs you that you can set up your account by checking the verification email in your email account.

  1. Verify account

Finally, you will need to check your email account to see if you have got the verification email. Then, you can use the link sent to your email to verify your Corrlinks account. if you click the link, it will direct you to the verification page of Corrlinks account registration. This means you are able to sign in automatically from this email. For your information, this verification link will be valid for 7 days. If you do not use this link during that time, it means you got to repeat the process of Corrlinks account registration. Besides,

A guideline to Sign In Corrlinks Account

After the registration process, you may have logged out for some reasons. And now you need to use this account to manage your account, contact your inmate, or other purposes. If so, you can use the following guideline to log in to your Corrlinks Account.

  1. Go to Corrlinks website

Firstly, you should visit the Corrlinks email portal. it is available at When you have reached this portal, you can just focus on the Login section.

  1. Provide Email address

Secondly, you have to provide the email address in the upper blank field. You need to use the address that you have registered on this Corrlinks email Portal.

  1. Enter Password

Thirdly, you can enter the password in the lower blank field. Make sure you enter the correct password. Otherwise, Corrlinks email Portal will reject your Login request.

  1. Click Login

Fourthly, you may click the Login button after you have entered the email address and the password. This button will bring you to another page for verification.

  1. Login Verification

Lastly, you must verify that you are not a robot. You need to tick the Captcha section. Then, you can click Proceed and enter your Corrlinks account. Now, you can use the account to interact with inmates.

Steps to Send Messages via Corrlinks Portal

In case you want to send your messages to the inmate via Corrlinks email portal, you will need to do the following instructions.

  1. Login to Corrlinks account

Firstly, you can to do the steps for Corrlinks sign-in process. You will be able to do this at

  1. Click Mailbox

Secondly, you will get several options about the activities that you are doing on this portal. the options are Mailbox, Account Management, Premier Account, and Text Service. As you want to send online messages, you should click Mailbox.

  1. Choose New Message

Thirdly, there are some choices that you can take in the Mailbox fields, such as New Messages, Inbox, Draft Messages, and Sent Messages. Now, you can choose New Messages.

  1. Add recipient

Fourthly, you can add the recipient of your messages. You may just click the box beside the name of the inmate. Then, you need to click the Ok button. However, you will not be able to do this step if you have not registered any inmate in your contact page. To add your inmate, there is a link to Register Inmate that you should click. Then, you can view the screen to choose the Correctional Agency and the Inmate Number. After that, click GO to start to find the inmate. Or, you can simply use the identification code that you get from your email.

  1. Compose Message

Fifthly, you may compose the message. You may start it from the Subject field. then, you can type in your message in 13.000 characters. It is the maximum, limit you can use in the message field.

  1. Send

The last step is to click the Send button. After that, the Corrlinks portal will send your message to your inmate.

How to Reset Password of Corrlinks Account

It is possible to reset the password on Corrlinks Portal. You only need to use the provided tool of Corrlinks forgot password. This way, you can always renew your password anytime you want.

  1. Go to Corrlinks website

First, you may go to to access Corrlinks website.

  1. Forgot your password?

Second, you can click the link of Forgot your password? If you click it, you will get directed to the verification page.

  1. Enter email address

Third, you should enter your email address in the field provided on the verification page. Then, you should do Captcha verification steps. if you have done it all, you can click the Next button. Then, you will get the notification about to check a link sent to your email account.

  1. Click reset password link

Fourth, you can click the link for resetting your password provided in your email account. This link will be valid for 24 hours only. After you click this link, you can reach the Corrlinks page for resetting a new password.

  1. Type in New Password

Fifth, you will be able to type your new password in the upper field. Then, you can retype the new password again in the lower field.

  1. Reset Password

The final step is to click the Reset Password button. Voila! The new password is yours now.

How to Contact Corrlinks Customer Support

Do you find problems with your account? Then, you may ask for the solutions to the Corrlinks help desk. You can do the following instructions to reach customer support.

  1. Go to Corlinks website

Firstly, you must be on the page of the Corrlinks email portal. It is available at

  1. Click Customer Support

Secondly, you should click the Customer Support button. You will be able to find the button on the bottom part of the home page of the Corrlinks portal. Then, you can view the Customer Support page. Besides, you can use the alternative address to reach this page at

  1. Select an issue

Thirdly, you will see a drop-down field that gives you some options related to the issue that you are going to solve. If you click one of the options, an answer will show up directly under the drop-down field.

  1. Click “here”

Fourthly, you can click “here” link in case the answer that has shown up is not enough for you. This link will help you reach the feedback page where you can tell the issue more deeply.

  1. Complete Feedback form

Fifthly, you may complete the feedback form on the page. You can fill in the blank fields with some information, such as name, email address, correctional agency, and comments or questions.

  1. Send

Finally, you can send your feedback using Send button.

Unfortunately, there is no Corrlinks phone number you can use to contact Corrlinks Customer Support immediately. The aim for not using any phone-based service is to keep the service cost low. It is very understandable as call center tend to cause increases in the service budget.