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Going to a movie at weekend can refresh your mind. You can enjoy watching your favorite movie genre there. But, what theater do you usually visit? Do you often go to Cinemark Theaters? If so, you should keep your Cinemark ticket or Cinemark receipt after watching the movie. It is because this ticket can help you to take part in the survey. For your information, by joining the Cinemark survey, you can win the sweepstakes which offer Cinemark coupons. Then, if you win it, you can watch the free movies for a year. Isn’t it very interesting offer?

About Cinemark

If you have never taken part in this before, you need to find out more about this movie survey. This survey is held by Cinemark Theatre Corporation. This survey is only reachable online. If you want to participate in this survey, you should prove that you really just visited this theater. So, you must have the valid Cinemark receipt or Cinemark ticket. At your receipt, there will be Cinemark Access Code. Only with this code, you can start the survey.

cinemark’s survey portal

During the survey completion, you will be asked some questions about your watching experience. You can rate Cinemark service, theater, and employees. Joining this survey allows you to speak up what is in your mind. Perhaps, you are not satisfied with the cleanliness of the theater. So, you can share your complaints through this survey. Just be honest in expressing your feedback. The reward may vary based on the survey period. In the certain period, you may receive Cinemark Survey Free Popcorn coupon as the survey reward. But, in another period, you can win the Cinemark coupon to watch the free movies in a year.

cinemark survey
cinemark’s survey steps

The Steps of Taking Part in the Survey

After knowing the prize offered by Cinemark, you must be interested in completing this survey soon. If you have never involved in this survey before, you may be curious of the survey steps. But, before starting the Cinemark sweepstakes, you must make a preparation first. Prepare your Cinemark receipt first. Then, you should also make sure that the device, browser, and internet are ready to use. When everything is fine, you can do the step by step below.

  • Step 1. Visit the survey website.

You cannot start this survey otherwise you access luckily, This portal is not only accessible by using a computer. It is because the survey website is mobile friendly. So, you also can access it by using your smartphone.

  • Step 2. Specify your location.

Cinemark wants to identify your location as well as the Cinemark Theater you have just visited. That is why you have to select the state you belong. You can fill out the state field by yourself. Besides, you also can select the state from the list. Just scroll down the state option to find out your location. The next, you need to specify the city. The last, you have to choose the exact location of the Cinemark Theatre.

  • Step 3. Write down Cinemark Access code.

The access code serves as the survey code which you use to unlock the survey. just see your receipt to find out this access code. Usually, this access code is located at the bottom section of Cinemark receipt. Make sure that you input this Access code correctly. So, you can begin the the Survey.

  • Step 4. Indicate the visit date and the show time.

In this step, you have to enter the date when you visit Cinemark Theatre. If you forget the date, just see your receipt. The next, you need to indicate the movie showtime as well. You still remember what time you watched the movie, don’t you? this show time detail is also available on Cinemark receipt. After checking all details you enter, you can click on Start button.

  • Step 5. Complete the survey.

This survey consists of two sections. In the first section, you have to give the rating on some statements related to your experience at Cinemark. The topics you have to rate are about Cinemark theatre condition, Cinemark service, the movie you watched, and the Cinemark employees. Make sure that you give the honest rating. The second section, you are welcomed to leave any Cinemark feedback or comments. You are free to write down any critics, suggestions, comments, or complaints. Whatever you say, Cinemark will appreciate your feedback.

  • Step 6. Get Cinemark Coupon.

In certain survey period, Cinemark offers the coupon code for the survey takers. So, if the Cinemark coupon code appears, you have to save it. Just write down Cinemark coupon code on your receipt. This coupon is redeemable with Cinemark free popcorn. So, on the next visit to Cinemark, you do not need to buy the popcorn.

  • Step 7. Enter Cinemark sweepstakes.

After submitting the survey response, you will get an invitation to take part in Cinemark sweepstakes. You should not obey this sweepstake offer. It is because you will get one golden chance to win the great prize from Cinemark. What is it? Yes, you can get a coupon to watch the movies free of charge in a year. If you want to involve in this monthly drawing, you have to submit your data. This sweepstake requires your full name and mailing address. Then, it also needs your contact details including phone number and email address.

Cinemark Sweepstakes Rules and Requirements

As a participant of Cinemark sweepstakes, you need to notice the rules of this program. This way, you can know the eligibility of the participants. Besides, you also can know Cinemark sweepstakes entry method as well. For your information, taking part in the survey is not the only way to win Cinemark free movies coupon. Understanding the rules also makes you aware of what to do and not to do. This way, you can reduce the chance to get disqualified from this Cinemark sweepstakes. Then, what are the rules of this survey? Check out this following explanation.

  • The survey eligibility.

This survey is held for the customers. So, if you have just watched the movie at Cinemark, you can enter this survey. But, remember, you have to save your receipt. Besides, there are some criteria of the Cinemark sweepstakes entrants. First, they must reach at least 18 years of age. The next, the participants of Cinemark sweepstakes must be the legal residents of USA. Since it is a customer satisfaction survey, only customers can take part in this program. All employees of Cinemark, as well as the sponsor of the sweepstakes, are not eligible to enter.

  • The survey requirements.

The main prerequisite of Cinemark sweepstakes is a valid Cinemark receipt. This receipt consists of some details you have to input the survey website. For instance, it contains the date of the visit, the movie showtime, and the access code. The next, this survey requires an internet connection since it only can be done online. Just prepare your smartphone or computer which is well connected to the internet.

  • Cinemark sweepstakes entry methods.

Cinemark offers two ways of entering its sweepstake. First, the participants can enter the Cinemark online sweepstakes. This sweepstake is available after you complete the survey online. That is why this online sweepstake requires Cinemark receipt. So, you have to watch the movie at Cinemark if you want to involve in this online sweepstake. But, what if you do not have Cinemark receipt? You can enter Cinemark mail-in sweepstake. Just follow the instructions below to participate.

  1. Prepare the writing tool. To send the mail-in entry, you need a piece of paper or card, pen, stamp, and envelope.
  2. Write down your personal details. Handwrite your personal data on the paper you have prepared before. You have to include your full name, age, date of birth, along with your contact details. Include your telephone number and email address. So, if you win Cinemark sweepstakes, the committee will be able to contact you easily.
  3. Send your entry to this following address:

Cinemark Free Movies for a year sweepstakes

Hello World Incorporation,

PO BOX 5006.

Department 833244.

Kalamazo, Michigan, 49003.

  • The survey prize.

When you finish Cinemark Customer Experience Survey, you will receive Cinemark validation code. This code can serve as a coupon. You can redeem it with a free popcorn on your next visit. Luckily, you can redeem Cinemark free popcorn coupon at all Cinemark locations. But, you have to note that this free popcorn coupon is not redeemable for cash.

  • Cinemark sweepstakes prize.

Besides, if you win Cinemark sweepstakes, you will be able to earn a coupon worth free movies for a year. Cinemark has prepared 15 free movies coupons in this period. So, you will be very lucky if you become one of these 15 winners. When you get this grand prize, you will be able to watch the movie at Cinemark every weekend freely. Free movie coupon is also not redeemable for cash.

How to Find Cinemark near Me

When you are bored at weekend, the best thing you can do is watching the movie. Then, one of the best theatres you can visit is Cinemark. That is why you have to search Cinemark locations soon. When you are out of town, you may not know Cinemark Theatre locations. In this case, you can try one of the methods below.

  1. Use the Cinemark locator.

If you want to use the Cinemark store locator, you have to visit the Cinemark official website. Just access Then, you can search the closest Cinemark theatre by entering your zip code, state, or city. This navigator will show the maps containing the Cinemark location. When you click on one location, the result will show other details about Cinemark. For instance, you can check Cinemark hours, movie showtimes, and phone number.

  1. Use Google Maps.

Google map offers the help when you get lost. Besides, you also can use it to search Cinemark near you. just type some keywords such as Cinemark near me, Cinemark Theatre Near Me or Cinemark location near me. Then, Google maps will present the direction to Cinemark Theatre.

How to reach Cinemark Customer Service

Any issue related to Cinemark? When you have any questions or problems need to solve about Cinemark, do not doubt to contact Cinemark Customer care. Perhaps, you want to express Cinemark feedback after watching the movie. So, you can voice up your experience and give any comment to Cinemark. Besides, you may want to get some info about Cinemark showtimes or Cinemark movie times. Just call Cinemark Customer Support to get the satisfying answer. Listed below are the way to get in touch with Cinemark Customer Care.

  • By phone.

When you face the urgent problem about Cinemark, do not hesitate to call Cinemark Customer Support. To contact them, you should dial 1 800 246 3627 or 1-800-Cinemark. This number is the corporate office phone number of Cinemark. You can call this number if you have the general issue about Cinemark. But, if you want to speak up with Cinemark Customer Service staff, you can call 1 972 665 1000. Make sure that you make a call in Cinemark hours. It is because Cinemark Customer Care Representative staff is not available 24/7.

  • By mail.

Then, what if your issue is about business? You have to contact Cinemark formally by mail. Just send your business inquiry to this following address.

Cinemark Corporate Office,

3900 Dallas Parkway 500,

Plano, Texas, 75093.

  • Through the website.

Need more info about Cinemark Theatre? Why don’t you visit the Cinemark official website? This website informs you the details related to Cinemark. You can explore the complete information at For instance, you can check Cinemark Showtimes, Cinemark Movie lists, Cinemark Movie times, etc. If you often visit Cinemark theater, you may need to sign up Cinemark Movie Club. This way, you will be the one who knows Cinemark special offers.

  • Cinemark Social Media.

If you do not want to miss any info about Cinemark, you have to follow some Cinemark Social media accounts. For instance, you should follow Cinemark Twitter account and Cinemark Instagram account. besides, Cinemark is also available on Facebook, Youtube, and Linkedin.

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